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The Volturno Ship Disaster - October 1913

The Volturno Ship Disaster - October 1913

Compiled by Jan Daamen

© 1999-2001 by Jan Daamen

  • Volturno Manifest: finally a list of 463 persons on board Volturno's last trip from the ship's manifest!
  • Rotterdam Moves: exhibition on Ellis Island: a background article on emigration through the port of Rotterdam to the New World.
  • Two articles from "The Independent" from October 23, 1913 sent to me by Henning Pfeifer.
This site is compiled from sources and information by individuals, who kindly gave me permission for publication on the Internet here.

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Contents Last updated Description
Newspaper articles May 25th, 2001 Translation from Dutch into English of newspaper articles of October 1913
List of names September 22, 2000 Alphabetical list of names of persons, ships, locations mentioned in the newspaper articles

Research information on Volturno November 6, 2000 Information on the Volturno and its last trip
Survey of rescuing ships September 22, 2000 Table with names of rescuing ships, captains, owners and number of survivors
Survey of crewmembers September 22, 2000 Table with names of crewmen, rank, nationality and survivor status
Survey of Dutchmen September 22, 2000 Table with names of Dutchmen on board, their age, crewman or passenger and survivor status
Survey of cargo September 22, 2000 Table of cargo on board with name of importer
Photo of several crewmembers on board the Volturno September 23, 2002 Photo with genealogical details about Neeltje Graauw, crewmember on board the Volturno

A Tragedy on the High Seas November 6, 2000 Article from "The Independent", October 23, 1913
The Triumph of Wireless November 6, 2000 Article from "The Independent", October 23, 1913

Crew list rescuing ships May 25, 2001 List of crew of the nine rescuing ships

Rotterdam Moves May 13, 2001 Article from KLM's inflight magazine "Holland Herald" of May 2001 on history of emigration through the port of Rotterdam to the New World

Volturno Manifest May 20, 2001 A list of 463 people on board the Volturno's last trip from Rotterdam to New York

Gold Medal May 24, 2001 description and picture of the gold life saving medal awarded to Max Spangenberg, captain of the Grosser Kurfürst

Information on the ships June 22, 2001 description and pictures of Volturno and rescuing ships

Fire at Sea: The Saga of the Volturno November 1, 2001 article by Cary Ginell

The Philadelphia Inquirer November 3, 2001 newspaper articles submitted by Arnold Graboyes

Link page June 22, 2001 Links to other sites in which references to Volturno, rescuing ships and the disaster appear
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Tragedy on High Seas   Triumph of Wireless

Crew List Rescuing Ships

Rotterdam Moves

Volturno Manifest

Gold Medal   Ship Information

Fire at Sea: The Saga of the Volturno

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