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Formed 1777 from Rowan
Wilkes formed 1777 from Burke, Surry
Rutherford formed 1779 from Burke, Tyron
Buncombe formed 1791 from Burke, Rutherford
Yancey formed 1833 from Buncombe, Burke
Caldwell formed 1841 from Burke, Wilkes
McDowell formed 1842 from Burke, Rutherford


1800 Burke Co. NC Census (semi-alphabetic)
Pg.742  Duncan, Peter           00101       - 00101 - 00
   743  Duncan, Mary            21000       - 31100 - 00

1810 Burke Co. NC Census
Pg.106  Charles Duncan          31010       - 11010
          (MAD: ? from Buckingham Co. VA, wife Mary Ford, son of Jacob ?)
   114  Sarah Duncan            10000       - 20010
   121  Mary Duncan             10200       - 03201

1820 Burke Co. NC Census (from Alice Duncan)
Pg.  5  Duncan, Rowlin          100010      - 10100
    17  Duncan, John            200110      - 30100
    69  Cobb, John              010001      - 30010
        Duncan, Charles         311201      - 21110
    87  Duncan, Mary            110000      - 00101

1830 Burke Co. NC Census
Pg.141  Charles Duncan          0121,0001   - 0012,0001
          (MAD: to Union Co. GA)
   154  Roland/Roband Dunkin    2010,001    - 0102,01
   161  Polly Duncan            0           - 0000,0000,01
          (MAD: died 1833)

1840 Burke Co. NC Census
Pg.342  Roland Duncan           1220,1001   - 0101,001
   343  Jno. Duncan             1300,1001   - 1201,01
   344  Levi Perkins            0000,0001   - 0010,2001
          (MAD: indexed Dunkin)
   347  Mary Duncan             0           - 0000,001

1850 Burke Co. NC Census (no Duncan indexed)
Pg.396, #888-889, Lucinda DUCKWORTH 44 NC (blank) $300
                  Minerva STACY 24 NC
                  John DUCKWORTH 21 NC
                  Allha (f) 19, Delila 14, Jane 13 NC
                  Thomas 11, Lafayette 6, Sarah 5 NC
                  James STACY 1 NC
                  (MAD: Vardrie E. Stasy mar. Minerva Dunkin, Aug. 1848)

1860-1870 Burke Co. NC Census
      No Duncan indexed


Burke Co. NC Inventories & Settlements of Estates (FHL film 18,346)
      1789-1819 (Loose papers; grants, deeds, etc. not in any order either alphabetic or by date) - no Duncan
      1820-1839 - same; not looked at; quit

Burke Co. NC Cross Index to Wills 1863-1954 (FHL film 370,103)
      No Duncan to 1900

Burke Co. NC Wills 1793 and later (FHL film 18,347; will from Louis Boone 1/1990, other documents from Ralph Duncan 9/1986)
      20 Sept. 1832, Will of Mary Dunkin, of Burke Co. NC; to my dau. Isbel wife of Alexander Findley, negro woman Early; to granddau Sally Ann dau of Isabel Dunkins, two piecses of land, one I purchased of Ezekiel England on West side of my dwelling house, the other of my son Rowlins Dunkin lying on east side of my dwelling house, it being their parts as heirship of the land that my husband died in possession of my negro boy named Frisbin and one feather bed & furniture; the balance of the household furniture to be equally divided among my daughters Darcus, Poly, Nancy and Isbel, and balance of my property consisting of my stock of all sorts and other property and farming tools &c not heretofore devised, my negro boy Isaac excepted, to be sold and equally divided between John Dunkin, Darcus England wife of Ezekiel England, Polly Dunkin, Nancy Lakey wife of Hiram Lakey, and to my son Rollen $2 to be paid out of my money in hand or when collected, and my money in hand and notes when collected to be equally divided between my son John & my daughters Darcus, Polly, Isbel & Nancy; appoint Israel Simmons the sole executor. /s/ Mary (+) Dunkin. Wit. Jas. Reed, Jesse R. Hyatt. Proved in court 3 October 1833.
      List of Property Sold of the Estate of Mary Dunkin deceased on the 20th and 21st of November 1833: (property was bee stands, hogs, bushels of corn, dryed fruit, etc.) purchasers include William Stallcup, John Dunkin, Cyrus Elliott, Alexander Finley, Ezekiel England, Stephen Branch, Joseph Finley, Rolling Dunkin, Eligah Browning, Mahaley Wilson, Alfred Finley, William Garrit, Hiram Lakey, James Morrow, Silas Morrow, Mary Dunkin. (total two pages of items, $459.04-1/4)
      List of notes found in the possession of Mary Duncan, the deceased, all of which are desperate. John Dunkin $148.78 due March 18, 1835; Alexander Finley for $23 due May 28, 1830; Ez?. England for $7.50 due 26 Aug. 1830; Joseph Neal and Wm. Conley $500 credit of $60 due Feb. 4, 1832; David Mcgation(?) $85 credit of $30 dated March 6, 1830 due 7 Nov. 1830; Alexander Finley $200 due March 18, 1835; (other notes; did not copy amounts & due dates; some are doubtful instead of desperate) James McDowel & Samuel Carson, J.W. Carswell, Israel Simmons, Elijah Evins & David Mcgalerd, David Beaver, Joseph England, Israel Medford, John Garden, Wm. O. Walton, Lemuel Wats, Andrew Dunken for $7.75 due Dec. 25, 1827 doubtful, Daniel Morrow, Hiram Leakey, Wm. M/Wargers, Wm. Brooks, Stephen Rivell & John Pulliam, Ralph Mo??, Andrew Grimes, Wm. Merrent?.
            Burke Co. NC, Settlement 23 Jan. 1836 by John Allan and James Reed, who met at the house of Israel Simmons exec. of estate of Mary Duncan decd, and settled all accounts; remains $388.31 due the heirs, and each heir shear as follows: John Duncan $57, Ezekiel England $105.65, Hiram Lakey $46.64, Alexander Finley $20.35, Mary Duncan $158.67. (from "Eswau Huppeday" Vol.XI #2, 5/1991, by Broad River Gen. Society, Shelby, Cleveland Co. NC; FHL book 975.6 D25e; MAD: this book has much more on Nancy Lakey's family)

Burke Co. NC Administrator's bond (copy from Ralph Duncan 11/1985)
      Bond of John Duncan and Isaiah Bradshaw, 31? Oct. 1816, for John Duncan to act as administrator of the estate of John Duncan, deceased. /s/ John Dunkan, Isiah Bradshaw.
      (RMD: I believe this John Duncan decd was husband of Mary Dunkin, that John Duncan admr. was her son who m. Rebecca Jimison in 1828. According to the ages of her children, John could have died ca 1799-1800 but the administrators bond was not filed until 11 years later.)


Land records, North Carolina and Tennessee; indexes, 1600-1959; by NC Secretary of State, Land Grant Office (Placerville FHC on loan 1/4-5/2012)
      Land warrants are documents issued at local land offices to purchasers of public lands. When these warrants are surrendered, the buyers are issued conveyances (deeds). The land warrants (and other miscellaneous records) are organized by file numbers in alphabetical sequences of counties. Some of the counties are now Tennessee counties. These records are in packets. On each packet cover are spaces for the following information: file number, county, purchaser's name(s), number of acres, grant number, date issued, entry number, date entered, book number, page number & location. ... The key to finding the related packets are the file numbers.
      Land grant index cards, 1693-1959, George Dail (Burke) - Robert Deveney (Rutherford) (FHL Film 1,942,615)
            Duncan, Charles, File No.4259, Burke Co., 50 acres, Grant No.4022 issued 4 Sept. 1820, Entry No.7457 entered 26 Jan. 1819, Book No.134, page no.278, Location: On E. side of Clarks Little River
            Duncan, Charles, File No.3822, Burke Co., 7 acres, Grant No.3585 issued 28 Nov. 1812, Entry No.5948 entered 2 March 1812, Book No.127, page no.108, Location: On E. side of Upper Little River
            Duncan, James, File No.4266, Burke Co., 100 acres, Grant No.4037 issued 30 Nov. 1820, Entry No.7541 entered 24 March 1819, Book No.134, page no.310, Location: On waters of Muddy Creek
            Duncan, James, File No.4558, Burke Co., 50 acres, Grant No.5215 issued 26 Jan. 1827, Entry No.8512 entered 23 Feb. 1824, Book No.137, page no.116, Location: On Finley's Fork of Muddy Creek
            Duncan, James, File No.5477, Burke Co., 100 acres, Grant No.6127 issued 22 Apr. 1844, Entry No.12898 entered 16 May 1837, Book No.149, page no.147, Location: On waters of Muddy Creek
            Duncan, James H., File No.5482, Burke Co., 100 acres, Grant No.6125 issued 27 Sept. 1844, Entry No.13415 entered 14 Sept. 1840, Book No.149, page no.212, Location: Beg. on a Spanish oak
            Duncan, James H., File No.5483, Burke Co., 100? acres (typed over), Grant No.6126 issued 27 Sept. 1844, Entry No.13697 entered 20 July 1842, Book No.149, page no.212, Location: On waters of Muddy Creek
            Duncan, John, File No.4005, Burke Co., 100 acres, Grant No.3766 issued 7 Dec. 1816, Entry No.6279 entered 15 Sept. 1814, Book No.150, page no.397, Location: On Finleys fork of Muddy Creek
            Duncan, Jno., File No.5514, Burke Co., 100 acres, Grant No.6157 issued 31 Dec. 1844, Entry No.13696 entered 20 July 1842, Book No.150, page no.126, Location: Beg. on a small hickory
            Duncan, Roland, File No.5377, Burke Co., 50 acres, Grant No.6029 issued 23 June 1841, Entery No.13418 entered 14 Sept. 1840, Book No.147, page no.212, Location: Beg. on a white oak
            Duncan, Roland, File No.5296, Burke Co., 76 acres, Grant No.5951 issued 20 Nov. 1840, Entry No.12984 entered 3 Sept. 1838, Book No.146, page no.302, Location: On Shadrickes Creek
            Duncan, Roland, File No.5520, Burke Co., 50 acres, Grant No.6163 issued 10 Jan. 1845, Entry No.13754 entered 5 Dec. 1842, Book No.150, page no.232, Location: Beg. on a pine
            Dunken, Peter, File No.0137, Burke Co., 100 acres, Grant No.---- issued ----, Entry No.3818 entered 29 Jan. 1800, Book No.--, page no.--, Location: On the waters of Towe river

Burke Co. NC Misc. Deeds 1794-1856 (FHL film 18,346)
      (Loose papers; grants, deeds, etc. not in any order either alphabetic or by date)
      No Duncan

Burke Co. NC Deed Index 1865-1919 (FHL film 369,289)
      No Duncan to 1889


Burke Co. NC Criminal Action Papers (copy from Ralph Duncan 11/1985)
      4 Jan. 1794, State vs. Zadock Smith & Samuel Dunkin, Copias; Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions, order to the Sheriff of Book (sic) Co. to have Zadock Smith and Samuel Dunkin appear at the Court of P&Q on 4th Monday of April next to answer the State on a Bill of Indictment. Sheriff's return" Executed as to Smith; Samuel Dunkin not found"
      4 Jan. 1794, same case; order to Sheriff of Burke Co. to summon (subpoena) John Boyd and John Baily to appear on the 4th Monday in April to give evidence on behalf of the State vs. Zadock Smith & Samuel Dunkin.
      4 July 1794, State vs. Samuel Dunkan, copias; alias; Sheriff to have Samuel Dunkin appear at the court of P&Q on 4th Monday in October, to answer indictment.

Burke Co. NC Court Minutes (from Ralph Duncan 11/1985)
      Pg.156, Jan. 1794, deed from Thomas Young to John Duncan for 150 acres, dated 7 Jan. 1793, ordered recorded.

Burke and McDowell Co. NC records concerning James Duncan (from Ralph Duncan 11/1985; MAD: possibly brother of Rowland, John, etc.)
      Record #4266, Burke Co. grant to James Duncan, 100a, #4037, issued 30 Nov. 1820, entry 7541 entered 24 March 1819, Book 134, Pg.310, on waters of Muddy Creek, joining John Dunkin's line, Jones (James?) Jimeson's line, Lakin's line; later grant 50 acres 3 Feb. 1824 joining his own lines on Finleys fork of Muddy Creek. Survey chain carriers John Duncan & John Jemason
      Deed book ??, pg.86: (blank) day of July 1849, Alexander (m) Finley and wife Isabella (+) of McDowell Co. NC, to James H. Duncan, $10 ($2?), all our right, title etc. to 1/6 part in lot of land in McDowell Co. NC, on John Gremun's(?) line now owned by Wm. M...?, John Jamison's line, Larckins corner, 100a (same land as granted to James Duncan 1820) Wit. B.L. Burgiss.
      Bond of James Duncan and Rowlin Duncan, 29 April 1818, for $200; that James Duncan, reputed father of a base born child begot on the body of Hester Hodge, single woman ... to support the child.
      County Court Minutes pg.288, Oct. 1821, James Duncan is assignee of Mary Dunkin.
      County Court Minutes, July, 1827; letters of administration on the estate of James Duncan issue unto John Duncan.
      Nebo Cemetery; has marker for James Dunkin, d. 1827.
      McDowell Co. Deed 3-577: 25 Aug. 1848, Ezekial England and wife Dorcas of McDowell Co. NC to J.H. Duncan for $10, 1/6 part of land ... (RMD: same land as in the deed from Alexander Finley and wife Isabella to James H. Duncan.)
      McDowell Co. Deed 3-576: Polly S. Duncan to James H. Duncan, 1/6 interest in tract of land in McDowell Co. NC (RMD: same land as 3-577, entered March 24, 1819, and granted 30 Nov. 1820 #4037 to James Duncan).

Burke and McDowell Co. NC records concerning John Duncan (from Ralph Duncan 11/1985; see McDowell for more)
      Bond of John Dunkin and Alexander Jemison for marriage of John Dunkin and Rebeckah Jemmison, 28 July 1828

Burke Co. NC Equity Court Record (copy from Ralph Duncan 3/1986)
      March, 1833, estate of Thomas Young, court in Chancery. Bill of complaint of Judith Duncan who sues with her husband Rowlen Duncan, complainants, vs. Strawbridge Young, Joshua Young, Jn.. (torn) Teagird? & Amy Young, defendants. That oratrix Judith Duncan when an infant of tender years became the owner of & received by deed of gift from her grandmother Ann Walton a negro girl slave named Avrey then about 14 years of age, which bill of sale was executed in Cumberland Co. VA on 2 Nov. 1811 in consideration of love and $1; if Judith died without heirs of her body, the slave and her increase to be equally divided between certain sisters & brothers, but in trust that the benefit of the slave should go to her mother Judith Walton, wife of Tilman Walton, during her life. But that if Judith died or married and the benefit of the slave cannot be comfortably extended to Judith Walton (mother of the trustee), then the trust would revert to the said Ann. That the negro was put into the possession of Judith Walton (the mother) at the time of making said deed in VA, and by her brought to this county at or about the same time (bottom line cut off); that the negro Avrey & her child or children was by some means sold to Thomas Young now deceased, to whom Joshua Young one of the defendants is executor; that Avey has 8 or 9 children, two of whom, Jacob & Flora, are claimed by Strawbridge Young, Sonea & Henery are in possession of Amy Young, the widow & her daughter Wm. Teagin wife of the defendant John Teagen, sue? (are?) other named. (blank) was taken to Florida by ??? Teagen and there ..., other slaves in possession of Joshua Young who as executor had distributed the other slaves to the heirs of Thomas Young decd. One slave has been delivered to Mrs. Powell one of the children of said John Tegue and run over to the State of TN. Orator [Judith Duncan] states that when her grandmother the said Ann sent the negroe to this country, she also sent money to pay the expenses of proving, recording & registering said deed of gift but that for some cause it (end of page, no later page attached.)


Burke Co. NC Tax records (from Ralph Duncan 11/1985)
1793: Capt. Adams Co.:
      Wm. Dunkion, 1 pole, 0 land
1796: Capt. Morrison District:
      John Duncan, 150a
1802: Capt. Ainsworth Co.:
      John Duncan, 1p, 0 land
      Peter Duncan, 600a, 0p
1803: Capt. Howell's Co.:
      Charles Dunkin, 150a, 1p
      Capt. Walton's Co., 9 Aug.
      Mary Dunkin, 100a, 0p
      Capt. Jones Co.
      George Dunkin, 100a, 1p
      John Dunkin, 1p
      Peter Dunkin, 600a, 0p
      Issac Dunkin, 1p
1804: Capt. Howells Co.:
      Charles Duncan, 150a, 1p
      Capt. Jones Co.:
      John Dunkin, 1p
      Peter Dunkin, 600a, 0p
1805: Capt. Jones Old Co.:
      George Dunkin, 1p
      Peter Dunkin, 600a, 0p
      Issac Dunkin, 1p
1806: Capt. Howell's Co.:
      Chas. Duncan, 150a, 0p
      Capt. White's Co.:
      Peter Duncan, 600a, 0p
1807: Capt. John Boyd Co.:
      Chas. Duncan, 150a, 1p
1808: Capt. Boyd Co.:
      Chas. Duncan, 150a, 1p
1809: Capt. James Askew Co.:
      John Duncan, 150a, 1p
1814: Capt. McTeague Co.:
      Charley Duncan, 172a, 1p
1815: Capt. Teague's Co.:
      Chas. Duncan, 260a, 1p, NE side upper Little River
      Capt. Allens Co.:
      John Dunkin, 100a, 1p, 1 tract of land on Muddy Creek
1816: Capt. Teague Co.:
      Charles Duncan, 262a, 1p, on upper Little River
      Capt. Dobson Co.:
      Jno. Dunkin, 100a, 1p
      James Askew, JP:
      Roland Dunkin, 230a, 1p
      Mary Duncan, 150a, 0p, value $200
      James Dysarts District:
      Mary Duncan, 150a, value $200
1817: Capt. Teague District:
      Chas. Duncan, 262a, 1p
      Capt. ?? District:
      Rowlan Dunkin, 230a, 1p, 1 black, value $260
      Mary Dunkin, widow, 150a, 0p, 0b, value $200
1822, 1824, 1826, 1827, 1829 - only very small number of returns
1830: Capt. Conly Co.:
      Jacob Duncan, 133a, value $266, 1p
      Capt. Roberson Co.:
      Charles Duncan, 312a, value $525, 0p
1836: Capt. Finley Co.:
      Rolin Dunkin, 710a, value $710, 4p
      John Dunkin, 1,150a, value $125, 0p
1838: Pleasant Gardens Dist.:
      John Duncan, 200a Fork? Muddy Creek
      James H. Duncan, 600a value $l600, 1p, No. Muddy Creek


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McDowell Co. NC Misc. Records 1843-1938 Act-Corres (NC Archives, Raleigh, NC, from reference given to me at the archives by Mrs. Grace Turner, not a Duncan researcher)
      Act-Corres. CR 064.928.2; Corres. A.J. Helton to Polly S. Duncan, 1843 (copied three documents)
      "Mrs. Mary dunken you will please to let Mr. Elija Chambers have those hides, which I left with you and let him pay you for your trouble or else send me word by him how much I owe you and I will pay it my-self when I see you. You will also please to ask Mr. Stewart for fifty cents which is coming to me to this and oblige your friend (signed) Samuel Stewart"
      Half sheet of paper, an account: John Finley Dr to Poly S. Dunkin. To cash 03.00; for bond 30.00; to twenty seven yards of cloth at 25 cts per yd 06.85; one dress and hankerchief and 00.00 trimins 04.00; one drefs 02.00; (total) 45.75. For wasing 2 dollars the milking of one cow at one dollar per month 9 months 2.00, 9.00, (total) 58.75. October the 14st 1848.
      Letter Feb. 5, 1843, from A.J. Helton, Lumpkin Co. GA, to Polly S. Duncan, North Carolina, Burke County, Locus Grove Post Office. Dear aunt. After a long absence I take my pen in hand to inform you that I am well at present through the mercy of God and hoping these few lines may find you enjoying the like blessing. It is about 7 years sense I left you I come to Georgia in 1837 and is now liven in Dahlonega G.A. I will state to you that I am married to a woman whose name was Rody Elizabeth J. Hester I was maried in July the 1st A.D. 1839 And has two children 1 boy and 1 girl whose names is (this?) (Thos.?) Wm. Jasper Helton and Sarough Jane Helton I would be glad to see you an ?? but I hant had the opportunity to come (fold in paper) ... write to me as soon as you get this letter and inform me how you and friends is I have heard from you some time ago that you have had many difficulties and law suits with Rolen Duncan I have wanted to be with you when I heard of the abuize you received from them (those?) who you always befriended so much. Dear aunt wright to me and direct your letter to Dahlonega G.A. Lumpkin P.O. and in so doing you will restore that friendship I have so oft times regrated I do this with a heavy hurt (hart?) So nothing more at present But remaining your most obediant Servant and Sinser friend until death A.J. Helton to Polly S. Duncan.

Lincoln Co. NC Original Wills BR-E (FHL film 1,572,063)
      State of NC, Lincoln Co. Joseph McHaffey, Henry Hoffman and Any Mehalffy make oath that a certain James Russell (forge carpenter & mill wright) was on his way from Burke Co. to Grahams Furnace and was taken with sickness at the house of the said Joseph Mehalffy on Friday the 22nd day of March last which sickness continued from that time until the Sunday evening following, viz, the 24 day of March. about sunset he died. a short time previous to his death the said James Russell appearing to be of sound mind & memory did in the hearing of these deponents make the following nuncupative will, viz, that he said Russell said "In the name of God Amen I will my negroe wench to James Gorman and my negroe boy to Patrick Doran and my land to Patrick Duncan the young man who served his time with me & lives in South Carolina the horse I ride I will to Patrick Duncan as to money I have not any worth willing" and that the said James Russell made no other or further disposition of his property in the hearing of these deponents. Committed to writing the within nuncupative will of James Russell deceased this 2nd day of April 1805 and was signed & sworn to before me, Benjn. Dorsay? JP?, /s/ Joseph Mehaffey jurat, Henry Huffman Jurat, Anne Mehaffey jurat. The foregoing will was proved in open court by the oaths of Joseph Mehaffy, Henry Huffman & Anne Mehaffy and admitted to Record. April session, 1805.

McDowell Co. NC Deeds (FHL film 19,271)
      1-177: 20 Jan. 1845, John H. Pearson Esq. High Sheriff of Burke Co. NC to Clark McAvory of same; by writs of venditioni exponas and firi facias from County and Superior Courts of Burke Co. against property of Roland Duncan, one in favor of James McKesson and son for $50 and $3.35 costs and charges, and one other in favour of William C. Erwin for $4.63 and $1.40 costs and charges with a credit thereon of $2.98, and one other in favor of State of NC for $11.46 and cost, all from County Court, and one from Superior Court in favour of Hamblin Freeman for $28.90 for costs and charges; sell land: 1 tract of 100 acres on both sides Thompsons fork of Muddy Creek adj. Thompson's lower survey, and 1 tract of 50 acres between Thompson's upper survey and Charles Finley's corner on S.side of the Creek, and 1 tract of 98 acres adj. Alexr. Thompson and John McDowell, and 1 tract of 50 acres on N.side waggon road, and 1 tract of 100 acres on branch of Thompson's Creek near the road, Dobson's line, and 1 tract N.side of a hill (acres not given), and 1 tract of 50 acres adj. Finley, and 1 tract of 150 acres on N.side Thompson's fork on Finley's corner; sale 22 April 1843 to Clark M. Avory as highest bidder for $50 and $111.
      1-267: 5 July 1823, Daniel Holland of Burk Co. NC to John Dunkin of same, $400, 3 tracts, on both sides of Young's fork of North Muddy Creek, all joining; (1) 100 acres on W.side Youngs Mountain, then N. crossing the creek; (2) 100 acres on his own line, then N. with Hawkins line; (3) 200 acres on N.side of the fork except what Simes tract takes out. Wit. Thos. Green, Wm. Green. (no proved or registered notation)

Rutherford Co. TN Record Book A No. 1, 1804-1814 (typed by WPA; FHL film 380,487)
      A1-72: John Ford's Will recorded. Will of John Ford of Burke Co., 27 Oct. 1804; rec. 12 Jan. 1809; to my wife Judith Ford all my property to dispose of as she pleases amongst my children, during her widowhood, also I leave John Payne and Charles Duncan to see to settling my affairs as to paying my debts and receiving what debts is due to me now. Execs. my worthy friends Jacob Ford and James Ford. /s/ John Ford (Seal). Wit. Sally Payne, Lucinda Payne, John Godfrey. (typed pg.29) (MAD: should be Burke Co. NC, not Burke Co. TN; see Charles Duncan, wife Mary Ford, from Buckingham Co. VA to Burke Co. NC to Union Co. GA)

HISTORIES before 1923

1887/8 "History of West TN" by Goodspeed (FHL film 899,867)
      Pg.927, Gibson Co.: William R. White is a son of John and Sallie P. (Duncan) White, natives of NC and VA respectively. They were married in the former State and there resided until 1836, when they came to West TN and located in Gibson Co., where they remained until their deaths. The father was a Jacksonian Democrat, and a blacksmith and farmer by occupation. He died about 1859. His widow resided on the homestead until a few years before her death, when she began residing with her children. She died in 1881. William R. was born in Burke Co. NC, December 5, 1822, and received ... Julia A. Armstrong became his wife in 1846, and after bearing 6 children, died in 1860. Three years later he married Jane Simmons, who bore him one child. ... (MAD: 1850 Carroll Co. TN, p.11 #129, John White 58 VA, Sarah 51 VA, Daniel F. 29 VA, David 25 VA, Mary A. 15, Nancy L. 13, Sarah F. 10, John C. 8 TN; #130, William R. White 25 NC, Julia Ann 25 TN, William R. 3, Sarah J. 1-6/12 TN)

1895 "Memoirs of Georgia; containing historical accounts of the state's civil, military, industrial and professional interests, and personal sketches of many of its people" or "Memoirs of Georgia, Historical and Biographical" Vol.1 (TN Gen. Society Library #2350 from Evelyn Sigler 3/1984)
      Pg.763: DOCTOR JOHN WESLEY DUNCAN, born on plantation in Union Co. GA, Sept. 29, 1842. In 1865 to Forsyth Co. GA, studied medicine. Established first practice in Philadelphia in E. TN for 13 years; 1883 to Atlanta, GA. Was Methodist. Father was David Newton Duncan, b. Burke Co. NC 1806, came to Union Co. GA 1836, d. there 1879, m. Nancy Gillespie; had 5 children, 4 grew up. William Rufus of Union Co. GA; Dr. John Wesley; Dr. Moses C. Duncan of Madisonville, TN. Grandfather was Charles Duncan, b. VA, to NC where married, later to Union Co. GA, died at 91 years during the Civil War. The emigrant ancestor was a Scotchman. (MAD: Married in Macon Co. NC)


Burke Co. NC information (from Ralph Duncan 3/1986)
      Charles Duncan in early Burke Co. settled on Upper Little River, which forms part of the boundry between the eastern part of Caldwell Co. and western part of Alexander Co. This is at least 60 or 70 miles from where the Duncans settled in what is now McDowell Co. A Charles Duncan married Sally Whitesides 19 Jan. 1837 in Rutherford Co. There are a number of Duncan marriage records in McDowell Co. in the 1860's naming Charles Duncan and Sarah Whitesides as their parents.


"The Heritage of Burke County [NC] 1981" by Burke Co. Historical Society, 1981 (FHL book 975.685 H2h)
      Pgs.162-163 contain many descendants of Mary Duncan, the widow who died in 1833 and whose children lived in Burke and McDowell Co. NC; the biographical sketch was written by Mrs. Mary Alice Duncan, wife of Ralph Duncan.
      Additions and corrections to this sketch were published on pgs.47-49 in Vol.3 #3, Sept. 1985, of the "Burke Co. NC Genealogical Society Quarterly" (FHL book 975.685 D25b) in an article by Ralph Duncan, who has done a lot of research on the family.

"Heritage of Rutherford Co. NC" ed. by William B. Bynum, pub. by Genealogical Society of Old Tryon County, 1984 (from June Ricketts 1/1986)
      Biographical sketch #232 of Benjamin Hoyle Duncan includes information on his ancestors James H. Duncan 1814-1875 and Sophia Elliott 1821-1864 of McDowell Co. NC; however, the parents of James H. Duncan were Rachel Bivings and John Duncan according to James' marriage record in July 1870, and not Rowland Duncan and Judith Walton (married bef. Jan. 1821) or Jane Cox Walton (married 11/3/1813 Burke Co. NC); from information from Ralph Duncan 3/1986.


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