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Immigrant to Virginia prior to1720, Thomas Wieland and related lines

Thomas L. GORHAM [Parents] was born about 1830 in MO. He married Sarah Frances GORHAM.

Sarah Frances GORHAM [Parents] was born about 1840. She married Thomas L. GORHAM.

They had the following children:

  F i Sarah Frances GORHAM

Toulman Taylor Robert Baylor Claiborn Cotton GORHAM [Parents] was born about 1808. He died in 1837 in Missouri. Toulman married Martha A. F. VIVIAN.

His full name was "Toulman Taylor Robert Baylor Claiborn Cotton Gorham" according to "A Family Called Fort" book.

Gorham, Taulmarr R.B.C. -- Will; wife Martha A.F.; dau. Sarah F. Gorham; Thomas I. Gorham & William Fort, Admr's; p. 22 Aug 1837

Martha A. F. VIVIAN was born about 1810. She married Toulman Taylor Robert Baylor Claiborn Cotton GORHAM.

They had the following children:

  F i Frankie GORHAM was born about 1835.
  F ii Sarah Frances GORHAM

Tillman Holtzclaw KEMPER [Parents] was born about 1804. He married Dorcas SEARCY.

This was posted 8/99:

I have been interested in the discussion on this line as I am connected
through my gg-grandfather, Tillman Holtzclaw Kemper and his wife Dorcas
Searcy. My Tillman was the son of Benjamin James Kemper, a brother to Nimrod
Kemper whose second marriage was to Lucy Anderson Searcy. My Dorcas was
Lucy's sister. I little confusing as a Kemper uncle and nephew married
Searcy sisters.

The Searcy family is very difficult and oftentimes confusing to research as I
have found out for the past 20+ years. Lucy and Dorcas' father, Richard
Searcy, seems to have married twice in Madison Co, KY, to what are believed
to have been sisters (?). The first was in 1792 to Dorcas Alcorn and the
second time in 1801 to Susannah Alcorn. I have seen the marriage bonds for
both and the signature of Richard appears the same to me. Lucy and Dorcas'
mother was Susannah Alcorn. As far as Richard Searcy's mother, while it is
commonly accepted there has been no proof that I am aware of that she was an
Anderson. There are some who believe that she was Lucy Williams, a sister of
Judge John Williams of either Hanover Co, VA or Granville Co, NC ( I don't
recall which off the top of my head). There is probably still an Anderson
connection with the Searcys but that may have to be determined once Lucy's
name is proved.

On another item I saw in these discussions I believe that it was speculated
that the prominent Kemper banking family of Kansas City was descended from
the brother of John Kemper, the 1714 immigrant. Actually, the Kansas City
bankers, Rufus and James Madison Kemper, are descended from the 1714
immigrant through his son Henry Kemper and Henry's wife Letitia Whitesides.
They were also the ancestors of General William Harrison Kemper of the Civil

Sorry if this is confusing but hope it helps someone.

Dennis Kemper

Dorcas SEARCY [Parents] was born about 1807. She married Tillman Holtzclaw KEMPER.

Benjamin James KEMPER [Parents] was born about 1784.

He had the following children:

  M i Tillman Holtzclaw KEMPER

Daniel REINER [Parents] was born on 1 Jan 1760 in Culpeper Co., VA. He died about 1839 in Madison Co., VA. Daniel married Elizabeth FLESHMAN.

Elizabeth FLESHMAN was born about 1765. She married Daniel REINER.

They had the following children:

  M i Aaron REINER was born on 30 Jan 1794 in VA. He died after 1850 in Greene Co., VA.

The six hundred and eighty-ninth note in a series on the Germanna Colonies

Another Reiner family for which there is some information is the family of
Aaron who descended from Daniel from Christian from Johann Dietrich. Aaron
was born 30 Jan 1794 (Hebron church records, the last Reiner recorded in the
extant records of the church.) Aaron died in Greene Co., VA some time after
1850. He first married Polly Blankenbaker (Madison Co. Marriage Bonds, page
266) in 1819 with the bond on 30 Nov. By the 1850 census, his wife was
Catherine and it is not clear when this second marriage occurred. In Greene
Co. in 1850 there was only one Reiner family consisting of Aaron, aged 52
(should have been 56), Catherine, aged 52, William 26, Martha J. 23, David
21, Elizabeth 19, Jacob 20, and Robert Ryner 5. There was also an Albert
Ryner in the family of Joah Core, age 76. The interpretation of this data,
depends on how Martha is treated. If she is the wife of William, then Robert
is probably their son. This seems to be the most likely event as Catherine
is almost too old to be the mother of Robert. It is not certain who was the
mother of Aaron's children.

Dan Cook writes that he seems to be the only serious Reiner researcher on
the list here. If there are more of you working on the line, Dan would
surely like to hear from you. Dan writes that the phrase which has been
interpreted as "disinheriting" Christian was, "Son Christian Riner not to
have any part of the land unless older brothers and his mother think
proper." Interpreting such a phrase is risky.

Dan also writes that interpreting the death and movement of John Reiner and
his family is fraught with possibilities for error. I reported that John
died in Madison Co., VA about 1820. It is a recorded fact that members of
his family were engaged in business deals at this time in Monroe Co. Later,
the widow and children were living in Monroe Co. So the move of the family
from Madison Co. to Monroe Co. may have been underway before John died.

Perhaps next time, I can show how close Daniel Reiner (father of Aaron) and
Jacob Blankenbaker were. They sponsored the children of each other on
several occasions. I have an ulterior motive in doing so as this Jacob
Blankenbaker is a mystery. After appearing frequently in the records, he
just disappears.

The six hundred and ninetieth note in a series on the Germanna Colonies

My attention was drawn to Jacob Blankenbaker upon reading the information
about him in Germanna Record 13. Of the two Jacobs in the eighteenth century
Virginia, this was the younger one, a nephew of the other. It did not take
long to realize that the information about him in the Record was incorrect.
He did not marry Elizabeth Weaver and he did not move to Kentucky (that was
his uncle). Looking in the German Lutheran church records (now called
Hebron), one is struck by the close association between Jacob and the
Reiners. And so my first introduction to the Reiners was made.

When Daniel Reiner and his wife Elizabeth had four children baptized, from
1788 to 1794, Jacob Blankenbaker was a sponsor on three occasions and once
he was joined by his wife, Elizabeth. In fact, on this occasion, they were
the only sponsors. Then for the baptism of Mary and Daniel, the two children
of Jacob and his wife in the Register, three of the five sponsors have the
name Reiner. (At these baptisms, the wife of Jacob is not named but we know
she was Elizabeth from the recording of her name at the baptism of Aaron

Daniel Reiner married Elizabeth Fleshman which is an easy claim to believe
since the Fleshman name is common at the baptism of Daniel and Elizabeth's
children. This leaves the best probability to be that Jacob's wife was
Elizabeth Reiner.

As we have been looking at the Reiners, we observed that the Reiners and the
Fleshmans were on friendly terms. Since the Fleshman and the Blankenbakers
share a common ancestor (Anna Barbara Sch´┐Żn), it not surprising the Reiners,
Fleshmans, and the Blankenbakers were well acquainted with each other.

When the Reiner history is consulted, Daniel does have a sister Elizabeth.
So Daniel Reiner and his wife Elizabeth Fleshman and Jacob Blankenbaker and
his wife Elizabeth Reiner made a cozy group with common bonds of ancestry
and age.

Finding the correct wife for Jacob was the key to correcting several other
errors in the Germanna Record in the Utz, Weaver, and Blankenbaker families.
That was a satisfying part. The frustrating part is that I have never
learned the eventual fate of Jacob, Elizabeth, and their two children, Mary
and Daniel (named for his uncle).

John Blankenbaker ([email protected])
P.O. Box 120, Chadds Ford, PA 19317-0120

John Blankenbaker ([email protected])
P.O. Box 120, Chadds Ford, PA 19317-0120

Joel Addison FINKS [Parents] was born on 28 Mar 1781 in VA. He died on 5 Mar 1870. Joel married Frances WILHITE on 25 Nov 1806.

Frances WILHITE was born about 1783 in VA. She married Joel Addison FINKS on 25 Nov 1806.

They had the following children:

  M i Joel Addison FINKS

Joel Addison FINKS [Parents] was born in 1814 in VA. He died in MO. Joel married Elizabeth SETTLE on 27 Jun 1839 in Ralls Co., MO.

Marriage record is found in "Missouri Marriages Before 1840."

Elizabeth SETTLE was born about 1820. She married Joel Addison FINKS on 27 Jun 1839 in Ralls Co., MO.

George PACE was born in 1817 in KY. He married Virinda F. FINKS on 6 Sep 1838 in Howard Co., MO.

For children, see note under wife.

Virinda F. FINKS [Parents] was born in 1814 in VA. She married George PACE on 6 Sep 1838 in Howard Co., MO.

Her marriage is found in the book, "Missouri Marriages Before 1840."
The below was posted 8/99 by Worth Anderson :

Virinda F. Finks, the daughter of Elias and Mary (Berrey) Finks, and
granddaughter of Mark and Eve (Fisher) Finks and Acrey and Mary (Hurt)
Berrey, born 1814 Virginia; married George Pace, born 1817, Kentucky. I
have five children for them, all born in Missouri: (i) Mary C. Pace, born
1839; (ii) Lydia A. Pace (twin), born 1841; (iii) Jane Pace (twin) born
1841, (iv) John Pace, born 1842; and (v) Sarah E. Pace, born 1844.

Tillman WEAVER was born about 1700. He married Ann Elisabeth CUNTZ.

Ann Elisabeth CUNTZ was born about 1700. She married Tillman WEAVER.

They had the following children:

  F i Ann WEAVER

William HORTON was born about 1829 in KY. He married Margaret RUNYON.

Margaret RUNYON [Parents] was born about 1829 in MO. She married William HORTON.

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