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Immigrant to Virginia prior to1720, Thomas Wieland and related lines

Francis KIRTLEY was born about 1680. He married Margaret M. ROBERTS.

Margaret M. ROBERTS was born about 1698. She married Francis KIRTLEY.

They had the following children:

  F i Mary James KIRTLEY

John PAGE was born in 1740. He died in 1789. John married Elizabeth.

Elizabeth was born about 1742. She died in 1773. Elizabeth married John PAGE.

They had the following children:

  M i John PAGE Jr.

Joseph ROBERTSON was born about 1775 in VA. He died about 1829 in Orange Co., Virginia. Joseph married Philadephia SNELL on 28 Dec 1801 in St. Thomas Parish, Orange Co., VA.

I was given the following by Alison Watson Ewing in 12/99. She said that James Mathey Robertson was an ancestor of her friend, Imo Hollingshead Robertson of Laramie, WY, who apparently did not have email access herself.

Descendants of Joseph Robertson

Generation No. 1. JOSEPH ROBERTSON was born Abt. 1775 in Virginia, and died Abt. 1829 in Orange County, Virginia. He married PHILADELPHIA SNELL 28 Dec 1801 in St. Thomas Parish, Orange County, Virginia.


1. PHILLIP ROBERTSON, b. 25 Oct 1802, Orange County, Virginia; d. 07 Mar 1863, Howard County, Missouri; m. WINIFRED "WINNY" CAIN, 17 Jul 1833, Howard County, Indiana.

ii. WILLIAM EMORY ROBERTSON, b. 25 Oct 1802, Virginia; d. 13 Aug 1867, Randolph County, Missouri; m. (1) MALINDA REYNOLDS, 1829, Virginia; m. (2) ELIZABETH WHITE, 1844, Missouri; m. (3) ELIZA ANN WEST, 1846, Missouri.

iii. JAMES HIRAM ROBERTSON, b. 09 Jun 1804, Orange County, Virginia; d. 27 Dec 1880, Roanoke, Howard, Missouri; m. SIDNEY FINKS WAYLAND, 18 Feb 1834, Randolph County, Missouri.

iv. JOHN WESLEY ROBERTSON, b. 15 Jan 1806, Virginia; d. 02 Sep 1850, Roanoke, Howard, Missouri; m. FRANCIS "FANNIE" REYNOLDS, 16 Jan 1833.

v. JOSEPH WILEY ROBERTSON, b. Abt. 1808, Virginia; m. NANCY JANE COLLINS, 11 Dec 1838, Randolph County, Missouri.

vi. JAMES MATTHEW ROBERTSON, b. 14 Apr 1812, Orange County, Virginia; d. 20 Nov 1884, Willows, then Colusa, California; m. EMILY ANN MARTIN, 22 Sep 1843, Missouri.

vii. JOSEPH ROBERTSON, b. Abt. 1814, Virginia; m. FELICIA GAINES, 09 Jan 1839, Randolph County, Missouri.

viii. SUSAN ROBERTSON, b. Abt. 1815, Virginia; m. (1) NOEL REYNOLDS, 1838; m. (2) H. JAMES LOBBAN, 1849.

ix. COURTNEY ROBERTSON, b. Abt. 1816, Virginia; m. (1) LEMUEL COLLINS, 06 Jun 1833, Randolph County, Missouri; m. (2) THOMAS JACKSON, Abt. 1843.

x. FRANCES ROBERTSON, b. Abt. 1818, Virginia; d. 1845, Probably Randoph County, Missouri; m. H. JAMES LOBBAN, Abt. 1835.

xi. JOANNA ROBERTSON, b. Abt. 1820, Virginia; m. LEWIS MEADOWS, 07 Mar 1839, Randolph County, Missouri.

xii. SOCRATES ROBERTSON, b. 22 Apr 1823, Virginia; d. 08 Jul 1883; m. (1) SARAH FRANCIS TOMKINS, 10 Dec 1840, Randolph County, Missouri; m. (2) NANCY M. BROWN, 05 Oct 1856.

Philadephia SNELL was born about 1780. She married Joseph ROBERTSON on 28 Dec 1801 in St. Thomas Parish, Orange Co., VA.

I received this from Allison Watson Ewing:

After her husband, Joseph died in 1831, Philadelphia moved her family of eight sons and four daughters to Randolph Co., Missouri. They settled on a farm 2 1/2 miles north of Roanoke, MO. Philadelphia and her children all worked very hard in the fields, enabling her to pay for the farm. She lived there until her death, and is buried in a family cemetery on the property. The farm has since been in the Robertson family, passing from father to son. John owned it, passed it to his son Andrew, who passed it to his son, William, who now owns it with his son, Lawrence. Philadelphia was a woman of remarkable ability, and was reputed to be one of the most successful and energetic farm managers in all the country. She was affectionately known as "Aunt Delphi Robertson."

They had the following children:

  M i James Hiram ROBERTSON

James COLLINS was born about 1730. He married Mary James KIRTLEY.

Received these children 3/00 in a post by Linda Manning :


1. F Child: Ann COLLINS
Death: Before 1846
Spouse: Edward COLLINS
Marriage: 24 May 1781 Place: Orange Co., VA

2. M Child: Francis COLLINS
Death: About 1847 Place: Madison Co., VA?
Spouse: Margaret "Peggy" DOHENEY
Marriage: 27 Apr 1794 Place: Orange Co., VA

3. M Child: John COLLINS
Death: 1830
Spouse: Frances KIRTLEY

4. F Child: Margaret COLLINS
Death: Before 1846
Spouse: John DEVERS
Marriage: 26 May 1784 Place: Culpepper Co., VA

5. F Child: Nancy COLLINS
Death: Before 1846
Spouse: John MAUPIN
Marriage: 29 Oct 1795 Place: Madison Co., KY

6. M Child: Thomas COLLINS
Death: After 1846

7. F Child: Milly COLLINS
Birth: 2 Sep 1754
Death: Before 1846
Spouse: William BROADDUS

8. F Child: Mary "Polley" COLLINS
Birth: About 1762/1768
Death: After 1840 Place: Howard Co., MO
Spouse: John PAGE Jr.
Marriage: 22 Dec 1783 Place: Orange Co., VA

9. M Child: James COLLINS
Birth: 22 Feb 1769 Place: VA
Death: Mar 1826 Place: MO
Spouse: Lucy BURTON
Marriage: 26 Aug 1793 Place: Orange Co., VA

10. M Child: Garland COLLINS
Birth: 1772
Death: Before 1846 Place: Howard Co., MO
Spouse: Elizabeth "Betsey" MOBERLY
Marriage: 1 Nov 1798 Place: Madison Co., KY

Court Records: VA, Culpeper Co., Will Book A, pp313-315, Will of Francis Kirtley.
Court Records: VA, Culpeper Co., Will Book B, p 318, Will of James Collins

Compiled by Thomas L. Kirtley

Mary James KIRTLEY [Parents] was born about 1735 in Orange Co., VA. She died in 1796 in Madison Co., KY. Mary married James COLLINS.

They had the following children:

  F i Mary COLLINS

Wallis WAYLAND was born in 1829 in KY. He died after 1880. Wallis married T..

At: http://searches.rootsweb.com/cgi-bin/ifetch2?/u1/data/ky+index+664587696614+F
George and this family are found in the 1880 KY Census. Both of his parents were born in SC. One of his wife's parents was born in KY, the other in VA.

T. was born in 1843 in KY. She married Wallis WAYLAND.

They had the following children:

  M i Walker B. WAYLAND was born in 1869 in KY.
  M ii George G. WAYLAND was born in 1871 in KY.

Clement WAYLAND [Parents] was born in 1808 in , , Virginia. He died after 1866. Clement married Hulda LAYTON on 25 Jun 1854 in Taylor Co., WV.

Other marriages:
LONG, Martha

NOTE: A, pp.89,104,105. Married at age 19 to Martha, age 26 or 27, with consent of father.

I got this email 12/99 from Karen Vanhorn:

"I was wondering if the Cornelius Wayland of your family might have been the father of a man by the name of Clement Wayland from the Madison county area. I have been researching my Chapman family ancestors and a man by the name of Clement Wayland (from Madison Co. VA who was a widower, and the son of Cornelius Wayland) married a woman by the name of Huldah (Layton) Chapman (from Spotsylvania Co who was a widow and the daughter of Robert Layton) in Taylor County, WV June 25, 1854. This would have made Clement born approximately 1809. This Clement & Huldah moved to Barbour County, WV for a while and I found them in Mason County, WV in 1880 then lost track of them. Any information would be immensely appreciated! If this is a relative of yours & mine - I have lots of information I'd like to share. [email protected]"

This Clement may have become a widower and married again like the one she is researching, as the1854 second marriage would fit in. I got this message from her again in 12/99:

The 1850 Orange County Census lists Huldah as Huldah Layton (32
year old female). Living with her were:
Ann - 14 year old female
William H- 13 year old male
Robert A - 11 year old male
James M- 8 year old male
Alonzo - 4 year old male
Bysa W - 3 year old male

I don't know why Huldah is listed as Layton (that was her maiden name, and each of the children with her are also listed as Layton instead of Chapman. (Unless perhaps she & William Chapman were divorced or something) Or maybe he was gone from the home and the census taker knew her personally and put her maiden name...there's alll kinds of

In the list of Taylor Co., WV marriages, the list reads:
Wayland, Clement 45 (W) Madison Co VA;
Chapman, Hulda B 36 (W) Spotsylvania Co
VA; Taylor
Robert Layton 25 June 1854

The Barbour County WV courthouse has death records for Barbour/Taylor counties: Bysa (Bisa) Chapman died August 24, 1855 in Taylor County, WV of scarlet fever. The death was reported by Clement Wayland (stepfather) and listed the parents as Wm & Huldah B. Chapman of Orange Co, VA..

In 1860, Clement & Huldah were living in Barbour County, WV with James listed as head of household. I lost track of them until 1880 and then I found them living in Mason Co. WV with their daughter Molly W. Roush (wife of W.H. Roush). Molly's marriage certificate lists her
place of birth as Upshur Co. WV. I have not been there yet to obtain a birth certificate to verify that as fact. But Molly & William .H. Roush were married April 25, 1870 in Mason County, WV. Molly's name on her marriae certificate lists Mary W. Wayland & her age on her marriage
certificate lists her as 18 years of age, which would have made her born in 1852, and lists her parents as Clement & Huldah Wayland. I don't know if she was born out of wedlock or what. Also in the household during the 1880 census was S.H. Wayland their son. My cousin who just
past away told me S.H. Wayland stood for "Shelton" or something like that. She believed he (S.H. Wayland) was a casket salesman.

William H. Roush died August 30, 1884 at the age of 34 of typhoid fever. He was a coal miner. His parents names were F. Philip & Mahala Kein Roush.

It might be interesting to note that my great-great grandfather James Chapman (Huldah's son) married his wife in Marietta Ohio (which is right across from Mason Co. WV). Also, when I found Clement & Huldah with Molly & her husband in Mason Co., WV in 1880, I also found Alonzo living in Mason Co. WV (he left his wife & kids). I've often tried to figure out the magnetism of Mason County, WV & Marietta, Ohio back in the 1800's. That would have been a very, very long way for them to travel from Barbour County. There had to be some kind of family connection over in that area. I plan to make my next research trip to that area.

I hope this helps you some. I will keep you updated as I find out more information. As I said, I've been trying to find Huldah's first husband, William Chapman, but for 17 years I've found nothing. My daughter got me Webtv for Christmas, so I decided to try to take a new avenue and see if I might find William by learning about Clement. I was snooping around and found your website & Cornelius and Clement's names. That is how I came to write to you.

Hulda LAYTON was born in 1818. She married Clement WAYLAND on 25 Jun 1854 in Taylor Co., WV.

Other marriages:
CHAPMAN, William

William CHAPMAN was born about 1815. He married Hulda LAYTON.

Hulda LAYTON was born in 1818. She married William CHAPMAN.

Other marriages:
WAYLAND, Clement

Richard LIGHTBURNE was born about 1780. He married Temperance SUTTON on 20 Oct 1802 in Virginia.

Not sure of spelling of last name as handwriting of source unclear.

Temperance SUTTON [Parents] was born on 21 May 1784 in Virginia. She died on 13 Oct 1854 in Scott Co., KY. Temperance married Richard LIGHTBURNE on 20 Oct 1802 in Virginia.

One source has Temperance placed as a child of John Sutton Sr. Because of the age her mother would have been at her birth, I think that the Jr. is more likely than the Sr. in this case, but either would be possible.

Patrick WOODS [Parents] was born in 1820. He died in 1904. Patrick was married was married on 7 Oct 1841 in , Howard Co., Missouri.

He had the following children:

  F i Susan Ann WOODS

Adam C. WOODS was born in 1795. He died in 1849. Adam married Elizabeth CRIGLER in 1817.

Elizabeth CRIGLER [Parents] was born in 1799. She died in 1858. Elizabeth married Adam C. WOODS in 1817.

They had the following children:

  M i Patrick WOODS

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