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[Cahn Donaldsonville Family]  

        Our Cahn Family Root - Donaldsonville, Louisiana 

Here you will find Birth, marriage, and deaths dates when known. You may also find allied names.                Lotten is an allied name joined to Cahn by marriage

Harry Cahn

Lavinia Lotten Cahn


Harry and Lavinia Generation Chart

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CAHN, Harry
birth date: 1862
place: Donaldsonville, Louisiana
religion: Catholic


His father: Marks Cahn

His mother: Dorothee Melancon 

LOTTEN, Lavinia
birth date: 1894
place: Donaldsonville, Louisiana
religion: Catholic
occupation: Housewife
Her father: generation0 

Her mother: Lina Frances

Marriage date: 1880
Place:  Donaldsonville Louisiana




Children of this Marriage

Full Name Sex Birth Death
1. Joseph  CAHN M 1887 p. Donaldsonville, Louisiana p. New Orleans, Louisiana
2. Olivia CAHN CLEMENTS F b.1889 January p. New Orleans, Louisiana
3. Ernestine  CAHN LEBLANC F b. 1890 December p. Donaldsonville, Louisiana d. 1957 June 13 p. San Francisco, California
4. Harry   John CAHN M b.1892 April p. Donaldsonville, Louisiana d.
5. Stella  CAHN KNOX F b. 1895 January 25 Donaldsonville, Louisiana d. p. Oakland, California
6. Walter  CAHN M b. 1897 July 3 Donaldsonville, Louisiana d. 1951 p.
7. Maude  CAHN HUNTER F b. 1898 September p. Donaldsonville, Louisiana d. 1937 June 30 p. East Chicago, Indiana
8. Agnes  CAHN ALEXANDER F B. 1901 July p. Donaldsonville, Louisiana d. 1984 December 25 p. New Orleans, Louisiana
8. Wilhelmina  CAHN SMITH F b. 1903 July p. Donaldsonville, Louisiana d. 1976 December 25 p. Chicago, Illinois
8. Pearl  CAHN BEALYER F b. 1906 July p. Donaldsonville, Louisiana d. p. Atlanta, Georgia