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Formed 1822 from Unorganized Territory


1830 Morgan Co. IN Census; semi-alphabetic
Pg.242  Benjamin Duncan    1000,01       - 1200,1
          (MAD: 1840 Putnam Co. IN census)
   243  William Duncan     0101,001      - 0001
          (MAD: mar. 1st Nancy ----; mar. 2nd Mary Eslinger
            9/23/1828; son of Isaac Duncan Sr. d.1803 Montgomery
            (Bath) Co. KY and wife Margaret d.1843 Fleming Co. KY;
            1840 Pulaski Co. MO census; 1850 Wright Co. MO census)

1840 Morgan Co. IN Census
Pg.119  Wm. Duncan         1000,0100,1   - 0010,1
   161  Charles Duncan     2000,0100,01  - 0001,0000,01
          (not Rev. Pensioner)
        John B. Duncan     1000,01       - 0000,0101
   162  Saml. H. Duncan    0000,2        - 0

1850 Morgan Co. IN Census
Pg.33, #482, William DUNCAN 41 NY mechanic $0
                  Sarah 24 NC
                  Thos. R. 11, Peter 8 IN
                  Giles M. 6, Jesse D.W. 2 IN
                  Isaac C. BAKER 22 KY mechanic $0
                  David HINE 21 NC mechanic $0
                  (MAD: William Duncan mar. 1st Amanda M. Hutsell 7/15/1837; mar. 2nd Sarah Hine 11/27/1849; to Jackson Co. IL 1856; mar. 3rd ? Susan Dougherty 1864/65)
Pg.43, #514, Alexr. DUNCAN 30 IN laborer $0
                  Jane 26 IN
                  Henry 5, Martha A. 4, Isabel 1 IN
                  (MAD: Alexander Duncan mar. Milla Jane Graves 10/1/1844; 1860 Cumberland Co. IL census)
Pg.84, #997, A.J. DUNCAN (m) 29 KY farmer $4100
                  Louisa J. 25 KY
                  Simantha ROBERTS (f) 7 IN
                  (MAD: Alvatus Jerome Duncan, b. ? Pulaski Co. KY, mar. Louisa Jane Hendricks 8/4/1845; 1860 Warren Co. IA census)
Pg.87, #1045, James DUNCAN 46 KY farmer $0
                  Margaret 47 KY
                  James H. 17 KY, Margaret J. 14 IN
                  William 75 VA (blank) $0
                  (MAD: James Duncan mar. Margaret Knox 11/21/1826 Gallatin Co. KY; 1840 Owen Co. IN census; ? or James in 1840 Carroll Co. KY census; buried Warren Co. IA; James' son William M. Duncan mar. Mary Jane Morgan 4/10/1850)
Pg.122, #390, Charles DUNCAN 40 NC farmer $800
                  Delilah 29 IN
                  Charles Sr. 84 NC -- $300
                  John 10, Henry 9 IN
                  Asenath 8, William 6 IN
                  Mary 5, Emsley (m) 4, Sarah 1 IN
                  Hugh CURTIS? 16 KY laborer
                  (MAD: Charles Sr. was son of John Duncan Sr. of Randolph Co. NC; Charles Jr. mar Delilah Blunk 10/25/1838)
Pg.122, #391, Rebecca BLUNK 79 VA & family
Pg.122, #393, John DUNCAN 47 NC farmer $2500
                  Cynthia 38 NC
                  Eliza 17, Molsey M. (f) 15 NC
                  Lucinda 13, William E. 11 IN
                  Angeline 8 IN
                  Tabitha 4, Mary Ellen 1 IN
                  Tabitha TROGDEN 77 NC
Pg.126, #435, William DINKINS 34 NC farmer $0
                  Polly C. 29 NC
                  Marthana (f) 10, Mary A. 8 IN
                  Nancy M. DAVID (McDAVID?) 5 NC

1860 Morgan Co. IN Census (pg.613-8 also from Virginia Anderson 4/1987)
Monroe Twp., P.O. Mooresville
Pg.613, #485-494, Charles DUNCAN 52 NC $4000-$550 farmer
                  William 16 IN farm hand
                  Mary 15 IN housework
                  Emsly (m) 13, Nancy 12 IN
                  Alenzo (m) 10 IN
                  Charles DUNCAN 94 NC farmer $0-$0
                  (MAD: Charles age 50 per Virginia Anderson; Charles Duncan 59 NC in 1870 Hendricks Co. IN census)
Pg.615, #500-509, John A. CRAVEN 56 NC farmer $1600-250
                  Mary 53 NC
                  Mary C. 22, Francis M. 18 IN
                  Louisa 16 OH
Pg.618, #521-530, Syntha DUNCAN 48 NC (blank) $1500-500
                  Angeline 17, Tabitha E. (f) 14 IN
                  Mary E. 11, John A. 8 IN
                  William Emesly DUNCAN 21 IN
                  (MAD: 1870 Hendricks Co. IN census; William Duncan in 1870 Clay Co. IN census)
Washington Twp.
Pg.856, #103-103, J.W. DUNCAN (m) 30 NC day laborer $0-$200
                  Marian (f) 27 KY
                  John W. 9, Sarah E. 3 IN
                  Luella J. 1 IN
                  (MAD: ? Jacob Wesley Duncan, 1850 Monroe Co. IN census)
Ray Twp.
Pg.928, #612-612, Elizabeth DUNKIN 48 KY (blank) $0-$100
                  Thomas 23 IN day laborer
                  Ellen 16, Jackson 14 IN

1870 Morgan Co. IN Census
Baker Twp.
Pg.343, #69-69, DUNCAN, John 31 IN farmer $0-$0
                  Sarah 25 IN keeping house
                  Florence 8 IN at home
                  DUNCAN, Thomas 6 IN at home
                  Sherman (m) 3 IN at home
                  HUBBARD, Sarah 20 IN domestic servant
Washington Twp.
Pg.501, #224-231, DUNCAN, Jacob 41 NC farmer $0-$0
                  Mary 39 KY keeping house
                  John 19 IN farm laborer
                  Sarah 14, Luella (f) 10 IN at home
                  Emma 7 IN at home
Pg.535, #128-133, DUNCAN, Alexander 53 IN laborer $0-$250
                  Jane 45 IN keeping house
                  Isabelle 21 IN at home
                  Elizabeth 16, Tilman (m) 13 IN at home
                  George 12, Ellsworth (m) 7 IL at home
                  PRESTON, Margaret 72 TN at home
                  (MAD: 1860 Cumberland Co. IL census)


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"Reports of cases argued and determined in the Supreme court of judicature of the state of Indiana, cases from 15 Nov. 1854 to end of May term 1855" ("Indiana : Blackford Reports") by Isaac Blackford, A.M., one of the judges of the Court; Vol.6, pgs.270 to 272 (California State Law Library, Sacramento, 12/2003)
      DUNCAN, Assignee, v. COX; Supreme Court of Judicature of Indiana, Indianapolis; 6 Blackf. 270; December 3, 1842, Decided.
      Error to the Morgan Circuit Court.
      BLACKFORD, J. -- This was an action of assumpsit brought by Duncan, assignee of a promissory note, against Cox the maker. The note was for the payment of 100 dollars, was dated the 21st of September, 1840, and was payable on the 25th of December following. ... At the time the note was given, Cox, the maker of the note, and another person, at the store of Simms, the payee of the note, contracted with Simms for goods of the value of 100 dollars, to be delivered by Simms to Cox, provided Mr. Van Buren should be elected president of the United States; but if General Harrison should be elected to that office, then Simms was to deliver the goods to the said other person. Thereupon, Cox executed the note sued on, and the other person gave Simms another note for the same amount. Only one of the notes was to be paid, and on the following condition: If Harrison should be elected, Cox was to pay the note he executed, and the other note was to be void; but if Van Buren should be elected, then the other person was to pay his note, and Cox's note was to be void. The notes were deposited with Simms to whom they were payable. General Harrison was elected. The witness, Stevens, who testified to the above-named facts, refused to answer the question, who was the other person referred to in his testimony? on the ground, that his answer would criminate himself. Between the 25th of December, 1840, and the 21st of February, 1841, the said witness, Stevens, received from Simms' store goods to the amount of 93 dollars and 44 cents; and he had previously received other goods out of the store. On the 21st of February, 1841, he was credited on Simms' books with 100 dollars "by the assumption of Cox," the defendant. The plaintiff moved the Court to strike out all the testimony given by Stevens, because he refused to state with whom the defendant made the bet; but the motion was correctly overruled.
      The Court gave judgment for the defendant.
      As the defendant proved that the note sued on was not to be paid, unless General Harrison should be elected president, and the goods should be delivered to the person with whom the defendant made the bet, it was for the plaintiff to show, not only that Harrison had been elected, but also that the goods had been delivered to the winner. There was no proof, however, that the goods were so delivered; there was evidence that they were delivered to Stevens, but it was not shown that he was the person who made the bet with the defendant. The judgment is right, therefore, on account of this defect in the plaintiff's evidence. But, supposing the goods to have been delivered to the winner, there is another question in the cause arising under the general issue; and that is, whether the note sued on was not void, on the ground that the consideration was illegal? The betting on the result of an election is prohibited by statute; and the payment of a bet, therefore, either by the loser himself, or by any other person for him at his request, with notice of the facts, is a violation of the statute. In the case before us, the note was given in consideration of the delivery of goods as mentioned in the record, the payee knowing the circumstances. Such consideration was illegal, because the delivery of the goods, made with notice, was for an unlawful purpose, viz. the payment of a bet on the result of an election.
      The following cases support this opinion. A person sold and delivered certain drugs to a brewer, knowing they were to be used in the brewery; and it was held that he could not recover the price: the reason was, that there was a statute prohibiting brewers from using any thing but malt and hops in the brewing of beer. It has been also held, that money lent for the purpose of paying losses on illegal stock-jobbing transactions, to which the lender was not a party, and which money was applied by the borrower to that purpose, could not be recovered back. This decision was made on the ground, that the payment of such losses was prohibited by statute. The Court said, that as the statute prohibited the payment, the making of the payment was an unlawful act, and if it was unlawful for one man to pay, it was unlawful for another, with notice, to furnish him with the means of payment. Again, in a suit on a lease of certain tenements, the defendant pleaded that the lease was entered into by the plaintiff and defendant, and that the premises were let to the defendant for the express purpose of being used by the latter in drawing oil of tar and boiling tar, contrary to the provisions of the statute of 25th of Geo. the 3d; and the plea was held to be good.
      These authorities show, that if in the case we have to decide, the payee of the note had sold and delivered the goods to the defendant for the express purpose of enabling him to pay the bet, the sale and delivery being for an unlawful object, would have been illegal. It follows of course, that the direct delivery of the goods by the payee to the winner expressly in discharge of the bet, at the defendant's request, must be also illegal. That being the case, the payee's performance of a precedent condition, viz. the delivery of the goods to the winner, without which there could be no pretence to a suit on the note, gave no right of action on it, such delivery being an unlawful act.
      Per Curiam. -- The judgment is affirmed with costs.


Indiana Veteran Voluntary Infantry, 33rd Regiment (Martinsville, Morgan Co. IN, Public Library Vol. G.977.2; from Charley Wilcox 6/1992)
      Pgs.204, 244, 258: Loyd T. Duncan, mustered March 9, 1864; commissioned Feb. 1, 1864; discharged: Dec. 17, 1864; was wounded.
      Pg.132: Foyd T. Duncan, killed in the Battle of Peach Tree Creek, July 20, Company E. (CW: I suspect this is Loyd T. Duncan)
      Pg.248: William G. Duncan, mustered Sept. 16, 1861, discharged July 21, 1865, Company A.
      Pg.259: Alexander W. Duncan, mustered Aug. 20, 1862, discharged June 22, 1865, Company E.
      Pg.261: Gilbert M. Duncan, mustered Sept. 16, 1861, discharged July 21, 1865.
      Pg.262: Hiram W. Duncan, mustered March 8, 1865, discharged July 21, 1865.
      Pg.272: George H. Duncan, mustered Feb. 20, 1865, discharged July 13, 1865.
      Pg.273: William J. Duncan, mustered Aug. 15, 1862, discharged Feb. 2, 1863, disability.

Pension Index Card File, alphabetical; of the Veterans Administrative Contact and Administration Services, Admin. Operations Services, 1861-1934; Duff to A-J Duncan (negative FHL film 540,888, some cards very faint); Joseph Duncan to Dunn (positive FHL film 540,889, some cards very dark)
      Cataloged under Civil War, 1861-1865, pensions, indexes; does not say if Confederate or Federal, but probably Federal. Negative film, some cards much too faint or dark to read, some cards blurred or faded, particularly the service unit and the dates of application. Most of the very faint or dark cards were in a slightly different format, with space for years enlisted and discharged which were sometimes filled in. Many of these were for service in later years, although one or two were for service ca 1866.
      Name of soldier, alias, name of dependent widow or minor, service (military unit or units), date of filing, class (invalid or widow or minor or other), Application #, Certificate #, state from which filed (sometimes blank), attorney (sometimes blank, MAD: did not usually copy), remarks. Sometimes the "Invalid" or "Widow" class had an "s" added to it before the application #; occasionally the area for the service information included a circled "S". The minor's name was frequently that of the guardian rather than the minor.
      The military unit was frequently the Company Letter, the Regiment Number, sometimes US Vet Vol Inf. (US Veteran Volunteer Infantry), L.A. (Light Artillery), H.A. (Heavy Artillery), US C Inf (US Colored? Infantry), Cav. (Cavalry), Mil. Guards, V.R.C. (?Volunteer Reserve Corps?), etc. Sometimes there were several service units given.
      Cards appear to be arranged by the last name, first name, middle initial if any, and state (including "US") of service.
      Duncan, Alexander W., widow Duncan, Mary; E 33 IND Inf., F 85 IND Inf.; 1870 June 27, Invalid Appl. #158076, Cert. #309128; 1907 Sept. 25, Widow Appl. #876921, Cert. #843150, IND. (MAD: ? 1850 Putnam Co. IN census; see Morgan Co. IN)
      Duncan, Emsley R., widow Duncan, Louisa E.; E 43 Ind. Inf; 1887 Dec. 5, Invalid Appl. #631107, Cert. #450654, Ind.; 1916 June 21, Widow Appl. #1068101, Cert. #811733, Ind. (MAD: 1850 Morgan Co. IN census)
      Duncan, George H., widow Duncan, Nancy; I 115 Ind. Inf., K 33 Ind. Inf.; 1891 Aug. 18, Invalid Appl. #1053473, Cert. #881389, Ind.; 1919 May 29, Widow Appl. #1141730, no cert., Ind. (MAD: ? 1850 Putnam Co. IN census; see Morgan Co. IN)
      Duncan, Hiram W., widow Duncan, Margaret M.; F 33 Ind. Inf.; 1890 Feb. 21, Invalid Appl. #756442, Cert. #526731, Kans.; 1913 July 7, Widow Appl. #1010823, Cert. #769034, Cal. (MAD: b.1846, 1850 Hamilton Co. IN census, see Morgan Co. IN; 1880 Cherokee Co. KS; d. 1913 Los Angeles Co. CA)
      Duncan, Loyd T., widow Duncan, Mary A.; E 33 Ind. Inf.; 1865 Jan. 3, Invalid Appl. #57907, Cert. #43762; 1908 April 27, Widow Appl. #890696, Cert. #651609, Ind. (MAD: 1850 Putnam Co. IN census; see Morgan Co. IN)
      Duncan, Peter H., widow Duncan, Amy; H 27 Ill. Inf.; 1890 Aug. 5, Invalid Appl. #835744, Cert. #606814, MO; 1916 Oct. 23, Widow Appl. #1083170, Cert. #A-12-18-31, MO. (MAD: 1850 Morgan Co. IN census; to Jackson Co. IL; to Barry Co. MO)
      Duncan, Thomas R.; D 81 Ill. Inf.; 1880 Feb. 19, Invalid Appl. #349425, Cert. #385516. (MAD: 1850 Morgan Co. IN census)
      Duncan, William G., widow Duncan, Matilda; A 33 Ind. Inf.; 1870 July 14, Invalid Appl. #159046, Cert. #203611; 1911 July 20, Widow Appl. #968884, Cert. #730985, Ind. (MAD: 1850 Morgan Co. IN census; see Hendricks Co. IN)
      Duncan, William J., widow Dienser, Maggie, minor Dienser, Maggie, Gdn.; E 33 Ind. Inf.; 1890 Nov. 28, Widow Appl. #485422, Cert. #924676, Ind.; 1891 Jan. 28, Minor Appl. #501531, Cert. #475062, Ind.; remarks XC2707819. (MAD: ? 1850 Putnam Co. IN census; see Morgan Co. IN)


Hendricks Co. IN Will Record, Vol.1, 1822-1846 (FHL film 1,316,574)
      1-154: 26 Jan. 1846, will of Samuel A. Duncan of Stilesville; debts be paid as soon as possible out of first moneys that shall come to hands of my executors from any portion of my real estate; that a fair valuation be made by two neighbors of personal estate and a copy given to my executors; personal estate be sold at public auction except wheat flaxseed and feathers and also my beef and pork at Madison; my real estate in Hendricks & Morgan Cos. be rented; to my wife Elizabeth as long as she remain my widow 1/3 of the rents and profits if she elect, else 1/3 of my real estate so long as she remain my widow; to my son Robert when he arrive at age 21 all my real estate and also all money from the sale of my personal property; money be loaned out at interest and interest applied to education of my son Robert until 21; if he dies before age 21 of without issue, then everything be divided equally between my brothers and sisters (unnamed). Appoint George Kreigh and Erastus B. Duncan exec. Wit. David Boswell, Joseph P. Bishop. Proved 2 March 1846.

Putnam Co. IN Deeds
      A-354/355: 24 Dec. 1827, Abner Alexander and wife Mary of Owen Co. IN to Benjamin Dunkin of Morgan Co. IN, for $200 paid, sell land in Putnam Co. IN, E 1/2 NE 1/4 Sec.13 Twp.12N Range 3W containing 80 acres togther with appurtenances, warrant title. /s/ Abner Alexander, Mary Alexander. Wit. John Sorrell?, Loyd Commings. 22 Jan. 1828, Abner Alexander and wife Mary appeared before Abraham Littell, J.P. of Owen Co. Certification by John R. Freeland, Clerk of Court of Owen Co. IN, for Abraham Littell, 4 Oct. 1828. Recorded April 9, 1829. (FHL film 1,315,552)
      D-221/222: 20 Oct. 1834, Benjamin Dunkin and wife Mary of Morgan Co. IN to Loyd Cummings of Owen Co. IN, for $1,000 paid, sell land in Putnam Co. IN, E 1/2 NE 1/4 Sec.13 Twp.12N Range 3W containing 80 acres, together with appurtenances, warrant title. /s/ Benjamin Dunkin, Mary (X) Dunkin. Wit. John Reeves, Alfred Pellaway. Mary Dunkin appeared 27 Oct. 1834 before Elijah Lyon, J.P., Putnam Co. IN. Oct. 17, 1835, the two witnesses, John Reeves and Alford Alloway, appeared before Elijah Lyon, J.P. and said Benjamin Dunkin signed his name to the deed. Recorded Oct. 19, 1835. (FHL film 1,315,554)

Adrian Journal [Bates Co. MO] obituary (from Charley Wilcox 6/1992)
      August 30, 1901. An Aged Lady at Rest.
      On Wednesday night at 12 O'clock the death messenger came and carried away the spirit of Grandma Wilcox who was stopping with her daughter Mrs. Sarah Scott at Foster.
      Sarah Duncan was born in Bath Co. KY, June 6, 1811, and died August 29, 1901, aged 90 years 2 months and 23 days. When quite young, she moved with her parents to Mooresville [Morgan Co.], IN. There she was united in marriage with Isaac Wilcox, Dec. 16, 1828. To this union 15 children were born, 12 of whom are living, James Wilcox of Everett, Richard Wilcox of Passaic, Mrs. Charles Garrison of near Adrian, and Mrs. Scott of Foster are among the living.
      In 1866 the family moved from IN to this state, locating near Crescent Hill and resided there until the 80's when they moved to Butler [Bates Co.], there the husband died Jan. 29, 1886, since which time the aged wife has resided near Butler during the last three of which she lived with her children. Mrs. Wilcox was converted and united with the Baptist Church at Stilesville, IN, in 1842, and remained a faithful member of that denomination until death. Grandma Wilcox was more vigorous than persons of her age usually are. She retained her mental faculties to the end. In her prime Mrs. Wilcox was an active figure in the community all of the earliest settlers in this locality remember her as an amiable and kind hearted woman ready at all times to relieve the suffering and comfort the sorrowing.
      Her ninety years of life were made up of kindly deeds and comforting words. Truly Grandma Wilcox has passed to a rich reward after a long life which has been and will continue to be a benediction to her children and associate Peace to her ashes.
      (CW: This is one of two obits for Sarah; the other is from the "Butler Lines" and both give her birth date and place as Bath Co. KY on June 6, 1811.)

Pike Co. MO Deeds
      J-56: 8 Oct. 1846, William Dunkin and wife Amanda M. of Morgan Co. IN appoint Giles Mitchell of same, our attorney to sell our real estate in MO. Wit. A.A. Bamackman, Loyd Tee. Reg. Morgan Co. IN 8 Oct. 1846. (FHL film 974,440)
      M-143: 9 Dec. 1844, Jesse D.W. Hutsell of Fayette Co. KY to William Duncan of Morgan Co. IN, $45, undivided 1/8 of NW 1/4 NE 1/4 Sec.20 T52 R2E, being 40 acres; and SE Frac. 1/4 Sec.9 T52 R2E, being 108 acres; and E 1/2 SE 1/4 Sec.8 T52 R2E, being 80 acres; and SW Frac. 1/4 Sec.10, all T52 R2E, being 5.49 acres. Wit. S. McCracken, J.H. Scott; appeared in Morgan Co. IN. (FHL film 974,441)
      M-145: 14 Nov. 1846, Giles Mitchell in right of his wife and as attorney in fact for William Duncan and wife Amanda of Morgan Co. IN, all heirs of Peter Hutsell decd, to Alexander Syler of Pike Co. MO, for $65.52, our interest in land entered in name of Peter Hutsel decd, being the NW 1/4 NE 1/4 Sec.20 T52 R2E, being 40 acres; and SE Frac. 1/4 Sec.9 T52 R2E, being 108 acres; and E 1/2 SE 1/4 Sec.8 T52 R2E, being 80 acres; and SW Frac. 1/4 Sec.10, all T52 R2E, being 5.49 acres. /s/ Giles Mitchell and attorney for William Duncan and Mandy Duncan. (FHL film 974,441)

HISTORIES before 1923

"The People's guide : a business, political and religious directory of Morgan Co., Ind., together with a collection of very important documents and statistics connected with our moral, political and scientific history : also a historical sketch of Morgan County and a brief history of each township" by Cline, McHaffie; pub. Indianapolis: Indianapolis Print. and Pub. House, 1874, 406 pgs. (LH6274, HeritageQuest images 5/2007; FHL film 1,502,908 item 7 and 1,502,581 item 1)
      Pg.350: Washington Township. Indian Creek Grange; located 4-1/2 miles south west of Martinsville; organized 1874; membership, 76; Master, John Sheerer; Secretary, J.C. Duncan.
      Pg.359: Directory of Washington Township. Duncan, J.C., farmer, 4-3/4 m s w Martinsville. Born in Ind. 1838; settled in M.C. 1861. Lib. Methodist.

1881 "History of Taylor County, Iowa : containing a history of the county, its cities, towns, etc., a biographical directory of many of its leading citizens, war record of its volunteers in the late rebellion, history of Iowa and the Northwest" by Evans, pub. by State Historical Co., Des Moines (FHL book 977.779 H2h)
      Pg.710, Holt Twp. R.H. DUNKIN, farmer, stock-raiser and feeder, post-office Holt. Subject was born in Morgan Co. IN, February 17, 1831. His early days were spent on a farm, engaged with the plow and hoe. Was educated in the subscription schools of his native county. In the fall of 1856 he removed to Ringgold Co. this state, remained about 3 years, and came to Taylor Co. in 1859. Shortly after his arrival he purchased a tract of land, 30 acres of which had been broken and at once commenced improving it for his future home. Mr. D. has been twice married; first to Miss Susan McCartney, of Louisville, KY, in March, 1852. Of their children seven are living: John H., Benjamin F., Abram L., Ulysses S.G., Mattie Nora, Lorenzo Dow and Rufus. Seven are deceased. December 29, 1872, Mrs. Dunkin passed away to join her loved ones who had gone before. Subject was again married, this time to Amanda Everson, of Champaign Co. IL. They are the parents of five children; three, Charley, Mary and Freddy K., are living. ...
      (MAD: Reuben Henry Dunkin; see correspondence in "Duncan-Cummings family history" by Edna (Hartcock) Sinclair, 1931, on FHL film 1,313,121 items 14 & 16; filmed at Spencer IN Public Library; see Owen and Putnam Co. IN)

1886 "Biographical and historical record of Clarke County, Iowa : containing engraving of prominent citizens in Clarke County, with personal histories of many of the leading families, and a concise history of Clarke County and its cities and villages" pub. by Lewis Publishing Co. (FHL book 977.7856 D3b)
      Pg.392-3: CAPTAIN WILLIAM M. DUNCAN, deceased, was a gallant and faithful soldier during the war of the Rebellion. He enlisted in the defense of his country July 26, 1862, and was unanimously elected Captain of Company C. ... He served his country 3 years .... The subject of this sketch was a native of "Kent" Co. KY, born August 14, 1828, a son of James and Margaret Duncan. When six years of age he was taken by his parents to Monroe Co. IN, where he was reared to manhood, his youth being spent on a farm. His education was received in the common schools, and after leaving school he taught several terms in Indiana. He was united in marriage to Mary J. Morgan, of Morgan Co. IN, April 10, 1851, and in 1855 he removed with his wife and two children to Iowa, locating in Warren County, where he was engaged in teaching school for 18 months. In 1857 he came to Clarke Co. IA, where he followed the teacher's profession and worked at the carpenter's trade alternately. He was an earnest and consistent Christian, being a member of the Missionary Baptist Church till his death, which occurred May 3, 1879. He left a wife and two children to mourn the loss of a kind husband and affectionate father. His widow still resides with her family in Knox Township. (MAD: See Gallatin Co. KY 1830; Lawrence Co. IN 1840; Morgan Co. IN 1850; Warren Co. IA)

1879 "The History of Warren County, Iowa : containing a history of the county, its cities, towns, etc., a biographical directory of its citizens, war record of its volunteers in the late rebellion, general and local statistics, portraits of early settlers and prominent men, history of the northwest, history of Iowa, map of Warren County, constitution of the United States, constitution of the State of Iowa, miscellaneous matters, &c." pub. by Union Historical (FHL book 977.782 E7m and films 989,437 item 2 and 874,361 item 2)
      Pg.702: Richland Township. DUNCAN, A.J., farmer, Sec.21, P.O. Hartford; was born in Kentucky, August 18, 1821, and when about twelve years of age, his father removed to Owen County, Indiana, where he made his home in that, and Morgan County, till he came to his present home, on the 24th day of October, 1852; his first occupation was the mercantile business, in which he engaged the year he came to the county, and followed it for about six years, and since that time, has followed his present calling; he was married in Morgan County, Indiana, Sept. 4, 1854, to Miss Louisa Hendricks, of Kentucky, and by this union, they have one daughter: Martha Dora; during the war, he was clerk of the commissary department, under Captain Noble, and was stationed at Lookout Mountain, Tennessee, for nine months, and returned home in March, 1865; he has been a member of the board of county supervisors, appointed first to fill vacancy, and after serving out the unexpired term, was elected to the office in 1863, and afterwards resigned to go to the war; he owns a finely improved farm of 104 acres, on which he has lived since 1865.

1904 "History of Cherokee County, Kansas, and representative citizens" edited and compiled by Nathaniel Thompson Allison (FHL book 978.199 H2a)
      Pg.280: THOMAS R. DUNCAN, one of the pioneer settlers of Cherokee Co., a substantial and representative farmer of Lyon township, owns (dark edge) acres of highly cultivated land, NE quarter Sec. 27, Twp. 34, range (dark edge). He was born at Martinsville [Morgan Co.], IN, February 10, 1839, and is a son of William and Amanda M. (Hutsel) Duncan.
      Robert Duncan, the grandfather of Thomas R., was born in Scotland and accompanied his two brothers to America, all probably settling in the State of NY. There William Duncan was born and learned the cabinet making trade before going to Indiana. Failing health caused him to remove in 1856 to IL where his sons could engage in farming. He took part in the Black Hawk War. In early days he was a Whig, but afterwards voted for Stephen A. Douglas and was subsequently identified with the Republican party. He died in IL, in 1879, at the age of 72 years. His wife was born September 20, 1815, near Lexington, KY, and died at Martinsville, IN, November 22, 1847, when Thomas R. was not quite nine years old. Their children were: Thomas R., who weighed but two and a half pounds at birth; Peter, a farmer of Mineral Spring [Barry Co.], MO, who belonged to Co. H, 27th Reg., IL Vol. Inf., in the late? (dark) War; Giles, who belonged to Co. D, 1st Reg., IL Vol. Inf., and died in the service in February, 1863; and Jesse H., who resides near Murphysboro, IL. The father married three times, and three children of each wife still survive.
      Thomas R. Duncan was 17 years of age when his parents moved to Jackson Co. IL, and he was engaged in farming there from 1856 to 1862, when he enlisted on Aug. 12 in Co. D, 81st Reg., IL Vol. Inf., under Captain Ward and Col. James ?. (dark) Dollins. ... To Kansas 1869 ...
      (MAD: William Duncan mar. Amanda M. Hutsell 7/15/1837 Morgan Co. IN; see more about this family in "Our Hutzel Heritage, A Genealogy of the Hutzel-Hutsell Family" by Sue Hutsell and Jane Hutsell Terral, 1980; FHL book 929.273 H979h; see also Clay Co. MO)

"History of Labette County, Kansas, and representative citizens" by Nelson Case; pub. Chicago, Ill.: Biographical Pub. Co., 1901, 823 pgs. (LH12657, HeritageQuest images 5/2007; FHL book 978.196 H2ca and film 1,036,205 item 2)
      Pg.816-817: CHARLES MURRAY, one of the most prosperous farmers of Montana township, Labette county, Kansas, is located in sections 32 and 33, and owns 100 acres of land. Mr. Murray was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, in 1846, but was reared in Cincinnati, Ohio, ... Civil War ... then to Hendricks County, Indiana, then to Kansas in 1869 for 4 years, then back to Indiana until 1885, then to Labette county, Kansas. .... Mr. Murray was united in marriage with Mary E. Duncan, who was born in Morgan county, Indiana, in 1848, and they have reared three children, as follows: Lulu (Peck), of Clayton, Indiana, who has one daughter, Matilda; Clarence, who served in Company A, 2d Reg., Mo. Vol. Inf., during the Spanish-American War, and was killed on April 7, 1901, by a railroad train; Daisy (Cornish), of Neosho, Missouri, who has two children,-- Earl and Hester; and Bessie, who still remains at home. ...


Morgan Co. IN information (from Virginia Anderson 2/1987 & 3/1987)
      Samuel Duncan and his wife Elizabeth Allred are buried at West Union Monthly Meeting (Friends) in the same cemetery as Nancy Duncan (d. 1845); there is no tombstone but the burials are confirmed by a plat of the cemetery.
      The date of death of Charles Duncan is 19 Sept. 1862; neither Morgan nor Hendricks Co. IN has a probate for him. West Union MM is in Morgan Co., but the boundary between the two counties was in dispute for quite a few years.
      An Abraham Elliott was received from Marlborough MM, NC, but there is no mention of a wife or children. He is buried at West Union MM.
      Polly Duncan Craven and John A. Craven are buried at Center Valley [Hendricks Co. IN]. The church and cemetery there were originally called Friendship Baptist Church.
      Elizabeth Allred, wife of Charles Duncan, born 20 April 1769, d. 22 Jan. 1848 Morgan Co. IN, bur. West Union MM, no marker.

"Duncan Genealogy" 10 pages, typed, no author or title page, 8-leaf manuscript donated by Mrs. Earle E. Gehrke, filmed 1978 (FHL film 1,036,770)
      First Generation: James Duncan, b. Aug. 6, 1803 KY; d. Feb. 14, 1863 Hartford, [Warren Co.] Iowa; m. ca 1820 prob. KY to Margaret Elizabeth Knox, b. Aug. 14, 1801 KY; d. Apr. 28, 1884, Hartford, Iowa; children: Alexander Jerome, Sarah Elizabeth, William, Margaret Jane, Matthew, James Harve, Maximillie, Mary. (MAD: mar. Gallatin Co. KY; probably son of William b. 1775 VA on 1850 Morgan Co. IN census)
      Second Generation: Alexander Jerome Duncan, b. Aug. 18, 1821 Pulaski Co. KY; d. Dec. 12, 1898, Hartford, Iowa; m. Sept. 4, 1845, Morgan Co. IN to Louisa Jane Hendricks, b. March 3, 1825 KY; d. Mar. 19, 1899, Hartford, Iowa, bur. Hartford Cem.; children: Martha Isadora (Dora).
            Sarah Elizabeth Duncan, b. Nov. 4, 1828 Gallatin Co. KY; d. Nov. 20, 1894 Hartford, Iowa; m. 17 Feb. 1848 Morgan Co. IN to George William Pyle, b. Oct. 10, 1824 Buckingham, VA; d. Nov. 20, 1894 Hartford, Iowa; both bur. Hartford Cem.; children: Amanda Jane, Alexander Jerome, Sarah Ellen (Sade), William Edwin, Mary Lorinda (Molly), Alvatas Alonzo (Lon), Lena Leota (Tode), Gracie Arabelle (Belle), Cora Annie, Ida Mae (Ide), Frank.
            William M. Duncan (Capt.), b. IN, d. 1880's Iowa; resided in Clark Co. Iowa after War, Captain in Civil War; m. in IN Mary Jane ----; children: James Morgan b. 9 Jan. 1854 Morgan Co. IN, m. Winnie E.---, d. 10 June 1927. (MAD: mar. Morgan Co. IN)
            Margaret Jane Duncan, b. May 5, 1836 Owen Co. IN; d. Dec. 27, 1916 Hartford, Iowa; m. April 27, 1858, Baptist Ch., Hartford, Iowa, to James Arville Dunagan, b. July 1, 1824 Bardstop, Nelson Co. KY; d. 12 July 1916 Polk Co. IA, bur. Hartford, Iowa; children: Marshall, Paris, Magenta, Clarence, Delmar, Fred.
            Matthew Duncan, b. Owen Co. IN; resided Warren Co. IA.
            James Harve Duncan, b. Owen Co. IN; d. Warren Co. IA; Corporal Iowa 34th Infantry Co. B.
            Maximille Duncan, b. Owen Co. IN.
            Mary Duncan, b. Owen Co. IN
      Third Generation: Martha Isadora Duncan (dau. of Alexander Jerome & Louisa Jane (Hendricks) Duncan), b. Sept. 16, 1855, Warren Co. Iowa; d. April 12, 1935, Hartford, Iowa, bur. Hartford Cem.; m. Nov. 18, 1879, Baptist Church, Hartford, Iowa, Edward Rufus Guthrie ...
            James Morgan Duncan (son of William M. and Mary Jane ---- Duncan), b. Jan. 9, 1854, Morgan Co. IN, d. June 10, 1927, Iowa, resided Indiana and Clark Co. Iowa; m. Minnie E. ----; children (not copied)
      Fourth Generation: (not copied here)
      Fifth Generation: (not copied here)
            (MAD: See 1840 Lawrence Co. IN census; see 1850 Morgan Co. IN census)


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