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Alex Haley's Roots, sparked greater interest in Black family genealogy. We start with ourselves and go down ;  two generations to  our eight grandparents. . Life is a race to death. The index of persons included in our genealogy are antecedents and descendants> who completed the race. . We trace the Hunter family back to the slave owners who came from Holland and gave the name  Kuykendall to a great grandmother. Her husband Abram Hunter and his brothers were Civil War Soldiers and their names are engraved on the African American Civil war monument> at the U Street Cardozo Green Line Metro Stop in Washington D.C.   We trace the  Boykin family back to Clay County Mississippi; The Cahn family back to Donaldsonville Louisiana; and  the Freeman family back to Piedmont, West Virginia.

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Please view our guestbook" and if you care to share information about a relative no longer with us let us know.  sources:  Vital records: birth certificates, Certificate of death, religious records, personal family bible, photograph album, scrap book letters, diaries and journals family histories, local histories, baby books, Identification document, immigration papers, naturalization papers,Land records, military records, Directories, religious publications, school records, employmnent records, and the less than obvious (e.g.:  engraved jewelry) .


Harry Cahn

William Freeman

Henderson Hunter0

Lucy Boykin nee Cannon

Lavinia Cahn Nee Lotten

Ellen Freeman Nee Pannell

Josephine Hunter nee Fleming

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