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Formed 1811 from Dearborn, Clark
Franklin formed 1811 from Clark, Dearborn, Jefferson
Switzerland formed 1814 from Dearborn, Jefferson
Washington formed 1814 from Clark, Harrison, Jefferson
Jackson formed 1816 from Washington, Clark, Jefferson
Ripley formed 1816 from Dearborn, Jefferson
Jennings formed 1817 from Jefferson, Jackson
Scott formed 1820 from Clark, Jefferson, Jennings


1820 Jefferson Co. IN Census
Pg.290  Samuel DUMANE?     000001       - 01001

1830 Jefferson Co. IN Census
Pg.135  Abraham Duncan     1220,001     - 0000,11

1840 Jefferson Co. IN Census, Madison
Pg.135  Alexander Duncan   Free colored

1850 Jefferson Co. IN Census
Pg.172, #519-540, David CURRY Sr. 74 VA farmer $0
                  Mary 67 NC
                  Elizabeth 40, Mary 37 OH
                  Moses 34 IN farmer $1000
                  Martha 26 IN
                  Robert DUNCAN 14 IN
                  Jaine BAIN (f) 10, Elizabeth 7, Martha 5 IN
                  (MAD: see Hendricks & Morgan Co. IN; Robert son of Samuel & Elizabeth)
Pg.242, #238-244, David DUNCAN 30 IN farmer $0
                  Cath. 30 IN (mar/in/year)
                  Byron (m) 5, Ammand J. (f) 9 IN
                  David M. 7 IN
                  (MAD: definitely "Byron"; David Duncan mar. Catherine Vaughn 11/18/1849)

1860 Jefferson Co. IN Census
City of Madison, 2nd Ward
Pg.476, #1303-1303, Julia DUNCAN 40 VA (blank) $300-$75
                  William B. 23 VA tobacconist
                  James A. 19 KY copper
                  Adeline 16 OH
                  (MAD: widow of Matthew, 1850 Mason Co. KY census)
Pg.476, #1306-1306, James DUNCAN 30 IRE laborer $0-$75
                  Jane 30 IRE
                  Alexander 6, Nicholas 2 IN
                  John 3/12 IN
Hanover Village
Pg.571, #395-393, David DUNCAN 39 IN day laborer $0-$75
                  Susanna 24 OH
                  David M. 17, Miram H. (m) 15 IN
                  James B. 1 IN
                  (MAD: definitely "Miram"; David Duncan mar. Susan Dunham 12/6/1856; another David Duncan mar. Margaret Stribling 12/24/1861; 1870 Hamilton Co. OH census)
Pg.575, #426-424, Henry VON 25 IN day laborer $0-$50
                  Diana 23 ENG
                  Harriet 5, John W. 3 IN
                  William H. 10/12 IN
                  Emaline DUNCAN 23 IN
Republican Twp.
Pg.583, #484-482, Moses CURRIE 43 IN farmer $2670-$600
                  Mary BAIN 46 OH house keeper
                  Robert DUNCAN 24 IN day laborer
                  Mary J. BAIN 17 IN
                  Elizabeth 14, Martha 14 IN
City of Madison, 9th Ward
Pg.719, #553-549, David DUNKINS 38 SCT works on boats $400-$75
                  Jane his wife 40 SCT
                  Ida Bel 12, Euphemia 8 SCT
                  Jane 5, John 3 IN
Pg.863, #960-930, Thomas ANDERSON 55 SCT (occupation: ???) $0-$40
                  Jane 53 OH
                  Mary C. 15, William F. 12 IN
                  Edward BRITTON 30 NY planter
                  Sarah A. 20 IL? (not m/in/year)
                  James DUNCAN 34 SCT ship carpt??
                  Charles B. LOUD 31 VA?? ""

1870 Jefferson Co. IN Census
Hanover Township
Pg.217, #81-77, DUNCASTLE, Logan (m) 50 KY BLACK & family
                  DUNCAN, William 28 KY BLACK farm laborer
                  DUNCASTLE, Dolly (f) 89 VA BLACK at home
Lancaster Township
Pg.231, #18-17, DUNCAN, John 23 IN trader stock $800-$705
                  Lizzie (f) 19 IN keeping house
                  (no children, not mar/in/year)
Madison Township
Pg.281, #56-57, DUNCAN, Thomas 30 ENG basket maker $300-$25
                  Eliza 23 OH keeps house
                  Frank 2, Ann 8/12 b.Nov. IN at home
City of Madison
Pg.356, #677-710, DUNCAN, William 41 VA steamboat hand $0-$0
                  Mary 37 IN keeping house
                  (no children)
Pg.405, #544-544, DUNCAN, David 47 SCT carpenter $500-$100
                  parents of foreign birth
                  Jane 50 SCT parents of foreign birgh
                  Isabella 22, Uphemia (f) 17 SCT, par. of foreign birth
                  Jane 15, John 13, Anna 7 IN, parents of foreign birth
                  CARSE, Duncan (m) 28 SCT coppersmith $0-$500
                  parents of foreign birth
                  John 40 SCT U.S. soldier, parents of foreign birth
Pg.438, #990-990, DUNCAN, James 29 KY engine builder $0-$50
                  Mary 24 KY keeps house
                  Jesse (m) 4, Matthew 2 IN at home
                  (MAD: James A. Duncan mar. Mary A. Richardson 1/23/1865)


Jefferson Co. IN Deeds
      Separate deed indexes in Indiana were prepared in 1853 and include only deeds; see each deed book for index to powers of attorney or other documents; did not check each deed book index.
      Grantee index 1812-1835 (FHL film 1,310,308)
      Grantee 1835-1843 (FHL film 1,310,304)
      Grantee 1843-1848 - none (FHL film 1,310,304)
      Grantor 1812-1835 (FHL film 1,310,304)
      Grantor 1835-1843 (FHL film 1,310,304)
      A-106: 20 Dec. 1814, Jesse Connel Sr. and wife Nancy (X) of Gallaton? (MAD: tight binding, faded) Co. KY to William Duncan of Henry Co. KY, $1000, part of the land being part of NE 1/4 of "lot or section" 6 Twp. 2N Range 10E, and a part in a fraction adj. said quarter, adj. George Monroe's lower corner on Ohio River, adj. Thomas Nicholson, Hiram Spear, Samuel Arnet, the River; 120 acres. Wit. George Strother, William Connel, Cyntha Connel. (FHL film 1,310,264)
      A-108: 3 Aug. 1815, William Duncan and wife Mary of Jefferson Co. IN to Benjamin W. Hunt of Cincinnati, OH, $1800, above land., 120 acres. Wit. Samuel McKenley, James Duncan, Samuel Alexander. (FHL film 1,310,264)
      A-284: 19 March 1817, William McFarland (no wife) of Jefferson Co. IN to William Duncan of KY (no county), $1000, 100 acres off E side of NW 1/4 Sec. 2 (22?), Twp 2, Range 8E. Wit. Samuel Alexander, William Pringle, John Stallings. (FHL film 1,310,264)
      B-50: 6 Oct. 1817, William Duncan and wife Mary of Henry Co. KY to Jacob Cutter of Jefferson Co. IN, $450, 100 acres, E end of NW 1/4 Sec. 2, Twp 2N, Range 8, deed from William McFarland to said William Duncan. Wit. John Thorn (clerk), Thomas Nicholson, Nancy Nicholson. (FHL film 1,310,265)
      From index only
      P-230: 10/13/1837, J. Stevens to S.A. Duncan, $400, part SE 27-3-9, 80a
      S-122: 10/10/1839, Saml. A. Duncan to R. Cavett, $600, SE (W 1/2) 7-3-9, 80a
      U-425: 3/8/1840, John Carter to Alex. Duncan, $450, lot in Madison
      U-427: 3/18/1841, John Sheets to Alex. Duncan, lot on Meridian St. in Madison


Jefferson Co. IN Probate Order Book F, "1837" (copy of pg.372 from Charley F. Wilcox 8/1998)
      F-372: Feb. term 1845, Feb. 10, ... appeared in open court, James C. Lowry, produced the will of Soloman Davis late of said county decd, which was duly proven and admitted to record: ... I, Soloman Davis Senr, being sick and weak in body but of a reasonable mind, ... the plantation shall be sold to the best advantage and my beloved wife Mary Davis be comfortably supported out of the price thereof during her lifetime; I also give to my dau. Polly Woodburn $100 out of the price, and to Erastus Duncan $25, and to my dau. Betsey Davis $50; the balance out of the price of the plantation and all my personal property including household and kitchen furniture shall be disposed of at public sale and equally divided among my lawful heirs (after expenses & debts) except my dau. Betsy Davis and Erastus Duncan above mentioned who shall receive no more than above mentioned; appoint my sons Handy & Charles Davis as my sole execs., dated 13 Sept. 1837; to prevent misunderstanding or disputes the following persons are excluded from any part of my estate whatsoever, viz, William Duncan, Preston Duncan, Samuel Duncan, and Sally Wilcock. /s/ Soloman Davis; teste James C. Lowry, Robert Benton, John Harris; proven on oath of James C. Lowry that he with Robert Benham (MAD: sic) and John Harris subscribed as witnesses.
      CFW & MAD: Nancy Davis mar. William Duncan 7 Oct. 1807 Bourbon Co. KY, William mar. 2nd Morgan Co. IN 1828 to Mary Eslinger, 1850 Wright Co. MO.


Morgan Co. IN Deed (FHL film 1,468,448; extract also from Virginia Anderson)
      P-112: 15 Dec. 1849 (sic), Elizabeth (+) Duncan of Jefferson Co. IN, widow of Samuel A. Duncan, to Isaac Wilcox of Morgan Co. IN, $300, quit claim right and title to W 1/2 NE 1/4; W 1/2 SE 1/4, Sec. 27, T14, R2W, 160 acres. Wit. Job Hughes (JP), Jesse Boyd. Rec. Jefferson Co. IN.

Hendricks Co. IN Complete Probate Record, Jan. 1853-Oct. 1863 (FHL film 131,646 item 2)
      Vol.1, pg.239 to 272. Estate of Samuel A. Duncan. 7 April 1846, public auction at Samuel A. Duncan store house in the town of Stilesville; inventory also taken in town of Madison, Jefferson Co. IN; 8 May 1848 Elizabeth Duncan elects to take her dower, mentions minor son Robert Duncan; amount due William Duncan by judgement, May term 1848; amount also due William Duncan by note; April 11, 1848, Simon T. Hadley appointed guardian ad litem of Robert Duncan; final settlement April 28, 1853.


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