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Correspondence Register

[email protected][email protected]Huey P. Long Bowling Green Bowling Green Bowling Green Bowling Green
Date  Amt. 2nd Reply Addressee Address Subject Results
16 Oct 2000 Details $0 Elizabeth to Dwayne none
Dwayne A. Montz
Elizabeth fee offer DOBR
23 Oct 2000 Details $0 Dwayne to Elizabeth none
Dwayne A. Montz
Cahn Family Diocese of Baton Rouge
10 Feb 1992 come on down $0 Jessie to Elizabeth none
Jessie Hudson
Gretna Gretna
11 Feb 1889 Vanmeter $0 Ms. Vanmeter to Mr. Hunter none
Friendship Preserved
09 Jan 2007 Details $0 Enoch to  Elizabeth none
Obituary Enoch Robertson
09 Jan 2007 Details $0 Candace to  Elizabeth none
[email protected]
Burials James, Joseph, Maude
23 Apr 2007 Details $0 Iris to  Elizabeth none
[email protected]
Extra Photos James, JAbram, Jessie, Chris


Friday March 23, 2007

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