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General help Personal sites with 'Corson' content
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We are interested in finding more links with content applicable to CCFHA.  We do not want to try toduplicate other general genealogical help lists such as Cyndi's List below, but those with specific interestor mentioning any of our surname variant spellings are desirable.  Please submit any links you considerapplicable or report any broken links to Michael Corson - . Please use subject line: "CORSON Links"
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Cyndi's List logo Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet
 The best place to start any search for genealogical information. Over 241,100 (as of 31 Jan 2005) links specific to genealogical interest are listed in a categorized and indexed format.  About 200-250 new links are added each day.

Rootsweb Home Page
The host for our site has many categories to explore from the links on their home page.  The GEDCOM files in the World Connect section have many 'Corson' entries.

This board had its origins as "Genconnect on Rootsweb".  It is now the merged result of six categories of boards that were on that forum.  The past postings from that beginning can be accessed by going back in the thread.  CCFHA does not administer or control the input on this forum.

This is a bulletin board forum similar to  CCFHA does not administer or control the input on this forum.  There are boards for a few variants in addition to CORSON.

Hamrick Software - U.S. Surname Distribution
Where did Corson's live? -Use this site to find where particular surnames were distributed at a particular time period. Geographic Encyclopedia
How common is the Corson surname? - CORSON name and place information.  A number of other variants are also listed.Explore this site for information about places with surnames included in their name, and also frequency of occurrence of any surname.

LDS FamilySearch Internet Genealogy Service

National Archives and Records Administration - Genealogical Research

American Memory Collections [search for "Corson" gave four listings, inc. one from the letters of Alexander Graham Bell which says he was under treatment of 'Dr. Corson'.]

Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter


We have included a few sites which fall into the category of GENERAL HELP, but the function of this page is not to list the many sites which have interesting and useful genealogical information.  Such listings are extensive and are best found elsewhere.  The focus of this list are PERSONAL SITES  and others with specific information about 'Corson' families.

We provide these listings for the purpose of assisting searchers and web site owners to make new contacts.

Because this list is being continually added to and updated  the most recent additions are listed in separate sections so you can check back periodically and see what has been changed without checking the complete list.
SITE OWNERS: If you see your own site listed, please make any suggestions for your description by contacting the webmaster.


 It would be more beneficial for searchers if the site listings had more amplifying information included.  We would appreciate your input on 'reviewing' these sites.  The basic information about the site name, it's owner, and the extent and nature of the relationships, of the individuals and families listed, to the various lines could be verified or expanded.  Also, comments about the ease of use of the site, accuracy of data, or other observations would be desirable.

PERSONAL SITES With Information about Individuals and Families

Finding Information on these sites:
In many cases the link will take you directly to the 'CORSON' (or variant) individuals or families on that site.  On others the link may take you to the surname index for that site.  On some sites you may have to do a little searching to find the relevant information. If you find something of interest, then go to the home page, index, or other pointer to find out how to contact the site owner.

Sites not yet reviewed
Corson variants from the Netherlands (in Dutch)
Descendants of Heinrich Eberhard Holtzermann and Franz Seraf Velechovsky
Corsa(1)   Corsair(2)   Corsen(1)   Corsey(1) )

Van Eps Family of Schenectady, NY and Related Families
Corssen (2)

Gale M. Roberts Family Tree - Gale M. Roberts
379 Corson; 80 Corson-Vroom

Davidson / Martendell - Jeffrey Davidson
11 Corson

Margo's Web Page - Margo Jones


The following sites contain Coursen references, perhaps from Division II (30 Jul 2005)




21 Jul 2002
Kim Phillips Randolph
includes 22 Coursons starting with John Courson md.Gertrude Van Tuyle
Connie Snyder & Ed Rucker
Includes 37 Coursons

The Colombo-Whitehouse
List 1 Rachel Courson md Stoffel Gerritse Van Sant


Ancestry of George W. Bush compiled by William Addams Reitwiesner
List 1 George Nathaniel Curzon md Mary Victoria Leiter plus Samuel Curson md Margaret Searle

29 March 2002

Weatherby, Weatherbee, Wetherbee, Wetherby lines of NJ/NY/PA/DE/MA - Eugene J. Weatherby
includes  7 Corson, 1 Coorson

Chenoweth Family In America - Jon Egge
lists Benjamin Corson m. Lucinda Carter with extensive connections in Washington Co., PA. A large site with over 108,000 entries.

Clan Buchroeder - Donald Coatney

includes Henry B. Coursen m. Ida May Swearingen and 3 children. Major lines include: Menger, Buchro(e)der, Dachsel, Flittner, Bross, Stark, Akers

Buchroder Ancestors – David Buchroder

lists Cornelius C. Corson and 10 Coursen consisting of two families Henry B. Coursen m. Ida May Swearingen and 3 children; Isaac Harvey Coursen md. Louise Alice Lain and 5 children. Major lines include: Denton, Marble, Paschall, Wheelock, Smith.

McComb / Kereszturi Family Tree – R. McComb
lists Cornelius C. Corson m. Caroline Wadsworth Shepard; Miriam Cousens m. Benjamin Tibbetts; Grace Cousins m. Guy Mallon. Major lines include: Newell, Shepard, Whitmore, Silvester, Colbath.

Descendants of John Tuttle of Dover, NH – James E. Tuttle
includes 12 Corson, and 1 Cousins. Major lines include: Tuttle, Adams, Roberts, Varney, Daniels.

Armwell Township Cemeteries, Washington County, PA

includes D.K. Corson m. Sarah A. ____ and Frank B. Courson m. Gertrude Bayne. This database is comprised of 4485 names taken from cemetery transcriptions as published in “Rural Reflections of Amwell Township” in 1976.

Ancestors of Trynton Wallace Widel – Jessie ___?
includes Daniel Corson m. Shorey Mills and child. Major lines include: Mills, Thomas, Carleton, Sumner, Bridges.

24 Mar 2002

Descendants of  Wolphert Gerretse Van Kouwenhoven - David Kipp Conover
includes 8 Corson from Cape May line and 11 Corssen.   A very large site, nearly 90,000 individuals.

Quaker, New England Colonial, and Kersey Genealogy
includes Mary Corson m. Andrew Ridgeway and 24 Coursey listings. Major lines includes Kersey. Large site, 27,000+ entries.

Swedish Longacre's & related families - Barbara McCormick
includes 117 Corson individuals from the Cape May line.  This is a large site with 48,000+ individuals.  This site may contain individuals that are not placed correctly or lack complete proof.

Carr & Courson Families - Cheri Carr-Courson (CCFHA M-292)
[Lineage of Div. III Corssen's]

William F. (Bill) Prokasy [Ichabod Corson]

Aidus - Hemond - Soucy - Lazure
lists Lester W. Corson of Maine

Biography of Professor Hiram Corson

22 Mar 2002 
Ancestors of William and Mertle (Bird) DeCoursey, with collateral lines - William  L. DeCoursey (CCFHA M-010)
includes over 250 individuals with numerous variant spellings, and represents over 40 years of research.
    And this is his other site:
Frederick Perry DeCoursey and family  - 
includes chronological historical and genealogical research notes on some of the paternal ancestors, descendants, and collateral lines of Frederick Perry DeCoursey. A major portion of this line is from Staten Island, NY. Variants include DeCoursey, Corsen, and other name variants.  He makes some interesting suppositions including one that the progenitor of both CCFHA Div II & III is Peter deCOURSE (born c.1570 near Lille, France, then Belgium)

"Burkhart Venable Herstory" - Deborah A. Burkhart
includes 80 Corson individuals. Major lines include: Brittingham, Hobbs, Venable, Masterson, Burkhart.

Ancestors of John R. Edgecomb - Dana E. Edgecomb
lists the marriage of Cornelius Cursonwhit and Hannah Hobbs and 10 Corson descendants. Major lines include: Kidder, Harnden, Perkins, Sanborn, Edgecomb.

Townsend & Russell Families Ancestors - Tom Townsend
lists 11 individuals of the Cape May line. Major lines include: Townsend, Holloway, Creel, West, Gregory.

Hopman Family - Wayne Hopman
lists Elizabeth Corson m. Jonathan Hoffman (Hopman).

Mason Family
lists ___? Corson m. ___? Turner.  Major lines include: Dubs, Ball, Hicks, Mason, Hewlings.

21 Mar 2002
The Large Version of the Chew Family Tree - Tim Chew
includes 7 Corson's from the Cape May line

Families of Burlington Co., NJ - Bill Abrams
includes 108 Corson individuals mainly from So. New Jersey.

20 Mar 2002
Corson Family Photos - Mark A. Corson
This site under construction.  Contains only the photos of Mark's gf; 2gf; 3gf Corson ancestors.


The Fort Family in America - Randall Hall, CCFHA I-90
includes 29 Corson individuals of John Corson’s line from Cape May, NJ. Major lines include: Fort.

Colleen's Connections - Colleen Earls

includes 12 Corson individuals most of which reference Staten Island, NY. Major lines include: Earls, Fields.

Read Family Connections -  Esther Doyle Read
lists the marriages of Hannah Read - Jacob L. Coursen and Sarah Ann Read - William Hampton Coursen, inc. anc. and desc.  The Read family had early locations in Warren Co., NJ. Later they could be found in PA and elsewhere.
Major lines include: Middlesworth, Raub, Read/Reed, Shaver, Thompson.

Genealogy of The Richard & Elizabeth Clark Family of Elizabethtown, NJ  - Mary Clark
shows the connection to the extensive Clark line of Rachel CORSEN who marrried John Mercerau CLARK.  Major lines include: Clark/Clarke.  Some navigation is required to find Rachel's information.

Tri-Counties History & Genealogy  - Joyce Tice
Zadock & Betsey Corson Burials, Albany Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania

Hayes Cemetery, Green Oak Twp., Livingston Co., MI  
originally used mainly for the Hayes and Corson families and their relatives.  This page connects to a site for all the cemeteries in this county.  An online listing of all burials is in progress.  Hayes Cemetery was not included at the time this site was last reviewed.

Usenet Genealogy Archives Searchpage -  Your doorway to 62 genealogy discussion groups
search for any surname - many 'Corson' variants found.

Links posted prior to 1 Jan 2001.

Chambers of Cape May County, NJ - Blanche Connolly
includes 14 generations of Carsten Jansen's sons Peter and John Corson relating to Chambers. Other lines include: George Badcock, Sr.; Jesse Chambers, Sr.; William Ireland; Edenezer Ingersoll.

The Ancestors of Maria "Polly" Hoagland - Alice Stipak
includes 8 generations of Corssen mostly from Staten Island, NY and their connection to the Vroom family. This site also has lots of information on Somerset County, NJ. Major lines include: Creiger, Hoagland, Hageman, Rapelje, Stoothoff, Stryker, Vanderveer, Van Voorhees.

Ron Cook's Personal Pages 
This line of Carsten Jansen includes several other Cape May related families. The site uses a custom format, which might be unfamiliar and hard to follow, but the associated notes are plentiful and detailed. Major lines include: Adams, Babcock, Blizzard, Campbell, Clifton, Doughtly, Roberts, Shaw.

The Roll Family Genealogy Windmill - William Roll
contains 50+ Corsen & Corssen entries and their connections to the extensive Roll and VanWoggelum families.

The Conexion -  
The site has no content on any of its COURSON forums and seems to be totally inactive.  Some of its categories are just general links to Ancestry/Rootsweb sites.  Only listed  here because of its reference to a variant of interest.  No actual genalogical data found.

The Olive Tree Genealogy - Lorine McGinnis Schulze
contaiins a lot of early Dutch Colonies info including Ships' Passenger lists, family surnames, church records, military muster rolls, census records, land records and much more. A brief Corson search found 7 entries in the 17th Century Immigrants to NY Registry and 4 Corson’s in the of the War of 1812.

DeLong Genealogy - Robert Grover (Bob) DeLong <>
lists connections of Abraham Corson of Smithfield, PA.

Williams-Affleck Genealogy - Andy J. Williams Affleck
family of Wm. Corson, b.1863, DE

Colson Family Genealogy - Eleanor Colson 
presents Colson families categorized in CCFHA Division VIII - also for the Colson variants of COLESON, COULSON, and COLSTON.

The Albert Family Tree - Ed Albert
lists 4 Corson / Stites marriages, probably from the Cape May line.

Brock Gedcom - Daryl E. Brock
one listing: Ada S. Corson, b 11/22/1862. Major lines include: Brock, House, Hooper, Spears, Thomason, Armstrong, Bailey, Murray, Dobbs, Shepard, Tarr, Welsh, Shreffler, Lash, Insley, and Johnston.

Mathis Gedcom - Wendy Mathis Lex
includes 3 Corson individuals 2 of which are from the C.M. line. Major lines include: Boden, Brooke, Ewe, Flanagan, Lynch, Mathis, Parke and Watson.

Vandermark Gedcom - Douglas Simmons
includes Abraham and others descended from Benjamin, son of Cornelius of Staten Is.

Ingersoll Gedcom - Rick Ingersoll
includes 60 Corson individuals from the Cape May line.

Family Genealogy of Martindale - Milton R. Rhynard
includes 4 Corson individuals with Bucks Co., PA connections.

Manning Family History - Bob Manning

includes 7 individuals starting with Lloyd Orley Corson.

Fellis Gedcom - John Ellis
includes the family group of Leonard Corson and 9 descendants.

Gertz Gedcom - Bill Gertz
list the family group of Eliza Corson m. Merrill Hillyer. Large site with faults in navigation links.
Home page:
Corson gedcom listing:

Stoner Gedcom - Scott Stoner
includes 5 individuals starting with Jan Corszen b Brazil. The next 2 generations spelled it Corsen and the last 2 generations spelled it Corson.

Tibbetts Gedcom - Jill E. McLeester
includes 20 Corson, 1 Corsen related to Tibbetts in Maine & New Hampshire

My Family Tree Page - Robert Stewart
includes family connections of Pieter Corson including Vroom ancestors.

Weisel Gedcom - Glenn Langford
includes John W. Corson b.1819 PA & his daughter Sarah A.

Bardin Gedcom - Michelle Moore Bardin
includes Joseph K. Corson m. Mary Ada Carter

JDavis Gedcom - Jesse Davis
lists 4 Corson individuals.

Grassman Family Genealogy - Mark Grassman
includes Mary Ann Corson b.1823 NY m. William Atha

Wilkinson's on the Web - Scott Wilkinson
includes 17 Corson individuals of the Cape May line.

Weeks Family Registry - Jim McLoughlin
includes Stephen Corson m. Florence Helen Weeks

"Newcomers in a New Land" - ___? Dunham 
Articles from "The Valley Voice And Echo", a newspaper from Tionesta Valley, Penna. in 1989.
Written by Robert E. Dunham Sr., 36 chapters. Stories of the family of Alexander Carlson, later changed to Colson, from Sweden to
Kane, PA.

Carla's page
ists Margaret Jane Corson.

The Young & Reese Genealogy Page - Carol Reese (CCFHA M-289)
contains a lot of information and data about the decendants of Henry Young who married Abigail Corson of the Cape May line.

The Fenton-Loftus Family - John J. Fenton, 3rd
surname listings, and links to Corsons in Bucks County PA.  Site was under maintenance and not available at last review.

Handspiker Genealogy  - Jared W. Handspiker, CCFHA I-221
includes 52 Corson, 6 Courson entries.

Van Wert Gedcom - Deby Van Wert Justice, CCFHA I-296
includes 269 Cape May Corson individuals.

Ward Gedcom - Melissa Ward
includes 312 Cape May Corson individuals.

Hearts Knit Together - Pam Miller
includes 117 Corson individuals from the Cape May line. Major lines include: Cary .

Elaine's Place - Elaine Corson  
includes 161 Div. I Corson individuals.

Lianne's Genealogy - Lianne Bailey
At time of review the surname index was not working.
[30 desc. of Wm. Henry Corson of Mich. - slow loading]


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