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Formed 1849 from Newton


1850 McDonald Co. MO Census (pg.95 also from Vivian Biddle 1982)
53rd District
Pg.93, #2-2, William W. KING 25 IN farmer $200
                  Zilphy 20 AL
                  Robert Larkin 3 TX
                  John Jefferson 10/12 TX
                  (MAD: Wm. W. King mar. Telphy or Telpy Duncan 5/27/1847 in Red River Co. TX)
Pg.95, #29-29, Peter DUNCAN 58 DELA farmer
                  Rebeca 24 KY
                  Hewet C. 21 KY farmer
                  Lewis Cass 1 MO

1860 McDonald Co. MO Census (no stamped page numbers, each page numbered individually)
Cooper Twp, P.O. Loonesville
Pg.53, #360-360, Wm. W. KING 35 IN farmer $1000-$200
                  Zilpha (f) 29 AL
                  Robert L. 11 TX, Jno. J. 10 TX
                  Wm. B. 2 MO, David 6/12 MO
Pg.56, #381, Peter DUNCAN 67 DE farmer $0-$0
                  Rebecca 38 IN
                  Lewis Cass? (Duncan) 11 MO
                  Sarah E. 9 MO
                  Josephus 7, Lydia A. 4 MO
                  (MAD: 1870 Jasper Co. MO census)

1870 McDonald Co. MO Census
Elk Twp.
Pg.10, #158-152, DUNCAN, Deiner? (Duiner? Deemer??) (m) 44 CT (white), farm laborer, mother of foreign birth (alone)
Rockwood Twp.
Pg.54-55, #17-17, DUNCAN, Dicy (f) 51 TN keeping house $3000-$500
                  John 20 MO farm laborer
                  James 10, Eveline 10 MO
                  Perry (m) 8 MO
                  (MAD: 1860 Newton Co. MO census, widow of A.J. Duncan)
Pg.55, #18-18, DUNCAN, William 27 MO farm laborer $0-$300
                  Susan J. 20 TN keeping house
                  (no children, not mar/in/year)
                  (MAD: William W. Duncan mar. Susan Jane Lamberson 1/10/1867)
Pg.55, #19-19, DUNCAN, Duncan 24 MO farm laborer $0-$0 mar/in/Jan.
                  Nancy J. 19 TN keeping house mar/in/Jan.
                  (MAD: 1880 census shows George C. Duncan)


McDonald Co. MO Deed Indexes (FHL 7/21/2014)
   Indexes, v.A, v.A inverted, 1867-1870; v.B-C 1870-1889 (FHL film 930,061)
     Dunica and Dunigan, no Duncan to 1870
     J-105/110: Duncan, W.W. et al from A.W. Duncan et al, Aug. 5, 1881, filed Sept. 7, 1881, final Decree of partition, J-105 to 110; “See Record for Description” (FHL film 930,067)

McDonald Co. MO Deed (from index on FHL film 930,061; SLC 7/21/2014; FHL film 930,067; have JPG image)
      J-105/110: At Regular term of McDonald Co. Circuit Court, Monday, 1 Aug. 1881, ... present Hon. M.G. McGregor, Judge of 15th Judicial Circuit of State of MO, and Judge of this Court, James W. Brunk, Prosecuting Attorney, Elias M. Jarrett, Sheriff, and A.M. Dillin Clerk of said court, whereupon following proceedings were had, to wit:
      In 7th Judicial day of said term, being 5 Aug. 1881, there was among others the following proceedings:
            Final Decree of Partition
            Andrew W. Davidson and Mary E? Davidson by Thomas Davidson, their Guardian, the Plaintiff,
            No.189    vs.
            William W. Duncan, George C. Duncan, Dicey E. Goostree, William F. Goostree, James A. Duncan, Robert P?. Duncan and Levy? (Levy?) Davidson, Defendants,
      Now comes to be heard and finally determined the above matter, ... report of commissioners having been filed, ... the parties again appearing ... and no excuse for the setting aside of the report, ... the report as follows: Thomas F. Ford and Jacob E. Moore and Calvin Adkinson, commissioners to make partition, say they are residents of McDonald Co. MO (etc.), April 4, 1881.
      They report that per order and decree of Circuit Court of McDonald Co. MO by which we were appointed Feb. 11, 1881 to make partition of certain lands in the cause of Andrew W. Davidson and others vs. William W. Duncan and others, we on 4 April 1881 took an oath ...
   (1st) appraised all the real estate, partition of which was ordered, to the value of $4015.60?? exclusive of improvements belong to William W. Duncan, to which for purposes of computation we added $300 received by Geo. C. Duncan as an advancement and the $485.23? received by Nancy M. Davidson, making an aggregate of $4,800.03.
   (2nd) We surveyed the boundary of the land and find that the tract of land which belongs to Levi Davidson as pointed out in the decree is bounded ... commencing at center of Sec.5 Twp.23 Range 29 in McDonald Co., then East 77 rods ... about 13 acres.
   (3rd) That to James A. Duncan we set off a partitionate part of the lands of the value of $800 bounded beg. 49 rods west of SE corner of Sec.5 Twp.23 Range 29 in McDonald Co., then North 160 rods, then ... west of the NW corner of E 1/2 SE 1/4 of said section 5, then ..., about 92 acres, together with NW 1/4 of SE 1/4 Sec.9 Twp.23 Range 29 in Barry Co.
   (4th) That to Robert P. Duncan we set off and partitioned part of said lands of value of $800 begin. at SE corner of Sec.5 Twp.23 Range 29 in McDonald Co., then N 40 rods, then ..., about 64 acres, together with N 1/2 NW 1/4 SW 1/4 Sec.16 Twp.23 Range 29, 20 acres, in McDonald Co.
   (5th) That to William W. Duncan we set off and partitioned part of said land including his improvement ... beg. at SE corner Sec.5 Twp.23 Range 29, then N with sub-division lines ... about 80 acres, together with S 1/2 NW 1/4 SW 1/4 Sec.16 Twp.23 Range 29 in McDonald Co. MO.
   (6th) That to George C?. Duncan we set off and partitioned part of said lands value of $500, beg. at NE corner of SE? quarter Sec.5 Twp.23 Range 29 in McDonald Co., then E 160 rods ... about 55 acres.
   (7th) That to Dicey E. Goostree, wife of William T. Goostree, we set off and partitioned a part of said lands of the value of $500, the E 1/2 NE 1/4 and 20 acres squarely off the East side of NE 1/4 of SE 1/4 Sec.33 Twp.24 Range 29 in Barry Co. and also SW 1/4 SE 1/4 Sec.16 Twp.23 Range 29, 140 acres.
   (8th) That to Andrew W. Davidson and Mary E. Davidson and Thomas Davidson (to Thomas for life and to Andrew W. and Mary E. the remainder in fee) as tenants in common, a portion of said lands in one parcel, NW 1/4 SE 1/4 Sec.33 and W 1/2 NE 1/4 of SE 1/4 Sec.33 in Twp.24 Range 29 in Barry Co. valued at $315.00.
   (9th) That in making said partitions we were engaged six days each for which we charge as commissioners $2 each per day.
   (10th) That one of our number, T.F. Ford, was County Surveyor in which he made a survey of the premises for which his fees are as follows, ... $12.20?. 10 April 1881, /s/ Thomas F. Ford, J.E. Moore, Calvin Atkinson, Commissioners.
      Ack. 10 April 1881 before T.F. Lamberson, J.P. Endorsed, Filed Aug. 2, 1881.
      Now, considered and decreed by Court, that the report is approved and confirmed, title be vested in parties as in report, attorneys Brunk and Bullock be allowed $75, and as Guardian ad litum for infant defendants, George H?. Abbert?? be allowed $50, and commissioners and surveyed be allowed the amount in their report ... the costs be a lien upon the land and estate, a copy of the decree and report be recorded, /s/ 7 Sept. 1881. Filed for Record Sept. 7, 1881 ... Clerk's Note: words interlined, ...


Index to War of 1812 Pension Applications and Bounty Land Warrant Applications; National Archives Film (FHL films 840,458 and 840,459)
      Duncan, Peter L. or Peter, widow Rebecca; SO 25112, SC 15930; BL 94440- 40-50 cancelled, 54460-80-50, 43553-80-55; Private, Capt. John Duvall's Co. KY Mil. 3/29/1813 to 9/28/1813; Sol. res. 1851, 1853 McDonald Co. MO, 1855, 1856 Newton Co. MO, 1856 McDonald Co. (PO Kent) MO, 1871 Jasper Co. (PO Avilla) MO; maiden name of soldier's 1st wife Nancy A. Hopkins, widow Rebecca Crossley m. Jan. 1848 Jasper Co. MO; soldier d. Sept. 20, 1881, Bower's Mills, MO; Remarks: Soldier was in the engagement at Ft. Meigs, BLW 94440-40-50 cancelled in brief.
      (MAD: 1820 Scott Co. KY census; 1830 Daviess Co. KY census; 1840 Newton Co. MO census; mar. Rebecah Crosby 1/30/1847 Jasper Co. MO; 1850 McDonald Co. MO census)


Pike Co. MO Deeds
      G-5: 10 Nov. 1832, Gibson Jenkins and wife Sophia to Peter Dunkin (no locality), $150, W 1/2 NE frac. 1/4 Sec.11 T52 R1E, being 65 acres. Wit. Francis Wath, Bird Price. (FHL film 974,438)
      H-42: 26 Oct. 1839, Peter Duncan and wife Nancy (X) (no locality) to Mordicai Amos of Pike Co. MO, $350, land on Ramsey Creek, the W 1/2 NE frac. 1/4 Sec.11 T52 R1E. Wit. Francis Watts JP. (FHL film 974,439) (MAD: ?? see Peter Duncan of 1840 Newton Co. MO census, 1850 McDonald Co. MO census, first wife Nancy A. Hopkins)


Some early Duncans in McDonald Co. MO:
      Nancy M. Duncan, 29 Nov. 1866, mar. Thomas Davidson.
      Sarah F. Dunkin, 10 Dec. 1873, mar. William H. Smith (McDonald Co. MO per Hunting for Bears lists; Warren Co. MO per IGI or Ancestral File)
      W.M. Duncan, 10 June 1869, bankrupt, deed C-423 to Thomas H.B. Laurance. (from Vol.VII#2, Spring 1987, "MO State Genealogical Association Journal" FHL book 977.8 D25m, from Dorothy Franks 7/1992)
      G.W. Duncan, 29 May 1886, made will, over age 45, naming wife Martha Jane and dau. Rosa Etter, and step-dau. Mary S. Boman; recorded 1 Sept. 1886 in Will Book A, pgs.55-56 (pg.106, Vol.25, 12/1974, "MO Pioneers" FHL book 977.8 D2h, also from Evelyn Sigler and Denzil Mauldin 1984)
      William W. Duncan, before 27 Oct. 1899, died; a Mason; pub. in "The Pineville Democrat" [McDonald Co. MO] (Vol.VII#4, Winter 1987, "MO State Genealogical Association Journal" FHL book 977.8 D25m, from Dorothy Franks 7/1992)
      MAD: one Hewit Duncan d. by 1842 Daviess Co. KY, wife Rebecca Hopkins, from info of Patrick Hays 8/2000; Peter L. Duncan of McDonald Co. MO had son Hewit C. Duncan.


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