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Formed 1838 from Barry
Jasper formed 1841 from Newton
McDonald formed 1849 from Newton


1840 Newton Co. MO Census (from Vivian Biddle 6/1982)
Pg.241  William Duncan        2101,1    - 1010,1
         (MAD: 1830 Sangamon Co. IL census;
           1850 Jasper Co. MO census)
Pg.244  Jilles Duncan         0000,2    - 001
          (MAD: 1850 ?? Greene Co. IN census;
            not "G" but perhaps should be Giles Duncan ??)
Pg.258  Peter Duncan          0111,001  - 0011,001
          (MAD: 1850 McDonald Co. MO census)

1850 Newton Co. MO Census (also from Vivian Biddle 1982)
Benton Twp.
Pg.344, #307, John E. THORNTON 70 SC farmer $300
                  Barbery 51 TN
                  Solomon WALDEN 41 TN farmer
                  (MAD: from White Co. IL?)
Benton Twp., taken 9/24/1850
Pg.345, #319, Daniel DUNNAGAIN 47 TN farmer $1500
                  Frances (f) 51 VA
                  John 20 TN
                  Lafayette 15, Margaret 12 MO
                  George 8, Martha 6 MO
Pg.347, #352, A.J. DUNCAN (m) 34 TN farmer $0
                  Dicey 29 TN
                  Elizabeth 9, William 6 MO
                  George 3, Nancy 1 MO
                  (MAD: Andrew J. Duncan mar. Dicy Duncan 12/23/1839 Franklin Co. TN)
Pg.347, #353, Charles B. DUNCAN 27 TN farmer $0
                  Sarah 20 TN
                  William 1 MO
                  (MAD: 1860 Barry Co. MO census)
Taken 9/28/1850
Pg.350, #400, Ira ELLIS 47 NC farmer $700
                  Eliza 31 TN
                  Thomas 20, Asberry 17 TN
                  John 15, Elizabeth 13 TN
                  William 10, Lafayette 8 MO
                  Irah 6, James 5, George 4 MO
                  (MAD: Eliza Dunagan mar. Ira Ellis)
Shool Creek Twp.
Pg.358, #503, F.M. DUNCAN (m) 44 VA farmer $1500
                  Martha 29 KY
                  Charles 9, Edmond 8 MO
                  Rebecca 7, Elzey (m) 5 MO
                  Juliett (f) 3, Sarah 8/12 MO
                  (MAD: Frederick M. Duncan; Frederick Duncan mar. Martha E. Parks 10/10/1839 Cooper Co. MO)

1860 Newton Co. MO Census (pg.921 also from Kaye Eden 1/2003)
Lost Creek
Pg.836, #185-184, Thomas DUNCAN 59 KY farmer $800-$430
                  Theresa 45 TN
                  Margaret 19, Joel 16 TN
                  Charles 15, Winnie 11 MO
                  Lewis 9, Samuel 6 MO
                  Riley 4, Theresa 1 MO
                  (MAD: 1850 Barry Co. MO census; Joel in 1870 Barton Co. MO census)
Pg.837, #186-185, Thomas BOWEN 45 TN farmer $800-$720
                  Elizabeth 48 KY
                  Nancy 9 MO
                  Richard WATSON 17 KY farmer
                  Thomas DUNCAN 21 TN farmer
                  Missouri (f) 15 KY (not mar/in/year)
Pg.887, #534-533, James DUNCAN 28 TN farmer $0-$100
                  Hulda 27 TN
                  Sarah 1 MO
Pg.887, #534-534, John MAY 26 MO farmer $0-$60
                  Sarah 24 TN
                  Elizabeth 9 MO
                  (blank) (m) 8, (blank) (m) 7 MO
                  (blank) (m) 6, (blank) (m) 5 MO
                  Melvina DUNCAN 6 MO
Granby Twp.
Pg.921, #767-778, Mary CLEMENT 53 SC (blank) $50
                  Mary 17 AR
                  Sarah 14 AR
                  Lydia 12 AR
                  A.L. HAYS (m) 48 NC miner
                  Allen CANADA 34 CAN miner
                  Greene? RENFRO (m) 44 KY miner
                  William STINER 28 OH miner
                  (Kaye Eden: 1850 Madison Co. AR census; Mary 17 was Sultany in 1850, Sarah 14 was Malinda in 1850)
Franklin Twp., P.O. Hazel Bottom, pg.195
Pg.1002/491, #1310-1341, A.J. DUNCAN (m) 44 TN farmer $5000-$6800
                  Disey (f) 39 TN
                  William 18 MO farmer
                  George 13 MO
                  Nancy 10 MO
                  John 8 MO
                  Mary 6 MO
                  (MAD: Dicey & ch. in 1870 McDonald Co. MO census; Andrew J. Duncan, 9/22/1815 - 9/14/1867, bur. Chitwood Cemetery, Barry Co. MO; from notebooks of Kay D. Hampton at Platte Co. MO Historical Society)
Benton Twp., P.O. Newtonia, pg.223
Pg.1030/519, #1490-1533, James DUNCAN 45 TN farmer $1500-$400
                  Frances (f) 41 TN
                  Lucy 20 TN
                  Nancy 19 TN
                  Mary 17 MO
                  Martha 15 MO
                  Joseph 12 MO
                  Elizabeth 9 MO
                  (MAD: 1850 Cass Co. MO census; ? 1870 Boone Co. AR census)

1870 Newton Co. MO Census (pg.395 also from Cheri Mello 4/1998)
Franklin Twp.
Pg.362, #130-125, DUNCANS, Thomas 64 KY farmer $0-$615
                  Therissa 53 TN keeping house
                  Lewis 20, "Semuel" (m) 16 MO works on farm
                  Columbus 14 MO works on farm
                  Therissa J. 11 MO
Granby Twp.
Pg.391, #373-366, GRIFITH, Wm. 31 KY farmer $0-$0
                  Margaret 23 MO keeping house
                  Nancy J. 4 KY
                  Martha A. 3 MO
                  Lois (f) 8/12 MO b.Oct.
                  DUNCAN, Daniel 26 KY laborer
Lost Creek Twp.
Pg.395, #40-39, DUNCAN, Thomas C. 30 MO farmer $0-$550
                  Missouri E. (f) 25 KY keeping house
                  William F. 7, Theresa E. (f) 4 MO
                  Malissa F. 2 MO
                  BOUN, Thomas 54 TN wagon maker $0-$250
                  SPURGEON, Martha J. 20 MO keeping house


Newton Co. MO Abstract & index to deeds, Vol.A, B, C&D, 1838-1859 (FHL film 930,047)
      MAD: Vol.A-B are deeds 1838-1852
      A-14/15: 3 Feb. 1840, Williamson N. Bain of town of Sarcoxie, to Wm. Tingle, for $70, 3 lots in town of Sarcoxie, also undivided 1/3 interest in a saw mill on Spring River near corners of Barry and Newton Cos., the other 2/3 of the saw mill belongs to David Duncan and Archibald Duncan. (pg.73, Vol.19 3/1973, "MO Pioneers," FHL book 977.8 D2h, from Evelyn Sigler, Vivian Ruegge, and Denzil Mauldin 1984)
      Direct Index and abstracts:
      A-567: Branan, Jane to F.M. Duncan, June 8, 1847, filed Aug. 30, 1847, Warrantee Deed A-567, beg. at SE corner of NE 1/4 Sec.30 T27 R33, 10 acres.
      B-1: Duncan, Frederick M. & wife to John Lea, April 29, 1847, filed Aug. 30, 1847, Warrantee Deed B-1, beg. at SW corner, NE 1/4 Sec.30 T27 R33, then E 27 poles to a stake, then N. 160 poles crossing Shoak Creek etc., 27 acres.
      B-201: Duncan, William & wife to Nelson Kinkade, Feb. 15, 1848, filed Dec. 25, 1848, Warrantee Deed B-201, lot 3, block 4, McCord's add. to Neosho.
      C-45: Duncan, F.M. admin. to Scott & Stuard, Oct. 30, 1854, filed Jan. 17, 1855, admin. deed C-45, 38 acres off S side SW 1/4 SE 1/4 Sec.28 T27 R33.
      Inverted Index and abstracts:
      A-215: Duncan, William from John W. McCord & wife, July 27, 1842, filed Aug. 9, 1842, Warrantee deed A-215, lot 3 Block 4 McCord's add. to Neosho.
      B-449 (447?): Duncan, F.M. from Leander A. Smith & wife, Jan. 21, 1851, filed Jan. 27, 1851, Warrantee Deed B-449 (447?), NW 1/4 SW 1/4 Sec.27 (29?) and E 1/2 NE 1/4 SE 1/4 Sec.28 & all that part of SW 1/4 NW 1/4 Sec.27 lying on S.side Shoal Creek cont. 24-3/4a and SE 1/4 NE 1/4 Sec.28 T27 (29?) R33.
      Dunkan (see Dunkin) (see Duncan)
      C-58: Dunkin, Frederick M. from Leander A. Smith & wife, April 19, 1852, filed May 5, 1852, Warrantee Deed C-58, NW 1/4 SW 1/4 Sec.27 T27 R33 and all that part SW [1/4] NW [1/4] same Sec. Twp. & R., on bank of Shoak Creek, 40 acre lot.
      C-545: Duncan, John J. from Stephen Mayfield, March 6, 1855, filed Aug. 3, 1855, bill of sale C-545, personal property.
      D-482: Duncan, Frederick M. from U.S., Dec. 1, 1848, filed Dec. 7, 1857, US patent D-482, NW 1/4 NW 1/4 Sec.29 T27 R33.
      D-483: Duncan, Frederick M. from U.S., April 3, 1848, filed Dec. 7, 1857, US patent D-483, NW 1/4 NE 1/4 Sec.30 T27 R33.
      D-484: Duncan, Frederick M. from U.S., Nov. 1, 1848, filed Dec. 7, 1857, US patent D-484, NW 1/4 SW 1/4 Sec.29 T27 R33.


Newton Co. MO courthouse records (from Phyllis Duncan 3/1987)
      Probate Court: 5 Jan. 1856, will of F.M. Duncan, 22 Dec. 1855: Leaves to his sons Charles, Cook and Boughman personal belongings, also to friend P.B. Scott. Also makes friend administrator and guardian of children.
      Probate Court Book A, pg.77, index to Probate Court Record: Names guardian, executor, administrator as Biard D. Parks for Chas. P. Duncan, Edwin C., Rebecca E., Eli B., Julliett E., Sarah E., Harriett.
      Deed Bk. A-263: 7 Feb. 1846, survey notes by F.M. Duncan, county surveyor, of the County seat of Neosho in January in compliance with an order of the Honorable County Court of Newton Co. made Nov. 1845 and at the request of Nathan Richardson Commissioner. (report shows survey in detail)
      Bk. A, pg.566: (MAD: no date) Jane Branan to F.M. Duncan, 12 acres.
      Bk. B, pg.1: 30 Aug. 1847, Frederick M. Duncan and wife Martha to John Lea, beg. SW corner of NE 1/4 Sec. 30, Twp 27, R33 ... crossing Shoul Creek ..., 27 acres.
      Bk. B-447: 27 Jan. 1851, Leander Smith and wife to F.M. Dunkin, property on south side of Shoul Creek containing 40 acres.
      Bk. C-58: 5 May 1852, Leander Smith & wife to F.M. Dunken, property on Shoul Creek.


Index to War of 1812 Pension Applications and Bounty Land Warrant Applications; National Archives Film (FHL film 840,458)
      Duncan, Peter L. or Peter, widow Rebecca; SO 25112, SC 15930; BL 94440- 40-50 cancelled, 54460-80-50, 43553-80-55; Private, Capt. John Duvall's Co. KY Mil. 3/29/1813 to 9/28/1813; Sol. res. 1851, 1853 McDonald Co. MO, 1855, 1856 Newton Co. MO, 1856 McDonald Co. (PO Kent) MO, 1871 Jasper Co. (PO Avilla) MO; maiden name of soldier's 1st wife Nancy A. Hopkins, widow Rebecca Crossley m. Jan. 1848 Jasper Co. MO; soldier d. Sept. 20, 1881, Bower's Mills, MO; Remarks: Soldier was in the engagement at Ft. Meigs, BLW 94440-40-50 cancelled in brief.
      (MAD: 1820 Scott Co. KY census; 1830 Daviess Co. KY census; 1840 Newton Co. MO census; mar. Rebecah Crosby 1/30/1847 Jasper Co. MO; 1850 McDonald Co. MO census)

Documents from Civil War Service and Pension Files (from Margaret Barrett 1994)
      Army Discharge Papers:
      William H. Duncan enrolled 14 June 1861 for 3 years, discharged 17 June 1864, Private of Capt. Emil Munich's Co. (A?) 8th Regt. Veteran Reserve Corps Volunteers, age 21 years b. Owen Co. IN, 6 ft 0 inches high, fair complexion, black eyes, dark hair, a farmer. (MAD: ? see Jesse Duncan mar. Dianna Cundiff 1835 Owen Co. IN, on 1850 Martin Co. IN census with Wm. H. 5 IN)
      William H. Duncan enrolled as Private ?? for David Becker? in 52nd Regt. of IN Infantry Vols, on 23 Sept. 1864 for 1 year, discharged 8 May 1865; age 20 years, b. IN, 6 feet 2 inches, fair complexion, dark eyes, brown hair, a farmer.
      Sullivan Co. IN Marriage Record:
      William H. Dunkin to Nancy Ann Chambers, that on 17 March 1866 a Marriage License was issued in Sullivan Co. IN; afterwards on 20 March 1866, a Certificate of Marriage was filed in the Clerk's Office, that William H. Dunkin and Nancy Ann Chambers were joined in marriage on 18 March 1866, /s/ Benson Usrey J.P.; certified by Thomas J. Mann, Clerk, 10 August 1883. (Stamped: Pension Office Sept. 8?, 1883?)
      Declaration for Pension for Children Under Sixteen:
      Jasper Co. MO, 31 Oct. 1891, appeared William H. Duncan, only child of William H. Duncan who enlisted as William H. Duncan in Co.D 15th Reg't. Indiana Inf. Vols, in War of 1861 and died of disease due to service at Sullivan Co. IND on 12 Feb. 1871; that his death was the result of his military service, that he left a widow surviving him who remarried on 4 April 1875; that the following are the only surviving legitimate children who were under age 16 at the time of his death: John E. (decd) born 2 Oct. 1868 by Nancy A. Chambers, Wm. H. born 8 Mch. 1871 by Nancy A. Chambers. That the father was married under the name of William H. Duncan to Nancy A. Chambers at Sullivan, Indiana, on 18 Mch. 1866 by Esquire Usrey; that a prior application for pension has been filed & pension granted to widow; ... his residence at Jasper Co. MO, P.O. Sarcoxie. /w/ William H. Duncan. (Stamped: Pension Office Nov. 9? 1891)
            (notes by Margaret Barrett: William H. Duncan (Sr.), born Jan. 18, 1843, died Feb. 14, 1871, buried in Deckard Cemetery, Cass Twp., Sullivan Co. IN, per cemetery record. William H. Duncan (Sr.) died Feb. 12, 1871, before William H. Duncan (Jr.) was born March 8, 1871. Nancy A. Chambers Duncan mar. April 4, 1875, to Samuel Kimberlin.) (MAD: 1880 Jasper Co. MO census)
      Claim for Bounty, Arrears of Pay, Etc., Survivors or Heirs:
      Act of March 4, 1907, Claimant W.H. Duncan. Newton Co. MO, (blank date) 1908, appeared W.H. Duncan, son and heir of William H. Duncan, ... make application for all arrears of pay, etc., Certificate No.447,271 (minor claim). My Post Office address is Granby, Newton Co. MO. /s/ William H. Duncan. (rest of form blank)

HISTORIES before 1923

1888 "History of Newton, Lawrence, Barry and McDonald Cos. MO" by Goodspeed (FHL book 977.87 H2hn)
      Pg.828, Newton Co.: Isaac Duncan, plastering contractor and dealer in lime, cement, sand, plaster of paris, etc., Neosho, MO, was born in Richland Co. OH, in February, 1846. His father, Abraham Duncan, a farmer by occupation, was a native of Virginia, and his mother, Mary (Wilkins) Duncan, was born in New York. They were the parents of twelve children. Isaac was reared on the farm, and after attaining his majority learned the plastering trade, which he has since followed. He came to this county in 1882, establishing himself in his present business, ... In 1872 he chose for his companion in life Miss Mary Cummins, who was born in Ohio, and the fruit of this union are two children, David and Albert. ....

1883 "The History of Henry and St.Clair Counties, Missouri : containing a history of these counties, their cities, towns ... biographical sketches ... statistics ..." pub. by National Historical Co. (FHL book 977.84 H2hh and films 908,587 item 2 and 1,000,291 item 3; from Ernie Perry 10/1999; pg.777 from Phyllis Duncan 2/1987)
      Also see the Internet website https://sites.rootsweb.com/~mohenry/henryco.html
      and the biographies at:https://sites.rootsweb.com/~mohenry/biography/bioD3.html
      Pg.776-7: Leesville Twp: CHARLES P. DUNCAN, farmer and stock raiser, was born June 30, 1840, in Newton Co. MO, being the son of Frederick M. Duncan, a native of Virginia and of Scotch descent. His father Charles Duncan and a brother emigrated to the United States just previous to the war of 1812, and both served through that war, after which they returned to Virginia, where Charles Duncan lived until his death in 1856. F.M. Duncan grew up in Fauquier County and came from there to Missouri in 1834, first locating in Cooper County. ... he was married in that county to Martha E. Parks of Kentucky. After living in Cooper County four years he removed to Newton County, where he ... lived until his death in 1855. Charles P. Duncan was the oldest of a family of two sons and four daughters. After the death of his father he came to Henry County with his guardian. He enlisted in 1861 in Porter's Regiment of Missouri State Guards ... re-enlisted in the regular Confederate service known as the 5th Missouri Infantry. ... At the close of the war, Mr. Duncan returned to Henry County, and was married February 27, 1867, to Miss Mary J. Gordon, a daughter of Patterson Gordon. ... Mr. and Mrs. Duncan have one son, Elzie Duncan, who was born February 28, 1872, and a daughter, Mattie L., born December 23, 1867, died December 3, 1882. ... Christian Church.
      Pg.777: A.N. GORDON, farmer and stock raiser, b. Henry Co. MO on Aug. 24, 1850. His father Patterson Gordon, native of KY, to MO when young man, located in Boone Co. in 1829, m. Lucretia Forbes, then Johnson Co, thence Rives now Henry Co. in fall of 1834. A.N. Gordon spent his young on this farm, receiving a common school education. He was married December 25, 1873, to Miss Amanda Duncan, native of Newton Co. MO and a daughter of Frederick M. Duncan. They have one child, Myrtle L. ...
            MAD: "Pioneers of the Six Bulls : the Newton County, Missouri saga" by Larry A. James, Vol.24, pg.1, pg.35 and pg.2, pg.5, Early Families, includes a sketch of the family of Frederic Moutjoy Duncan b. Fauquier Co. VA, son of Charles Duncan, mar. Martha Ellen Parks in Cooper Co. MO. (Memphis Public Library book 929.3785 N567; from Evelyn Sigler 1986; FHL book 977.8732 D2j)

1897 "Annals of Platte County, Missouri : from its exploration down to June 1, 1897, with genealogies of its noted families and sketches of its pioneers and distinguished people" by W.M. Paxton, pub. by Hudson-Kimberly Publ. Co. (FHL book 977.8135 H2p and FHL film 1,321,018 item 2 and 1,000,300 item 2; also from Lu Durham and index cards of Kit Smith 8/1983)
      Pg.912-913: 1890, Jan. 24 -- John Dunagan died near Waldron. THE DUNAGAN FAMILY
      Daniel Dunagan, ancestor of the family, came from Ireland in 1780, and married Mary Duncan. He was a patriot soldier in the latter years of the Revolution. Most of the children came to Platte, and settled near Waldron. Children:
      I. DANIEL DUNAGAN (ii), settled in Newton Co. MO.
      II. JAMES DUNAGAN, b. Oct. 25, 1804, in Greene Co. TN; m. Elizabeth Ann Logan, b. Feb. 17, 1814, dr. of W.A. Ch: (MAD: info on grandch. not copied here)
      VI. ELIZABETH DUNAGAN, m. Ira Ellis and lives in Newton Co. MO.
      (MAD: see Platte Co. for more)


Franklin Co. TN Register's Deeds (TN files of Kay D. Hampton bef. 1970, loaned through Lu Durham 5/1988, now at Platte Co. MO Historical Society; info probably from Everette Burks, comments perhaps by Kay Hamptons)
      Record 3, pg.498-99: 15 Feb. 1869, quit claim deed; Thomas C. Duncan and Teressa (X) Duncan, wife of the said Thos. C. Duncan, and in the right of the said Teressa Duncan, of Newton Co. MO, to John T. Magee of Franklin Co. TN; all our right, title, interest etc. to a certain tract of land in Dist. 8 of Franklin Co. TN 4-1/2 miles from Winchester and McMinnville Road; land of which William Hendon died seized & possessed. Wit. J.C. Gasper, B.B. Hopkins; they appeared in Newton Co. MO


Some early Duncans in Newton Co. MO:
      George Duncan, 5 Jan. 1870, mar. Nancy Jane Kelly.
      Wm. Duncan, 10 March 1872, mar. Mrs. Minnie A. Danier.


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