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Formed 1777 from Burke, Surry
Ashe formed 1799 from Wilkes
Caldwell formed 1841 from Burke, Wilkes
Alexander formed 1847 from Iredell, Caldwell, Wilkes
Watauga formed 1849 from Ashe, Caldwell, Wilkes, Yancey


1790 Wilkes Co., Morgan Dist, NC Census
Pg.122  Duncan, Josh            234xx         8th Company
   123  Duncan, Ben             145xx         12th Company
          (MAD: to Anderson Co. TN)

1800 Wilkes Co. NC Census (semi-alphabetic)
Pg. 36  Joshua Dunkins          00101         - 00201
          (MAD: ?? to Washington later Campbell Co. TN ?)

1810 Wilkes Co. NC Census
Pg.265  James Dinkins           20010         - 30010

1820 Wilkes Co. NC Census (semi-alphabetic by first name)
Pg.507  Jane Duncan             100000        - 10101
          (MAD: ?? see Jane Duncan from Wake Co. NC 1824
            although 1820 Wake Co. NC census missing)
   521  Jonathan Duncan         000010        - 00100
   528  Nathan Duncan           120010        - 11010

1830 Wilkes Co. NC Census
Pg.389  James Canter            2210,0000,1   - 0000,01
          (MAD: 1820 Rowan Co. NC census)
   389  Jonathan Dunkin         1100,01       - 1100,1
          (MAD: mar. Tempy Harris 11/4/1829, bondsman William Duncan)
   396  Nathan Dunkin           0001,1001     - 0201,001

1840 Wilkes Co. NC Census
Pg. 47  Joshua A. Dinkins       1000,1        - 2100,1 (head of Yadkin)
    55  Susan Duncan            0000,2        - 0011,001
          (MAD: widow of Nathan?)
        Nathan Duncan           0000,0100,1   - 0100,1
    59  William Duncan          1010,0001     - 0100,1   (MAD: b.1780)
    64  Jonathan Duncan         0111,001      - 0101,001
          (MAD: Union Co. GA 1850, b. VA)
    71  Nancy Duncan            0             - 0100,1
    93  John Duncan             0000,1        - 1000,1
   107  Henry Duncan            0000,1        - 0001
   108  Elizabeth Canter        1031,1        - 0200,001

1850 Wilkes Co. NC Census
(if born NC, county of birth given)
Taken 7/29/1850
Pg.271, #309, Kelin WILLIAMS 40 Iredell NC
                  Delphia 45 Iredell NC
                  (MAD: Keelon Williams mar. Delphia Duncan, 11/28/1840; ? perhaps Delphia Cook who mar. Benjamin Dunken 12/25/1827, bondsman William Duncan?)
Taken 7/31/1850
Pg.274, #354, Kelin WILLIAMS 36 Iredell NC farmer 0
                  Delphia (f) 35 Wilkes NC
Pg.294, #645, William DUNCAN 70 unknown farmer
                  Elizabeth 36 Wilkes NC
                  Wesly 12, Polly 8 Wilkes NC
                  William 3 Wilkes NC
                  (MAD: and see pg.327)
Pg.326, #1142, John DUNKAN 32 unknown farmer $250
                  Rebecah 31 Wilkes NC
                  Frances (f) 10, Amanda 8 Wilkes NC
                  Nancy 6, James 5 Wilkes NC
                  Sarah 4, Rosey 2 Wilkes NC
Pg.327, #1145, William DUNKIN 65 VA farmer
                  Elizabeth 30 Ashe NC
                  Wesly 10, Polly 6 Wilkes NC
                  Josiah 4 Wilkes NC
                  (MAD: and see pg.294)
Pg.327, #1150, James CANTER 33 Rockingham NC farmer $350
                  Christiana 39 Wilkes NC
                  Christiana 2, Samuel 7/12 Wilkes NC
Pg.334, #1249, George DUNKIN 29 Ashe NC farmer
                  Jane 32 Ashe NC
                  William 8, David 4 Ashe NC
                  Thomas 1 Wilkes NC
                  (MAD: See Ashe Co. NC, Carroll Co. TN; Wm. F. in Civil War; George the son of John of Ashe Co. NC; 1860 Washington Co. TN census, Jane in 1870 Yancey Co. NC census)
Pg.334, #1250, Sally COMBS 26 Wilkes NC
                  Mary 5 Wilkes NC
Pg.344, #1380, Richmond ANDERSON 33 NC
                  Emily 25 NC
                  Mary 4, Rebeccah 4/12 NC
                  (MAD: Richmond Anderson mar. Milley Duncan 5/13/1841)
Pg.344, #1381, Chapman DUNKIN 38 Wilkes NC farmer $700
                  Elizabeth 36 Rowan NC
                  Eliza 8, Alford 6 Wilkes NC
                  Jesse 4, Barbary 1 Wilkes NC
Pg.344, #1389, Elizabeth CANTER 51 Rockingham Co. NC
                  William 21 Wilkes NC farmer
                  Catherine 18, Minerva 15 Wilkes NC
                  George 12 Wilkes NC
                  (MAD: ? perhaps Elizabeth Duncan who married James Canter 6/24/1819)
Pg.344, #1390, Rachael CANTER 38 Rowan NC $350
                  Isaac DUNKIN 8, Eliza 4 Wilkes NC
                  Nancy DOUGLAS 92 Yancy NC
                  (MAD: ?? perhaps Rachael Kesler, widow of Benjamin Duncan, mar. 3/7/1842 Rowan Co. NC)
Pg.362, #1765, Henry DUNKIN 32 Wilkes NC farmer $100
                  Matilda 26 Wilkes NC
                  Myra (f) 7, Wiley (m) 6 Wilkes NC
                  Lucinda 4, Alford 3 Wilkes NC
                  (MAD: mar. 1st Matilda Owens 4/18/1839; mar. 2nd Stacey Anders 3/10/1856 Yancey Co. NC; 1860 Buncombe Co. NC census)

1860 Wilkes Co. NC Census
(page number in parentheses is stamped page number)
P.O. Wilkesboro
Pg.91 (91), #1284-1284, William DUNCAN 84 NC farmer $00$20
                  Elizabeth 48 NC
                  Mary 13, Josiah 12, John 8 NC
                  (MAD: William was age 65 or 70 in 1850)
Pg.198 (99), #1406-1406, John DUNCAN 45 NC farmer $0-$75
                  Rebecca 43 NC
                  James 16, Sarah 14 NC
                  Rhoda 12, Rebecca 10 NC
                  Louisa 8, John 4 NC
Pg.240 (120), #297-296, Rachel DUNCAN 47 NC farmer $300-$200
                  Isaac 16 NC farmer $0-$0
                  Eliza 14 NC
Pg.240 (120), #301-300, Chapman DUNKIN 48 NC farmer $1000-$700
                  Elizabeth 39 NC farmer
                  Jane 17 NC seamstress
                  Alfred W. 15 NC farm laborer $0-$0
                  Jesse 13, Barbery 10 NC
                  Charles 9, Daniel 7 NC
                  Tempe (f) 5, Nelson 4 NC
                  Milly 2, Thomas 6/12 NC
Pg.240 (121), #304-303, Richard ANDERSON 44 NC farmer $1000-$1000
                  Millia (f) 34 NC farmer
                  Mary 13, Rebecca 8, Mirah 6, Martha 3 NC

1870 Wilkes Co. NC Census
Love Lace Twp., P.O. LoveLace
Pg.328-329, #43-43, ELISABETH, Fort (f) 14 NC (white) domestic servt. $0-$0
                  DUNCAN, P. (m) 30 NC farmer $0-$0
                  Sarah 26 NC keeping house
                  Lucinda 4 NC at home
                  Thomas 4/12 NC b.Apr.
                  GOBAL, Cate (f) 35 NC domestic servant
                  (MAD: indexed as V. Duncan)
Trap Hill Twp., P.O. Trap Hill
Pg.392, #36-36, PARKS, Ansel (m) 62 NC farmer $400-$488
                  Mary 56 NC keeping house
                  Aarad J. (m) 20 NC farm hand
                  Nancy L. 20 NC labors? at house
                  James M. 18 NC farm hand
                  Sarah E. 10 NC at home
                  DUNCAN, Elizabeth 30 NC domestic servant
Pg.399, #160-160, DUNCAN, George W. 28 NC farmer $0-$120
                  Cyntha 29 NC keeping house
                  William F. 4 NC
                  Johnathan C. 2 NC
Wilkesboro Twp., P.O. Wilkesboro
Pg.434, #40-40, GILREATH, Pains? (m) 36 NC farmer $400-$300
                  Eliza L. 24 NC keeping house
                  Mary J. 7, Rachel (f) 5, Sarah V?. 3 NC at home
                  DUNCAN, R. (f) 57 NC at home
                  (MAD: Rachel in 1870)
Pg.435, #43-43, DUNCAN, Elizabeth 48 NC keeping house $2000?-$1000
                  Jessie (m) 22 NC farm hand
                  Mary 18 NC (blank)
                  Daniel 18 NC farm hand
                  Lina (f) 16 NC (blank)
                  Nelia (f) 13 NC farm hand
                  Milley (f) 11 NC farm hand
                  Thomas B. 20 NC farm hand
                  Denny? (m) 8 NC at home
                  Lorah (f) 5 NC at home
                  (MAD: Thomas B.'s age looks much more like 20 than like 10; Lina 16 was Christena A. 24 in 1880, Nelia (f) 13 was Nelson (m) 22 in 1880, Thomas B. was L. Bynom age 19 in 1880, Denny was Chapman D. in 1880)
Pg.446, #202-203, DUNCAN, J. (m) 25 NC farmer $0-$0
                  Elizabeth 28 NC keeping house
                  Martha 2 NC at home


Wilkes Co. NC Will Index 1780-1940 (FHL film 393,949)
      No Duncan to 1882

Wilkes Co. NC Will Books 3 & 4 V.3-4, 1811-1848 (FHL film 393,950)
      3-64: 5 May, 1813, David Dinkins, orphan, bound to Milton Ladd until age 21; now age 7, to learn to be a farmer.
      4-348: May, 1848, account of estate of Nathan Duncan, decd; estate included notes on John Finley $70, Gray & Masters $72, Poley & Grayson $5, Elizabeth Jones & Hiram Ford $12; estate filed by J.H. Broghill, admin.

Wilkes Co. NC Wills (FHL film 393,949 index from Louis Boone 9/1986)
      1-372: James (X) Edmonston, 13 Jan. 1792, of Wilkes Co. NC; very sick and weak; my eldest son Robert Edmonston all my right, etc. in land in State of VA with paying £20 VA money, £10 to Sarah Edmonston my wife and £10 to my grandson Samuel Edmonston; to my wife Sarah a black horse and two cows and all the household furniture during her life and to dispose of as she thinks best after her death; to my grandson Samuel Edmonson all this tract of land where I now live and done bay mare and cold and one bay horse and 4 head of cattle to him and the heirs of his body; to my son-in-law John Childress one four pounds cow in the hands of Robert Hulm? and two-year old calf; to Easher Taylor 2 shillings; to my daughter Dorother Dunkin 2 shillings; to my son William Edmonston 2 shillings; appoint John Childress and George Stacy sole execs. Wit. George Stacy, Simon Stacy. Proved July 1793. (FHL film 20,119) (MAD: see Chatham Co. NC).

Wilkes Co. NC Wills (from Brenda Furches 2/1989 and FHL films)
      6-219: Will of Rachel Duncan (X), of Wilkes Co. NC, weak in body; 8 July 1866; all my real and personal estate to my dau. Eliza L. now intermarried with Purvis Gilreath and her children now borned or hereafter to be borned her said husband James Pervis Gilreath is not to have any "rite" title or interest in my estate real or personal, neither is any husband to have any interest in my estate that my dau. Eliza L. may have, but that my dau. Eliza L. Gilreath is to have my estate both real and personal for her life and then (to) her children; after my death none of my estate either real and personal be sold, but to "hap" to my dau. E.L. Gilreath to do as she may see proper during her life and then to her children; appoint my friend James P. Gilreath exec. Wit. I.S. Call, R.F. Hackett; proved Aug. 12, 1882; statement by J.P. Gilreath that the land and personal property are worth about $1,000. (FHL film 393,951)
      7-125: Will of N.W. Duncan: "This March 9 1900. This is my will all of brothers and sisters one $1 dollar apiece. All of the rest land and all to C.T.A. Duncan. N.W. Duncan. Teste T.B. Duncan, Teste Floyd Duncan." Court 2 March 1901, will produced in court by T.B. Duncan, brother of decd, no exec. being named; witnesses T.B. Duncan and Floyd Duncan examined, ordered recorded. (FHL film 393,952) (MAD: this is Nelson W. Duncan, Bible was transcribed as "Wilson" W.)
      7-242: Will of Elizabeth Duncan (X), of Wilkes Co. NC, 4 March 1897; my son N.W. Duncan to have all my farming utensils, including wagon and hack and smith tools and my cupboard and one of my best beds together with outfit, one small table & one clock; my son J.G. Duncan $5; my son D.S. Duncan $5; my son T.B. Duncan one good bed and fixture and $5; my son C.D. Duncan $5; my dau. E.J. Fletcher my chest and one bed and bed clothes and $5; my dau. Barbra E. Harris one blanket and cover lid and $5; my dau. Amelia S. Smithy one red bureau one bed and clothes and $5; my dau. Laura E. Lowe my black bureau and one bed and bedclothes and $5; my dau. Christiena A. Duncan one bed and bed clothes, the sewing machine, one clothes press, my loom and all the fixtures, little wheel, little reel, all my chairs and all remaining household and kitchen furniture; appoint my exec. my son N.W. Duncan; wit. J.M. Mitchell, J.H. Ellis. Court 7 April 1905, will exhibited by C.T.A. Duncan one of devisees therein; wit. J.M. Mitchell gave oath; that J.H. Ellis res. in state of TX, his signature proved by R.L. Ellis and R.A. Deal; will ordered recorded. (FHL film 393,952)


Land records, North Carolina and Tennessee; indexes, 1600-1959; by NC Secretary of State, Land Grant Office (SLC 5/30/2011 copied by CVD)
      Land warrants are documents issued at local land offices to purchasers of public lands. When these warrants are surrendered, the buyers are issued conveyances (deeds). The land warrants (and other miscellaneous records) are organized by file numbers in alphabetical sequences of counties. Some of the counties are now Tennessee counties. These records are in packets. On each packet cover are spaces for the following information: file number, county, purchaser's name(s), number of acres, grant number, date issued, entry number, date entered, book number, page number & location. ... The key to finding the related packets are the file numbers.
            Dunkin, Henry, File No.190, Wilkes Co., 200 acres, Grant No.190 issued 25 March 1780, Entry No.132 entered 18 March 1779, Book No.42, page no.79, Location: On the S.side of Yadkin River.
            Dunkin, Laurence, File No.206, Wilkes Co., 100 acres, Grant No.206 issued 23 October 1782, Entry No.546 entered 2 May 1780, Book No.49, page no.63, Location: On the N fork of Kings Creek.

Wilkes Co. NC Deed Indexes (grantor p.245, FHL film 392,915; grantee p.203, FHL film 392,931)
      A1-287: 1780, State of NC to Henry Dunkin, grant
      A1-295: 1782, State of NC to Laurence Dunkin, grant
      A1-444: 1786, Henry & Goanna Dunkin to John Haglar, deed
      B1-321: 1794, Thomas Allison to Laurance Duncan, deed
      B1-343: 1794, Larance Dunkin to Daniel Herren, deed
      C1-477: 1803, Nathan Duncan to William Fletcher, deed
      D1-569: 1878 (sic), Nathan Duncan to James James, deed
      E-547: 1880, E.C. & D.S. & J.G. & M.E. Duncan al to School Dist. #80 by Comm., deed
      F1-177: 1806, Nathan Duncan to John Fletcher Jr., deed
      J-177: 1816, Jeremiah Harrison to Nathan Duncan, deed (not indexed)
      K-237: 1823, James Davis to Jonathan Duncan, deed
      M-4: 1827, Elijah Hampton to Nathan Duncan, deed
      M-5: 1827, Elijah Hampton to Nathan Duncan, deed
      M-11: 1827, James Wellborn to Nathan Duncan, deed
      M-12: 1827, Edward Roberts to Nathan Duncan, deed
      M-13: 1827, Elijah Hampton to Nathan Duncan, deed
      N-53: 1833, Nathan Duncan to M.E. Church by Trustee, deed
      N-206: 1834, Nathan Duncan to Chapman Duncan, deed
      N-207: 1834, Nathan Duncan to Chapman Duncan, deed
      N-360: 1835, Micajah Hampton to Susannah Duncan, deed
      N-362: 1835, A. Tomlinson to Susan Duncan, deed
      N-448: 1836, Nathan Duncan to Jonathan Dunkin, deed
      O-584: 1836, Benjamin Duncan to Nathan Duncan, deed (not indexed)
      P-405: 1846, Nathan Duncan to Richmond Anderson al, deed
      Q-356: 1847, Nathan Duncan to Chapman Duncan, deed
      Q-471: 1849, Tobias Keslar to Rachel Duncan, deed
      R-100: 1851, Chapman and Elizabeth Duncan to Charles W. Kestler, deed
      R-391: 1853, Chapman and Fanie Duncan al to Nancy Dowell, deed
      S-461: 1856, Nathan Duncan to Tobias Kesler, deed
      T-9: 1857, James M. Canter to Chapman Duncan, deed
      T-440: 1859, John Duncan al by Shf. to Thomas H. St.Clair al, Shf Deed
      T-528: 1860, John Duncan to Francis Hampton, deed
      Y-189: 1867, James Byrd al to Elizabeth Duncan al, deed
      Z-131: 1861, Tobias Kesler to Rachel Duncan, deed
      Z-300: 1863, James H. Canter to Rachel Duncan, deed
      A2-48: 1870, James M. Canter al to Rachel Duncan, deed
      C2-155: 1875, James M. Canter to Elizabeth Duncan, deed
      F2-295: 1842, Benjamin F. Duncan by shf al to William S. Peden al, Shf Deed
      F3-243: 1881, J.G. & Mrs. M.E. Duncan al to Samuel Canter, deed
      Quit; next deeds in 1880's

Wilkes Co. NC Deeds
      A-287: Grant #190, NC to Henry Duncan (Dunkin), 50 shillings per 100 acres, 200 acres in Wilkes Co. on south side of Yadkin River, beg. mouth of Kings Creek. 25 March 1780. (FHL film 20,132)
      A-295: NC Grant #206 to Laurance Dunkin, 100 acres on north fork of King's Creek. 23 Oct. 1782. (FHL film 20,132)
      A-444: 16 Oct. 1784, Henry Duncan of Wilkes Co. to John Haglar (Haylar?), £250, 200 acres on south side Yadkin River, beg. mouth of Kings Creek, land granted Henry Duncan by NC 25 March 1780. /s/ Henry (mark HD) Dunkin, Goanna (mark A) Dunkin. Wit. Thomas Harbin, Abraham Hoglar (Haylar?). Acknowledged in court Oct., 1785. (FHL film 20,132) (MAD: see Elbert Co. GA; one John Duncan also on 1784-87 state census for Wilkes Co. NC, probably later to Wilkes Co. GA which in 1790 became Elbert Co. GA)
      B-321: (no day) March 1788, Thomas Allison of Burke Co. NC to Laurance Duncan of Wilkes Co. NC, £150, 150 acres on north fork of Kings Creek. Wit. William Allen, Richard (mark) Roberts, Ephraim Norris. (FHL film 20,132) (MAD: Lawrence Duncan in 1794-1799 Washington & Carter Co. TN; 1800 Jefferson Co. TN; 1806 Claiborne Co. TN; 1810 Knox Co. KY)
      B-343: 3 Nov. 1793, Laurance Duncan to Daniel Herrin, £160, 150 acres N. fork Kings Creek, widow McKinzies line, John Bradleys line, land granted Thomas Wisdom by State, from Wisdom to Thos. Allison. Wit. Richard Roberts & Patrick Mooney. /s/ Laurence (X) Dunkin. (FHL film 20,132 and p.73, "Wilkes Co. NC Deed Book A-1, B-1, C-1, 1778-1803" by Mrs. W.O. Absher)
      C-477: 7 Feb. 1803, William Fletcher to Nathan Dunkin, both Wilkes Co., £25, 50 acres on Brushy Mountain, corner Fletcher's line. Wit. James (mark O) Smoot, William Fletcher Jr., James Fletcher Jr. (FHL film 20,133)
      D-188: 25 Jan. 1792, Daniel Brown of Wilkes Co. NC to William Dickens of same, £30, 120-1/2 acres being grant to said Daniel Brown by Elias Brown, being part of 150 acre grant to Daniel by Elias, on S.fork of Hunting Creek (MAD: later definitely written William Dickens); wit. Wm. Lewis Jr., Wm. Mitchell Jr. (FHL film 20,133)
      F-177: 1 Feb. 1805, Nathan (X) Dunkin to John Fletcher Jr., £50, 50 acres on Brushy Mountain, my own corner. Wit. James Fletcher Jr., Jonathan ("3" his mark) Ness. (FHL film 20,134)
      J-177: 28 July 1816, Jeremiah Harrison to Nathan Duncan, both Wilkes Co. NC, $50, land in Iredell Co. on waters of South Yadkin adj. said Harrison, being part of a tract of 50 acres granted Harrison Jan. 11, 1792, near said Duncan's line, incl. apple orchard and land between Duncan's line west of the orchard, across the said tract of 50 acres, computed about 20 acres; wit. Elijah Davis. (FHL film 20,136)
      K-237: 15 Jan. 1820, James Davis of Buncomb Co. NC to Jonathan Duncan of Wilkes Co. NC, $62, 60 acres on head branches of Rocky Creek, Benjamin Ball and Jeremiah Hudson's corner, grant to Davis 10 Dec. 1797. Wit. Isaac Smith, Elijah Davis. (FHL film 20,136)
      M-4: 24 Dec. 1821, Elijah (written cap. "L" his mark) Hampton to Nathan Dunkins, $100, 26 acres, part of 200 acres where William Johnson formerly lived, and 37 acres at Tank Johnson's corner. Wit. James Adams, David Mikel. (FHL film 20,137)
      M-5: 24 Dec. 1821, Elijah (written cap. "L" his mark) Hampton to Nathan Dunkins, $124, 63 acres formerly property of George Payne, decd, on Cub Creek. Same wit. (FHL film 20,137)
      M-11: 10 Feb. 1821, James Willboun to Nathan Duncan, both Wilkes Co. NC, $300, 174 acres on waters of Cub Creek and Morovian Creek and on both sides of the waggon road, adj. John Greers line, Hardgraves corner, George Payne's line of the 26 acres sold him (Payne) by William Johnson, Greer's line; wit. H.H. Gilbreath. (FHL film 20,137)
      M-12: 20 Sept. 1821, Edward (+) Roberts to Nathan Dunkin, both Wilkes Co. NC, $60, 22-1/2 acres more or less on waters of Moravian Creek, adj. John McCord's corner, widow Hayses line, Welborn's line, James Welborn Sr.'s corner. Wit. Elijah (X) Hampton, Thomas Farmer. (FHL film 20,137)
      M-13: 24 Dec. 1821, Elijah (8) Hampton to Nathan Dunkin, $50, bond for 30 acres on Cub Creek. Wit. James Adams, David Mikel. (FHL film 20,137)
      N-53: 1 Jan. 1823, Nathan Duncan (X) of Wilkes Co. NC to William Gilreath, Anthony Foster, Henry Gilreath and Charles Main, trustees, £5 (sic), 1 acre on waters of Cub Creek near the house where Benja. Johnson formerly lived on the Burke Road, to erect a place of Worship for members of Methodist Episcopal Church; wit. H.H. Gilreath. Additional trustees appointed 28 Oct. 1830. Proved in court Feb. 1830; reg. 28 March 1833. (FHL film 20,137)
      N-206: 6 April 1834, Nathan Duncan (X) of Wilkes Co. NC to Chapman Duncan of same, $15, 15 acres corner James Parlier's field being old Nathan Brown's SE corner, then to dogwoods in an entry made by Benj. H. Brown, then with the entry line to the beg.; wit. Joshua Fletcher, Jas. H. Brozhill. (FHL film 20,137)
      N-207: 6 April 1834, Nathan Duncan (X) of Wilkes Co. NC to Chapman Duncan of same, $185, 100 acres more or less adj. Patrick Hamrick's line and corner, Jacob Haglen's corner & line, John Wilson's corner and line, Loe's (Sol's?) corner; wit. Joshua Fletcher, Jas. H. Brozhill. (FHL film 20,137)
      N-360 (1st): 20 Feb. 1835, Saml. F. Patterson of Wilkes Co. NC to Sucky Duncan of same, a negro man Cue? aged 46 for $350; wit. Wm. Mastin. (FHL film 20,137)
      N-360 (2nd): 27 June 1833, Micajah Hampton of Wilkes Co. NC to Susannah Duncan, $100, 60 acres on Cub Creek adj. Moravian line, Archibald Tomlin corner & line; wit. A. Mitchell, A. Patterson. Rec. on oath of Anderson Mitchell May 1835. (FHL film 20,137)
      N-362: 2 April 1835, Archibald Tomlinson to Susan Duncan, $300, 256 acres except 60 acres 2 rods and some half poles heretofore conveyed to Isaac Wellborn; the 256 acre tract on Cub Creek is bounded by Henry Gilreath's line, Kimble's line, the Moravian line, B. Johnson's old line; the boundaries of the 60 acres excepted are ... on the Moravian line, hollow, said Archibald Tomlinson's corner & line, crossing Cub Creek; wit. Wm. Mastin, Benjamin Martin. (FHL film 20,137)
      N-448: 3 May 1836, Nathan Dunkin (X) to Jonathan Dunkin, $200, 2 tracts, the first beg. on Jeremiah Harrises line, stake on the mountain; the 2nd tract adj., total 100 acres. Wit. J. Hubbard. (FHL film 20,137)
      O-584: 15 April 1836, Benjamin Duncan of Wilkes Co. NC to Nathan Duncan of same, $25, 15 acres on Stony Fork, beg. near waggon road, on conditional line to Thos. Lands south line, being the land whereon the store of Duncan & McKinsee is situated; wit. Frances (X) Swinny, Tolley (X) Grayson. (FHL film 20,138)
      P-405: 16 Sept. 1844, Nathan Duncan of Wilkes Co. NC to Richmond Anderson and his wife Amelia, both of Wilkes Co. NC, $250, to them and the heirs of their own body, number of acres not known, land on Main Cub Creek, on the Moravian line; wit. Saml. Brown; rec. by oath of Saml. Brown Nov. 1844. (FHL film 20,139)
      Q-356: 5 Sept. 1844, Nathan (X) Duncan to Chapman Duncan, $400, 217 acres more or less, purchased of Archibald Tomlinson by Susannah Duncan or nearly all of the same, bounded in Benjamin Johnson's old line on the road leading from Henry Gilreath's to the Burke Road, crossing Cub Creek a little above the mill seat to a pine near the cabbin that belongs to John Finley where Elizabeth Shoemate now lives, then with the line of the Richmond Anderson tract, passing after crossing Cubb Creek through the center of the spring on to the Moravian line, then W. with said line to Benja. Johnson's old line. Wit. Joshua Fletcher, Wilson Kesler; proved by oath of Joshua Fletcher Nov. 1847. (FHL film 20,139)
      Q-471: 10 Jan. 1849, Tobias Kesler of Rowan Co. NC to Rachel Duncan of Wilkes Co., $200, (no acres) land on Cub Creek. Wit. H. H. Gilbreath. (FHL film 20,139)
      R-100: 4 Feb. 1851, Chapman Duncan and Elizabeth Duncan of Wilkes Co. NC, heirs of George H/A. Kesler decd of Rowan Co., to Charles W. Kesler heir of said deceased of Rowan Co., $40, 24 acres, their lot in Rowan Co. left to them by George A. Kesler decd on waters of Second Creek, adj. John Ellers corner, surveyed 14 Aug. 1845, containing in the "hole" 24 acres, except the widow's part; wit. Joshua Fletcher, Jno. B. Crysel?. Elizabeth examined separately from her husband. (FHL film 20,140)
      R-391: 15 March 1852, Richmond (+) Anderson and wife Milly (signed Emilia) and Fannie (her mark X) Duncan of Wilkes Co., to Nancy Dowell of same, $46, 100 acres on Brush Mountain, and another tract in Nathan Duncan's field, being old Nathan Brown's corner, 15-1/2 acres. Wit. L.B. Carmichael, D. L? Bodenhamer. Also signed by Chapman Duncan. (FHL film 20,140)
      S-461: 13 Aug. 1844, Nathan Dunkin (X) of Wilkes Co. NC to Tobias Kesler, $400, 26 acres on waters of Cub Creek, being part of 200 acres where William Johnson formerly lived, and another tract supposed to contain 63 acres, being part of the tract formerly belonging to Jerry Payne conveyed by Elijah Hampton to said Dunkin, as was also the above tract, and another tract of 30 acres on a branch of Cub Creek adj. Johnson's old line, Hartgroves line; wit. Wm. C. Emmit, Jonathan Center; proved by Jonathan Center 10/8/1856. (FHL film 392,947)
      T-440: 17 Sept. 1859, Esley Staley? Esq., High Sheriff of Wilkes Co. NC, to Thos. H. Saintclair and Wm. B. Transon of Wilkes Co. NC, by virtue of an execution from Superior Court at Special Term 3rd Monday after 4th Monday, May 1859, against property of John Ray and John Duncan for $70.64, recovered by Thos. H. Saintclair and wife Elizabeth of said John Ray and John Duncan; sheriff on 14 Sept. sold 200 acres to satisfy the recovery and costs, land near the branch and near Jeremiah Gilreath's line, to my N. & S. line, then with my line to the corner, adj. lands of Alexander Gilreath decd. (too faint) by William L..son to John Duncan, including the place where Samuel Anderson formerly lived and died on the Brushy Mountains on Grassy branch ... sold to highest bidder. (FHL film 20,140)
      T-528: 7 Sept. 1855, John Duncan to (too faint to read) (no wife) (FHL film 20,140)
      Y-189: 7 Nov. 1866, James Byrd and wife Orilla (X) to Elizabeth Duncan, all Wilkes Co. NC, $155, their interest in estate which descended to them as heirs and distributees of Chapman Duncan decd, being 1/11 undivided part of all real and personal estate of said Chapman Duncan; Elizabeth Duncan admin. of Chapman Duncan decd; wit. William Byrd, J?.G. Duncan. Proved in court Nov. 1866. (FHL film 392,947)
      Z-131: 9 April 1856, Tobias Kesler of Rowan Co. NC to Rachel Duncan of Wilkes Co. NC, $200, (no acres) land on Cub Creek adj. conditional line between "James James" and said Keslar, James Canter's line formerly, Col. A. Mitchell, Walker's branch; wit. Richard L. Hix, John Kitchey. (FHL film 20,141)
      Z-300: 15 Jan. 1856, James M. Canter to Rachel Duncan, both Wilkes Co. NC, $34, 12 acres on Cubb Creek adj. Rachel Duncan's corner; wit. James Calloway. (FHL film 20,141)
      F2-295: 31 Jan. 1837, J.J. Bryan Esq. High Sheriff of Wilkes Co. to William W. Peden and Thos. D. Kelley of Wilkes Co., by virtue of Vendetione? Exponos? issued by court against property of Benjamin F. Duncan and A.G. McKenzie for $92.11, recovered by Wm. W. Peden and Thos. D. Kelly, Sheriff to sell 15 acres to satisfy them; sold land on road leading from Wilkesboro to deep gap and near to Stony Fork Creek, conditional line to Thomas Land's line, to Wm. Miller's beg. corner; sold 31 Jan. 1837 to afsd. Peden & Kelly as highest bidders, for $5. (FHL film 393,908)
      Indexed, not found in Vol.1 1882-84, Vol.2 1883-86, Vol.3 1883-86, unnumbered 1808-82
      A2-48: 1870, James M. Canter al to Rachel Duncan, deed
      C2-155: 1875, James M. Canter to Elizabeth Duncan, deed


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NC Cemeteries Index, Pre-1914 cemetery inscription card index, by Historical Records Survey, WPA; Card index, surnames D-Jern (FHL film 882,949)
      Index cards alphabetic by name; copied oldest only
      Cub Creek Cemetery, N. Wilkesboro, Wilkes Co. NC
      Rachel Duncan, b. 8/11/1812, d. 11/2/1880


BENJAMIN DUNCAN, Widow Mary, Rev. Pension Application W-7052 (FHL film 970,863; extract from Alice Duncan ca 1978)
      Born ca 1755 VA, died Jan. 1803 Anderson Co. TN. He was a pvt in Co. commanded by Capt. Cowan in NC Militia for 6 mo's. Married Dec. 1776 in Wilkes Co. NC to Mary Davis, sister of Thomas Davis, age ca 82 on 12 June 1841 of Anderson Co. TN, who testified in Benjamin's behalf. Mary Davis, born 1756 (85 yrs of age on 12 June 1841 in Anderson Co. TN. She died after June 1842. Pension certificate issued to Widow, 18 June 1842, Robertsville, Anderson Co. TN. After Benj. Duncan was discharged Nov. 1781, the couple continued to reside in Wilkes Co. NC. Date not given when both removed to Anderson Co. TN. Mary said they had 12 children "the oldest will be 65 yrs of age next January", statement made 13 Sept. 1841 - children not named. Witness Elizabeth Brown, age 66 on 12 April 1842, who knew Benjamin and Mary in Wilkes Co. NC in 1778.
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Index to War of 1812 Pension Applications and Bounty Land Warrant Applications; National Archives Film (FHL film 840,458/9)
      Duncan, Jonathan, wife Sarah; SO 17386, SC 11014; BL 24177-160-50; Private Capt. George Clouds Co. 10th US Inf. 9/16/1813 to 1/16/1814; sol. res. 1850, 1853 Union Co. GA, 1871 Union Co. (PO Blairsville) GA; maiden name of wife Sarah Shinn m. Feb. 10, 1809, Wilkes Co. NC.

HISTORIES before 1923

"Historical sketches of Wilkes County [NC]" by John Crouch; pub. Wilkesboro, N.C.: J. Crouch, 1902, 149 pgs. (LH 122, HeritageQuest images 5/2007)
      Pg.20: In 1781, having occasion to visit his New river plantation, Colonel Cleveland rode there accompanied only by a negro servant, arriving at Jesse Duncan's, his tenant, on Saturday, the 14th day of April. ... Upper end of the Old Fields where Joseph and Timothy Perkins lived - about a mile above Duncan's - Duncan, and one or two of the Callaway family there (at Duncan's). (pg.21) During Saturday, Richard Callaway and his brother-in-law, John Shirley, went down from the neighboring residence of Thomas Callaway to Duncan's ... (MAD: see also Ashe Co. NC)


Alexander Co. NC Deed (FHL film 590,284)
      B-857: 22 Jan. 1847, Johnathon Duncon (X) of Wilkes Co. NC to William Brown, $300, 115 acres on S. Yadkin in Donises' line & corner; wit. W.G. James jurat, Radford G. Queen; reg. Jan. 1, 1870, proven by oath of W.G. James.

Rowan Co. NC Deed (FHL film 313,557)
      37-64: 29 Dec. 1843, Benjamin Duncan and Rachel Duncan of Wilkes Co. for $649.68-1/2 paid by Nathan Duncan, convey to Nathan Duncan all our interest to the estate of Christian Kesler and Elizabeth Kesler of Rowan Co. when the administrators come to settle up and pay off distribution shares in said estate be it much or little. /s/ Benjamin Duncan, Rachel (X) Duncan. Wit. Tobias Kesler, Alexander Kesler. Rowan Co. court Feb. 1849, within deed proved by oath of Alexander Kesler, ordered recorded. (MAD: Rachel Duncan not referred to as wife of Benjamin Duncan; no locality given for Nathan Duncan)


Bible records and many other early records for Wilkes Co. NC have been published in the periodicals of the Wilkes Co. Genealogical Society.


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