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Immigrant to Virginia prior to1720, Thomas Wieland and related lines

George CLORE [Parents] was born in 1716 and was christened on 20 Apr 1716 in Gemmingen, Baden, Germany. He died before 1751 in , Culpeper Co., Virginia. George married Anna Barbara WEAVER.

Last name at birth was "Klaar". Had the following children:

Michael Clore, b. 4 Dec 1746
John Peter Clore, b. abt 1750, d. abt 1827
Elizabeth Clore

Anna Barbara WEAVER [Parents] was born in 1730. She died on 11 Jun 1808 in , Madison Co., Virginia. Anna married George CLORE.

Other marriages:

NOTE: A, p.7,72; Germanna Record No. 6, p.94

Her full name may have been Anna Barbara, as she is referred to as Anna in the death notice in Hebron Church records. She married a Clore first, was widowed after having 3 children, and married Andrew Carpenter.

They had the following children:

  M i Michael CLORE

Hans Dieterich WEAVER [Parents] "Deter; Peter" was born in Nov 1710 in Gemmingen, Baden, Germany and was christened on 8 Nov 1710 in Gemmingen, Baden, Germany. He died in 1763 in , Culpeper Co., Virginia. Deter; Peter married Elizabeth in 1726.

NOTE: Germanna Record No. Six, p.95; Keith work pp.243-245
Name given as: Hans Dietrich Weber and Peter Weaver. Proved his importation in 1736 and was granted 400 acres that year. Was deeded land in Robinson River section as early as 1734. His will was probated 18 Aug 1763.

In Feb, 1998, I rec'd an email note from Tom Deeter . He said that his line was Philip Weber(Weaver), son Peter Weaver, Mathais Sr, Mathias Jr.(wife Eleanor Wayland), Joel, Jonathan, Sylvester and my Mom, Lottie Weaver. He then said, "Joel died in IL either in Woodford co. or Fulton co. We can't find his grave site in either. Eleanor moved to Preble Co. OH (after Mathais died in VA)and buried there. Larkin and Joel moved to Preble Co. around 1815. Joel married Mary Shull in Preble Co. Have more on my Weavers,your welcome to have. Have a book of obits that says that Eleanor was called Ellen Weaver on her headstone and her death date is 5/2/1855 in Monroe twp."

Received the below post from [email protected] in 8/99:

"I have Peter Weaver 1710-1763 married to Elizabeth ?.(I have never had a last name for her) Recently i received an e-mail that had this info:

Peter (Weber)Weaver married to Anna Louisa Elizabeth FOLG about 1727 in Culpepper Co., VA. Anna was born 3-23-1711 in Wadenstadt, Wuerttemburg, Germany. She died in Culpepper Co., Va. And it then goes on to name all the same children that i have for Peter and Elizabeth.

I need this info varified before i add it to my tree. Can anyone help me...

Karan Weaver Shilling"

Elizabeth was born about 1710. She married Hans Dieterich WEAVER in 1726.

They had the following children:

  M i John WEAVER
  F ii Anna Barbara WEAVER
  M iii Matthew WEAVER
  M iv Peter WEAVER was born in 1736.
  F v Elizabeth WEAVER
  F vi Margaret WEAVER
  F vii Catharina WEAVER
  F viii Hannah WEAVER was born in 1748.

John PLUNKETT was born about 1790. He married Mary "Polly" WAYLAND in 1813.

NOTE: A, p.88. Another Plunkett is #2850.

Mary "Polly" WAYLAND [Parents] was born about 1795 in , , Virginia. She married John PLUNKETT in 1813.

NOTE: A, p.87,88

They had the following children:

  M i William Franklin PLUNKETT

William Elton WAYLAND [Parents] was born in 1797 in , Madison Co., Virginia. He died on 27 Nov 1867 in , Orange Co., Virginia. William married Frances W. MILLER on 16 Dec 1823 in , Orange Co., Virginia.

NOTE: A, pp.87,88,102,103

Frances W. MILLER was born in 1799. She married William Elton WAYLAND on 16 Dec 1823 in , Orange Co., Virginia.

NOTE: A, p.102

They had the following children:

  M i Alonzo WAYLAND was born in 1833 in , , Virginia.

NOTE: A, p.102
  F ii Julia Ann WAYLAND
  M iii Martin V. WAYLAND was born in 1841 in , , Virginia.

NOTE: A, pp.102,103. Dr. John W. Wayland said in his notes, "In Scott's History of Orange County, VA, published in 1907, Appendix, he gives rolls of a number of military companies of Orange, and in some of these I find the names of several Waylands, 1861-1865. In the Montpelier Guards, Co. A, 13th VA, Infantry, Martin V. Wayland, private..." Martin's first cousin, Abram C. also.

This is from the National Archives. 13th Virginia Infantry, David F. Riggs (leader), pages 146 & 147:

"Wayland, Martin V., b. 1841? Clerk (occupation when joining army). Enlisted 4/17/61 at Orange Court House in Co. A as Pvt. Absent sick and on detached service at Hospital 10/27/62 - 12/64; then placed on detached service with Q.M. (Quarter Master) Dept. by Jan/Feb 1865; detailed 3/65; assignment not stated. Surrendered at Appomattox Court House 4/9/65."
  F iv Octavia E. WAYLAND

John THORNTON was born about 1798. He married Elizabeth WAYLAND on 31 Oct 1816 in , Madison Co., Virginia.

Elizabeth WAYLAND [Parents] was born about 1800 in , , Virginia. She died before 1843. Elizabeth married John THORNTON on 31 Oct 1816 in , Madison Co., Virginia.

NOTE: A, p.88. Madison Co. Marriage Record 1, p.264

Thomas WAYLAND [Parents] was born in 1802 in , Madison Co., Virginia. He died in Jul 1852 in , Madison Co., Virginia. Thomas married Frances KIRTLEY on 18 Dec 1824 in , Madison Co., Virginia.

NOTE: A, pp.87,88,103,104; B, p.86.
At the below site, his name is given as "Thomas John Cornelius Wayland":


Frances KIRTLEY was born about 1804. She died after 1852. Frances married Thomas WAYLAND on 18 Dec 1824 in , Madison Co., Virginia.

NOTE: A, p.103

They had the following children:

  M i Abraham C. "Abram" WAYLAND
  F ii Eliza A. WAYLAND
  F iii Sarah M. WAYLAND was born about 1829 in , Madison, Virginia.

NOTE: A, pp.103,104; Madison Co. Marriage Register 1, p.291.

Above marriage register lists a "Sarah Wayland", but no parents are listed, so this may or may not be the same person.
  M iv Absalom C. WAYLAND was born in 1830 in , , Virginia.

NOTE: A, pp.103,104. There is an "A.C. Wayland" who applies for a Confederate pension just after turn of century. To see this search at: http://eagle.vsla.edu/conpen/virtua-basic.html
  F v Mary Susan WAYLAND
  F vi Louisa F. WAYLAND was born in 1834 in , Madison, Virginia.

NOTE: A, p.103,104
  F vii Sidney Leah WAYLAND
  F viii Elizabeth WAYLAND was born in 1838 in , Madison, Virginia.

NOTE: A, pp.103,104
  M ix Thomas M. WAYLAND
  M x Benjamin B. WAYLAND was born in 1843 in , Madison, Virginia. He died on 25 May 1863 in Richmond, , Virginia.

NOTE: A, pp.103,104; B, p.83

Served as Pvt. in Co. F, of the 13th Va. Infantry with brother Abraham.
There is a "B.F. Wayland: listed in the "Index to Compiled Confederate Records" as serving as a Pvt. in Co. C, 4th Va. Cavalry. This may be the same man, as it was common to change companies, but usually those in the calvary did not interchange with the infantry.

He died in a Richmond Hospital from wounds received at Fredericksburg, VA on 4 May 1863, according to "13th VA Infantry" by David F. Riggs, pps 146 & 147.

This is from the National Archives. 13th Virginia Infantry, David F. Riggs, leader, page 146-147:

"Wayland, Benjamin B., b. 1843? in Madison Co. 5 ft. 8 inches tall, fair complexion, blue eyes, light hair. Carpenter. Enlisted 4/17/61 at Barboursville in Co. F as Pvt. Absent sick 10/1561 - 12/31/61; no record Jan/Feb 1862. Wounded at Broad Run 8/27/62. Wounded at Groveton in arm 8/28/62; returned to duty 4/17/63, was detailed to collect stragglers and deserters 1/13/63 - 4/14/63. MWIA (Mortally Wounded In Action?) at Fredericksburg 5/4/63. Died 5/25/63 at hospital in Richmond."
  F xi Virginia M. WAYLAND was born in 1845 in , Madison, Virginia.

NOTE: A, pp.103,104
  F xii Sydney S. WAYLAND was born in 1837 in , Madison, Virginia.

Clement WAYLAND [Parents] was born in 1808 in , , Virginia. He died after 1866. Clement married Martha LONG on 8 Jan 1828 in , Orange Co., Virginia.

Other marriages:

NOTE: A, pp.89,104,105. Married at age 19 to Martha, age 26 or 27, with consent of father.

I got this email 12/99 from Karen Vanhorn:

"I was wondering if the Cornelius Wayland of your family might have been the father of a man by the name of Clement Wayland from the Madison county area. I have been researching my Chapman family ancestors and a man by the name of Clement Wayland (from Madison Co. VA who was a widower, and the son of Cornelius Wayland) married a woman by the name of Huldah (Layton) Chapman (from Spotsylvania Co who was a widow and the daughter of Robert Layton) in Taylor County, WV June 25, 1854. This would have made Clement born approximately 1809. This Clement & Huldah moved to Barbour County, WV for a while and I found them in Mason County, WV in 1880 then lost track of them. Any information would be immensely appreciated! If this is a relative of yours & mine - I have lots of information I'd like to share. [email protected]"

This Clement may have become a widower and married again like the one she is researching, as the1854 second marriage would fit in. I got this message from her again in 12/99:

The 1850 Orange County Census lists Huldah as Huldah Layton (32
year old female). Living with her were:
Ann - 14 year old female
William H- 13 year old male
Robert A - 11 year old male
James M- 8 year old male
Alonzo - 4 year old male
Bysa W - 3 year old male

I don't know why Huldah is listed as Layton (that was her maiden name, and each of the children with her are also listed as Layton instead of Chapman. (Unless perhaps she & William Chapman were divorced or something) Or maybe he was gone from the home and the census taker knew her personally and put her maiden name...there's alll kinds of

In the list of Taylor Co., WV marriages, the list reads:
Wayland, Clement 45 (W) Madison Co VA;
Chapman, Hulda B 36 (W) Spotsylvania Co
VA; Taylor
Robert Layton 25 June 1854

The Barbour County WV courthouse has death records for Barbour/Taylor counties: Bysa (Bisa) Chapman died August 24, 1855 in Taylor County, WV of scarlet fever. The death was reported by Clement Wayland (stepfather) and listed the parents as Wm & Huldah B. Chapman of Orange Co, VA..

In 1860, Clement & Huldah were living in Barbour County, WV with James listed as head of household. I lost track of them until 1880 and then I found them living in Mason Co. WV with their daughter Molly W. Roush (wife of W.H. Roush). Molly's marriage certificate lists her
place of birth as Upshur Co. WV. I have not been there yet to obtain a birth certificate to verify that as fact. But Molly & William .H. Roush were married April 25, 1870 in Mason County, WV. Molly's name on her marriae certificate lists Mary W. Wayland & her age on her marriage
certificate lists her as 18 years of age, which would have made her born in 1852, and lists her parents as Clement & Huldah Wayland. I don't know if she was born out of wedlock or what. Also in the household during the 1880 census was S.H. Wayland their son. My cousin who just
past away told me S.H. Wayland stood for "Shelton" or something like that. She believed he (S.H. Wayland) was a casket salesman.

William H. Roush died August 30, 1884 at the age of 34 of typhoid fever. He was a coal miner. His parents names were F. Philip & Mahala Kein Roush.

It might be interesting to note that my great-great grandfather James Chapman (Huldah's son) married his wife in Marietta Ohio (which is right across from Mason Co. WV). Also, when I found Clement & Huldah with Molly & her husband in Mason Co., WV in 1880, I also found Alonzo living in Mason Co. WV (he left his wife & kids). I've often tried to figure out the magnetism of Mason County, WV & Marietta, Ohio back in the 1800's. That would have been a very, very long way for them to travel from Barbour County. There had to be some kind of family connection over in that area. I plan to make my next research trip to that area.

I hope this helps you some. I will keep you updated as I find out more information. As I said, I've been trying to find Huldah's first husband, William Chapman, but for 17 years I've found nothing. My daughter got me Webtv for Christmas, so I decided to try to take a new avenue and see if I might find William by learning about Clement. I was snooping around and found your website & Cornelius and Clement's names. That is how I came to write to you.

Martha LONG was born in 1801. She died before 1854. Martha married Clement WAYLAND on 8 Jan 1828 in , Orange Co., Virginia.

NOTE: A, p.104

They had the following children:

  F i Susan C. WAYLAND
  M ii Robert Benjamin WAYLAND

Elijah WEAVER [Parents] was born in 1808 in , Madison Co., Virginia. He died after 1857. Elijah married Frances A. WAYLAND on 19 Jun 1832 in , Madison Co., Virginia.

NOTE: A, pp.89,90; Lived in Monroe Co., Missouri in 1857.

Married his first cousin. His son, Benjamin, also married first cousin, all Waylands, which is a dangerous amount of intermarriage. He is found in the 1850 Madison Co. VA census as age 42, others are: Benjamin F. age 16; Quintus C. age 11; and Thomas G. age 10. They are on the same page as Benjamin C. Wayland (1336) and Elijah's other two children, are listed in Benjamin's household: Ann C. Weaver age 15 and Elijah F. Weaver age 8.

Frances A. WAYLAND [Parents] was born about 1810 in , , Virginia. She died in 1842 in , , Virginia. Frances married Elijah WEAVER on 19 Jun 1832 in , Madison Co., Virginia.

NOTE: A, p.89,106; Madison Co. Marriage Reg. 1, p.276

She is deceased when father's will read in 1843.
She married Elijah (her own first cousin), and her son
Benjamin married his first cousin. She apparently died the same year as her last child was born, perhaps in childbirth.

They had the following children:

  M i Benjamin F. WEAVER
  F ii Ann C. WEAVER was born in 1835 in , , Virginia.

NOTE: A, p.106
  M iii Quintus C. WEAVER was born in 1839 in , , Virginia.

NOTE: A, p.106
  M iv Thomas G. WEAVER was born in 1840 in , , Virginia.

NOTE: A, p.106
  M v Elijah F. WEAVER was born in 1842 in , , Virginia.

NOTE: A, p.106

Elbridge Gerry WAYLAND [Parents] was born on 12 Feb 1812 in Madison Co., VA. He died on 2 Jun 1883. Elbridge married Martha Ann GAAR on 27 Apr 1837 in , Madison Co., Virginia.

NOTE: A, pp.89,105; B, p.80; Dove, p.306

In the 1850 census, he is listed as "merchant".

Martha Ann GAAR [Parents] was born in 1821. She married Elbridge Gerry WAYLAND on 27 Apr 1837 in , Madison Co., Virginia.

NOTE: A, p.105; Dove, pp.306,307

Daughter of Willis Garr. The above Dove reference shows a picture of the old Garr home (beautiful three-story house + basement) built by Willis Garr between 1826 and 1832, and lists members of the Garr family and their dates. House is beautifully restored by the present owners and is located about seven miles south of the Madison County courthouse on Route 29. Originally incl. 1245 acres

They had the following children:

  F i Marian Victoria WAYLAND
  F ii Laura A. WAYLAND was born in 1841 in Madison Co., VA.

NOTE: A, p.105
  F iii Sarah Dandridge WAYLAND
  M iv William Elbridge WAYLAND
  M v Burrus Franklin WAYLAND
  F vi Elizabeth F. WAYLAND was born in 1849 in Madison Co., VA.

NOTE: A, pp.105,106
  M vii George Willis WAYLAND
  M viii Melville Cave WAYLAND

Benjamin C. WAYLAND [Parents] was born in 1820 in , Madison Co., Virginia. He died on 10 Feb 1878 in , Madison Co., Virginia. Benjamin married Elizabeth Merry BUCKNER.

NOTE: A, pp.87-89,106; B, p.80; Dove, pp.56,240.

Vee Dove, in her beautiful book with photos entitled "Madison County Homes", says that Benjamin acquired his father's property on the Rapidan River (photo of house), but lost it in business reverses and built another home (photo) about 1860 on land given them by wife's father. Dove gives descendants. Benjamin is found in the 1850 Madison Co. VA census as age 30 with wife Elizabeth age 22; and Selinda Wayland age 2. Also in the family on this census are Ann Weaver age 15 and Elijah F. Weaver age 8, her nephews that she is helping to raise because of their mother's death.

Dr. John W. Wayland's notes says: "Dec. 2, 1958, letter from Dr. O. Garth Fitzhugh, 4208 Dresden St., Kensington,(Md.?) grandson of Linda Wayland, dtr. of Benj. C. Wayland (1820-1878) and wife Elizabeth Merry Buckner (1827-1902) of Madison Co., Va."

He was apparently a Confederate veteran. This site: http://eagle.vsla.edu/conpen/virtua-basic.html
Has an actual copy of the widow's pension request his wife wrote out in 1900, couple of years before her death. It only became available in 1900.

Elizabeth Merry BUCKNER was born on 11 Jul 1827. She died on 20 May 1902 in Madison Co., Virginia. Elizabeth married Benjamin C. WAYLAND.

NOTE: A, p.106. Her middle name from another source is "Mary."

The more particular info is from family.

They had the following children:

  F i Melinda Wyle WAYLAND
  F ii Annie WAYLAND

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