The Volturno Ship Disaster - Cargo on board

The Volturno Ship Disaster - October 1913

Translated into English by Jan Daamen

© 2000 by Jan Daamen

Survey of cargo on board of the Volturno

(according to manifest published by The Journal of Commerce and other sources)

Importer Cargo
Ammerman & Patterson 100 casks tar oil
Anthral Wood Preserving Co. 2 casks tar oil
Atkins & Dubrow 1,189 bales peat moss
B.S. Barnes
(Erie Railroad Company)
400 casks wine
1 case leadshot
1 case filter paper
1 case glassware
514 cases wine
Burhenne & Dorn 4 casks wine
Charles & Co. 100 cases gin
G. Frankel & Sons 2 cases crockery
N.A. Gants Co. 41 casks wine
Geisenheimer & Co. 42 casks analine color
1 case electrode
30 casks paratoluidin
Hablicht, Braun & Co. 100 cases mineral water
Innis, Speiden & Co. 123 casks chloride of barium
Irving National Bank 64 drums barium peroxide
M.J. Jennings 25 cases gin
Knauth, Nachod & Kuhne 1 case celluloid plates
R.F. Lang 12 cases bulbs
Marx Maiez 10 bales new cuttings
160 bales burlap bagging
278 bales rags
Morris & Schraeder 120 cases mineral water
1 case mineral salts
20 cases mineral water
Mumm Champ. & Imp. Co. 550 cases wine
G.S. Nicholas & Co. 25 cases liquors
50 cases gin
10 casks do. (= ditto=same as above, so: gin)
D. Ouwerkerk 24 cases trees
Pratt & Farmer Co. 4 cases iron ware
Read Holliday & Sons 20 drums analine oil
F. Rosenstern & Co. 6 cases cottons
G. M. Schmidt 4 cases photographic plates
Schulz & Ruckgaber 40 drums chemicals
Sonn Brothers 53 cases still wine
1 case wine glass
E. Tirgrath 100 cases gin
Travis & Parks 280 cases cheese
2 casks rapeseed oil
25 bags peas
1 parcel samples of cotton yarn
300 bags potatoes
5 cases cakes
23 bags peas
Uranium Steamship Co. 2 cases books
1 package books
83 casks chemicals
69 casks chloride of barium
50 casks Edam cheese
Walken & McLaughlin 70 drums tar oil
140 casks do. (=ditto: same as above, so: tar oil)
Order (?) 19 drums tetrachloride of carbon
(good solution for fats, waxes, resins, etc.; also appears in some fire extinguishers, but is dangerous in case of fire with water, because toxic gas (phosgen, a very poisonous gas) is formed then)
20 casks magnesite
(a mineral containing magnesium; is used to make roof slates, fireproof tiles and seamless floors)
221 casks magnesite
450 casks oilmen's stores
2 drums barium peroxide
40 casks nitrate of barium
123 casks chloride of barium
451 bales cocoa shells
8 cases quinine
511 cases salted hides
50 cases Haarlem oil (3 deciliters of turpentine on 1 deciliter of linseed oil, in which a solution of sulpher)
370 packages straw envelopes
120 packages straw envelopes
20 packages straw mats
10 cases desk stock
145 crates empty bottles
125 cases tea

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