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The official newsletter of the CCFHA is Corson Cousins, published quarterly. The newsletter is distributed to subscribers and members of the CCFHA.

If you don't subscribe to Corson Cousins, please read the sample issue (PDF, 404 KB) to see if you might be interested in doing so.  Those who go beyond subscribing to Corson Cousins and become members of CCFHA not only have a subscription Corson Cousins included in their membership dues, but have access to back issues of Corson Cousins (1995-present) in the "Members Only" section of the website.

Newsletter History

Corson Cousins began publication in 1981, well before the CCFHA was organized in 1987. Iverne Rinehart's work with the newsletter was one of the catalysts for what is now the parent organization.

A kindred newsletter, Courson Cousins, began publication even early, starting in late 1980. Courson Cousins was established and edited by Margaret Gardner until she joined forces with Corson Cousins in 1983; she became a member and strong supporter of the CCFHA until her death in 1998.

Yet another newsletter was published in conjunction with Corson Cousins starting in 1991 with the advent of Colson's Corner, edited by Stan Colson. Colson's Corner continued until late 1997. Items of interest to "Colson" researchers continue to be carried in Corson Cousins.

Electronic copies of the publications and surname indexes for Corson Cousins and Colson's Corner newsletters are available online (the former on the Members Only website).

Newsletter Indexes

Extensive family history information has appeared on the pages of the Corson Cousins newsletter over the years. Thanks to a dedicated corps of volunteers, peoples' names in all back issues have now been indexed and the indexes are being made available online to the public (see links above). We are pleased to release this information to researchers so they can locate specific information of interest.

Newsletters from 1995-present are posted online in the "Members Only" section of this Website.  Serious researchers will find it to their advantage to join the CCFHA.  See our membership info for details.

All index files are copyrighted by the CCFHA and are not to be reproduced without written permission.  While the CCFHA seeks to provide quality information, no warranty is made that the information is complete or accurate.

Credit for creating index files goes to CCFHA members:
Iverne Rinehart, Kathy Wolfe, Christy Weber, Lianne Lovenstein, Jeanne London, Gale Corson

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This page updated 16 juil. 2017

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