Cahn_Hunter Genealogy
Family History Cahn Hunter

Ahnentafel Cahn - Hunter

Ahnentafel is German for Ancestor Chart. It is a method of listing your ancestors in a concise manner. You start with yourself as number 1, your father is number 2 and your mother is number 3. The father of each individual is always double their number, and the father's spouse is always the next number. It is easy to go up and down the chart by multiplying or dividing by two.

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First Generation
1 Elizabeth HUNTER BOYKIN:

Second generation (parents)
2 James Hunter: b. 1898 May 30 d. 1965 September 13
3 Maude Cahn: b. 1895 December 31 d. 1937 June 30

Third Generation (grandparents)
4 Henderson Hunter:  
5 Josephine Fleming:  
6 Harry Cahn:  
7 Lavinia Lotten: 

Fourth Generation (great grandparents)
8 Abram Hunter:  
9 Mariah Kuykendall:  

Fifth Generation (great great grandparents)
18 Dick Kuykendall:  
19 Dilsie Kuykendall:  

James - Maude HUNTER

2. James Hunter
born: 1898 May 30              place: Harvey, Louisiana
marr:1922 August 12           place: St Bernard Parish, Lousiana
died: September 13, 1965     place: East Chicago, Indiana
buried: place: East Chicago, Indiana
Father: Henderson Hunter    Mother: Josephine Fleming
3 Maude Cahn:
born: December 31, 1898     place: Donaldsonville, Louisiana
marr: 1922 August 12         place: St Bernard Parish, Lousiana
died: June 30, 1937            place: East Chicago, Indiana
buried:                             place: East Chicago, Indiana
Father: Harry Cahn            Mother: Lavinia Lotten

Henderson - Josephine HUNTER

4. Henderson Hunter
born: 1863 December 15     place: Bowling Green, Kentucky
marr: 1890                      place: Gretna, Louisiana
died: 1942 July 27             place: Gretna, Louisiana
buried:                            place: Gretna, Louisiana
Father: Abram Hunter       Mother: Mariah Kuykendall
5. Josephine Fleming:
born: 1876 July 4      place: St Augustine, Florida
marr: 1890              place: Gretna, Louisiana
died: 1938 April 4      place: Gretna, Louisiana
buried:                    place: Gretna, Louisiana

Harry - Lavinia CAHN

6. Harry Cahn
born: 1862           place: Donaldsonville, LA
marr: 1890          place: Donaldsonville, LA
died: 1910           place: Donaldsonville, LA
buried:                place: Donaldsonville, Louisiana
7. Lavinia Lotten:
born: 1865 May             place: Donaldsonville, LA
marr: 1890                   place: Donaldsonville, LA
died: 1945                    place: New Orleans, Louisiana
buried:                         place: New Orleans, Louisiana

Paternal Great Grandparents

8. Abram Hunter
born: 1827             place: Unknown, probably Kentucky
marr: 1866            place: Bowling Green, Kentucky
died: 1880             place: Bowling Green, Kentucky
buried:                 place: Bowling Green, Kentucky
9. Mariah Kuykendall:
born: 1836                   place: Morgantown, Kentucky
marr: 1866                   place: Bowling Green, Kentucky
died: 1921 October 10    place: Bowling Green, Kentucky
buried:                         place: Mt. Mariah Cemetery Bowling Green, Kentucky
Dick Kuykendall   MotherDilsey Kuykendall