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Henderson Hunter knew Fanny Vanmeter in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Betty has a letter written to her grandfather from Bowling Green, Kentucky dated 1889 February 11:

  February 11,
Mr. Hunter my Dear absent one,

It is with the greatest of pleasure that I have met the opportunity once more to drop you a few lines to inform you of my health at this time preasant. I am well in health but not in mind and can not be for thinking about you my dear friend. I hope these few lines may come safe to you and find you well and getting along as well as life can afford my Dear. I can not express to you how anxious I am to hear from you my dear. I have written a letter to you two week a go but have not received any answer from you yet my dear. I would like to no why is it that you have not answer my letter now. I can write to you tonight because I am bother about you - now I want you to write Just as soon as you get my letter and let me hear from you for my akeing heart is throbeing on on account of your being so far from me and I can not hear from you now my dear. I hope that I will soon hear from you and I no that I will be better in mind to compose you a long letter after I Receive a letter from you. My mo Send her love to you and say she wishes you well. Papa Send his love to you also also Jinnie & CD Send her love to you & Richard & Annie all the family Join me in sending thare love & respects to and all wishes to hear from you my Dear friend. I have not yet forgotten my ring and I shall still look for it my Dear. I will attempt to try to write a letter at this time but my Dear one you must really excuse me for my mistake because I am in trouble about you - I can not hear from you. Woodford Miles send his love to you & say he would come down thare but he can't because the girls. I have a great deal to Relate to you. But now I will when I do hear from you. Give my love to comidar. I have something interesting to tell you that I am not to say. So well Satisfy about I want you to no it. I will when I hear from you. I shall now close Hopeping to hear from you. Just as you get my few lines. So Good night I am as ever yours tell Deth Seperates us 

Fannie Vanmeter 

1889 February 11 Monday

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