The Volturno Ship Disaster - October 1913

The Volturno Ship Disaster - October 1913

The Philadelphia Inquirer

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12 October 1913
135 lost in fire on liner on mid ocean; 521 are saved by ten rescue ships during raging gale
Two brides-to-be on burned steamer
Cabin passengers and Volturno's officers
Burned ship in many mishaps
Volturno's boats smashed to bits in fierce storm

13 October 1913
The wireless guardian of the deep
Pumping oil on sea saved lives on the Volturno
Captain Inch nearly blinded by flames
Denies there was panic on Volturno
Carmania at Liverpool, Captain tells story
Kroonland nearing N.Y. with survivors
10 children without parents on La Touraine

14 October 1913
Tots without parents saved by La Touraine
Remnants of families among Devonian's 50
Dutch sailors cowards, survivors declare
Officials ordered to aid survivors
Crew cool to last, says third engineer
Denies plot against the Uranium Line
Still afloat Sunday
Burned vessel's Captain recites disaster story
His wife saw him die

16 October 1913
First pictures received in Philadelphia of burning Volturno, rescuers and rescued
105 survivors of Volturno safely landed in N.Y.
Seydlitz due here with 40 survivors
wireless reports

17 October 1913
Officers of Seydlitz and Members of Volturno's Crew
46 survivors of Volturno horror describe inferno
Volturno operator's log by wireless
Suicide from deck of the Volturno
23 survivors of Volturno leave
Captain Inch will be given another command
Hero captain and his pet dog

18 October 1913
Wildest panic on the Volturno as crew take boats
Officers of Volturno
143 lost Captain Inch wires to New York
Passengers'relatives crowd local offices
La Touraine has forty-two
Graf Waldersee saw end

without date
Safety from fire at sea

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