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Pedigees 486-490: Ancestors of Paul Bailey MCBRIDE

Ancestors of Paul Bailey MCBRIDE

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Pedigree 486

Joan FitzBernard  [previous]

Pedigree 487

  *Richard de CLARE (1222-1262) [more]
Thomas de CLARE (1245-1287) [previous]
  *Maud de LACY (1222-1288) [more]

Pedigree 488

                  *Gerald of Windsor (-1136) [more]
               Maurice FitzGerald (1100-1177)
                  *Nest of_Wales (1073-) [more]
           Gerald FitzMaurice (1150-1203)
                   Arnulph MONTGOMERY 
               Alice de MONTGOMERY (1105-)
                   Lafracoth O'Brien 
       Maurice FITZGERALD (1190-1257)
               Robert de BERMINGHAM 
           Eve de BERMINGHAM (-1226)
   Maurice FitzMaurice FitzGerald (1238-1286)
                   William de COGAN 
               Richard de COGAN (-1238)
           John de COGAN (-1278)
                   Walter RIDDISFORD (-1226)
               Basilie de RIDELSFORD 
                  *Amabilis FITZHENRY (1140-) [more]
       Juliana de COGAN 
                   Philip de PRENDERGAST 
               Gerald de PRENDERGAST (-1251)
                   Maud de QUINCY 
           Marie de PRENDERGAST 
                  *Theobald FITZWALTER (1160-1205) [more]
               Maud WALTER 
                  *Maud le VAVASOUR (1187-1226) [more]
Juliana FitzMaurice (1266-1300) [previous]
	    Maurice de Prendergast
         Philip de Prendergast [1170-1229]
      Gerald de Prendergast [1200-1251]
	    Robert de Quincy [1145-1172]
         Maud de Quincy
	       Richard "Strongbow" de Clare [1130-1176]
	    Basile de Clare [1158-1203]
   Maud de Prendergast

Note: Juliana is not the daughter of Emmeline de LONGESPEE (1250-1291). See postings in soc.genealogy.medieval by Douglas Richardson, 25 Feb 2000 and 20 Apr 2003 for ancestry of Maud de Prendergast.

Pedigree 489

                   William FITZALAN 
               William II FITZALAN (-1172)
                   Isabel de SAY 
           John FITZALAN (1164-1240)
                  *Henry_II Curtmantle (1132-1189) [more]
               (Miss) FITZHENRY 
                  *Rosamond CLIFFORD  [more]
       John FITZALAN (1223-1267)
              *William d' AUBIGNY (1165-1220) [more]
           Isabel d' AUBIGNY (1203-)
              *Mabel of_Chester (1172-) [more]
   John FITZALAN (1246-1271)
          *Theobald le BOTILLER (BUTLER) (1200-1230) [more]
       Maud le BOTELER (1225-1283)
          *Rohese de VERDUN (1200-1247) [more]
Richard FITZALAN de_Arundel (1266-1301) [previous]
      *Roger MORTIMER (1231-1282) [more]
   Isabella MORTIMER (1248-1300)
      *Maud de BRAIOSE (1226-1300) [more]

Pedigree 490

                   Manfredo I 
               Manfredo II (-1215)
                   Eleanore of Arborea 
           Bonifacio (-1212)
                   William III de MONTFERRAT 
               Alice de MONTFERRAT (1160-)
                   Judith of Austria 
       Manfredo III (-1244)
                   Barisone II 
               Comita III (-1216)
                   Preziosa di Orrubu 
           Maria of Torres 
               Spella di ARBOREA 
   Thomas I (1244-1296)
              *Thomas I of SAVOY (1178-1233) [more]
           Amadeo IV (1197-1253)
              *Beatrix (Marguerite) de Geneva and Faucigny (1179-1257) [more]
       Beatrice of Savoy (1224-1259)
                  *Eudes_II de BOURGOGNE (1118-1162) [more]
               Hugues III de BOURGOGNE (1148-1192)
                  *Marie de CHAMPAGNE (1128-1190) [more]
           Anne (1192-1242)
                   Guigues V de VIENNOIS 
               Beatrice de VIENNOIS (1162-1228)
                   Beatrice de MONTFERRAT 
Alasia de_Saluzzo (1271-1292) [previous]
                   Anselmo di Ceva 
               Guglielmo I di Ceva (1145-1197)
           Guglielmo II (1180-1219)
                   (Mr.) de VENTO 
               (Miss) di VENTO 
       Giorgio di CEVA (-1268)
              *Manfredo II (-1215) [more]
           (Miss) di SALUZZO (1185-)
              *Alice de MONTFERRAT (1160-) [more]
   Luisa de_Cave (1245-1291)
           Albert de ESTE 
       Elisa de ESTE 

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