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CCFHA has an ongoing effort to gather data and perform research to extend the "Corson" family histories. As a primary reference the project uses Three Hundred Years with the Corson Families in America by Orville Corson. Additionally, as many other published and previous works and authors that can be be identified will be consulted in the compilation process.

CCFHA is requesting data and participants for The 300+ Project

Participating in The 300+ Project is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have your research efforts and family ties published and preserved for future generations.  Making this project succeed will insure that your descendants and relatives will be able to see their place in the historic deeds and exploits of their ancestors without repeating the necessity of complicated searching and data gathering each of us has already accomplished.  Please volunteer and help make it possible.

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--- Submit info from your personal files. Tell us what data or effort you can contribute. Every little bit helps!
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