File 102: Ancestors of Paul Bailey MCBRIDE

Ancestors of Paul Bailey MCBRIDE


Geata [Pedigree]

Son of Taetwa


  1. Godwulf

Gebhard Count of Logenahe [Pedigree]

Married dau. of Engeltron


  1. Eudes of Logenahe Count of Logenahe m. dau. of Conrad_I of_Burgundy

References: [AR7]

Gebhard Duke of Lorraine, Count von Wetterau [Pedigree]


  1. Eldo Count von Wettarau (-0949) m. (Miss) de VERMANDOIS (-943)

References: [ES],[RFC]

Gebhard I Count von Sulzbach (-1080) [Pedigree]

Son of Hermann IV Duke of Swabia (-1038) and Adelaide de Montferrat (1034-1091)

    d. ABT 1080 (MURDERED)

Married (Miss) von NORDGAU


  1. Gebhard II Count von Sulzbach (1058-1085) m. Irmgard von Rot (-1101)

References: [RFC]

Gebhard II Count von Sulzbach (1058-1085) [Pedigree]

Son of Gebhard I Count von Sulzbach (-1080) and (Miss) von NORDGAU

       Built the Castle of Sulzbach near Bamburg in Bavaria.
    b. ABT 1058
    d. ABT 1085

Married Irmgard von Rot (-1101)


  1. Berenger_I Count of Sulzbach (1080-1125) m. Adelaide von WOLFRATSHAUSEN (1084-1126)

References: [RFC],[AR7]

Gefion (241-) [Pedigree]
    b. c. 241

Married Skjold King of the Danes (237-)

Children: [listed under entry for Skjold]

References: [RFC]

Geldouin_I Seigneur of Dol [Pedigree]


  1. Jeanne m. Raoul de FOUGERES Seigneur of Fougeres (-1194)

References: [AR7]

Geoffrey FitzPiers 4th Earl of Essex (1165-1213) [Pedigree]

Son of Piers de_Lutegareshale (1134-1198) and Maud de MANDEVILLE Lady of Costow (1138-)

       REF AR7. Justiciar of England.
       Chief Justiciar of England; Constable of the Tower of London.
    b. 1165, Northampton, Eng.
    lv. 1184
    r. Walden, Essex, Eng.
    d. 14 Oct 1213
    bur. Shouldham Priory, Essex, Eng.

Married first Beatrice de SAY (-1197)


  1. Geoffrey fitz Geoffrey de MANDEVILLE 5th Earl of Essex (-1216)
  2. William fitz Geoffrey de MANDEVILLE 6th Earl of Essex (-1228)
  3. Maud fitz Geoffrey de MANDEVILLE (1178-1236) m. Henry de BOHUN 1st Earl of Hereford and Essex (1176-1220)

Married second Aveline de CLARE (1172-1225)


  1. Sir John FITZGEOFFREY Sheriff of Yorkshire Justiciar of Ireland (1208-1258) m. Isabel BIGOD (1210-1230)
  2. Hawise FITZPIERS (1210-1243) m(2) Sir Reynold II de MOHUN (1206-1258)

Married third Isabel of Gloucester Countess (1168-1217)

References: [AR7],[MCS4],[PlantagenetA],[Weis1],[CP],[WallopFH], [ConverseA],[PresidentsA],[ES],[PRES.GED],[OFHSN], [BurkeDEP],[EnglishP]

Geoffrey I de Gastinois Count of the Gatinais (-1000) [Pedigree]

Son of Aubri of Gastinois Count of Gastinois

       Count in the Gatinais and Chateau-Landon.
    d. 1000

Married Beatrice de Macon


  1. Aubri-Geoffrey of the Gatinais Count of the Gatinais (1000-1046) m. Ermengarde of_Anjou (1018-1076)

References: [RFC],[AR7],[PlantagenetA]

Geoffrey I de Semur Seigneur de Semur [Pedigree]

Married (Miss) de Brioude


  1. Geoffrey II de Semur Seigneur de Semur (-1019) m. Matilda of Chalons (-1016)

References: [ES],[PlantagenetA]

Geoffrey II de Chateaudun Vicomte de Chateaudun [Pedigree]

Son of Warine of Perche Count of Perche and Melisende of Chateaudun

Married Melisinde of Rotrou


  1. Geoffrey III de Chateaudun Vicomte de Chateaudun (-1040) m. Helvise of Mortagne

References: [WallopFH],[PlantagenetA],[RFC]

Geoffrey II de Perche Count of Perche and Mortagne (-1100) [Pedigree]

Son of Routrou_I Vicount of Chateaudun Count Mortagne, Vicomte de Chateaudan (-1049) and Adeline de_Domfront

       REF AR7. Fought at Hastings 14 Oct 1066.
       Seigneur de Mortaigne
    r. Perche, Normandy, France
    d. Oct 1100

Married Beatrice of Roucy (-1129)


  1. Margaret de PERCHE (-1156) m. Henry de NEWBURGH 1st Earl of Warwick (1046-1123)
  2. Routrou II Count de Perche (-1144) m(1) Matilda FITZHENRY Princess of England (1086-1120)
  3. Juliana of Perche (1069-1109) m(2) Gilbert II Seigneur de l'Aigle (-1096)

References: [AR7],[Paget1],[ConverseA],[ES],[WallopFH],[Weis1], [MRL]

Geoffrey II de Semur Seigneur de Semur (-1019) [Pedigree]

Son of Geoffrey I de Semur Seigneur de Semur and (Miss) de Brioude

    b. of Semur, Cote-d'Or, France
    d. 1019

Married Matilda of Chalons (-1016)


  1. Dalmas_I of_Semur-en-Auxois Lord Semur de Brienne (-1055) m. Arembourge de Vergy (-1060)

References: [ES],[PlantagenetA],[RFC],[RoyalAAF],[AR7]

Geoffrey III de Chateaudun Vicomte de Chateaudun (-1040) [Pedigree]

Son of Geoffrey II de Chateaudun Vicomte de Chateaudun and Melisinde of Rotrou

       Also Seigneur de Nogent-le-Rotrou and Count of Mortagne.
    d. 1040

Married Helvise of Mortagne


  1. Routrou_I Vicount of Chateaudun Count Mortagne, Vicomte de Chateaudan (-1049) m. Adeline de_Domfront

References: [PlantagenetA],[RFC]

Geoffrey d' Arques [Pedigree]

Married Amelie Arques


  1. William d' ARQUES m. Beatrice de BOLEBEC

References: [PlantagenetA]

Geoffrey de Porhoet Vicomte de Porhoet (-1141) [Pedigree]

Son of Eudon_I Viscount de Porhoet et de Rennes and Anne de Leon (-1092)

    d. 1141

Married Hawise


  1. Alan la ZOUCHE (-1190) m. Alice de Blemeis

References: [AR7]

Geoffrey of the Gatinais Count in the Gatinais [Pedigree]

Son of Bouchard Prefect of the Royal Hunt


  1. Aelinde de GATINAIS (848-) m. Ingelger I Count of Anjou, Viscount of Orleans (845-)

References: [RFC],[GENSERV]

Geoffrey of_Brittany Duke of Brittany (980-1008) [Pedigree]

Son of Conan_I "le Tort" of_Rennes Count of Bretagne and Rennes (0927-992) and Ermangarde d' ANJOU (952-992)

    b. ABT 980
    d. 1008

Married Hawise of Normandy (-1034)


  1. Eudes of Brittany Count of Brittany and Penthievre (-1079) m. Agnes of Cornwall (1018-)
  2. Alan_III of_Brittany Duke of Brittany (997-1040) m. Bertha of CHARTRES (-1085)
  3. Emma m. Ivon Vicount of Cotentin

References: [AR7],[PlantagenetA],[ES],[Weis1],[Theroff],[RFC], [YorkshireV]

Geoffroy I "Grisegonnelle" Count of Anjou (940-987) [Pedigree]

Son of Foulques II "le Bon" d' ANJOU Count of Anjou (909-958) and Gerberge du Maine (913-952)

       Seneschal of France.
    b. ABT 940, of Anjou, France
    b. ABT 938
    r. Anjou, France
    d. 21 Jul 987

Married Adelaide de_Vermandois (-975)


  1. Ermangarde d' ANJOU (952-992) m. Conan_I "le Tort" of_Rennes Count of Bretagne and Rennes (0927-992)
  2. Adela (Blanca) D' ANJOU (0960-1029) m. William I Count of PROVENCE (0958-1018)
  3. Fulk_III the_Black Count of Anjou (970-1040) m(1) Hildegarde of_Lorraine (-1046)
  4. Girberge GRISGONELLE (0982-)
  5. Foulques III "le Noir" d' ANJOU Count d'Anjou (0987-)

References: [GENSERV],[AR7],[Paget1],[Weis1],[PlantagenetA], [ES],[Theroff]

Geoffroy I de Mayenne [Pedigree]

Married (Miss) de Bretagne Mayenne


  1. Juhel I de MAYENNE (-980) m. Etienette de DOL

References: [PlantagenetA]

Geoffroy II Sire de Mayenne (-1169) [Pedigree]

Son of Juhel II de MAYENNE (-1161) and Clemence d' ALENCON (-1189)

    d. 18 Feb 1169 OR 25 Jul 1169

Married Isabel MEULLENT (-1220)


  1. Clemence de MAYENNE (-1209) m. Robert IV de SABLE (-1196)

References: [ES],[Talbot1],[PlantagenetA]

Geoffroy II Vicomte de Chateaudun (-1141) [Pedigree]

Son of Hugues III Vicomte de Chateaudun (-1110) and Agnes de FRETEVAL

    d. 1141

Married Hawise


  1. Hugues IV Vicomte de Chateaudun (-1180) m. Margaret de MONTDOUBLEAU

References: [PlantagenetA]

Geoffroy V d'Anjou 10th Count of Anjou (1113-1151) [Pedigree]

Son of Fulk V "the Young" 9th Count of Anjou (1092-1143) and Ermengarde du Maine Cts (1096-1126)

       Count of Maine, Duke of Normandy.
       According to the "Complete Peerage", revised edition, vol. 1
       (1910), p. 183, footnote (c):
       It is much to be wished that the surname "Plantagenet", which,
       since the time of Charles II, has been freely given to all the
       descendants of Geoffrey of Anjou, had some historical basis
       which would justify its use, for it forms a most convenient
       method of referring to the Edwardian kings and their numerous
       descendants. The fact is, however, as has been pointed out by
       Sir James Ramsay and other writers of our day, that the name,
       although a personal emblem of the aforesaid Geoffrey, was never
       borne by any of his descendants before Richard Plantagenet,
       Duke of York (father of Edward IV), who assumed it, apparently
       about 1448.
    b. 24 Nov 1113, Anjou, France
    d. 7 Sep 1151, LeMans, Maine, France
    d. 7 Sep 1151, Chateau-du-Loir, France

Married first Matilda (Maud) Queen of England (1102-1167)


  1. Henry_II Curtmantle King of England (1132-1189) m(1) Rosamond CLIFFORD
  2. Geoffrey VI of Anjou 12th Count of Anjou (1134-1157)
  3. William of Poitou Count of Poitou (1136-1164)
  4. Emma Princess of England m(3) David Gwynedd Prince of North Wales (-1204)

Married second Unknown Concubine


  1. Hamelin PLANTAGENET Earl of Surrey and Warenne (1130-1202) m. Isabel WARREN Countess of Surrey and Boulogne (1137-1203)

References: [FarisPA],[Weis1],[AR7],[APC],[Paget1], [PlantagenetA],[Talbot1],[RFC],[Baronage1],[MRL]

Georg [Pedigree]

Son of Demarg


  1. Richard

Gerald FitzMaurice Baron of Offaly 1st Baron Offaly (1150-1203) [Pedigree]

Son of Maurice FitzGerald Lord of Lanstephen, Wales (1100-1177) and Alice de MONTGOMERY (1105-)

    d. BEF 15 Jan 1203-4
    b. ABT 1150
    d. BEF 15 Jan 1203/4

Married Eve de BERMINGHAM (-1226)


  1. Maurice FITZGERALD Kt. 2nd Baron Offaly, Lord Lea (1190-1257) m. Juliana de COGAN

References: [AR7],[BurkeC],[MCP],[ConverseA],[MCS4], [PlantagenetA]

Gerald II Count of Geneva (-1061) [Pedigree]

Son of Aymon Count of Geneva (-1016) and Bertha of Burgundy

    b. of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland
    d. BET 1061/80

Married first Gisela of BURGUNDY (-1060)


  1. Jeanne of GENEVA (-1070) m. Amadeus II Count of Savoy, Maurienne, Marquis of Italy (1046-1080)

Married second Tietburge of Savoy


  1. Aimon I Count of Geneva (1050-1128) m. Ida of Faucigny (-1191)

References: [RFC],[ES],[PlantagenetA],[WallopFH],[Talbot1], [Moriarty]

Gerald of Windsor Constable of Pembroke (-1136) [Pedigree]

Son of Walter FitzOther (-1100) and Beatrice

       REF AR7. Constable of Pembroke Castle.
    b. of Carew, Pembrokeshire, Wales
    d. BEF 1136
    d. BEF 1136

Married Nest of_Wales (1073-)


  1. William de WINDSOR (-1173) m. Marrio
  2. Agnes WINDSOR (1092-)
  3. Maurice FitzGerald Lord of Lanstephen, Wales (1100-1177) m. Alice de MONTGOMERY (1105-)
  4. (Miss) WINDSOR

References: [AR7],[BurkeC],[MCP],[ConverseA],[Talbot1], [WallopFH],[BurkeP],[CarewG],[EnglishP],[LDS-AF], [ES],[PlantagenetA]

Gerard Seigneur de Vergy Count of Nevers, Duke of Burgundy [Pedigree]

Son of Uralon Seigneur de Vergy and Judith de Fonvens

       REF AR7. Father of Aremberge is shown as Henry (d. 1006).

Married Mahaut de CHALON (-1016)


  1. Arembourge de Vergy (-1060) m. Dalmas_I of_Semur-en-Auxois Lord Semur de Brienne (-1055)

References: [PlantagenetA],[AR7],[ES],[RoyalAAF],[RFC]

Gerard Vicomte de Limoges [Pedigree]

Married Rothilda de Braose


  1. Almode de Limoges (-1007) m. Adalbert I Count de la Marche, Perigord

References: [ES],[RFC]

Gerard Flamens Count von Teisterbaut (-1058) [Pedigree]

Son of Seigneur d'Antoing

    d. BEF 1058

Married (Miss) von BAR-LE-DUC


  1. Dietrich FLAMENS Count in the Velue (-1092)

References: [RFC]

Gerard II Count in Alsatian Nordgau (-1038) [Pedigree]

Son of Hugh_VI Count of Egisheim and Nordgau (960-1049) and Heilwig of Dagsburg (970-1046)

    d. 1038

Married Berta of Burgundy


  1. Gerhard III Count of Egisheim (-1075) m. Richarda (Petronilla) of Verdun (-1098)

References: [RFC],[Talbot1],[AR7]

Gerard de Fleitel [Pedigree]

Married (Miss) d' Evereux Fleitel


  1. Basilia de FLEITEL m. Hugh III de GOURNAY (1044-1110)

References: [PlantagenetA]

Gerard of_Lower_Alsace Count in Alsace (-1024) [Pedigree]

Son of Eberhard_IV Count of Alsatian Nordgau (870-972) and Luitgard of_Tier

    d. AFT 1024

Married Eva of Luxembourg (-1020)


  1. Adelaide of Nordgau (-1045) m. Henry_II of Spires Count of Spires Duke of Franconia, Carinthia (-0997)

References: [RFC],[AR7],[ES],[WallopFH]

Gerard_I Count of Auvergne [Pedigree]
    d. 841

Married dau. of Louis the Pious


  1. Rainulf_I Count of Poitou Duke of Aquitaine m. dau. of Rorick de Maine

References: [Theroff],[AR7]

Gerberga [Pedigree]

Married Bartholemew de l'Isle Bouchard (-1097)

Children: [listed under entry for Bartholemew de l'Isle Bouchard]

References: [Talbot1],[AR7],[ES],[RFC]

Gerberga (0564-) [Pedigree]

Daughter of Richemeres Duke of FRANCONIA (0538-) and Gertrudis Duchess of FRANCONIA (0540-)

    b. Abt 0564, Franconia, Germany

Married Ega (0560-0560)

Children: [listed under entry for Ega]

References: [GENSERV]

Gerberga de Provence Countess of Provence (1053-1112) [Pedigree]

Daughter of Fulk Bertrand Marquis & Count of Provence (-1051) and Hildegarde (Eveza) de TOULOUSE (-1040)

    b. BEF 1053
    d. BET 3 Feb 1112 AND Jan 1113

Married Gilbert di Gievaudun Viscount Gevaudan, Milhaud (1071-1110)

Children: [listed under entry for Gilbert di Gievaudun]

References: [ES],[PlantagenetA],[Talbot1],[MannEd],[AR7]

Gerberga of Lorraine Princess of Lorraine (935-) [Pedigree]

Daughter of Giselbert Count of Hainault, Duke of Lorraine (890-939) and Gerberga of_Saxony Princess of The Germans (-984)

    b. ABT 935
    r. Lorraine, France

Married Albert_I the_Pious Count of Vermandois (917-0987)

Children: [listed under entry for Albert_I the_Pious]

References: [AR7],[GENSERV],[RFC],[WallopFH],[Dewey1]

Gerberga of Macon (0970-986) [Pedigree]

Daughter of Leotald of Macon Count of Macon (0930-) and Adelaide (Adelais) Countess of Burgundy (914-967)

       Moriarty agrees with this lineage for Gerberga.
       ES, as cited by Stuart, gives her father as Othon of Macon.
       Heiress of Macon.
       Isenburg, chart 439, Vol. 3 says it is Lietaud of Macon.
    b. ABT 0970, Italy
    d. 11 Dec 986/991

Married first Adalbert Marquis of Ivrea King of Italy (936-971)

Children: [listed under entry for Adalbert]

Married second Henri de BOURGOGNE Duc de Bourgogne

References: [GENSERV],[WallopFH],[ES]

Gerberga of_Burgundy (-1016) [Pedigree]

Daughter of Conrad_I "the_Peaceful" King of Burgundy (925-0993) and Matilda of France (-981)

    b. 965
    d. 1016
    b. 965/66
    d. 1017

Married first Hermann_II Duke of Swabia (-1003)

Children: [listed under entry for Hermann_II]

Married second Bernard I von WERL Count in Westphalia (-992)

Children: [listed under entry for Bernard I von WERL]

References: [AR7],[ES],[PlantagenetA],[Moncreiffe],[RFC]

Gerberga of_Saxony Princess of The Germans (-984) [Pedigree]

Daughter of Henry I "the Fowler" King of The Germans (-936) and Matilda of_Oldenburg (878-968)

    b. 912, Nordhausen, Saxony, Germany
    b. 913/914, Nordhausen, Saxony, Prussia
    d. 5 May 984, Reims, Marne, France
    d. 5 May 984

Married first Giselbert Count of Hainault, Duke of Lorraine (890-939)

Children: [listed under entry for Giselbert]

Married second Louis_IV d'Outre-Mer King of France (920-954)

Children: [listed under entry for Louis_IV d'Outre-Mer]

Married third Louis IV " TRANSMARINUS" King of France (0921-0954)

Children: [listed under entry for Louis IV " TRANSMARINUS"]

References: [GENSERV],[AR7],[WallopFH],[Moncreiffe],[RFC],[MRL]

Gerberge [Pedigree]

Married Judicael Berengar Count of Rennes (-970)

Children: [listed under entry for Judicael Berengar]

References: [Theroff]

Gerberge du Maine (913-952) [Pedigree]

Daughter of Herve Count of Maine

       Her father may have been Theobald de Tours.
    b. ABT 913
    r. Maine, France
    d. ABT 952

Married Foulques II "le Bon" d' ANJOU Count of Anjou (909-958)

Children: [listed under entry for Foulques II "le Bon" d' ANJOU]

References: [GENSERV],[RFC],[AR7]

Gerberge of Boulogne (-1049) [Pedigree]

Daughter of Eustace I of Boulogne Count of Boulogne (1004-1049) and Mathilda de LOUVAIN

    d. BEF 1049

Married Frederick II Count Luxembourg, Margrave Antwerp, Lord Saarbrucken (1005-1065)

Children: [listed under entry for Frederick II]

References: [RFC]

Gerberge of Lorraine (975-1008) [Pedigree]

Daughter of Charles of_Lorraine Count of Lower Lorraine (-992) and Adelaide Countess of Vermandois, Troyes, Champagne

    b. ABT 975
    d. 27 Jan 1008
    b. ABT 975
    d. 27 Jan 1018

Married Lambert_I "The Bearded" Count of Mons and Louvain (950-1015)

Children: [listed under entry for Lambert_I "The Bearded"]

References: [Paget1],[AR7],[MRL]

Gerberge of Lorraine (-995) [Pedigree]

Daughter of Godfrey Duke of Lorraine, Count Palatine.

    d. ABT 995

Married Megingoz Count in Avalgau (-939)

Children: [listed under entry for Megingoz]

References: [RFC]

Gerberge of Macon (985-1023) [Pedigree]

Daughter of Othon Guillaume Count of Bourgogne, Macon, Dijon (958-1026) and Ermentrude de Roucy Countess of Macon (-1005)

    b. ABT 985
    d. ABT 1023

Married William II of Provence Count Provence (983-1018)

Children: [listed under entry for William II of Provence]

References: [ES],[PlantagenetA]

Gerd Gymersdottir of_Uppsala (239-) [Pedigree]

Daughter of Gymer of_Scandanavia (214-) and Orboda of_Berg (218-)

    b. c. 239

Married Yngvi-Frey of_Uppsala King of Sweden (235-)

Children: [listed under entry for Yngvi-Frey of_Uppsala]

References: [RFC]

Gerhard Burggrave von Rieneck and Mainz (-1127) [Pedigree]
    d. AFT 1127

Married Hedwig von BLIESKASTEL


  1. Agnes von MAINZ m. Arnold I Count von Loos (-1135)

References: [RFC],[Talbot1],[ES]

Gerhard Count in the Metzgau [Pedigree]

Married Uda of Saxony


  1. Uda von METZ (-0963) m. Gozelon Count in the Bidgau (911-0943)

References: [RFC]

Gerhard I Count of Vaudemont (1057-1120) [Pedigree]

Son of Gerhard IV Count of Alsace (-1070) and Hedwig of Namur (-1080)

    b. ABT 1057
    d. ABT 1120
    bur. Belval, France

Married Hedwig of Egisheim (-1126)


  1. Hugh I Count Vaudemont (1107-1167)
  2. Gisela of Vaudemont (1090-1127) m(1) Renaud I Count of Bar-le-Duc Count of Mousson (1090-1149)
  3. Stephanie von VAUDEMONT (-1160) m. Friedrich I Count von Mompelgard, Pfirt, & Amance (-1160)

References: [AR7],[ES],[PlantagenetA],[Talbot1],[Theroff],[MRL], [RFC],[Betham1]

Gerhard I Flaminius Graf von Wassenberg & Geldern Count of Guelders (-1138) [Pedigree]

Son of Dietrich FLAMENS Count in the Velue (-1092)

    d. 1138

Married Clementia of_Aquitaine (1048-1129)


  1. Gerard II Count von Gueldres, Wassenberg (-1141) m. Irmgard of Zutphen
  2. Adelaide (Yolande) of Gueldres m. Baldwin_III of_Hainaut Count of Hainaut (1087-1120)
  3. Judith of Guelders (1093-1151)

References: [ES],[AR7],[RFC],[Talbot1],[Paget1],[RD500]

Gerhard III Count of Egisheim (-1075) [Pedigree]

Son of Gerard II Count in Alsatian Nordgau (-1038) and Berta of Burgundy

       REF AR7. Listed as Gerard II (d. 1090).
    d. 1075

Married Richarda (Petronilla) of Verdun (-1098)


  1. Hedwig of Egisheim (-1126) m. Gerhard I Count of Vaudemont (1057-1120)

References: [RFC],[Talbot1],[AR7],[MRL],[ES],[PlantagenetA], [Theroff]

Gerhard III Count of Alsace (-1045) [Pedigree]

Son of Adalbert II Count of Metz, Saargau, Duke of Lower Lorraine (-1033) and Jutta of Luxembourg? Countess Oeningen (-1032)

    d. 1045

Married Gisela of Lower Lorraine


  1. Adalbert III de Longwy Count of Longwy (1000-1048) m. Clemence de Foix
  2. Gerhard IV Count of Alsace (-1070) m. Hedwig of Namur (-1080)
  3. Beatrice of Upper Lorraine (-1090) m. Etienne I "Tete-Hardi" de BOURGOGNE Count of Burgundy, Vienne, Macon (-1102)

References: [ES],[RFC],[MRL],[AR7],[MannEd],[Talbot1], [WallopFH],[Theroff]

Gerhard IV Count of Alsace (-1070) [Pedigree]

Son of Gerhard III Count of Alsace (-1045) and Gisela of Lower Lorraine

       Duke of Upper Lorraine, Count of Chatenois.
    d. 1070
    d. 6 Mar 1070, Remiremont, France

Married Hedwig of Namur (-1080)


  1. Dietrich_II Duke of Upper Lorraine (1060-1115) m(1) Hedwig von Formbach
  2. Gerhard I Count of Vaudemont (1057-1120) m. Hedwig of Egisheim (-1126)

References: [AR7],[RFC],[WallopFH],[Theroff],[ES],[Talbot1], [PlantagenetA],[MRL]

Gerlotte of Blois [Pedigree]

Daughter of Thibault of Chartres Viscount of Troyes Count of Tours, Chartres and Richilda of Bourges

       Not acknowledged as daughter of Thibault by Isenburg.

Married Hrolf Turstan (-920)

Children: [listed under entry for Hrolf Turstan]

References: [RFC]

Gerold (Walter) de D'Evereux (Roumare) (1033-) [Pedigree]

Son of William DEVEREUX (1025-)

       Earl of Rosmar
    b. ABT 1033, Rosmar, Normandy, France

Married Phillipa


  1. Edward de DEVEREUX Sheriff of Salisbury, Wiltshire (1060-1119) m. Matilda EVEREUX

References: [GENSERV],[MRL],[EnglishP],[RoyalAAF]

Gerold I Duke of Swabia Count in the Anglachau [Pedigree]
    b. 710, Aichen, Rhineland, Prussia

Married Imma Duchess of Swabia (736-)


  1. Hildegarde of Vinzgau Countess of Linzgau (-783) m. Charlemagne King of Franks (742-814)

References: [GENSERV],[Weis1],[AR7],[WilsonAB],[RGD]

Gersenda de Besalu [Pedigree]

Daughter of Bernard I Tallaferro de Besalu Count (-1020) and Toda (Adele) of Barcelona

Married Berenger I de Narbonne Vicomte de Narbonne (990-1067)

Children: [listed under entry for Berenger I de Narbonne]

References: [ES],[RFC],[PlantagenetA],[MannEd]

Gersende de Bigorre (-1038) [Pedigree]

Daughter of Garcia Arnaldo Count of Bigorre (-1000) and Ricarda d' ASTARAC

    d. AFT 1038

Married Bernard Roger de Conserans Seigneur de Foix, Count Bigorre, Conserans (-1035)

Children: [listed under entry for Bernard Roger de Conserans]

References: [ES],[PlantagenetA],[MannEd],[AR7]