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Biographical Sketch -
William (Bill ) Rutledge

From Volume 1, Number 3, Brobst Genealogy News

Bill Rutledge was the eldest son of Charles William and Florence B. "Whiting" Rutledge. He was born 9 Sep 1926 at Madison, Wisonsin. He retired from the military service with the USAAF, USAF, and USA after 29 years in 1972. He married" Maebelle Brobst" on 3 Mar 1951 in Enid, OK. They have two daughters, Cheri and Debi. Cherie married Roy Ward and they have two daughters, Sasha and Jaree. Debi married Rodney Unruh and they have a daughter Ali. Bill has spent much of his retirement time in genealogy work. He has compiled his complete "Rutledge and "Whiting line back to Ireland and England respectively. While compiling "Maebelle Brobst" family history he has documented over 40 large volumes on the Brobst and related families. Bill is willing to help anyone and to share information with anyone interested in any of these lines.

The following is a direct line lineage of Maebelle (Brobst) Rutledge. Note that she has double lineage.

1. Hans Probst, born 1521 Swtz.

2. Niklaus Probst, born 4 Nov 1554 Switz.

3. Rudolph Probst, born 24 Sep 1595 Switz..

4. Bartel Probst, born 1626 Germany

5. Christophel Probst, b. 31 Mar 1661 Germany

6. Philipp Jacob Brobst
b. 30 Nov 1692, Germany

6. Johann Michael Brobst
b. 13 Mar 1707, Germany

7. Michael Brobst
b. 28 Aug 1721 France

7. Mathias Brobst
b. 17 May 1736, Berks Co. PA

8. Martin Brobst
b. 1747 Berks Co. PA

8. George Michael Brobst
b. 31 Dec 1770, Berks Co. PA

9.John F. Brobst
b. 13 Jun 1778, Lehigh Co.

9. Daniel Brobst
b. 26 Apr 1800, Lehigh Co PA

10. Maria Brobst Married (Daniel above)
b. 18 Mar 1802 Lehigh Co. PA

11. Daniel Brobstb. 12 Nov 1834 Berks Co. PA

12. William Alfred Brobst b. 3 May 1861 Dawson, IA

13. Earl Raymond Brobst b. 17 Dec1903, Cambridge, NE

14. Maebelle Brobst (Rutledge) b. 5 Jul 1925, Drummond, OK

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