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Looking for the Propst Surname?

The Propsts of America

In addition to the various Probst and Brobst families discussed in the main part of this website, there were several Propst families who came to America from Germany. These Propsts are not obviously related in any direct way with the Probst families who emigrated to America from the Palatinate of Germany.

There were Propsts who went from Philadelphia to West Virginia, many with out even passing through the Allemängle, or perhaps lingering there only for a short time. Other Propsts and also some Probsts never lived for any time in Pennsylvania, the Virginias, or North Carolina, but moved from the port of entry to residences elsewhere in America.

Diane Camp is the manager of the Propst Database, please visit her website if you have questions about your Propst Ancestry.

Here are some links for researching the Probst/Probst Surname

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