Cahn News Elizabeth Burial Statement


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Sunshine Bridge, Donaldsonville, LA.

Mt.Zion Baptist Church
Donaldsonville, LA

  Saturday, 2003 the fifteenth of February at two o'clock Vanessa Ann Cahn married Joel Mason. Reception at the St. Catherine Center

404 Claiborne Ave. (Railroad Ave.) Donaldsonville, LA  70346 (225) 473-1232

In the aftermath of a fire, chef John Folse's world-class Cajun-Creole is now relocated in Bittersweet Plantation, his former family home and a most charming locale; expertly prepared dishes featuring locally grown products are presented with French flair, and the one-hour drive is especially worthwhile on Sundays for the bountiful and elegant brunch; N.B. dinner and Sunday brunch only.