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Formed 1841 from Rutherford, Lincoln


1850 Cleveland Co. NC Census
Pg.146, #429, J.D.F. DUNCAN (m) 26 NC farmer $150
                  Dulcina 26 NC
                  Lurany G. 6, Willis (sic) F. 3 NC
                  Wightman 8/12 NC

1860 Cleveland Co. NC Census (from Charles Hite 1/1994)
Pg.844, #227, Jesse DUNKIN 54 SC farmer
                  Fannie 50 SC
                  Joseph M. PORTER 18 SC
                  (MAD: 1850 Union Co. SC census)
Pg.870, #418, J.D.F. DUNKIN (m) 35 SC master carpenter $1500-$847
                  Dulcenia 35 SC
                  Gamewell 15 (m), Fletcher (m) 12 NC
                  Cepus (m) 10, Asbury W. (m) 8 NC
                  Adora (f) 6, Whitford (m) 3 NC
                  (Charles Hite: John Decatur Franklin Duncan; 1870 York Co. SC census)

1870 Cleveland Co. NC Census
Township 4, P.O. White Plains
Pg.40, #77-78, LACKEY, Edward 62 NC farmer $450-$250
                  Mary A. 52 NC keeping house
                  Elizabeth 24 NC keeping house
                  Josep (m) 21 NC farm laborer
                  Martha 18 NC domestic servant
                  Edward 13 NC farm laborer
                  DUNCAN, Elizabeth 71 NC "no occupation"
Township 3, P.O. Stices Shoals
Pg.110, #18-20, DUNCAN, M.F. (m) 22 NC farm laborer $0-$0
                  Sarah 23 SC keeping house
                  Ida 7/12 NC
                  DUNCAN, Gamewell (m) 25 NC farm laborer

1880 Cleveland Co. NC Census (HeritageQuest image 12/2006; pg.487D rechecked 1/2007 on Ancestry.com image)
Rippys, Township 3, Pg.90?-3, S.D. 4, E.D. 67
Pg.487D, #88, HARDIN, Davey D., w/m age 65? mar. NC NC NC
  Louisa, w/f 48 wife mar. house keeper NC NC NC
  Caroline, w/f 16 dau. single For. Hand NC NC NC
  Cyntha A., w/f 14 dau. single Far. Hand NC NC NC
  Ulissus/Alissus?, w/f 12 dau. single Far. hand NC NC NC (indexed as Ulissus)
  Udora, w/f 6 dau. single Far. hand NC NC NC
Pg.487D, #89, EARL, Martin, w/m age 26 son-in-law mar. servant NC NC NC
  Betsey salley, w/f 31 dau. house keeper NC NC NC
  LEDFORD, Thomas, w/m 8 bound child single bound child NC NC NC
Pg.487D, #90, DUNKIN, Cornelius, w/m age 20 (blank) laborer NC NC NC
  HARDIN, William W?, w/m 28 son mar. NC NC NC
  Barbrary, w/f 24 wife mar. house keeper NC NC NC
  Minda?, w/f 1 dau. single NC NC NC
  LEDFORD, Sarrah J., w/f 10 single bound child NC NC NC
      (MAD: 1900 Yancey Co. NC census, 1910 Rutherford Co. NC census)
Lawrence Twp.No.3, Rippys, pg.32-8, S.D. 11, E.D. 67
Pg.498D, #287, MORGAN, Redrick, w/m age 31 mar. dentist SC SC SC
  DUNCAN, Louisa, w/f 24 mar. Sawmill cook NC NC NC
(no household 288)
Pg.498D, #289, WHITE, James, w/m 28? (indexed 25) single farmer NC SC SC
  Elmina, w/f 26 wife mar. house keeper NC SC SC
  Willie, w/m age 1 b.Apr. son single NC SC SC
  Mattie, w/f 2/12 NC SC SC
  DUNCAN, Evans (indexed Everus, could be Evorus), w/f 2/12 single NC SC SC


Cleveland Co. NC wills and estate papers at Dept. of Archives, Raleigh, NC (FHL film 1,768,997 end, has part, FHL 1,768,998 beginning has complete packet for William Hooper 1854)
      William Hooper, 1854. Hannah Hopper, writ of dower, to Fall Supr. Court 1854, executed C.P. Wilkins, Shf. (MAD: did not find will of William Hooper or Hopper in this packet)
         Hannah Hopper and others, Ex Parte, Petition for dower. Petition granted and writ of dower or third to issue according to law and ordered further that the executor pay the cost of this proceeding. Fifa issued E.D. No.47, to Spring term 1855. W. Linder att. for petitioner.
       North Carolina, Cleaveland County, Superior Court of Law, Spring term 1854. The petition of Hannah Hopper widow of William Hopper decd, also the petition of James McSwain, J.T. McSwain and Sinda? R. McSwain minors by their guardian H.K. McSwain, James Hamrick & wife Nancy, Saml. Wiley and wife Rachael, James Wiley and wife Rosanna, Wm. Copelan & wife Susanna, Joel Hopper, Z?. Hopper, J.A. Hopper, H.K. McSwain & wife Adalisa, J.W. Moore & wife Mary A., W.E. Lee & wife Margaret L., J.D.F. Dunkan & wife Dulcena; humbly complaining; your petitioners show unto your honor that William Hopper died in March 1854, having first made and duly executed his last will and testament and that at the June session of Cleaveland County Court, said will was duly proved, and Samuel Wiley the executor therein named duly qualified.
            And your petitioners show further that, at County Court, Hannah Hopper widow as aforesaid duly in open court dissented to said last will and testament of her said husband and elected to take as by law she is entitled; and your petitioners show further that said William Hopper died seized and possessed of tracts of land in said County containing about one hundred and thirty acres in two tracts joining each other, on the waters of Buffaloe Creek adjoining the lands, John Mince?, E. Rippy, Abel Earl, and others; and your petitioner Hannah is justly entitled to dower in said land. Your petitioners therefore pray your honor to order and decree that a writ of dower issue to the sheriff commanding him to summon a lawful jury whose duty it will be to lay off and allot to your petitioner Hannah Hopper one third in value including the mansion house of all the lands her said husband died siezed and possessed of, and put her in possession of the same, and for the same your petitioner will ever pray -- /s/ Hannah Hopper, by W. Lands? attorney.
         State of North Carolina, to the Sheriff of Cleaveland County, greetings. Whereas Hannah Hopper, widow of Wm. Hopper, lately filed her petition in our Superior Court of law, also the petition of the heirs at law of William Hopper decd; and it was ordered by the Court that a writ of dower should be issued to the sheriff in her behalf, as to the following lands, tenements and hereditaments in said County, of which her said husband died seised and possessed, to wit, two tracts joining each other, on the waters of Buffalow Creek adjoining the lands of John Mints, E. Rippy, Abel Earles and others. These are therefore to command you to summon twelve freeholders, connected with the parties neither by consanguinity nor affinity, and entirely disinterested, who, after being duly sworn by you, are to allot and set off to the said Hannah Hopper, by propper meets and bounds, one third of all the said lands, tenements, and hereditaments, including therein the dwelling house, and all offices, out houses, buildings, and improvements thereunto belonging, or in any way appertaining, during the term of her natural life, and put her in possession of the same; and the allotment of dower made by said jury, after being reduced into writing and signed by them, you are to return to our next Superior Court of Law to be held for said County at the Courthouse in Shelby on the 10th Monday after the 4th Monday in September next. Witness D. Beam, Clerk of our said Court at office in Shelby, the 22nd day of June AD 1854.
            State of North Carolina, Cleaveland County. In persuance? of the annexed Order of Court, the undersigned Jury have allotted to the petitioner Hannah Hopper her dower consisting of twenty five acres of land including the mansion house and other improvements where her late husband William Hopper resided next before his death; the same being bounded as follows, viz, Beginning on a pine stump in the road one of the old corners and running thence with the old line S 34 degrees W 58 poles to a stake across the branch, thence a new line S 72 degrees E 69 poles to a chestnut, thence another new line N 34 E 54 poles to a stake in the road, thence along the sd. road to the beginning, it being the one third part of 130 acres of land valued at ($600.00) six hundred dollars, which allotment the said jury has made and put the said widow in possession of the 14th day of July AD 1854. Given from and in their hands & seals. /s/ John Vardery, Martin Rippy, J?.B?. Hintz??, Jacob Randal, Reuben H. Bunyan, James Rippy, George McSalern?, D.D. Hardin, C?. Rippy, Thos. Roberts, W. Hamrich, J.R. Logan. Test C?. R?. Wilkins? (Watkins?).

Cleveland Co. NC Will (FHL film 569,889)
      1-172: Will of William Hopper (X), 8 Jan. 1854, of sound mind but in bad state of health; to my wife Hanah at my death $100 in cash, one cow and calf, 3 beds and bed clothing, all my household and kitchen furniture except one bureau. The rest of my property both personal and real estate be sold by my executor and divided as follows, first paying my wife Hannah her $100, then paying my debts, then the balance to be divided equally amongst all my heirs; appoint Samuel Wylie my exec. Revoke all other wills. Wit. T.M. Hardin Jurat, Michael D. Gibbons Jurat, Francis (X) Adams Jurat; Executor sworn June 5, 1854. (MAD: his dau. Dulcena married J.D.F. Dunkan; original will not in probate packet)


Cleveland Co. NC Deed Indexes (Grantors p.73 on FHL film 569,877; Grantees p.73 on FHL film 569,880)
      C-96: M.M. Glover to J.D.F. Duncan
      C-216: Eli Lutz to J.D.F. Duncan
      D-444: J.D.F. Duncan to E.S.E. Chambers
      E-504: J.W. Gibbons to J.D.F. Duncan
      E-564: A.R. Homesley to J.D.F. Duncan
      H-491: J.D.F. Duncan to John Randall
      H-768: Samuel R. Chamberlain to J.D.F. Duncan
      H-851: J.D.F. Duncan to Samuel R. Chamberlain
      I-252: Sam S. Ross to J.D.F. Duncan
      N-250: J.D.F. Duncan to Jane A. Bryson
      Quit; Book N ends in 1881

Cleveland Co. NC Deeds
      C-96: 28 July 1849, M.M. Glover of Spartanburg Dist. SC to J.D.F. Duncan of Cleaveland Co. NC, $175, 75 acres on waters of Bowens River adj. Jacob Randals and Silas Randal's Sr. corner, Martin Randal's corner; wit. Joab Hopper, Zachariah Hopper jurat; Aug. 1850 court, reg. on oath of Zachariah Hopper. (FHL film 569,873)
      C-216: 28 April 1851, Eli Lutz of Cleaveland Co. NC to J.D.F. Dunkin of same, $125, 80 acres by estimation on waters of Bowens River adj. Hugh Quinn's corner & line; wit. A.C. Irvin?, Albert? Blanton; ack. in court May 1851. (FHL film 569,873)
      D-444: 21 Nov. 1855, J.D.F. Duncan to E.S.E. Chambers, both Cleaveland Co. NC, $132, 44 acres more or less on waters of Bowins River adj. land of said Duncan, Chambers and others, beg. Bowen's fields on the old line, then ... corner of Duncan's house site tract; wit. J.R. Logan, L.L.(S.S.?) Smith; ack. in court 11 June 1857. (FHL film 569,873)

HISTORIES before 1923

1908 "Men of mark in South Carolina : ideals of American life ; a collection of biographies of leading men of the state" ed. by J.C. Hemphill, Vol.III (from Martha Jones 6/1990)
      Pg.143-4: WATSON BOONE DUNCAN, Ph.D., pastor and preacher, born March 19, 1867, at Blacksburg, York (now Cherokee) county, South Carolina, is the son of J.D.F. Duncan and Dulcenia (Hopper) Duncan. His grandfather, Decatur Duncan, was of Scotch-Irish descent. ...


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