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Download the brochure Your Family History through the CCFHA ( PDF, 77 KB)

Many people are interested in learning about their family histories and sharing them with others. In 1896 Hiram Corson wrote a book called The Corson Family, focused on a large family grouping in Pennsylvania that he traced from 1685. Percival Ullman added information about the same group with his 1918 monograph, The Coursens from 1612 to 1917, Compiled from Ancient and Modern Records with the Staten Island Branch.

Meanwhile, in 1909, Francis W. Woodruff had written about another large family with a different origin, The Coursens of Sussex County New Jersey, A Reprint from The Woodruffs of New Jersey.

Three Hundred Years with the Corson Families in America, published in 1939 by Orville Corson, was far more comprehensive than the earlier works. It includes seven different "Corson" lines, unrelated except for the similarities of surnames. This work, in two volumes, still available in reprint, is considered the starting point for most Corson research, although a number of omissions and errors have been discovered.

A Corson Family Association appeared by 1916, but it has long since vanished. In 1981 a small group started working together to further their common Corson genealogy. A few years later, in 1987, a father-son team named Colson, related to one Corson origin, joined the original group. Later that year they organized and chartered the Corson / Colson Family History Association (CCFHA) as a not-for-profit corporation. Today the organization has nearly 100 participants, more than 70% of them currently active in family research.

In recent years, electronic communications have played a major role in CCFHA activities. They are coupled with projects to organize the wealth of materials in CCFHA and member files into a comprehensive database for research and publication. The project includes further historical research and gathering of new information about current generations.


  • To encourage and carry out genealogical and historical research on the CORSON and COLSON surname and their allied families.
  • To bring families together into reunions and other gatherings which serve to enhance relationships among CORSONS, COLSONS, and their allied families.
  • To educate and promote the meaning and appreciation of the CORSON and COLSON roles and contributions to their historical and cultural heritage.
CCFHA wishes to contact all persons who are researching these lines whether they are interested in membership or not.  We want to share in the exchange of genealogical information, and help you to establish contacts with others interested in the same lines. 


The Officers
Acting President Dr. Michael Corson
Vice President currently vacant  
Corresponding Secretary Mr. Jeffrey Owens
Recording Secretary Mr. Hal Costley
Treasurer Mr. Gale C. Corson
Regional VP, Major Divisions Mr. Bill DeCoursey
Regional VP, Minor Divisions Mr. Gale C. Corson
Newsletter (Corson Cousins) Editor Dr. Michael Corson

(To contact officers by e-mail, replace "-AT-" with "@".)

The CCFHA is a not-for-profit organization chartered under the laws of Virginia.

The principal contact regarding legal matters is:
c/o Hal Costley, 1676 Centerville Park Lane, Manakin-Sabot, VA 23103, USA

Site maintained by  Michael Corson (CCFHA Member M-297). Please report any errors, comments, or suggestions to

The CCFHA web site originally created by Jeff Owens (CCFHA Member M-260).

This page updated 16 juil. 2017

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