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Duncans in Roane Co. TN


Duncan research files of
Mary Ann (Duncan) Dobson
the Genealogy Bug

Last revised July 25, 2013

Formed 1801 from Knox, Blount
Bledsoe formed 1807 from Roane
Rhea formed 1807 from Roane
Morgan formed 1817 from Roane
Monroe formed 1819 from Roane
Cumberland formed 1856 from Bledsoe, Morgan, Roane
Loudon formed 1870 from Blount, Monroe, Roane, McMinn


1830 Roane Co. TN Census
Pg.  4  Benjamin Duncan       1000,1        - 2100,1
    19  Thomas Duncan         0000,0000,1   - 0000,0001
    25  Berry Duncan          2001,11       - 0121,01
    34  David Dunnagin        3001,1        - 0001,01
    50  Evan E. Duncan        1110,01       - 1200,01
    52  Abram Bogart          0110,1001     - 0002,1001
    66  Robert Duncan         1000,2        - 0010,1

1840 Roane Co. TN Census
Pg. 49  Evin E. Dunkin        1120,101      - 0011,1
    53  Robert D. Dunkin      0010,01       - 1000,2

1850 Roane Co. TN Census (and part from Roy Hall, Bill Brown, Shirley Harper)
Page numbers without parens are stamped page numbers, within parens are handwritten numbers
20th Subdivision
Taken 8/26/1850
Pg.331 (661), #124-133, Brice WOODDY 45 TN farmer
                  Elizabeth 39 TN
                  June L. 17, Delilah 13 TN
                  Henry 11, James 9, Sarah 7 TN
                  Brice 4, Elizabeth 7/12 TN
                  Jane BOGART 80 VA
Pg.332 (663), #138-147, John L. CAMPBELL 29 TN farmer $600
                  Sarah 27 TN
                  Robert 4, Mary S. 2
                  (MAD: John Campbell mar. Sarah Duncan 4/3/1845 Campbell Co. TN)
Taken 9/18/1850
Pg.356 (729), #603-638, Abram BOGART 73 VA farmer $1500
                  Jane 77 VA
20th Subdiv., taken 10/1/1850
Pg.383 (765), #849-893, Evan E. DUNCAN 57 TN farmer $3500
                  Mary A. 39 VA
                  Robert 17 TN farmer, school
                  Ezekial 11, Parthina (f) 10 TN
                  Eliza 6, William 1 TN
                  Nancy HOLLIS 18 TN
                  Martha DUNCAN 4 TN
Pg.427 (853), #1500-1551, Tandy CENTER 88 VA farmer $8000
                  Allis 65 SC
                  Elizabeth CRUMLESS 94 VA blind
Pg.431 (861), #1550-1601, Willis L. CENTER 57 TN farmer $9600
                  Jane M. 43 TN
                  Thomas C. 22, Nancy J. 17 TN
                  Stephen M. 16, F.K. (m) 14 TN
                  Willis L. 12, George W. 9 TN
                  Sarah E. 7, Mary 5 TN
                  Andrew J. 4, James G. 3 TN
Pg.441 (882), #1701-1755, William WORMSLEY 34 VA hatter $0
                  Janette R. 30 TN
                  Robert J. 9, Matilda A. 7 TN
                  Frances E. 5, William B. 2 TN
                  (MAD: William Wormsley mar. Janetta Duncan 9/8/1840)
Town of Kingston
Pg.447 (893), #1781-1838, Robert D. DUNCAN 42 TN merchant $2200
                  Nancy K. 30 TN
                  Margaret E. 11, John W. 7 TN
                  Isabella 3 TN
                  Eliza J. JONES 15 TN BLACK
Pg.448 (896), #1801-1859, Henry LIGGETT 55 VA merchant $12000
                  Elizabeth 55 TN
                  William M. 32, Henry 22 TN clerks
                  Lousa GILLESPIE (f) 19, Emily 15 TN
                  Francis W. 13 TN
                  Elizabeth HORTON 40 TN
Pg.449 (897), #1808-1866, Geo. L. GILLESPIE 38 TN merchant $17365
                  Margaret A. 31 TN
                  John A. 11, Geo. L. 9, Ann 6, Elizabeth 3 TN
                  John C. GILLESPIE 34 TN merchant
                  Wm. J. HORNISLY 17 TN clerk
                  Margaretta I. McEVINS 16, Ann E. 13 TN

1860 Roane Co. TN Census (part from Bill Brown and Judy Player)
District 5, City of Kingston
Pg.103, #18-17, Robert D. DUNCAN 52 TN -- $5500-9000
                  Nancy K. 40 TN
                  John W.S. 16, Isabella 12 TN
                  Robert H. 9 TN
                  Franklin P. 6, Mary M. 2 TN
                  (MAD: R.D. Duncan in 1870 DeKalb Co. AL census)
Pg.104, #35-33, Henry LIGGETT 65 VA merchant & hotel keeper $1000/2000
                  Elizabeth 65 TN
                  I.H. GRIMM 40 VA marbel cutter $2000
                  Hugh MARTIN 23 TN trader 750/14500
                  Ralph HAWKINS 25 VT laborer
                  Emily E. TAYLOR 24 TN
Pg.104, #36-34, Henry LIGGETT Jr. 32 TN merchant, $0-300
                  Annie C. 21 NY
District 1
Pg.107, #92-86, Wm. WORMSLEY 46 VA farmer $0-$500
                  Jennassa? R. 41 TN
                  Robert J. 18, Matilda A. 16 TN
                  Francis E. (f) 14, Wm. B. 12 TN
                  Sarah C. 7, Thomas A. 4, John F. 1 TN
                  (MAD: William Wormsley mar. Janetta Duncan 9/8/1840)
District 4
Pg.135, #510-468, Ed H. MONGER 58 TN farmer $3000-$1000
                  Jane 38 TN
                  Marquis (m) 19, Susan E. 17, Mary A. 15 TN
                  Nancy S. 13, Dennis K. (m) 11, Eliza J. 7 TN
                  Jethrow W. 4, Martha E. 2 TN
                  (MAD: Edward H. Monger mar. Jane Duncan 1/7/1840)
Pg.135, #518-576, Evan E. DUNCAN 62 TN farmer $10,000-$7,000
                  Mary A. 47 VA
                  Ezekiel L. 21, Eliza 16 TN
                  Martha 13, Wm. 12 TN
                  Floyd W. 6, James T/E. 2 TN
Pg.135, #520-578, Edward ROSSON 22 TN farmer
                  Parthena 18 TN
                  John R. 5/12 TN
                  (MAD: Edward Rasin mar. Parthena Duncan 1858)
District 5
Pg.149, #722-662, Sarah DUNCAN 28 TN serving $0-$100
                  Mary J. 7, Martha 5 TN
Pg.149, #725-665, Harlwell DUNCAN 39 NC carpenter $0-$1000
                  Elizabeth 38 NC
                  John H. 15, Marcus 16 TN
                  Lawson 13, Emily 11 TN
                  Senette 9, Charles 6 TN
                  (MAD: 1850 Hamilton Co. TN census; 1853 Wilcox Co. GA deed, of Twiggs Co. GA; she & ch. in 1870 Floyd Co. IN census)

1870 Roane Co. TN Census (pg.363 also from Judy Player 11/1990)
City of Kingston
Pg.312, #99-96, CHRISTIAN, W.M. (m) 33 TN (white) merchant $0-$1800
                  H.J. 27 TN keeping house
                  DUNCAN, M. (f) 19 NC (white) domestic servant
4th District
Pg.363, #40, Samuel A. DANIEL, wife Martha, son Jas.
Pg.363, #41-39, DUNCAN, M.A. (f) 57 VA (blank) $1000-$200
                  Wm. S. 21 TN farmer
                  E.F. (m) 16, J.E. (m) 12 TN
Pg.363, #42, H. SHINPAUGH, wife Eliza, 2 children
5th District, P.O. Loudoun
Pg.382, #58-58, DUNCAN, Joseph 27 TN (blank) $0-$0
                  Martha 20 TN
                  John 2 TN
Pg.384, #86-86, DUNCAN, Thos. 35 TN BLACK day laborer $0-$0
                  Mary 36 TN BLACK keeping house
                  Jas. (m) 13, Adaline (f) 13 TN BLACKS
                  Callie (m) 11, Abram (m) 8 TN BLACKS
                  Hary (m) 3, Charlote (f) 2 TN BLACKS
Pg.393, #205-205, DUNCAN, John 45 TN farmer $0-$500
                  Delar. (f) 50 TN keeping house
                  Wm. 21, Samuel 17 TN farm laborers
                  George 12 TN
                  (MAD: 1860 McMinn Co. TN; wife Valaria)
9th District, P.O. 10 Mile Stand
Pg.422, #25-25, DUNCOM, Heny (m) 27 GA (white) farm laborer $0-$0
                  Sarah 20 GA keeping house
11th District, P.O. Barnettsville
Pg.446, #144-142, DUNCAN, Jas. F. 59 NC farmer $0-$300
                  Elizabeth 56 NC keeping house
                  GUTHRIE, Thos. 10 TN
                  REED, Hannah 16 TN domestic servant
12th District, P.O. Rock Wood
Pg.457, #121-119, DUNCAN, John 45 TN farmer $0-$0
                  Emeline 35 TN keeping house
                  Martha 2 TN
                  Bedford (m) 76 TN retired

1880 Roane Co. TN Census (from Ann Kunkel 10/1989; complete)
Dist 1, Enum. Dist. 225, June 4
Pg.10, #96-98, KEYLON, William 34 farmer
                  Margaret 24 wife
                  DUNCAN, Thos. 23 TN TN TN hireling, 4 months unemployed
Village of Rockwood, 13th Civil Dist., Dist. 1, Enum. 227
Pg.23, #170-176, DUNCAN, C.B. (m) 60 NY NY NY land speculator
                  (in boarding house)


Roane Co. TN Marriages 1801- (from Mary Sutton 7/17/1984)
      Irwin, William to Drusilla Hannah, 13 March 1818, sur. Joseph Duncan.
      Davis, John to Francis Duncan, 18 Feb. or 17 May 1825.

Roane Co. TN Marriage record (from Bill Brown 3/1984; from TN State Library & Archives)
      A.M. Magill to Margaret E. Duncan, 21 Feb. 1857, Roane Co. TN. (MAD: this proves his descent from Robert D. and Nancy K. (Liggett) Duncan; 1860 Hamilton Co. TN)


Roane Co. TN Wills and Estate Settlements (FHL film 560,100)
   Book A, 1802-1824 - no Bogart
      A-89: July, 1816, Inventory of the Estate of John Duncan, dec'd. Includes "One note on Solomon Stow for $45.00". Sworn to July 15, 1816, J. Purris, D.C., /s/ Thos. (X his mark) Duncan, Adm. (Pg.91) July 1816, "We the commissioners appointed to settle with Thomas Duncan, Administrator, of John Duncan dec'd do find the estate indebted to the Admr. the sum of Thirty Dollars."
      A-197: "A list of the property of the Deceased Robert Duncan . . . October 17 day 1814". /s/ Even Evenans (sic), Joseph Duncan. Purchasers included Matthew Hawkins, William Dalton, William Roberson, Royall Price, Edward Freels, James Davidson, Clingan Kincaid, Joanah Brown, James McClintick, James Quals, Joseph Duncan, Robert Langford, John Hicks, Moses White. /s/ Evan Evans, Joseph Duncan, Admrs.
   Book B, 1828-1837 - no Duncan, Bogart
   Book C, 1838-1842 - no Bogart
      C-47: May 1839 probate, Will of A.D. Duncan of Texas, dated 16 March 1839, being now at Esq. Samuel Elkridge's in Roane Co. TN in feeble health: Wife Mary D. Duncan land she now lives on; Step-dau. Rosannah Jarman, 1/4 lands located by W.S. McClure, being 1/2 land I have interest in; Dau. Eliza Jane 1/2 land covered by B.C. Fowler's headwright; Infant of wife not born yet when I left home, the other 1/2 land; All my other lands when located and title perfected ...; Step-dau. Rosannah Jarmon I relinquish all claim I have to real estate in Perriville, West Tennessee, which belonged to estate of Wm. Jarman, decd.; If it meets with wife's approbation, Stephen Jarman Esq. act as her guardian; other terms; Exec. Mary D. Duncan, Joseph P. Fort M.D., and Wm. H. Moore; if wife Mary wants to come to TN from Texas she can sell property there; my two brothers-in-law Stephen Jarman and David B. Carns act as executor if wife moves to TN. (MAD: Albert G. Duncan mar. Mary D. Jarman, widow of Maj. William Jarman, Fri., 31 Aug. 1831, in Hardeman Co. TN; see Coffee Co. TN & Red River & Cass Co. TX; Will also filed in Hardeman Co. TN Deed F-304/8)
   Book D, 1842-1846 - no Duncan, Bogart.

Roane Co. TN Wills & Estate Settlements 1856-1863
   Vol.E, 1847-1855 - no Duncan (FHL film 560,101)
   Vol.F, 1856-1863:
      F-118: Oct. 1857, inventory and sales of estate of James F. Duncan, by S.H. Henry admin. Sales to David Kelsoe, J.H. Duncan, W.W. Duncan, J.H. Carmichael, and others. Inventory includes notes to H.H. Stephens, John Herringdon, H.H. & J.A. Stephens, smith at Knoxville $50, "Lount" at Knoxville $50, doubtful accounts. (FHL film 560,101)

Roane Co. TN Wills and Settlements, Vol.G (FHL film 560,102; from Judy Player 11/1990)
      (pg.# illeg.) Evan E. Duncan heirs, Jan. term 1869. Report rents received by me as guardian of William and Floyd Duncan minor orphans of Evan E. Duncan decd ... their being eleven heirs in all ... /s/ Joseph Kollock.
      April term 69; guardian of minor children of E.E. Duncan decd, received ... 5 March 1869, /s/ Joseph Kollock.
      Nov. term 1870, that on 28 March 1870 appeared Joseph Kollock guardian of Wm. S. and Floyd Duncan minor orphan children of E.E. Duncan decd, made return and settlement of guardianship, continued to April 13, 1870. Paid 2/11 ... to L. Shinpaugh, paid 2/11 to several others (too dark to read), & int. to date on notes to ... Letsinger, J.L. Hicks, Young, Cummins, Daniels, E.J.J. Lane, Rausin ... Continued to Oct. 7, 1870. ... paid out money, etc.

Roane Co. TN Will Books (FHL film 24,794)
      3-199: JAMES HOPE estate; January Term, 1841, list of property sold at the sale of James Hope Esqr. Dec. on the 5th 6th of Nov 1840. Many items and purchasers; purchasers included D.K. Duncan, various tools and farm implements. Other purchasers: William B. Hope, Benjamin Hagler, Daniel Moss, Robert Taylor, William Gordin, Lewis Ledsinger, James Lackey, George Johnson, David Gallaher, Sampson Stanfield, Jonothan Shannon, Willis S. Pruett, Robt. Williams, John Hagler, Jonothan Stuart, George Shittery, George Fritts, Wm. Goodin, Benjamin Mosely, George Cook, Joseph Hardin, Weller B. Christian, Barsheba Hope, Nemean Steel, Daniel Moss, Joseph Burke, Hugh McDader, Oney S. Harvey, James Erwin, J. J. Alexander, Jonothen Shannoir, Col. J. Hardin, Henry Soward, John Fritts, Robert A. Young, Wilson N. Soward, Absolom Miller, and others.

Roane Co. TN Will, Book ?, pages 173-175 (from Mary Louise Craven 7/1982)
      Whereas certain negotiations are now pending and an exchange of property being carried out by my agent and attorney in fact A.N. Dale, by the terms of which I exchange & convey to Francis H/Kinchley(?) and Wm. Armstrong certain lands in the counties of Cumberland, Bledsoe and Putnam in the State of Tennessee (the deed wherefor has been signed by me and delivered in escrow to my said agent...) for certain property in the City of Chicago, State of Illinois, to be conveyed to me by said H/Kinchley and Armstrong, but the deed therefor has not been executed; now I hereby appoint said A.N. Dale ... and whereas I am in feeble health, and desire that said agency shall continue after my death, (in the event of my death from my present illness), it is my will and desire that said A.N. Dale qualify as my executor .... (no heirs named, only mention of "my estate"). Dated April 28, 1888, Wit. F. G. Baker, Edmond (Edward?) Wolcott. /s/ C.B. Duncan. Filed May 14, 1888.
       Inventory of the estate of Cicero B. Duncan included five Cumberland Co. warrants, cash and checks, and notes, totaled $4,628.78. Also listed as real estate were lots in Chicago on Washington Blvd. and Carpenter Street, with 8 dwelling houses divided into three flats each, "This property is supposed to be worth from one hundred and fifty thousand to one hundred and seventy five thousand dollars and is subject to a mortgage of sixty-five thousand dollars ...." Also thirty unimproved lots at the corner of Jersey and Fort Sts. in the City of Elizabeth, State of New Jersey, worth about the sum of $15,000; and five thousand acres in Cumberland Co. TN, now in litigation, worth about $25,000.
       (MAD: See 1850 Maury Co., TN, census; will of Thomas W. Duncan in DeKalb Co. TN in 1843.)


Go to the Roane Co. TN Land Records


Go to the Roane Co. TN Court Records


Campbell Co. TN Land Entries, Vol.C&A, 1817-1824 & 1868 (FHL film 979,234)
      C&A-80: Entry #836, Robert D. Duncan enters 5,000 acres on waters of Cove Creek, beg. NW corner of Entry #832 in name of Philip Beddo; entered 8 July 1836. (MAD: see Roane Co. TN)

Hardin Co. TN Deed (FHL film 983,524; SLC 5/6/2013)
      M-337/338: 18 Dec. 1856, E.C. Duncan of Roane Co. TN to Joseph Duncan of Hardin Co. TN, for $1200 paid, sell parcel of land in Hardin Co. TN on W.side of Tennessee on the waters of Lick Creek in Range 6 Sec.2, containing by survey 200 acres, granted by TN to James T?. Wood 1 May 1850, beginning at SW corner of an Entry in name of James G. Carlisle, then ... W. boundary line of an Entry in name of Word? Mallby, then to ... the beginning, with appurtenances, Evan E. Duncan warrant title, and the said E.E. Duncan ... /s/ Evan E. Duncan. Wit. J.N. Cantrill, Peter Woods. Proved by oath of J.A. Cantrill on 5 Oct. 1857 who saw Evan E. Duncan sign the deed. Proved by oath of Peter Wood on 17 Aug. 1859 who saw Evan E. Duncan sign the deed. Registered 27 Sept. 1859. (FHL film 983,524)

Knox Co. TN Deeds
      T2-341: 19 Jan. 1855, George G. Hardin of Knox Co. TN to Evin Duncan of Roane Co. TN, $550, 100 acres in Hicks (Hinds?) Valley on Hickory Creek, adj. corner George Rolins tract that said Rolins purchased from David King, cond. line between Robert Hardin and John Hardin, Beaver Ridge, Steels line. Wit. A.C. Hardin, Joseph R. Hardin. (FHL film 503,071)
      V2-138: 18 June 1856, Jonathan L. Davis of Knox Co. TN to Evan E. Duncan of Roane Co. TN, $300, 100 acres on Hickory Creek, adj. Ninian Steels line, Bever Ridge, formerly Isaac M. Reeses corner, Cannons line. Wit. Ezekiel L. Duncan, William G. Clawson, William test brow (??). (FHL film 503,073)
      X2-333: 13 Sept. 1856, Evan E. Duncan of Roane Co. TN to Ninian Steel of Knox Co. TN, $500, 100 acres in Hinds Valley, on Hickory Creek (land in T2-341). Wit. Daniel Vinsant, R.W. Harden. (FHL film 502,433)
      X2-335: 13 Sept. 1856, Evan E. Duncan of Roane Co. TN to Ninian Steel of Knox Co. TN, $400, 100 acres on Hickory Creek, adj. Ninian Steels line, Bever Ridge, formerly Isaac M. Reeces corner now said Duncan's, (land in V2-138). Wit. Daniel Vinsent, R.W. Harden. (FHL film 502,433)

Loudon Co. TN Deed (FHL film 565,008; from Judy Player 1/1991)
      A-114: 20 July 1869, James K.P. Duncan of Lawrence Co. MO, and William F. Barham and wife Tennessee E. formerly Tennessee E. Duncan of Greene Co. MO, appoint Hale S. Duncan of Lawrence Co. MO their attorney to collect by suit or otherwise their interest as heirs in the estate of Evan E. Duncan, our grandfather, late of Roane Co. TN.


THOMAS DUNCAN, Rev. Pension Application W-1577 (FHL film 970,864; from National Archives)
      Applied 19 Sept. 1832 in Monroe Co. TN, age 68 lacking 1-2 months, where he had lived a little over a year. Born 1765 Pittsylvania Co. VA; volunteered 1781 age 17, under Capt. Wm. Dix for 3 months; witness Rev. John Selvidge of Roane Co. TN; and Charles Price, age 60, of Monroe Co. TN who knew Thomas in Caswell Co. NC and knew Wm. Dix. After war, at age 21 to Caswell Co. NC, 1803 (30 years bef. 3 June 1833) to Anderson Co. TN, then about 22 years ago to Roane Co. TN, then to Monroe Co. TN ca 1832.
      Declaration of Rhoda Duncan on 5 May 1849, age 78, in Monroe Co. TN; m. 23 July 1786 to Thomas Duncan in Pittsylvania Co. VA; statement by Beryman Duncan 5 May 1849 in Monroe Co. TN; Thomas d. 28 Dec. 1845 in Monroe Co.; declaration of Rhoda 8 March 1850, m. by Rev. Roberts, record of birth of first and only child Berriman Duncan, b. 24 Oct. 1787, made by her father George Whitten in a hymn book, Berriman's wife's age below it (illeg.); statement by Rhoda 24 Aug. 1850; Rhoda d. 31 March 1852.
      Click here for more from the pension application file.

Index to War of 1812 Pension Applications and Bounty Land Warrant Applications; National Archives Film (FHL film 840,458)
      Duncan, Evan E., widow Mary Ann; WO 40880, WC 32015; BL 35918-80-50, 36714-80-55; Private Capt. Jack McKarney's Co. TN Mil. 11/13/1814 to 5/12/ 1815; Sol. res. 1851, 1855 Roane Co. TN; wid. res. 1881 Knox Co., P.O. Vancouver, Loudoun Co. TN; Maiden name of widow: soldier's 1st wife Elizabeth Price, 2nd wife Elizabeth Jenkins, widow Mary Ann Jenkins m. 1831 Roane Co. TN; soldier d. Sept. 15, 1862, Roane Co. TN; Remarks: a letter from soldier to claimant dated May 4, 1849. (also from Mildred Hofer 4/1980)
      Duncan, Moses, widow Nancy; SO 3040, SC 5684, WO 17562, WC 14971; BL 15834-80-50, 40996-80-55; Private in Capt. James Tunnell's Co. TN Mil. 9/19/1814 to 5/3/1815; sol. res. 1850, 1855, 1856 Anderson Co. TN, 1871 Anderson Co. (PO Clinton) TN; wid. res. 1878 Olivers, Anderson Co. TN; maiden name soldier's 1st wife Mary Frost, 2nd wife Elizabeth ---, widow Nancy Nolen m. Dec. 8, 1839, Haywood Co. TN; sol. d. Jan. 16, 1872, Frost Bottom, TN; wid. d. Oct. 30, 1904, Oliver Springs, Roan (MAD: sic) Co. TN.

Case Files of Applications from Former Confederates for Presidential Pardons ("Amnesty Papers") 1865-1867; roll 1, Name Index to Pardon Application Files; Group I, Pardon Applications Submitted by Persons from the South.
      R.D. Duncan, Kingston, Tenn. Filed Aug. 1, 1865. Pardoned Aug. 19, 1865. (very poor copy - faint original) Kingston, Tenn, July 21, 1865, that on 4 April 1862? petitioner accepted office of Post Master at Kingston? TN ... (mostly cannot read) (MAD: Kingston, Roane Co. TN) (Roll 48, Tennessee, Ad-Dy; FHL film 1,758,786; SLC 6/16/2008)


Family Bible of Samuel A. Daniel and Martha E. Duncan (b. March 15, 1841) and Obituary of Rev. William S. Duncan, 83, of Knoxville, son of Evan E. Duncan.
      Copy of this and other documents from this Bible were sent by Judy Player 11/1990. The items are on the following website:
      Scroll down and click on Bible Records and then choose Daniel's Family Bible
      Or go directly to the Bible transcription at

"Ancestor Hunting - Bible Records" column by Mildred S. Watkins, Journal Staff Writer and Certified Genealogist, in "Shreveport Journal," Shreveport-Bossier City, LA; page 8, pub. Tuesday (complete date cut off) (from Mary Frances Bridges 2/1991 to Duncan Surname Assn.)
      This column contains ... "records from the last in this series of Bibles in the collection of the Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum in Canyon, Tex., come from the Duncan Bible, published by William W. Harding, Philadelphia, 1860." The Bible is of E.L. Duncan, born Feb. 22, 1839, died Nov. 22, 1919, at Graham in Young Co. TX, buried in the Wylie Cemetery, Wylie [MAD: Collin Co.] TX; married Oct. 17, 1865, to Sarah K. Picket (or Pickel), born March 31, 1844, died Dec. 9, 1918, Wylie, TX; and their children, including John Floyd Duncan, Aug. 10, 1866, Roane Co. TN; Addela Jane Duncan, born March 20, 1869, Franklin Co. AR, and other children born Franklin Co. AR.
      (MAD: Ezekiel Lewis Duncan, born Roane Co. TN, son of Evan E. Duncan and wife Mary A., from information of Scott Vanarsdall 7/1994)

HISTORIES before 1923

ca 1885 "History of E. TN" by Goodspeed (from Georgia Helderlein 3/1989)
      Roane Co.: Robert D. Duncan served as Register 1836 to 1844.

1921 "History of AL and Dictionary of AL Biography" by Thomas M. Owen, Vol.III, pgs.516-519 (from Donna Little 8/1982 and Bill Brown 9/1984; 4 vols. on FHL fiche 6,048,243 to 6,048,246)
      DUNCAN, JOHN W., merchant, was born August 22, 1843, at Kingston [Roane Co.], Tenn., and died at Gadsden [Etowah Co.]; son of Robert D. and Nancy K. (Liggett) Duncan, the former a native of Tennessee, who removed to Ft. Payne, Ala., at the close of the War of Secession, and engaged in agricultural pursuits until 1878, when he removed to Attalia, and died there, 1885, a Presbyterian; grandson of Robert Duncan, of Tennessee, and of Henry and Elizabeth (Center) Liggett, natives of Virginia who emigrated to Tennessee where they engaged in the hotel business ...; great-grandson of ---- Duncan who went from Virginia to Washington Co. TN, where he was killed by Indians in 1780. He was educated in Tennessee and enlisted at an early age in the cavalry branch of the C.S. Army, serving in Tennessee, Virginia, and Maryland, and was paroled at Kingston, Ga. Upon the cessation of hostilities he removed to Alabama .... He located in Attalia in 1872, and in 1882 removed to Gadsden .... In 1873, in connection with John S. Moragne he entered .... Married: June 1, 1870, to Mary F., daughter of J.S. and Sarah J. (Revel) Moragne. ....

1888 "Northern AL, Historical & Biographical" pub. by Smith & DeLand (from Bill Brown 9/1984 and Donna Little 8/1982)
      Pg.366-7: JOHN W. DUNCAN was born at Kingston, TN, August 22, 1843. His great-grandfather on his father's side, came from VA, and was killed by the Indians in 1780, in Washington Co. TN. His grandfather, Robert Duncan, moved from Washington Co. TN to Roane Co. that State, and died there in 1814. His father, Robert D. Duncan, was born in Roane Co. TN, February 15, 1808; and married Nancy K. Liggett at Kingston, TN, January 10, 1839. Eight children were born unto them, five of whom still survive. Robert D. Duncan was a merchant at Kingston, TN, for many years until the breaking out of the civil war; came South at its close and located near Fort Payne, AL, engaging in agricultural persuit until 1878, when he removed to Atalla, AL, and again entered and continued in the mercantile business until his death, which occurred in March, 1885. He was a consistent Christian 53 years, being a member of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. His mother, who was also a member of the same church, survived until October 8, 1887. His grandfather on his mother's side was Henry Liggett. He served in the War of 1812. He came from Wythe Co. VA in 1816 to Kingston, TN; married Elizabeth Center, of that place, and engaged in the hotel and mercantile business. He amassed a considerable fortune; was a prominent Mason, and held various offices of trust, among which that of County Judge. Died in 1861.
            The subject of this sketch entered the cavalry branch of the Confederate Army as private, at an early age, serving in TN and VA; with General Early in Maryland in 1884 (sic), and with Armstrong's Scouts, operating inside the Federal lines till the war closed; was paroled at Kingston, GA. At the close of the war, came to AL and had his first experience as a plow boy, making a crop. ... June 1, 1870, was married to Mary F., daughter of J.S. Morgan (sic; see Moragne) and Sarah J. Revel. Four children have been born to them as the result of this union. Eula M., Oscar D., and Charles O'Connor, still survive, while little Myrtle has gone to join the angels. In 1872, ... he again commenced business in Atalla ... (more on John S. Morgan) Subject of this sketch, ... in Atalla till 1882, moved to Gadsden [Etowah Co. AL] and continued to carry it on until January 1, 1887, when he closed out ... Is a member of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, as is also his wife.
      Pg.503-4: ROBERT HUSTON DUNCAN was born at Kingston, TN, October 19, 1853, and is a son of Robert and Nancy K. (Liggett) Duncan.
            Mr. Duncan spent the first thirteen years of his life at his native place, and came with his parents to DeKalb County in 1866. From there the family moved to Dade Co. GA, whence they returned to Alabama ten years later and located at Fort Payne. In 1870 young Duncan was employed as a clerk in a mercantile establishment, and later on he was with the Roane Iron Company, at Chattanooga, Tenn. He next returned to Fort Payne, and was engaged in the book business, which he pursued for some years, and which he continued afterward at Gadsden. He located at Gadsden in 1874, and was afterward on the road as a drummer for an Atlanta copying house.
            His father having died in 1885 he took charge of his business, which required his attention thereafter for some time. He was married December 7, 1885, to Miss Anna Vincent, of Etowah County.
            Mr. Duncan comes from one of the old and respected families of the South. As a citizen and a business man he has always held the esteem and confidence of the people.

1883 "History of Greene Co. MO" by Western Hist. Co. (FHL book 977.878 H2h)
      Pg.630: Boone Township: J.K.P. DUNCAN. Squire Duncan is the son of Dennis K. and Malinda (Hope) Duncan, and was born in Roane Co. TN, June 1st, 1845. His father came to Lawrence county in 1846, and lived there several years, and then took a trip to Arkansas, where he died. His mother died in 1865. J.K.P. Duncan attended his first school in Greene county, James Van Bibber being the teacher. He was educated principally, however, in Lawrence county, ... Mr. Duncan was married December 28, 1865, to Mary E., daughter of Josiah Mason, Esq. She was born May 7th, 1842. Their union has been blest with eleven children, viz.: Wm. H., born October 26th, 1866; Tennessee M., born February 23d, 1868; Josiah H., born May 25th, 1869; Mary C., born October 19th, 1870; Mattie, born February 16th, 1872; J.K.P., born June 2d, 1873, and died September 26th, 1873; Edward W., born March 26th, 1875, and died May 27th, 1877; Rosa, born July 3d, 1876, and died November 17th, 1876; Cinderilla, born November 25th, 1877, and died February 8th, 1879; Cora A., born January 6th, 1880; and Hale S., born March 21st, 1882. Mr. Duncan and wife are members of the Sac river Baptist church.


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