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Immigrant to Virginia prior to1720, Thomas Wieland and related lines


Living [Parents]

Reuben HUME [Parents] was born in 1772 in , , Virginia. He died in 1821 in Madison Co., Kentucky. Reuben married Anna FINKS on 22 Feb 1796.

The following on his two sons was found at:


SOURCE: History of Howard and Cooper Counties, St. Louis: National Historical
Company, 1883, (Chariton township, pp. 425-456.)


farmers and stock raisers. The HUME brothers, who are extensively engaged in farming and stock raising in this county, are sons of Joel HUME, now deceased, for many years one of the leading farmers and stock raisers of the county, and as universally and highly respected as any man in it. Joel HUME's father, Reuben, a descendant of the HUME's of England, was originally of Virginia, but became one of the first settlers in Madison county, Kentucky, where he afterwards died, leaving his wife, formerly Miss Annie FINKS, aunt of Captain FINKS, of this county, and a family of seven sons. These, including the father of John G. and Joel L., subsequently came to Missouri, and all became wealthy and leading farmers of this section of the state. Joel, who was born before his parents left Virginia, married in Madison county, Kentucky, Miss Polly Ann, daughter of Yelverton PEYTON, an old Virginian and a soldier of the revolution, becoming his wife. After the birth of eight children, the family immigrated to Howard county and settled in Chariton township. He was a man of great energy and industry, and he and his sons went to work with resolution that never fails to bring success. He soon made one of the finest farms in the county, and when he died, about the close of the late war, had an estate of over 2,000 acres of fine land, most of it improved, besides a large quantity of stock and other personal property. But it was not on account of his success alone, or mainly, that he was so universally and highly respected. It was because he was possessed of the true qualities of manhood to more than an ordinary degree that all who knew him admired and esteemed him. Frank, honorable, generous, brave-hearted, and true in every relation of life, he was a pillar of integrity, a steadfast friend, a useful citizen, and a noble, Christian man. Such was the father of John G. and Joel HUME; and these the sons are not unworthy of their name. Both are enterprising, upright, progressive citizens and intelligent farmers. John G. was born in Madison county, Kentucky, January 1, 1831, and Joel L. in the same county September 7, 1839. Both were brought up on their father's farm, where they still live, and which they now own, a place of about 1,000 acres, finely improved. Besides the usual farm interests, they give special attention to stock raising, in which they have had marked success. Both were in the Confederate army, and were fearless, faithful soldiers. Joel L. was married the 17th of April, 1872, to Miss Louisa LEE, of this county, but she was taken from him by death in 1881, leaving him three children - Eva L., Sarah F. and John O. Both brothers are members of the Christian church.

Anna FINKS [Parents] was born in 1777. She died on 25 Dec 1812. Anna married Reuben HUME on 22 Feb 1796.

Date of marriage here is date of marriage bond. Bondsman was Elias Finks son of Mark Finks Jr., and Elizabeth Fisher. A letter from Mark Finks requested that the license be issued.

Mark Finks, Sr., died in 1764 and thus could not possibly have written a letter in 1796. On the other hand, Mark Finks, Jr. was alive and well.

Also, the letter of consent would not have been necessary if "Anney" were of age. Therefore, she must have been born after 1775. Mark Finks, Jr. was having children during that period, and the spacing of his known children (particularly between 1773 and 1779) is not so tight as to preclude adding another one.

Above from "Worth S. Anderson"

They had the following children:

  M i Joel HUME

John CRIGLER [Parents] was born about 1765. He married Sarah Ann "Sallie" HUME on 25 Dec 1789 in , Culpeper Co., Virginia.

See note under his son John Jr.

Sarah Ann "Sallie" HUME [Parents] was born about 1770 in , , Virginia. She died in , Madison Co., Kentucky. Sarah married John CRIGLER on 25 Dec 1789 in , Culpeper Co., Virginia.

Moved to Madison Co., Kty. about 1800. Among their eight children there were two additional marriages to Germanna descendants. Katherinem. John Wilhoit and George m. Mary Utz. Moses Wilhoit m. 12 Dec 1789 in Culpeper Co., VA Anna Hume, but her lineage is unknown.

They had the following children:

  F i Elizabeth CRIGLER
  M ii John CRIGLER Jr.

George HUME III [Parents] was born on 21 May 1759. He died in 1816/1817 in , Madison Co., Kentucky. George married Susanna CRIGLER in 1782.

George III as the latest in the sequence of the eldest sons made an attempt to recover the estates in Scotland Sir George lost in the Jacobite rebellion.

The below came from Cynthia Crigler [email protected]

Janet Zehr, a descendant of Emma Hume, has visited Susanna and George's
graves in Waco, KY, on the experimental farm of Eastern KY University. The tombstones read George Hume (21 May 1759-Oct 21 1816) and Susannah Criglor (1762-1831). Also buried in the graveyard is a Catherine Duncan (grave
says daughter of George Hume, 1798-1840) and a Susannah Hume (1806-1828).

George's tomb reads:

Beneath this tomb doth lie
As much friendship as could die
Which when alive could pleasure give
To all with whom he did live.

1. Stanton Hume
Julia A. Hume, d. Richmond KY, m. ? Ellis
2. Barkin Hume
3. Thomas Hume, b. 1785, Culpeper Co., VA, d. Bef. 1860, Madison Co., VA,
m. Helen Mary Thomas, 1828, Madison Co., VA
A. (dau.) Hume, b. Madison Co., VA, d. Glasgow Co., MO, m. ? Tatum
B. Pauline Mertis Hume, b. Madison Co., VA, d. Culpeper Co., VA, m. George Alsop Sprinkle
C. Robert Hume, b. Abt. 1833, Madison Co., VA, d. 1885, Washington, D.C.
4. Elizabeth Hume, b. 1801, d. 1871, m. James Mouroney
Elizabeth Mouroney (1832-1906), m. Oliver C. Bassett
Clarissa J. Mouroney, b. Shelby Co. IN, m. Robert N. Benefiel
5. Emma Hume, b. 1803, d. 1851, m. Thomas Thorpe


Does anyone know who this William Finks is?

History of the Hume Family

George Hume married Susannah Crigler, who
had by him ten children, the oldest of
whom was Jennie, who married her cousin
William Finks, in 1802. Mr. Finks was
older by some years than his wife, and was
a prosperous merchant in the village of
Madison Court House, Virginia. To this
union were born three children, Early, the
oldest was born in 1803, Louisa 1805, and
a third child born in 1807 died in the
first hours of its existence, as also did
the mother. William Finks started in a
"gig" across the mountains in 1807, to
take his motherless children to their
grandfather's home in Kentucky, he having
moved to that state and settled in Madison
County in 1802, a picture of the house
which he erected in 1803 is given in these
pages. The children remained in Kentucky
until Early was 16, and Louisa 14 years
old, when they again made the long trip
across the mountains to their old home in
Virginia. Early entered College in
Staunton, Virginia.

Susanna CRIGLER [Parents] was born on 3 Jan 1762 in , Culpeper Co., Virginia. She died in 1817/1820. Susanna married George HUME III in 1782.

Frederick HYATT was born on 17 Mar 1791 in , Garrard Co., KY. He died on 10 Dec 1870 in St. Louis, , Missouri. Frederick married Ann Maria HUME.

Other marriages:
HUME, Martha

Is called "Judge" Hyatt.

Ann Maria HUME [Parents] was born on 6 Dec 1794. She died on 8 Feb 1839. Ann married Frederick HYATT.

She was the second wife of Hyatt.

Frederick HYATT was born on 17 Mar 1791 in , Garrard Co., KY. He died on 10 Dec 1870 in St. Louis, , Missouri. Frederick married Martha HUME.

Other marriages:
HUME, Ann Maria

Is called "Judge" Hyatt.

Martha HUME [Parents] was born about 1798. She married Frederick HYATT.

This woman was not in my original list of children. She m. Judge Frederick Hyatt, widower of her older sister, as his third wife. Had child William Hyatt who m. ? Tyler and d. Cooper Co., MO. Also had childre: Joseph Hyatt; James Hyatt who m. Sarah Patterson; Elizabeth Hyatt who m. Washington Tyler.

Sebastian LEYSS 1 was born about 1620 in , , , Germany. He died in 1650. Sebastian married Anna FRISCH on 20 Jan 1650 in , , , Germany.

Anna FRISCH [Parents] 1 was born on 14 Apr 1616 in Affaltrach, , , Germany. She died on 25 Dec 1678 in Willsbach, Wurttemberg, , Germany. Anna married Sebastian LEYSS on 20 Jan 1650 in , , , Germany.

Other marriages:
SEPPACH, Johannes "Hans"

Hans Wilhelm ARNSBERG 1 was born about 1630 in , , , Germany. He married Margaretha.

I posted the following inquiry to the Germanna net in 3/98:

"AMBERGER is listed in the list of Germanna immigrants, but Arnsberg is not. Is there a possibility that these are derivatives of the same name?" Reply:

"The names Arnsburg and Amberger are probably not variants of each other. While Amberger typically had many variants in the records, none would suggest Arnsberg. Could Arnsburg be a variant of Harnsberger? Harnsberger had many variants, in part because it has Swiss origins. But I do not believe the 'H' is ever dropped." John Blankenbaker

Margaretha 1 was born about 1635 in , , , Germany. She married Hans Wilhelm ARNSBERG.

They had the following children:

  F i Barbara ARNSBERG
  F ii Anna Margaretha ARNSBERG
  F iii Elsabetha Catharina ARNSBERG 1 was born on 26 May 1666 in Willsbach, Wurttemberg, , Germany.
  M iv Hans Wolff ARNSBERG 1 was born on 3 Jan 1668 in , , , Germany.

Lorenz SEPPACH 1 was born about 1580 in , , , Germany. He died before 1650.

He had the following children:

  M i Johannes "Hans" SEPPACH

Abraham FRISCH [Parents] 1 was born about 1578 in Eichelberg, , , Germany. He married Maria on 2 Jul 1610 in Affaltrach, , , Germany.

Maria 1 was born about 1588 in , , , Germany. She married Abraham FRISCH on 2 Jul 1610 in Affaltrach, , , Germany.

They had the following children:

  F i Anna FRISCH
  F ii Margaretha FRISCH 1 was born on 8 May 1617 in Affaltrach, , , Germany.
  M iii Johannes FRISCH 1 was born on 12 Jan 1620 in Affaltrach, , , Germany.
  M iv Michael FRISCH 1 was born on 2 Jun 1624.

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