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Pedigees 226-230: Ancestors of Paul Bailey MCBRIDE

Ancestors of Paul Bailey MCBRIDE

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Pedigree 226

      *Godfrey FOLJAMBE (1316-1376) [more]
   Godfrey FOLJAMBE (1343-1375)
      *Avena IRELAND  [more]
Margery FOLJAMBE (-1453) [previous]
       Pagnus de VILERS 
   Margaret de VILERS (1351-)

Pedigree 227

                   Simon le SCROPE 
               Henry le SCROPE (-1224)
           William le SCROPE (1229-)
                   Roger BRUN 
               Juliane BRUN 
       William le SCROPE (1245-1303)
   Geoffrey le SCROPE (-1340)
               Gille de NEWSHAM (1191-)
           Thomas de NEWSHAM (1223-)
       Constance de NEWSHAM (1250-1340)
Henry le SCROPE (1312-1392) [previous]
                  *Everard de ROS (-1183) [more]
               Robert de ROS (1177-1226)
                  *Roese TRUSSEBUT  [more]
           William de ROS (1193-1264)
                  *William_I "the Lion" (1143-1214) [more]
               Isabel of Scotland (1165-)
                  *Isabel de AVENAL  [more]
       William de ROS (1244-1310)
              *Piers FITZHERBERT (-1235) [more]
           Lucy FITZPIERS (-1266)
              *Alice de WARKWORTH (-1225) [more]
   Juetta ROS (-1331)
               Hugh FITZRALPH 
           Ralph FITZHUGH 
                   Ralph de GREASLEY 
               Agnes GREASLEY 
       Eustache FITZHUGH 

Pedigree 228

                  *John de STRABOLGI  [more]
               David de STRABOLGI I (-1270)
                  *Ada (-1266) [more]
           John de STRABOLGI (-1306)
                  *Richard of_Dover  [more]
       David de STRABOLGI II (1290-1326)
           Margery of_Mar 
   David de STRABOLGI III (1309-1335)
                  *John COMYN (-1273) [more]
               John COMYN (-1303)
           John COMYN (-1306)
                  *John de BALIOL (-1269) [more]
               Eleanor de BALIOL 
                  *Devorguilla of_Galloway (-1289) [more]
       Joane COMYN (-1326)
                  *Hugh X "le Brun" de LUSIGNAN (1169-1246) [more]
               William de VALENCE (1225-1296)
                  *Isabella of Angouleme TAILLEFER (1188-1246) [more]
           Joan de VALENCE 
                  *Warin de MUNCHENSI (-1255) [more]
               Joan de MUNCHENSI (-1307)
                  *Joan MARSHAL (1204-1234) [more]
David de STRABOLGI IV (1327-1369) [previous]
                  *Erard II de BRIENNE (-1191) [more]
               Jean de BRIENNE (1168-1237)
                  *Agnes de MONTFAUCON (-1186) [more]
           Louis "d'Acre" de BRIENNE (-1297)
                  *Alfonso IX "the Slobberer" of Leon (1166-1229) [more]
               Berengaria of_Leon (1198-1237)
                  *Berengaria of_Castile (1181-1244) [more]
       Henry de BEAUMONT (-1339)
                  *Richard_I de BEAUMONT (-1194) [more]
               Raoul_VIII de BEAUMONT -au-Maine (-1235)
                  *Lucie de l' AIGLE (-1217) [more]
           Agnes de BEAUMONT 
   Catherine de BEAUMONT (-1368)
                  *William COMYN (-1233) [more]
               Alexander COMYN (-1290)
                  *Margaret of Buchan  [more]
           Alexander COMYN 
                  *Roger de QUINCEY (1195-1264) [more]
               Elizabeth de QUINCY 
                  *Helen of Galloway  [more]
       Alice COMYN (-1349)
           Joan le LATIMER 

Pedigree 229

              *William de FERRERS (1193-1254) [more]
           William FERRERS (1240-1287)
                  *Roger de QUINCEY (1195-1264) [more]
               Margaret de QUINCY (-1280)
                  *Helen of Galloway  [more]
       William de FERRERS (1271-1324)
              *Hugh le DESPENSER (1223-1265) [more]
           Anne le DESPENSER 
              *Aline (Aliva) BASSET (1246-1281) [more]
   Henry de FERRERS (1294-1343)
              *Nicholas de SEGRAVE (1238-1395) [more]
           John de SEGRAVE (1256-1325)
              *Maud LUCY (1239-) [more]
       Ellen de SEAGRAVE 
                   John de PLESSIS (-1262)
               Hugh de PLESSY (1244-1292)
                  *Christian de SANFORD (-1242) [more]
           Christine de PLESSY 
                   John BISET (-1241)
               Isabel BISET 
                  *Alice (Aliva) BASSET (1184-1263) [more]
Elizabeth de FERRERS (-1375) [previous]
                  *Theobald le BOTILLER (BUTLER) (1200-1230) [more]
               John de VERDUN (-1274)
                  *Rohese de VERDUN (1200-1247) [more]
           Theobald de VERDUN (1248-1309)
                  *Gilbert de LACY (1200-1230) [more]
               Margaret de LACY (-1256)
                  *Isabel BIGOD (1210-1230) [more]
       Theobald de VERDUN (1278-1316)
           Margery (Eleanor) 
   Isabel de VERDUN (1316-1349)
          *Gilbert "the Red" de CLARE (1243-1295) [more]
       Elizabeth de CLARE (1295-1360)
          *Joan of_Acre PLANTAGENET (1272-1307) [more]

Pedigree 230

John WOODRUFFE  [previous]
       William DRANSFIELD 
   Elizabeth DRANSFIELD 

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