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Formed 1833 from Buncombe, Burke
Watauga formed 1849 from Ashe, Caldwell, Wilkes, Yancey
Madison formed 1851 from Buncombe, Yancey


1840 Yancey Co. NC Census
      No Duncan indexed

1850 Yancey Co. NC Census
(households name all males first, then females)
Pg.386, #64, Nathan DUNCAN 22 NC farmer
                  Elizabeth 21 NC
                  Joyce C. 2 NC
Pg.430, #686, John DUNCAN 39 NC farmer $300 blind
                  Jonathan 18, Phillip 12 NC
                  William 10, John J. 4 NC
                  Mary 38 NC
                  Elizabeth 15, Sarah M.A. 7 NC
                  Mary 1 NC
Pg.434, #748, Jonathan BURLESON 52 NC farmer $1000
                  Wilson M. 16, Reuben Y. 8, John G. 5 NC
                  Jemima 44 NC
                  Elizabeth 18, Phebe C. 14 NC
                  (MAD: see 1988 "Hist. Washington Co. TN" pg.273, Millard Burleson family; Jonathan Burlison mar. Geminah Young 4/4/1824 and mar. Geminah Dunkin 12/11/1829 Burke Co. NC)
Pg.445, #870-909, Daniel FENDER 59 NC farmer $500
                  John A. 8, William 6, Mary 4 NC
                  Jane DUNCAN 19 NC

1860 Yancey Co. NC Census
Pg.771, #223, Nathan DUNCAN 35 NC farmer $225?-$280?
                  Elizabeth 30 NC
                  Jerysha? (f) 12, Anney 10 NC
                  Rhodisa? J. (f) 7 NC
                  James W. 3, John F?. 2/12? NC
                  (MAD: 1870 Greene Co. TN census)
Pg.789, #339, Arter BUCHANAN 22 NC farmer
                  Elizabeth 25 NC
                  Ura B. 2, Liveley C. 7/12 NC
Pg.856, #797, Calvin DUNCAN 24 NC farmer
                  Rebecca M. 22 NC
Pg.856, #798, John DUNCAN 76 NC
                  Elizabeth 26 NC
                  William 12, Matilda J. 10 NC
                  (MAD: 1850 Ashe Co. NC census, wife Catherine)
Pg.860, #822, Samuel WILSON 25 NC farmer
                  Jane 26 NC
                  William A. 6, Austin 4, Elbert 1 NC
Spruce Pine
Pg.906, #1123, Jonithan DUNCAN 25 NC farmer
                  Cintha 23 NC
                  John J. 4, William 2, Sarah M. 1 NC
                  (MAD: ?? 1870 Mitchell Co. NC census)
Pg.908, #1136, John DUNCAN 48 NC farmer (blind)
                  Mary 48 NC
                  Phillip 22, Sarah M. 17 NC
                  Mary 11, Frances (f) 2 NC
                  (MAD: John Duncan died 1862 Mitchell Co. NC)
Pg.908, #1136, William DUNCAN 19 NC farmer
                  Nancy E. 17 NC
                  (MAD: 1870 Mitchell Co. NC census)

1870 Yancey Co. NC Census
Egypt Twp.
Pg.789, #83-83, DUNCAN, David W. 23 NC farmer $0-$0
                  Nancy 24 NC keeping house
                  Phinetta (f) 3, William J. 2 NC
Pg.790, #97-97, DUNCAN, Thomas 21 NC farmer $0-$0 mar. in Oct.
                  Mary 19 NC keeping house
                  Jane 50 NC at home
                  Sarah J. 17 NC at home
                  (MAD: Jane the widow of George on 1850 Wilkes Co. NC census, 1860 Washington Co. TN census)
Pg.791, #105-105, DUNCAN, Rebecca 34 NC keeping house $0-$0
                  William M. 9, Washington A. 7 NC
                  John F. 5, Cornelius L. (m) 2/12 NC
Ramsey Twp.
Pg.828, #67-67, DUNCAN, John 80 NC farmer $200-$100
                  Elizabeth 28 NC keeping house
                  Gilbert 6, Martha J. 4 NC
                  Charity C. 4/12 b. Feb. NC
                  (MAD: John's age as given; 1850 Ashe Co. NC census)

1880 Yancey Co. NC Soundex (from Gene S. Morrow 2/1995, states of birth not given)
Vol.25, ED.233, Sheet 10, Line 5, Egypt Township
                  David W. DUNCAN 33, Nancy A. 34
                  Phinettie 13, William I. 11, Rosy Ann 9, George W. 6.

1880 Yancey Co. NC Census (HeritageQuest image 12/2006; pg.544A rechecked 1/2007 on Ancestry.com image)
Caney River Twp., pg.24, S.D. 4, E.D. 232
Pg.534D, #206-206, RADFORD, James, w/m age 57 mar. farmer NC VA VA
  Serena, w/f 59 wife mar. keeping house, crippled, histines? NC NC VA
  Wiley W., w/m 22 son laborer NC NC NC
  Milton H., w/m 19 son laborer NC NC NC
  Thomas, w/m 21 nephew single laborer NC TN TN
  DUNCAN, Jane, w/f 16 servant single servant NC NC NC
Dist.233, Egypt Twp, Page 5, S.D. 4, E.D. 233
Pg.544A, #42-42, DUNCAN, Thomas, w/m age 33 mar. farmer NC NC NC
  Mary, w/f 28 wife mar. Keeping house NC NC NC
  Martha Jane, w/f age 8 dau. NC NC NC
  Sarah E., w/f age 6 dau. NC NC NC
  Lovina, w/f age 4 dau. NC NC NC
  William F., w/m age 2 son NC NC NC
Dist.233, Egypt Twp, Page 10, S.D. 4, E.D. 233
Pg.546B, #85-85, DUNCAN, David W., w/m age 33 mar. farmer NC NC NC
  Nancy A., w/f 34 wife mar. keeping house NC NC NC
  Phinettie J., w/f 13 dau. single at home NC NC NC
  William I/J., w/m 11 son single NC NC NC
  Rosey Ann, w/f 9 dau. single NC NC NC
  George W., w/m 6 son NC NC NC
Page 15, 16, S.D. 4, E.D. 233
Pg.548D, #128-128, DUNCAN, John, w/m 93? (62? (cannot read, written over indexed as age 49) mar. farmer NC NC NC (pg. 549A)
  Elizzbeth, w/f 46 wife mar. keeping house NC NC NC
  Gilbert, w/m 16 son single at home NC NC NC
  Marthy J., w/f 14 dau. single NC NC NC
  Charity, w/f 10 dau. single NC NC NC
  Nancy L., w/f 7 dau. NC NC NC
  Sarah, w/f 4 (blank) NC NC NC

1900 Yancey Co. NC Census (from Gene S. Morrow 2/1995)
Egypt Township, Supv. Dist. 9, Sheet 2, Enum.Dist. 124
Pg.200, #30-31, William I. DUNCAN age 31 b.6/1868 NC NC NC farmer mar. 14 years
                  Sarah M. 29 2/1871 NC NC NC mar.14 years, 7 ch, 7 living ch.
                  John L. 13 b.12/1886 son NC NC NC
                  Lovina G. b.12/1888 dau (same birthstates)
                  Molton F. b.8/1891 son
                  Thomas I. b. 11/1892 son
                  David E. b.10/1893 son
                  Maud E. b. 2/1896 dau
                  Everett R. b.5/1898 son

1900 Yancey Co. NC Census (HeritageQuest image 12/2006)
Crabtree Twp., S.D. 9, E.D. 123, Sheet 9
Pg.195B, #136-138, DUNCAN, Cornelius C?, head w/m June 1858 age 41 mar. 15 y, NC NC NC
  Mary J., wife w/f Jan.1869 age 31 mar. 15y 8 ch. 8 liv, NC NC TN
  Robert, son w/m Mch. 1888 12 single NC NC NC
  Dosia, dau. w/f Feb.1889 age 11 single NC NC NC
  Latte?, son w/m Sept. 1890 age 9 single NC NC NC
  Louis, son w/m Mch. 1892 age 8 single NC NC NC
  Charles, son w/m Feb.1894 age 6 single AR ("Arkansas") NC NC
  Laura, dau. w/f May 1895 age 5 single NC NC NC
  Luther, son w/m Mch 1897 age 3 single NC NC NC
  Lillie, dau. w/f Dec.1899 5/12 single NC NC NC
      (MAD: 1880 Cleveland Co. NC census; 1910 Rutherford Co. NC census; per Phyllis Thompson 8/2000, he mar. Mary Jane Fox on 12/22/1885 in Yancey Co. NC, witness Daniel Duncan; the death certificate for Cornelius C. Duncan, b.1852 McDowell Co. NC, lists his parents as Hampton Duncan and --- Harris)


Yancey Co. NC Marriage Register 1851-1967 (FHL film 571,544) and marriage certificates 1851-1879 (FHL film 571,545)
      Samuel Wilson to "Ione" Duncan, 21 Aug. 1853; mar. Samuel Wilson to Jane Dunkin on 21 Aug. 1853 by H. Lewis JP (p.23 in Mar. Cert.)
      Arthur Buchanan to Elizabeth Duncan, 5 Feb. 1854; mar. by S.M. Callis Clk (p.10)
      Henry Duncan to Stacey Anders, 10 March 1856 by Leonder Ray JP (MAD: 1850 Wilkes Co. NC census, 1860 Buncombe Co. NC census)
      John Duncan to Elizabeth Edwards, 18 Jan. 1860 by L.S. Phillips JP
      Phillip Duncan to Elizabeth A. Pitman, 2 Sept. 1860 (MAD: ?? see Mitchell Co. NC)
      Thomas Duncan to Mary Shelton, 14 Oct. 1869
      W.F. Duncan to C. Briggs, 12 March 1871 by Allen Fender, MG (MAD: William Franklin Duncan mar. Melissa Christena Briggs per TN Civil War Questionnaire)
      W.G. Duncan, age 24, to Lauvina Duncan, age 18, mar. 20 Dec. 1891


Yancey Co. NC Wills 1834-1860 (FHL film 20,151)
      No Duncan indexed

Yancey Co. NC Original Wills in NC Archives (FHL film 1,605,076 item 2)
      No Duncan

Yancey Co. NC Probate Records
      Record of Accounts 1870-1938 - no Duncan (FHL film 571,537)
      Appointments 1870-1928 (FHL film 571,538)
            #21 Jane ?Duncan - 1870 admin, 12 Apl. (too faint to read)
      Wills, inventories etc. 1855-1869 - no Duncan (FHL film 571,539)
      Settlements 1870-1923 (FHL film 571,540)
            Pg. 338-9: D.W. Duncan decd, rept. by Saily Duncan Feb. 27?, 1919.
      Record of Wills (FHL film 571,546)
            Vol.1, 1838-1861 - no Duncan
            Vol.2, 1869-1935:
                  Pg.468-9: Thomas Duncan, Dec. 14, 1918, wife Cinda, "will on purge" (not copied)


Land records, North Carolina and Tennessee; indexes, 1600-1959; by NC Secretary of State, Land Grant Office (SLC 5/30/2011 copied by CVD)
      Land warrants are documents issued at local land offices to purchasers of public lands. When these warrants are surrendered, the buyers are issued conveyances (deeds). The land warrants (and other miscellaneous records) are organized by file numbers in alphabetical sequences of counties. Some of the counties are now Tennessee counties. These records are in packets. On each packet cover are spaces for the following information: file number, county, purchaser's name(s), number of acres, grant number, date issued, entry number, date entered, book number, page number & location. ... The key to finding the related packets are the file numbers.
            Dunkin, John, File No.503, Yancey Co., 50 acres, Grant No.301 issued 17 Dec. 1840, Entry No.1117 entered 11 Oct. 1838, Book No.147, page no.6, Location: Beg. @ a chestnut.

Yancey Co. NC Deeds (grantee index on FHL film 20,149; general index on FHL film 571,551)
      1-226: 27 June 1837, John Brown agent for heirs & representatives of Margaret Latimore, Richard Dale & Henry Latimore in States of PA and Delaware, to John Duncan of Yancey Co. NC, $15, 50 acres on Little Rock Creek above Chestnut flat on left hand fork of Roaring Creek, reserve mineral rights. "transcribed from Book 2, pages 144 & 145) Wit. N. Blackstock, John (X) Buchanan. (FHL film 20,149)
      2-216: 7 Oct. 1842, Joseph Thomas of Yancey Co. NC to John Dunkin of same, $80, 2 cows and calves, one heiffer, 20 head hogs, 7 sheep, one bay mare and one road wagon, mortgage; pay John Dunkin the $80; wit. Phillip H. Wilson jurat. (FHL film 571,525)
      2-356: 17 Dec. 1840, NC Grant #301 to John Duncan, $5 per 100a, 50 acres at mouth of Sink Hole Creek, on North of Toe River adj. Henry Willises corner and line, Hosea Thomas' line & corner, entered 11 Oct. 1838 as by plat annexed; reg. 13 April 1844, transcribed from Book 4, page 155. (FHL film 571,525)
      3-343: 26 April 1859, Nathan (X) Duncan and Elizabeth Elvina (X) Duncan of Yancey Co. NC to Jonathan Banks of same, $375, their right etc. to 320 or 325 acres where John Wheeler now lives, and one large tract of 2000 acres adj. first, on Elk fork off Caney River, and 100 acres adj., being lands devised by Thomas Ray Sr. to Rhoda Wheeler and her children by his will 6 July 1843, said Elizabeth Elvina Duncan being the same person mentioned in the will as Elizabeth Elvina Wheeler, since married to said Nathan Duncan. Wit. B.S. Garther. (FHL film 20,149)
      4-583: 27 Sept. 1862, John (X) Duncan Sr. of Yancy Co. NC to Alford Brackins of same, $19, 6 acres on waters of ball? mountain creek adj. old Bradford line, the polly cooper Branch, where Honeycutt was "kild" on the creek; wit. L.S. Phillips, Samuel (X) Estep. (FHL film 571,526)
      5-428: 24 March 1858, James R. Love for himself and James R. Love, J.B. Love, D. Love, W. Welch as execs. of Robert Love decd, late of Haywood Co. NC, to John Duncan, $1, a deed to John Bradford Jr. represented as destroyed, this deed to convey title to John Duncan Sr. to 100 acres on Big Bald Mountain Creek adj. where John Honeycut was killed, adj. Big Drift; wit. William Bradford, J.R. Love Jun?. /s/ J.R. Love, J.R. Love exec. R. Love decd, Dillard Love. (FHL film 571,526)
      5-429: 26 Jan. 1858, William Bradford admin. of John Bradford decd. of Yancey Co. NC, to Calvin Duncan of same, $150, 100 acres on W.side Cane River, waters of Big Ball Creek. (no wit.) (FHL film 571,526)
      6-256: 21 March 1870, John (X) Duncan and wife Elizabeth Duncan (X) of Yancey Co. NC to John J. Edwards of same, $100, 25 acres on waters of Ball Mountain Creek adj. Samuel Bradford's corner, C. Duncan's line, L.S. Phillips line; wit. L.S. Phillip, S.J. Peck. (FHL film 571,527)
      6-315: 9 Jan. 1869, L.S. Phillips and wife Margaret of Yancey Co. NC to Nancy Duncan of same, $200, 50 acres on W.side Cany? (Cousy?) River adj. N.J. Hensley's land, on Hollaway Branch, said A.J. Hensly's line, L.S. Phillips' line, the waggon road; wit. W.F. Duncan. (FHL film 571,527)
      6-316: 21 March 1870, John (X) Duncan Sr. and wife Elizabeth (X), and John (X) Edwards and wife Elizabeth (X), of Yancey Co. NC, to A.H. Brackins of same, $318, 25 acres on Ball Mountain Creek adj. Elizabeth Bradford's lines, Wm. Bradford's line; wit. L.S. Phillips, S.J. Peck. (FHL film 571,527)
      6-485: William F. Duncan, J.P., took affidavit 11 May 1872 of Ailcey Catharin Brackin, wife of Alfred Bracken, for a deed. (FHL film 571,527)
      8-140: 5 Jan.? 1879, G.W. (X) Shelton and wife Sarah Jane (X) of Yancey Co. NC to Thomas Duncan of same, $125, their undivided interest in 50 acres on E.side Cane River adj. James Higgins, Hower Higgins line; wit. L.S. Phillips. (FHL film 571,529)
      8-142: 10 Dec. 1870, Meradith (X) Phillip and wife Sarah (X) of Yancey Co. NC to Jane E. Duncan and David Duncan and Thomas Duncan and Sarah Jane Duncan of Yancey Co. NC, $250, 50 acres adj. James Higgins (same land description as 8-140); wit. L.S. Phillips, Rebeca Edwards; rec. Oct. 16, 1879. (FHL film 571,529) (MAD: widow Jane Elizabeth (Edwards) and three children of George Washington Duncan)
      10-301: 25 Aug. 1881, Jane E. Duncan of Yancey Co. NC to Thos. Duncan of same, $65, 1/4 of her undivided interest in 50 acres on E.side Caney River adj. lands of Theodore Higgins, James Higgins Mill, etc. (same land as 8-142); wit. D.W. Duncan. (FHL film 571,529)
      Quit. 9/9/1994


McDowell Co. NC Deed (FHL film 19,271)
      1-347: 4 Oct. 1846, N.P. Leakey to Polly S. Duncan, both McDowell Co. NC; "Lakey" owes Duncan $215 by notes, mortgage 100 acres on head of Roses Creek against the ball ground of Humpback Mountain, lying in Yancy Co. and one other tract of 50 acres on top of Blue Ridge on waters of Peppers Creek a part in McDowell Co. and part in Yancy which were conveyed originally to Washington Dean, and horses, cattle, etc.; wit. Tho. Wilson, OBediah Butter.


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