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My name is Jan Daamen and I live in the Netherlands. I do not research genealogy myself, but am very much involved in the work of the International Internet Genealogical Society (IIGS™).

Since Rootsweb is doing so much good work, I decided it was about time to give something back to them and I became a sponsor of Rootsweb.

The Volturno Ship Disaster

Arnold Graboyes sent me scans of photocopies of Dutch newspaper articles from October 1913 for translation into English about the ship disaster of the "Volturno", a ship that sailed from Rotterdam to USA with many European emigrants from many different countries. The ship caught fire and had to be abandoned. Only 523 persons of the 657 persons on board were saved, so that 134 persons, among which 65 crew members, died in the flames or in the waves.

Volturno articles in English translation published here with permission of Arnold Graboyes. Also a contribution on the Volturno by a Dutch genealogist researching crewmember Neetje Graauw.

Some links to URL's in the projects that I am active in:

International Internet Genealogical Society, member since mid December 1997

IIGS Translation Team
Member of this team since December 1997 and active there with translations of the IIGS webpages into Dutch (and sometimes into German). Was elected as Co Team Leader in April 1998 and became Team Leader in June 1998. If you have a skill in one or more non-English languages and want to help us with making more IIGS webpages available to non-English readers in their native language, please send me an email!

IIGS Newsletter
I am doing proofreading for Newsletter Team as well as coordinating the HTML-coding by Newsletter volunteers. If you can write an article about a subject that has to do with genealogy, with international perspective and links to the Internet, please contact me or the editor of the Newsletter Team: Penny Bonnar ([email protected]). Also I am co-Webmaster of Newsletter Team since January 1999.

IIGS IRC (Internet Relay Chat)
I am a member of this team and active in the #genealogy-channel about general genealogy chat.
I am host for #Benelux, the channel for research about Dutch, Belgian or Luxembourg ancestors, open every Saturday at 10pm local Dutch time, which is 4pm Eastern, 3pm Central, 2pm Mountain or 1pm Pacific time.
Also I am a regular visitor of the #htmlhelp channel on Sunday at 12.30pm local Dutch time, which is 6.30am Eastern, 5.30am Central, 4.30am Mountain or 3.30am Pacific time. We are working on a project that helps us gather more knowledge and excercise at http://htmlhelp.rootsweb.com/.

IIGS Webmaster Team
Member of this team and webmaster for Translation Team, Projects Registry Team and co-Webmaster of Newsletter Team. Was elected Teamleader of Webmasters in June 1999.

IIGS Projects Registry Team
Webmaster for this team. You may find some very interesting genealogical projects going on internationally at the Projects Register. If you know of other projects that meet the criteria mentioned in that page, please fill out the application form.

Benelux BDM Exchange
Together with Vicky Lindsay I maintain the Benelux BDM Exchange (Exchange of birth/death/marriage certificates). It is an international project and more BDM Exchanges are available for other countries as well. The IIGS Global Village Team is maintaining the international index of all the BDM Exchanges worldwide.

German Genealogy Translation Service
I am active as a volunteer translator for this free translation service and do weekly translations from/to English/Dutch/German.

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