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Ahnentafel Joseph HUNTER

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First Generation
1. Abram Hunter

Second Generation (parents)
2. Henderson Hunter:  b. 1863 December 15   d.1942 July 27
3. Josephine Fleming:  b. 1871 July 4   d. 1938 April 4

Third Generation (grandparents)
4. Abram Hunter: b. 1827 d. Unknown
5. Mariah Kuykendall: b. 1836 d. 1921 October 10

End of Joseph Ahnentafel

Begin Joseph Vita

Second Hunter Generation

Joseph is Betty's paternal uncle

Me Myself: Joseph Louis HUNTER -------------
Date born: 1896 Jul 6 : Harvey, LADied: 1969 Oct Place: East Chicago, IN

Marr: Mattie Dennard abt.1927 Place:


Joseph Hunter legend: Remembrances from Irvin Brown, a nephew:

I remember Uncle Joe. He bought me my first brand new bicycle. I learned how to play checkers on that famous bench of his, the one in front of his house. I cut and watered his grass.  Heck, I even remember Aunt Mattie and her son.  Her son has/had a daughter younger than me.  When Uncle Joe died, I was old enough to chase girls and did.  I was either in my teens or close.  Yep!, that's probably right....I remember now, I was out of the service, married (first wife - Patricia) and living in those new apartments (on Michigan Ave.) across or down from the high rise named after Uncle Jimmy. He had an old Chevy station wagon that he let me use for transportation.

From Julius Hunter II
Julius remembers Uncle Joe Hunter saying Lake Michigan water tastes like sherry. Joe Hunter may have heard Tony Jackson, a New Orleans piano player and entertainer sing his favorite blues:

"Yes, Michigan water tastes like sherry,
I mean sherry, crazy about my sherry,
Michigan water tastes like sherry wine
But Mississippi water tastes like turpentine.
Mama mama, look at sis
She's out on the levee doing the double twis'
Come on in you dirty little sow,
You trying to be a bad girl and you don't know how"
In Reading Jazz, A Gathering of Autobiography, Reportage, and Criticism from 1914 to Now Robert Gottlieb, ed. (New York/Oxford: Pantheon/Oxford, 1996)
page 5 ISBN 0-679-44251-0(hc) ML3507R44 1996 781.65'09 - dc 2096-14219cp mn

Died: 1969 Oct Place: East Chicago, IN
Buried: Evergreen Memorial Park, Garden of Eternal Peace, Hobart, IN

My Mother My Father
Joseph's mother Josephine Fleming


Joseph's fatherHenderson HUNTER



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