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The CCFHA coordinates a project that includes DNA testing as an adjunct to the group's research.  There are plenty of questions it could help answer about relationships between Divisions II, III, and IV; Divisions II and VII; Division I and the Curzons; and the time-honored French vs. Scandinavian dispute. Also debated is the possibility of an early migration from France of those identified as of Dutch origins. There may be other questions as well.

A number of researchers have made suppositions or uncovered preliminary indications in various data that there may common origins among some of the current lines or Divisions as outlined by CCFHA.  The results of testing some of those individuals who have traced themselves back in one of the lines, and then comparing to persons in other lines, may well indicate a connection.

Are you aware that DNA testing is also being used to support and supplement more conventional genealogical interests?  You can try web searching on "DNA and genealogy" or consult Cyndi's List for hundreds of sites:

To date, the DNA project has identified ancestral genetic signatures for the progenitors of Divisions I, II, IV, VII, and XV, and is getting closer to identifying those for Divisions III and V.  You can learn more about the project at its website: CCFHA Corson Surname DNA Project.

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