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These "known lines", organized into membership 'divisions', represent the current extent of the organization's focus.  However, we welcome the discovery of any new lines or information, and can expand our number of divisions should any other lines be defined.  We are aware of the existence of other groups, which are not encompassed in any of the lines listed below, with surnames of same or similar spellings.  We welcome the exchange of information with anyone in this category, and invite you to consider membership.

  • MORE INFO - more information about some of the family lines, how to get research help, and some details about availability of compiled family histories.
  • VARIANTS - a listing of many of the numerous spelling and SOUNDEX surname variants of "Corson" and their derivations

Div. Primary Location Progenitor(s) Notes
Div. I New England Cornelius Cursonwhit & son Samuel Corson Seven branches recognized, one for each child of Samuel. One line is "Colson".
Div. II Sussex Co., NJ Jan Corszen of New Amsterdam Nine children surnamed "Corsen"; succeeding generations also used surname "Corson" and "Coursen".
Div. III Staten Island, NY Cors Pietersz of New Amsterdam Children surnamed "Corssen"; succeeding generations used surname "Corson" (meaning 'the son of Cors')
Div. IV Cape May, NJ Caersten Jansen Sons John & Peter Carstensen became "Corson" in Cape May
Div. V

Great Britain & Ireland>US

Corson / Corsane / Curzon / Corsini

Immigrant "Corson" families from England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales.

Div. VI

Germanic countries>US

Korson / Korsen

Immigrant "Corson" families from Germany and Germanic countries in Europe

Div. VII Hunterdon Co., NJ Jacob & Mary (Hoppock) Corson Children: Peter, John, Jacob, Catherine, and Anna Corson
Div. VIII Anywhere Colson "Colson"  families other than those in Div. I
Div. IX Europe>US Many Immigrant "Corson" families from the rest of Europe.
Div. X to be determined n/a Families seeking identification with a specific family Division
Div. XI Africa>Eastern & Southern US Many African-American "Corson" families
Div. XII US Several Native-American "Corson" families
Div. XIII Canada and Other Americas >US n/a Immigrant "Corson" families arriving in the US from North and South America, including Canada
Div. XIV Rest of World > US n/a Miscellaneous "Corson" families from Oceania, Asia, and anywhere else
Div. XV southern United States currently unknown Descendants live in "Wiregrass" region of Georgia and Florida, as well as Alabama, Arkansas, and Texas
Div. XX Libraries n/a Administrative division for Libraries receiving publications from the CCFHA

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