Boykin Cahn Cahn cahn Genealogy

CAHN Family

  • Ascent in the family is to Lavinia and Harry Cahn.  For security reasons, this web site publishes vital statistics only about ancestors documented as dead by a death certificate or an obituary notice.
  • Cahn is a German/French name. Harry Victor Cahn, issued in Louisiana the Social Security Number 433-07-6975; born 1915 January 28 and died 1977 March.  Search results yielded Harry as the child of Harry John Cahn and Norma Elizabeth Cantrelle, born in Donaldsonville, LA
  • Mother and father branches of the Cahn family tree are equally important. The Lotten part of Lavinia Lotten Cahn goes back in America to 1889 at the Ascension Catholic Church in Donaldsonville, Louisiana. Anna (Von) Lotten married William Gibson Jr.. "Thereafter all of the Negroes mixed with Von Lotten blood in Donaldsonville became known as Lotten without the Von." The Gibson Family Tree.
  • The 1920 census listed. the Cahn family living at 1833 Foucher Street in New Orleans with the head of the household listed as Walter Cahn. His mother, Lavinia, (then 50), six sisters, one brother-in-law, one nephew and a niece. A partial list of surnames connected to the family include: Alexander, Boykin, Bolling, Brown, Cantrelle, Day, Deal, Dorsey, Eure, Fouroux, Francois, Gonzales, Henderson, Hunter, Johnson, Jones, Knox, LeBlanc, McDonald, McNeal, Paul, Smith, Troullier.