The Volturno Ship Disaster - Crewmembers and occupations

The Volturno Ship Disaster - October 1913

Translated into English by Jan Daamen

© 2000 by Jan Daamen

Survey of crewmembers and their occupation on board of the Volturno

Several nationalities were on board, namely: British, American, Dutch and German
Survey crew Name (nationality) Saved: yes/no/unknown
(which ship)
captain Francis J.D. Inch (U.K.) yes, Kroonland & Narrangansett
chief officer H.P. Miller (U.S.A.) no
second officer Hoey unknown
third officer Edward Lloyd (U.K.) yes, Grosser Kurfürst
fourth officer Groul no
fifth officer Williams yes, unknown
chief engineer Docker yes, Kroonland & Narrangansett
second engineer Malcolmson yes, Kroonland & Narrangansett
third engineer Alfred Pinches yes, Kroonland & Narrangansett
fourth engineer Bailey yes, Grosser Kurfürst
fifth engineer ? yes, Kroonland & Narrangansett
sixth engineer Arie Schönsten yes, Seydlitz
wireless/radio officer (2 persons) Seddon
yes, Kroonland & Czer
steward/purser second deck Underwood yes, Kroonland & Czar
assistant purser Hermann G. Lang unknown
steward (3 persons) H. Berkemeier
O. Stelbig
A. Hause
yes, Seydlitz
yes, Seydlitz
yes, Seydlitz
ship steward ? no
doctor/physician Canter yes, Czar
sailors/seamen (20 persons) Paul Keller
Hans Mognousky
H. Schmidt
J. Arends (Netherlands)
16 sailors (names unknown)
yes, Narrangansett
yes, La Touraine
yes, Seydlitz
yes, Seydlitz
yes, Grosser Kurfürst
administrators (2 persons) Brown
yes, Czar
yes, Grosser Kurfürst
barber G. Willekens (Netherlands) yes, Grosser Kurfürst
carpenter Arandsen (Netherlands, Rotterdam) unknown
oilman (2 persons) Holl
J. Karlsen
yes, Czar
yes, Seydlitz
firman (3 persons) Paul
J. Nell
W. Wabell
yes, Czar
yes, Seydlitz
yes, Seydlitz
cook (2 persons) Adam de Bruin (Netherlands)
Hendrik Mermena (Netherlands)
yes, La Touraine
yes, La Touraine
cooksmate (3 persons) ? unknown
baker ? yes, Kroonland
trimmer J. Kalbsch yes, Seydlitz
cabinboy (3 persons) K.H. or I. Dijkstra (Netherlands)
A. Dobbelaar (Netherlands)
B. Huizer (Netherlands)
yes, Seydlitz
yes, Seydlitz
yes, Seydlitz
? J. Funken (Netherlands) yes
? N. Gra(a)uw (Netherlands) unknown
Total number of crewmen
Saved: 38 persons

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