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Last revised November 18, 2012

Formed 1808 from Fairfield
Ashland formed 1846 from Wayne, Richland, Huron, Lorain
Morrow formed 1848 from Knox, Marion, Delaware, Richland


1820 Richland Co. OH Census
Sandusky Twp.
Pg.180B William Duncan       120011        - 21010
Worthington Twp.
Pg.207  John Dunkin          310001        - 21110

1830 Richland Co. OH Census
Vermillion Twp.
Pg.138  Joseph Duncan        1100,01       - 1100,01
          (MAD: from Stark Co. OH to Ashland Co. OH
            per 1863 History)
Worthington Twp.
Pg.152  Samuel Duncan        1000,01       - 1000,01
          one name
        Andrew Duncan        2100,01       - 0100,1
        John Duncan          0011,1001     - 1201,101
          (next to Andrew)

1840 Richland Co. OH Census
Worthington Twp.
Pg. 68  Samuel Duncan        2001          - 1000,1
Pg. 74  Alex. Duncan         0031,001      - 0210,01
        Saml. Duncan         1000,01       - 1110,001
Pg. 75  John Duncan          0000,0001     - 0000,0000,1
Franklin Twp.
Pg.130  Samuel Duncan        1100,001      - 1000,1
Sharon Twp.
Pg.271  Abraham Duncan?      0100,1        - 2100,1

1850 Richland Co. OH Census
(handwritten page numbers, not stamped)
Washington Twp.
Pg.462, #276, Nancy A. DUNCAN 36 PA
                  Jane M. 15, Margaret E. 13 OH
Worthington Twp.
Pg.595, #287, Samuel DUNKEN 39 PA farmer $1000
                  Margaret 33 OH
                  Aaron 16, John 13 OH
                  Rachel 10, Hannah 8 OH
                  Easter A. 6, Samuel 4 OH
Sharon Twp.
Pg.689, #69, Margaret DUNCAN 62 PA $1000
                  Gill EMERSON 26 OH sadler
                  Henrietta 29 PA
                  Harriet 9, Margarett 6 OH
Pg.713, #243, Abraham DUNCAN 44 VA farmer $1400
                  Mary 34 OH
                  David 16, Caroline 15 OH
                  Emeline 12, Charlotte 10 OH
                  Abram 9, Nancy Ann 7 OH
                  Isaac 5, Electa (f) 3 OH
                  Sarah 1 OH

1860 Richland Co. OH Census
Mansfield Ward 2
Pg.19, #258-258, Maniel HADE (m) 40 PA blacksmith $3000-$1000
                  Mary 38 PA
                  Jacob 14, Mary 11 OH
                  Joan (f) 9 OH
                  John ATCHISON 22 OH
                  Caroline DUNCAN 24 OH domestic
Sharon Twp.
Pg.142, #1998-2008, Abraham DUNCAN 54 VA farmer $3200-$300
                  Mary 45 OH
                  Emeline 22, Charlotte 20 OH
                  Abraham 18, Ann 16 OH
                  Isaac 14, Mary 12 OH
                  Sarah 10, Martha 8 OH
                  Jacob 6, Lovina 2 OH
Plymouth Twp.
Pg.147, #2066-2076, Joseph DUNCAN 52 ENG farmer $1200-$200
                  Elizeth. 48 ENG
                  Joseph 11 OH
Worthington Twp.
Pg.181, #200-209, Samuel DUNCAN 49 PA laborer $125-$125
                  Margaret 44 OH
                  Aaron 24 OH farm laborer $0-$26
                  Rachael 20 OH domestic $0-$30
                  Hannah 18 OH domestic $0-$2
                  Easter (f) 16 OH domestic $0-$1
                  Samuel 14, James 9 OH
                  Elizabeth 6, Sarah 4 OH
                  (MAD: 1870 Cedar Co. IA census)
Pg.187, #280-290, James ALLEN 50 MD farmer $0-$89
                  Julia 37 PA
                  Charles 20 OH farm laborer $0-$30
                  James 17 OH farm laborer $0-$2
                  Drusilla (f) 13, Emely 11 (17?) OH
                  David 9, Lodema (f) 7 OH
                  George 5, Susann (f) 3 OH
                  Millison (m) 1 OH
                  Hiram DUNCAN 14 OH
Washington Twp.
Pg.240, #688-676, John DUNCAN 45 SCT farmer $4500-$1000
                  Catherine 36 OH
                  Mary 14, John 2 OH
                  Jacob 16 OH
Pg.254, #913-901, John RULTON 39 PA farmer $6000-$1500
                  Rachel 34 OH
                  James 8, William 4 OH
                  Jane 3, Sarah 2 OH
                  John 25 OH (blank) $0-$100
                  Nancy DUNCAN 46 PA
Troy Twp.
Pg.261, #1012-998, William WEAGLEY 29 PA (blank) $0-$300
                  Ellen 24 PA
                  Mary 4, Ada (f) 1 OH
                  W. DUNCAN (m) 16 PA laborer
Monroe Twp.
Pg.298, #185-188, Aaron DUNCAN 24 OH laborer $0-$0
                  George SAUMAN 19 OH laborer
                  Margaret CAMPBELL 70 PA

1870 Richland Co. OH Census
Blooming Grove Twp.
Pg.14, #220-222, QUIN, Esther 79 PA No Occupation $0-$0
                  Samual 58 OH farmer $6000-$1000
                  DUCAN, Fanny 40 IRE house keeper, parents of foreign birth
Cass Twp.
Pg.35, #144-133, CROSIER, Abbie (f) 69 PA keeping house
                  Elizabeth 24 OH
                  DUNCAN, William 2 OH
Mansfield, Ward 3
Pg.192, #336-412, THORNTON, Fayette 54 NY hotel landlord $14,400-$3,000
                  Nancy A. 47 OH keeping house
                  Alonzo (m) 26 OH landlord $1500-$500
                  Emma 22 OH keeping house
                  Willard (m) 2 OH
                  THORNTON, Nancy 3/12 OH b.Apl.
                  & servants & others, including
                  DUNKIN, John 22 OH plasterer
Sharon Twp.
Pg.297, #55-54, DUNCAN, David 33 OH farmer $0-$800o
                  Christina 24 OH keeping house
                  Mary E. 6 MO
                  Frances A. (f) 4, Willie Grant 1 OH
Pg.300-301, #100-98, DUNCAN, Abraham 64 VA farmer $6000-$2000
                  Mary 56 OH
                  Martha A. 18 OH at home
                  Jacob 16, Wilda A. (f) 12 OH
Pg.303, #139-134, DUNKIN, Joseph 63 ENG farmer $3,000-$0, parents of foreign birth
                  Elizabeth 57 ENG keeping house, parents of foreign birth
                  (no children)


Richland Co. OH Deed indexes 1814-1855
   Grantee Index (FHL film 388,652)
      2-280: Duncan, John from Samuel Phillips, 1820, NE 30-21-17, 160a
      3-88: Duncan, John from Samuel Phillips, 1820, NE 30-21-17, 160a
      6-51: Duncan, John from Samuel Phillips, 1822, NE 30-21-17, bond
      7-42: Duncan, Samuel from Samuel Phipps, 1830, NE 30-21-17
      7-43: Duncan, John from Samuel Duncan, 1830, NE 30-21-17
      11-49: Duncan, Alexander from Samuel Duncan, 1833, SE Sec. 31 T21 R17, 150a
      12-331: Duncan & McCord from Edmund Rathbun, 1834, Lexington lot 8
      12-352: Duncan, John from Samuel Eyerly, 1831, Lexington #12
      15-86: Duncan, Alexander from John Duncan, 1835, NE 35-21-17, 40a
      20-357: Duncan, Samuel from Mathew Duncan, 1839, NE 30-21-17, 40a
      23-66: Duncan, John A. from William Dickie, 1836, Shelby lot #1
      25-287: Duncan, Samuel from Thomas Durbin, 1837, SE 10-21-17, 45a
      31-459: Duncan, John from US, 1831, rec. 1847, 32-21-17, 80a (MAD: John Duncan d. 1844, wife Elizabeth; had son Charles 32-21-17)
      39-177: Duncan, Abram from Casemer Fast, 1854, SW 30-22-19, 20a
      40-61: Duncan, Elizabeth from Wm. Beverage, 1855, pt. 29-23-19, 32a
   Grantor Index (FHL film 386,080; see above for Duncan grantees from Duncan grantors)
      3-87: Duncan, John to Samuel Phipps, 1822, NE 30-21-17, 160a
      12-330: Duncan, John to Samuel Eyerly, 1834, Lexington lot 8
      12-353: Duncan, John A. to John N. Sloane, 1835, Lexington lot 12
      15-477: Duncan, Alexander to Michaell Campbell, 1835, SE 31-21-17, 50a
      18-349: Duncan, Samuel to Jacob Spohn, 1837, SE 30-21-17
      18-427: Duncan, Samuel to Richard Simmons, 1837, SE 19-19-16, 40a
      20-329: Duncan, Samuel to Jacob Keller, 1839, SE 10-21-17, 45a
      21-481/2: Duncan, John A. to D.H. Young and Stephen Marvin, 1840, Shelby lot 24
      22-667: Duncan, John A. to Samuel Saltzgaber, 1840, Shelby Lot #40
      23-377: Duncan, Samuel to Noble Calhoun, 1842, SW 32-21-17, 117a (MAD: Worthington Twp)
      31-254: Duncan, Samuel to John Crider et al, 1846, NE 30-21-17
      31-290: Duncan, Alexr. to James Pritchard, 1847, NE 32-21-17, 40a
      31-459: Duncan, Charles to Pon & Oller, 1847, NE 32-21-17, 40a
      31-459: Duncan, Samuel to Zow & Otter, 1847, NE 32-21-17, 40a (MAD: Worthington Twp)
      33-302: Duncan, Jno. to John Carey, 1849, Mansfield #61

Richland Co. OH Deeds
      2-280: 29 Aug. 1820, Samuel Phillips and wife Mary (X) of Richland Co. OH to John Duncan of same, $300, NE 1/4 Sec.30 Twp.21 Range 17 (MAD: does not give total acres, indexed as 160 acres; full quarter sections are usually 160 acres). Wit. John Mane, Agnes Piper. (FHL film 386,081)
      3-87: 3 Jan. 1822, John Duncan and wife Mary of Richland Co. OH to Samuel Phipps of same, $450 ($550?), NE 1/4 Sec.30 Twp.21 Range 17. Wit. John Piper, Agnes Piper. (FHL film 386,081)
      3-88: 29 Aug. 1820, Samuel (X) Phipps and wife Mary (X) of Richland Co. OH to John Duncan of same, $300, NE 1/4 Sec.30 Twp.20 (not 21) Range 17. Wit. Joh Slean? (Man???), Agnes Piper. (FHL film 386,081)
      6-51: Duncan, John from Samuel Phillips, 1822, NE 30-21-17, bond (MAD: from index only, not found in deed book on pg.51) (FHL film 386,083)
      7-42: 17 May 1830, Samuel Phipps and wife Mary (X) of Richland Co. OH to Samuel Duncan of same, $300, NE 1/4 Sec.30 Twp.21 Range 17. Wit. Saml. Hayle, Thomas (no last name). (FHL film 386,083)
      7-43: 1 June 1830, Samuel Duncan to John Duncan, both Richland Co. OH, $200, 80 acres, NE 1/2 SE 1/4 Sec. 30, Twp. 21, Range 17. No wife. Wit. Thos. B. ???, George Armintrout. (FHL film 386,083)
      11-49: 23 Feb. 1833, Samuel (X) Duncan and wife Margaret (X) of Jerman Twp, Somerset Co. PA, to Alexander Duncan of Richland Co. OH, $1, T21 R17, SE 1/4 Sec. 31, 150 acres; land was a patent cert #720 rec. Vol. 2 pg. 212. Wit. John McMullan. Recorded Somerset Co. PA. (FHL film 386,085)
      12-330: 9 Oct. 1834, John A. Duncan and wife Harriet of Richland Co. OH to Samuel Eyerly, $400, lot 8 in town of Lexington, Co. & state afsd. No wit. Samuel Wilkinson, JP. (FHL film 386,085)
      12-331: 30 June 1834, Edmund Rathbun and wife Mary of Richland Co. OH, $225, to Duncan & McCord of same, Lexington town lot 8. Wit. Hiram Rathbun. (FHL film 386,085)
      12-352: 9 Oct. 1834, Samuel Byerly and wife Regina of Richland Co. OH to John Duncan of same, $400, lot 12 in town of Lexington. Wit. Samuel Wilkinson, Adna Coleman. (FHL film 386,085)
      12-353: 7 Feb. 1835, John A. Duncan and wife Harriet of Richland Co. OH, to John N. Sloane, $450, lot 12 in town of Lexington. Wit. Saml. Wilkinson, Thomas T. Coleman. (FHL film 386,085)
      15-86: 20 Oct. 1835, John (X) Duncan and wife Elizabeth to Alexander Duncan, both Richland Co. OH, $1, 40 acres of E part adj. Samuel Boyle, part of NE 1/4 Sec. 35 R17 T21. Wit. Samuel Boyle, William Wilson. (FHL film 386,087)
      15-477: 25 May 1835, Alexander (X) Duncan and wife Catharine (X) of Richland Co. OH to Michael Campbell of same, $100, 50 acres, a part of SE 1/4 Sec. 31 R17 T21, adj. J. Teeters and S. Garbers. Wit. Samuel Boyer, Andrew Campbell. (FHL film 386,087)
      18-349: 8 April 1837, Samuel Duncan and wife Margaret of Richland Co. OH to Jacob Spohn of Washington Co. PA, $700, S 1/2 NE 1/4 Sec. 30 T21 R17, being the land from Samuel Phipps and wife to Samuel Duncan 17 May 1830. Wit. J. Armintroud, Thos. Bairde. (FHL film 386,089)
      18-427: 3 June 1837, Samuel Duncan and wife Margret of Richland Co. OH to Richard Simmons of same, $320, SW 1/4 SE 1/4 Sec.19 Twp.19 Range 16, 40 acres which said Duncan purchased from James Wilson by deed 31 May 1837, executed by said Wilson and wife. Wit. Amuntroug (no 2nd name), Thos. P. Andrews. (FHL film 386,089)
      20-329: 22 April 1839, Samuel Duncan and wife Margaret of Richland Co. OH to Jacob Keller, $700, part of SE 1/4 Sec.10 Twp.21 Range 17, beg. SW corner of said 1/4 section, 45 acres. Wit. J. Armentrout, Peter Trueb? (Trush?). (FHL film 386,090)
      20-357: 11 May 1839, Matthew (X) Duncan to Samuel Duncan, both Richland Co. OH, $800, E 1/2 N 1/2 NE 1/4 Sec. 30 T21 R17, 40 acres. Wit. Josiah Mear. (FHL film 386,090)
      21-481: 6 March 1840, John A. Duncan and wife Harriet of Richland Co. OH to D.H. Young and Stephen Marvin of same, $200, lot adj. town of Shelby at E. line of alley at NE corner of lot 11, containing 3 thousand 12 hundred feet. Wit. John Mark. (indexed as lot 24) (FHL film 386,090)
      22-667: 8 Feb. 1840, John A. Duncan and wife Harriet of Richland Co. OH to Samuel Saltsgaber of same, $375, lot 40 in Henry Whitney's addition to Shelby, Richland Co. OH. Wit. Charles Taylor, John Mack. (FHL film 386,091)
      23-66: 19 May 1841, John A. Duncan of Richland Co. OH for $2,000 paid by Oliver B. Tweedy, Joseph Mozier and Edward Tweedy of City of New York, lot 1 in Town of Shelby, in trust; that if John A. Duncan pay 2 judgments in Richland Co. Court of Common Pleas at their Nov. term 1840 against himself and Henry Sturnel? in favor of said Tweedy etc., each of $841.51, then this is void. Wit. Willard Slocum. (FHL film 386,091)
      23-66: 5 Oct. 1831, William Dickie and wife Jane of town of Plymouth, Richland Co. OH, for $200 paid by John A. Duncan and Charles Post of Richland Co. OH, lot one in town of Shelby. /s/ William Dixie, Jane Dixie. Wit. John Herehier?, John Hershier? Sr. (FHL film 386,091)
      23-377: Gerber & Duncan deed to Noble Calhoun. Received & recorded March 8, 1842. 24 Feb. 1842, Jacob Gerber and wife Susannah (X) and Samuel (X) Duncan and wife Elizabeth (X) of Richland Co. OH for $1740, to Noble Calhoun of same, premises in County & State aforesaid: first being a part of SW 1/4 Sec.32 Twp.21 Range 17, bounded beg. SW corner of said 1/4 section, running with along (sic) the W boundary line 155 perches to NW corner of said 1/4 sec., ... containing 117 acres as by reference to deed from Adam Hissory & wife Anna on 1 Aug. 1840, rec. 14 Jan. 1841 in Vol.22 Pg.763-634, also by reference to a deed from Samuel Duncan and wife Margaret on 6 Jan. 1840 in State of Pennsylvania and recorded in Richland Co. OH, the second being a part of the same 1/4 sec. aforesaid containing 40 acres as by reference to a deed from Charles Duncan and John Duncan, executors of will of Samuel Duncan decd. in State of PA on 11 November 1841. Wit. J. Armentrout, Samuel Boyle. All appeared in Richland Co. OH. (FHL film 386,091)
      25-287: 12 Oct. 1837, Thomas Durbon and wife Abi of Richland Co. OH to Samuel Duncan, $280, part of SE 1/4 Sec.10 Twp.21 Range 17, beg. SW corner, containing 45 acres. Wit. E. Walters, C. Durbin. (FHL film 386,092)
      31-254: 5 Dec. 1846, Wm. B. Hammett, Sheriff; that on 25 Nov. 1844, Joseph Craig and Thomas B. Andrews, admin. of estate of John Crider decd, filed bill in chancery in Court of Common Pleas against Samuel Duncan and wife Margaret and other persons therein named as defendants as to whom said bill was afterwards dismissed, showing that Samuel Duncan on 11 April 1842 owed John Crider $500, for which Samuel Duncan and wife Margaret executed a mortgage deed for N 1/2 NE 1/4 Sec.30 Twp.21 Range 17, bill aksed foreclosure. Nov. term 1845, Court issued decree against Duncans, that $576.93 including interest was owing. Thos. B. Andrews and Joseph Craig were appointed administrators of said John Crider. That unless Duncan paid within 20 days, Sheriff to set off part of Duncan's land; sold at auction to Philip Traxler as trustees for heirs of John Crider decd. for $534; said Traxler as trustee for John Crider, Sarah Crider and Sidney Ann Crider, minor heirs, and Sarah Crider widow; this a deed from Sheriff to Traxler as trustee. Wit. David Wise, B.W. Beck, G.F. Carpenter. (FHL film 386,095)
      31-290: 28 July 1847, Alexander Duncan and wife Lydia of Richland Co. OH to James Pritchard of same, $370, 40 acres, being part of NE 1/4 Sec.32 Range 17, Twp.21, beg. NE corner. Wit. James F. Halferty, Levi Drake. (FHL film 386,095)
      31-459: 3 Oct. 1831, Cert. #1979, patent to John Duncan, E 1/2 NE 1/4 Sec. 32 T21 R17, 80 acres. (FHL film 386,095)
      31-459: 25 Nov. 1847, Elizabeth Duncan, Samuel Duncan and Charles Duncan of Richland Co. OH to Frederick Zon and Peter Oller, $375, 40 acres, S 1/2 E 1/2 NE 1/4 Sec. 32 T21 R17. Wit. James F. Ralferty?, James Brown. (FHL film 386,095)
      33-302: 12 May 1849, John N. Duncan and wife Catharine formerly Catharine Davis, and Margaret Davis of Borough of Shippensburg, county of Cumberland, PA, to John Carey of said Borough; that Nathaniel Ball and wife Matilda of Richland Co. OH by deed 24 April 1838 recorded Book 19 pgs.62 and 63, deeded to Lemuel Davis lot 61 in town of Mansfield, Richland Co. OH, and recorded in Knox Co. OH; that Lemuel Davis died intestate leaving a widow the said Catharine formerly Catharine Davis now the wife of said John N. Duncan and issue two children Margaret Davis and J. Reynolds Davis to whom the lot descended. Now, John N. Duncan and wife Cathrine and Margaret Davis for $753 to John Carey, their interest in the lot 61 in town of Mansfield. All signed. Wit. Robert Scott, R.P. McClure. Robert Scott appeared in Cumberland Co. PA. (FHL film 386,096)
      39-177: 16 May 1854, "in German" Casimere Fast of Richland Co. OH for $600 to Abraham Duncan of same, land at NE corner SW 1/4 Sec. 30 Twp.22 Range 19, 20 acres. Wit. John Ferrell, Jehiel Rogers. (FHL film 386,101)
      40-61: 3 May 1855, William Beverage and wife Abigail for $1100 to Elisabeth Duncan (MAD: sometimes "Dunkin"), lot in town of Plyouth, Richland Co. OH, in Sec.29 Twp.23 Range 19 adj. 2 acre lot deeded by William Beverage to John Epby, (more not copied), 32 acres and 153 rods adj. James Patterson, Michael Rice, Jones Stout, William Cline, John Melone. Wit. H.W. Patterson, John Malone. (FHL film 386,101)


Pension Index Card File, alphabetical; of the Veterans Administrative Contact and Administration Services, Admin. Operations Services, 1861-1934; Duff to A-J Duncan (negative FHL film 540,888, some cards very faint); Joseph Duncan to Dunn (positive FHL film 540,889, some cards very dark)
      Cataloged under Civil War, 1861-1865, pensions, indexes; does not say if Confederate or Federal, but probably Federal. Negative film, some cards much too faint or dark to read, some cards blurred or faded, particularly the service unit and the dates of application. Most of the very faint or dark cards were in a slightly different format, with space for years enlisted and discharged which were sometimes filled in. Many of these were for service in later years, although one or two were for service ca 1866.
      Name of soldier, alias, name of dependent widow or minor, service (military unit or units), date of filing, class (invalid or widow or minor or other), Application #, Certificate #, state from which filed (sometimes blank), attorney (sometimes blank, MAD: did not usually copy), remarks. Sometimes the "Invalid" or "Widow" class had an "s" added to it before the application #; occasionally the area for the service information included a circled "S". The minor's name was frequently that of the guardian rather than the minor.
      The military unit was frequently the Company Letter, the Regiment Number, sometimes US Vet Vol Inf. (US Veteran Volunteer Infantry), L.A. (Light Artillery), H.A. (Heavy Artillery), US C Inf (US Colored? Infantry), Cav. (Cavalry), Mil. Guards, V.R.C. (?Volunteer Reserve Corps?), etc. Sometimes there were several service units given.
      Cards appear to be arranged by the last name, first name, middle initial if any, and state (including "US") of service.
      Duncan, Aaron, widow Duncan, Margaret; B 120 OH Inf.; filed 1884 June 10, Invalid Appl. #515151, Cert. #466362, MO; filed 1912 Feb. 16, Widow Appl. #980699, Cert. #740513, Kansas. (MAD: from Richland Co. OH; 1870 Cedar Co. IA; 1880 Jackson Co. MO; ?? 1900 Clay Co. MO; indexed 1910 Johnson Co. KS)


Knox Co. OH Deed (FHL film 314,048)
      X-358: 8 Oct. 1839, Freeman Phifer of Knox Co. OH to Samuel Duncan of Richland Co. OH, $150, Lot 6, 1st Quarter T7 R10. Wit. Joseph Hastings, David Shellenbarger.

Van Wert Co. OH Deed Record v.X, Jan. 1868-Nov. 1868 (FHL film 504,492 item 2; SLC 9/13/2012)
      X-15: 11 Feb. 1867, A.W. Dankin of Shelby, Richland Co. OH, for $480 paid, sell to James Kerr premises in Township of Union, Van Wert Co. OH, being a piece of land 70 rods wide off Sec.14 Twp.1S Range 2E containing 20 acres more or less but subject to all legal highways, warrant title. /s/ A.W. Dankin. Wit. Frederick Smith, P.W. Poole. He appeared 11 Feb. 1867 before P.W. Poole, Notary Public, Crawford Co. OH. Recorded Jan. 23, 1868. (FHL film 504,492)

Richland Co. IL Deeds (SLC 2009)
      A-398: 10 Nov. 1843, John Newman and Mariah (X) his wife of Wayne Co. OH to Alexander Duncan of Richland Co. OH, for $500, NW 1/4 Sec.13 Twp.2N Range 14W. Wit. D. Kaufman JP, Levi Flickinger?. (FHL film 1,221,744 item 5)
      A-399: 10 Nov. 1843, Phebe (X) Newman of Wayne Co. OH to Alexander Duncan of Richland Co. OH, for $250, lot in Richland Co. IL, E 1/2 SE 1/4 Sec.33 Twp.3N Range 14W. Wit. D. Kaufman JP of Wayne Co. OH, Levi Flickinger. (FHL film 1,221,744 item 5)
      A-401: 10 Nov. 1843, Levi Flickinger and wife Anna of Wayne Co. OH to Alexander Duncan of Richland Co. OH, for $250, land in Richland Co. IL, E 1/2 SW 1/4 Sec.28 Twp.3N Range 14W. Wit. D. Kaufman JP, John Newman, Wayne Co. OH. (FHL film 1,221,744 item 5)

Kosciusko Co. IN Deed
      4-440/441: Mahlon Wilson to Samuel Dunkin, Deed No.286. 7 Aug. 1844, Mahlon Wilson and wife Juda Wilson of Elkhart Co. IN for $100 paid by Samuel Dunkin of Richland Co. OH, sell and quit claim to said Samuel Dunkin our interest as one of the heirs of Aaron Wilson decd. to undivided part of SW 1/4 and S 1/2 of SE 1/4 of Sec.9 in Twp.31N Range 6E, being that part of the real estate of said Aaron Wilson of Knox Co. OH decd., together with appurtenances. /s/ Mahlon Wilson, Juda (X) Wilson. Wit. Martin Arnold, L.C. Arnold. Mahlon Wilson and wife Juda ack. deed before Caleb Phillips, J.P. of Kosciusko Co. IN, and Juda released her dower right, 17 Aug. 1844. Filed August 17? (19?), 1844. (FHL film 1,705,274)

Somerset Co. PA Index to Estates (from Anita Bishop 11/1993, MAD's extract)
      No. 34 of 1841. Samuel Duncan, Jenner Twp. Will written Dec. 14, 1840, filed Aug. 18, 1841; wife Margareth, children Elenor mar. John Engle, Elizabeth mar. William Hanler, "Esebella" mar. Michael Campbell, Nelly mar. Samuel Beyles, Alexander and Samuel. The last two live in Richland Co. OH. Exec. son Charles and friend John Duncan; wit. Joseph Hancock and Henry Sampson.

Somerset Co. PA Will (from Anita Bishop 11/1993, MAD's extract)
      1841, Estate No. 34: will of Samuel Duncan, 14 Dec. 1840, of Jenner Twp, Somerset Co. PA, weak in body; to my dau. Elener intermarried with John Engle, $400 as her share of my estate; to my dau. Elizabeth intermarried with William Hanlen, $400 as her share of my estate; to my dau. Isabella intermarried with Michael Cambell $247, and to my dau. Nelly intermarried with Samule Beyles $100 and to my son Alexander Duncan $150 and to my son Samule Duncan $150, all to be paid after my death by my execs. as their share of my estate. I further bequeath to my son Samule and to his heirs 40 acres of land where they now live in Richland Co. OH, and authorize my execs to make a deed to my son Samule for the 40 acres. My son Alexander is to receive $50 from my son Samule as his share of money put in the hands of Samule some time ago. To my beloved wife Margareth a certain mare which I now own and one cow, two hives of bees, two head of sheep, a buero which stands in the back room, one bed and as much bed clothes as she wishes to keep, also her wheel and reel, also her saddle and bridle. If my estate cannot pay the aforementioned shares, my son Charles to pay them in full out of his own money; and if my estate should over-reach the aforementioned shares, my son Charles to have the overplus for his own use. Charles shall keep my said wife as bound in an agreement comfortable during her life time and keep her mare and her sheep in feed and pasture, and my old horse Charles shall keep in use as his own horse and never part with him at any price. I appoint my son Charles Duncan and my friend John Duncan execs. /s/ Samuel (+) Duncan. Wit. Joseph Hancock, Henry Sampson. Proved in court August 18, 1841, by oaths of Joseph Hancock and Henry Sampson.

Somerset Co. PA Deed (SLC 6/4/2011)
      13-122: 23 Feb. 1833, Alexander Duncan of Richland Co. OH, having received from my father Samuel Duncan of Jenner Twp, Somerset Co. PA, a tract of land in Richland Co. OH free from all incumbrances whatever, and also the sum of $25 recd this day from said Duncan as my full part and share of all of my said father's estate, hereby release and quit claim to the said Samuel Duncan any further part, share or claim which I may or might have to my said father's estate, having received my full share of said estate, and release all claims ... /s/ Alexander (X) Duncan. Wit. John McMullan, Somerset Co. Alexander Duncan appeared 23 Feb. 1833 before H. Howard, JP in Somerset Co. Recorded 17 May 1833. (FHL film 558,763; SLC 6/4/2011)

HISTORIES before 1923

1908 "History of Richland County, Ohio, from 1808 to 1908; Also Biographical Sketches of Prominent Citizens of the County, Illustrated" by A.J. Baughman, Pub. Chicago, The S.J. Clarke Publishing Co., 1908 (Google Books 8/5/2009, from New York Public Library book; FHL book 977.128 H2b, SLC 9/7/1991, no Duncan or Pearce biography)
      (MAD: referred to as source on Family Group Sheet of Joyce Zamelis of Coupeville, WA, 1985, from Yates Publishing, for Emily C. Duncan m. James W. Pearce of Richland Co. OH, son of Lewis Pearce b. 1777 Allegheny Co. PA and Lydia Bowser b.ca 1782 Philadelphia.)
      Pg.343-344, 373: Washington Township. ... The Pearce family, prominent people in the township, came in 1814, and among other early settlers were the following persons: William and John Stewart, Solomon Culver, James Sirplis, William Ayers, Solomon Lee, Daniel Mitchel, William Riddle, Daniel Cook, Joseph and Garvin Mitchel, Andrew Thompson, John and Wesley Barnes, Isaac Slater, Alexander McClain, Robert Crosky, Thomas Shanks, Andrew Pollock. Noah Watson, Martin and Jacob Ridenour, Calvin Culver, Thomas Smith, Melzer Coulter and Jedediah Smith. ...
      James McVey Pearce was born, reared and has always lived in the Pearce settlement, as he does today. He was named for a pioneer preacher of the Disciple church. You must not estimate the value of his lands nor the amount of his bank deposits by the clothes he wears. If you visit his home you will be hospitably treated, for he is a liberal entertainer, a good citizen and a loyal friend.
      Pg.372: William Grosvenor of Park avenue East Mansfield witnessed a flood incident on the Clearfork when he was a boy that is worth relating. The upper part of the long head-race of the David Herring mills widens into a reservoir, between which and the creek there is an island of about five acres. Upon this island stood a dwelling house occupied by a family. The Clearfork had overflown its banks and the waters of Simmons' run which emptied into the reservoir, overflowed its banks also, and the outlet at the "spill" formed a current but little less swift than the river itself. The dwelling house was inundated and stood unsteady upon its foundation. The peril of the situation was apparent and men gathered upon the shore and discussed ways and means to rescue the family. A canoe was obtained and a man volunteered to make the several trips necessary to bring the inmates to the shore. A hero always rises equal to every occasion, and this brave pioneer paddled the canoe forth and back until each member of the family was landed in safety upon the bluff. The last person taken over was a Miss Duncan, who was stopping with the family. She declined to take a seat in the canoe but stood with a foot upon either side of the boat and from a bottle drank to the health of the rescuer amid the cheers of the crowd.
      Pg.385: Sharon Township ...       The first settlement in the township was made where Shelby now stands in 1818 by Henry Whitney Eli Wilson and Stephen Marvin.
       In addition to Gamble's other mills were later erected, General Wilson put up a saw mill on the Blackfork. John Kerr came to Sharon in 1826 and settled on section 29 in the southeast part of the township and a few years later erected a grist mill and a saw mill. These were destroyed by fire in 1875. Joseph Colt man erected two grist mills which were operated for a number of years. In 1839 John Duncan erected a grist mill on the Blackfork at Shelby. It was run ten or twelve years. The Heath mills were erected in 1844 and keeping up with the improvements of the times, is still in business. The Shelby mills, at the crossing of Main street and the Big Four tracks, has a capacity of a thousand barrels of flour per day - quite a contrast with the pioneer mills of seventy years ago.
      Pg.413: The Clearfork of the Mohican ... The Clearfork flows through an alluvial valley, bordered with hills of modified drift, generally sandy in places composed of coarse, waterworn pebbles and boulders. A freshet of this stream locally known as the "great flood" occurred on June 28, 1838, the day of Queen Victoria's coronation. And when the flood was at its height a Miss Duncan was rescued from the island in a canoe and, declining a seat, stood with one foot upon each side of the little shallop and from a bottle drank to the health of the crowd upon the shore.
      Pg.455-456: Gamble's grist mill was situated at the southeast corner of Main and Gamble streets, the present site of Peter's drug store. It has been claimed that Gamble's was not the first grist mill in that locality -- that there was a water power mill on the Blackfork, just south of Main street. But Hiram R. Smith of Mansfield, now in the ninety first year of his age, states that such was not the case, and he transacted business at Gamble's frequently. The Gamble mill was operated by horse power, and it would not seem likely that if a water power plant was in operation on the Blackfork, that a horse power concern would be built upon the next corner. The surveyor's notes of a county road refer to McCluer's mill site further up the Blackfork, but it was a "site" not a "mill." The first water power grist mill on the Blackfork was built by John A. Duncan in 1839, where Whitney avenue crosses the stream.

"The History of Wyandot County, Ohio : containing a history of the county, its townships, towns, churches, schools, etc., general and local statistics, military record, portraits of early settlers and prominent men, history of the Northwest Territory, history of Ohio, miscellaneous matters, etc., etc." by John S Schenck, W Crawford, G Wilson, A W B, et al; pub. Chicago: Leggett, Conaway & Co., 1884, 1055 pgs. (LH10713, HeritageQuest images 5/2007; FHL book 977.126 H2h and film 1,000,351 item 2)
      Pg.699: JAMES P. CHANCE was born in Harrison County, Ohio, March 31, 1841. He is a son of Aaron and Jane (Beall) Chance, the former born in Jefferson County, Ohio, May 27, 1816, the latter in Washington County, Penn., January 6, 1817. They were married in Harrison County, Ohio, March 26, 1840, where they resided till 1852, when they moved to Crawford County, Ohio, where they still live. Their children were ... James P. ... was married October 27, 1870, to Elizabeth J. Pendry, a native of Richland County, Ohio, born November 3, 1848, daughter of James J. and Jane (Andrews) Pendry, the former born January 25, 1823, the latter June 16, 1820. Her parents were married in Richland County, December 3, 1846, and their children were ... Mrs. Chance's grandfather was born February 20, 1787, and her grandmother, Elizabeth (Duncan) Pendry, October 10, 1790, their children being Margaret A., Elmer J., James J. and Clarkson S. Mr. and Mrs. Chance have had six children ... (MAD: more on Chance ancestors, not copied)

1888 "History of Newton, Lawrence, Barry and McDonald Cos. MO" by Goodspeed (FHL book 977.87 H2hn)
      Pg.828, Newton Co.: Isaac Duncan, plastering contractor and dealer in lime, cement, sand, plaster of paris, etc., Neosho, MO, was born in Richland Co. OH, in February, 1846. His father, Abraham Duncan, a farmer by occupation, was a native of Virginia, and his mother, Mary (Wilkins) Duncan, was born in New York. They were the parents of twelve children. Isaac ... came to this county in 1882 ... In 1872 he chose for his companion in life Miss Mary Cummins, who was born in Ohio, and the fruit of this union are two children, David and Albert.

1887 "Portrait and Biographical Album of Washington County, Iowa : containing full page portraits and biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens of the county" pub. by Acme Publ. Co. (FHL book 977.792 D3p)
      Pg.508-9: ALEXANDER DUNCAN, of Washington, is another one of the truly representative pioneers of Washington Co., having made this his home since 1847, a period of forty years. He is a native of Ireland, born in 1813, and is the son of John and Elizabeth Duncan, both of whom were also natives of that country. When Alexander was about seven years of age, the family emigrated to America and located in Somerset Co. PA, where they remained eight years, and then moved to Washington Co. in the same State. In 1833 they removed to Richland Co. OH, where Mr. Duncan died in his one hundredth year. Mrs. Duncan died in Coshocton Co. OH, from a cancer, in her 86th year. .... They were both members of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and were among the first to embrace that faith in the days of John and Charles Wesley. Five children were born unto them, of whom two are yet living -- Samuel, now living in Missouri, and Alexander, in Washington, Iowa.
      Alexander Duncan was reared upon his father's farm, ... On the 17th of August, 1837, our subject was united in marriage with Miss Lydia Frederick, a daughter of Peter and Elizabeth Frederick, who were of German descent, their fore-parents being among the first to emigrate to America. Mrs. Duncan was born in Tuscarawas Co. OH, in 1817. She is a cousin of Hon. Ben Frederick, of Marshalltown, Iowa. After their marriage, Mr. and Mrs. Duncan settled in Richland Co. OH, where Mr. Duncan opened two farms in the heavy timber. In 1847 they sold their possessions in Ohio and came to Iowa, being urged so to do by a brother of Mrs. Duncan, who had come to this State several years previously. The came across the country with teams and landed in Brighton in September of that year. Mr. Duncan first purchased land just across the line in Keokuk Co., which he improved and upon which he lived two years, then sold out and bought and improved a farm of 137 acres in Franklin Township, this county. On this farm they continued to reside till 1865, when they moved to the city of Washington, where they have since continued to reside. ... Mr. and Mrs. Duncan were never blessed with chidren, but years ago they adopted Caroline Homel, who was then but two years of age. This child was given their name, and as Carolie Duncan, grew to womanhood under ... her foster parents, and is now the wife of N.N. Vinquest, an ice dealer of Kansas City.


Some early Duncans in Richland Co. OH:
      John Duncan, 1825, on tax list (listed as non-resident on pg.65, Vol.12, 1971, "OH The Cross Roads of our Nation" from Evelyn Sigler 12/1983; and "Index of the OH 1825 Tax Duplicate" by Gerald M. Petty, 1981, FHL book 977.1 R42p, from Deone Penquite 10/1991)
      Nancy Duncan, 18 Sept. 1825, wife of Robert Duncan, named as dau. of Thomas Moor of Troy Twp. in Moor's will proved 31 Oct. 1825. (pg.11, "Richland Co. OH Abstract of Wills 1813-1873" by Anne Lockwood Dallas Budd, 1974, FHL book 977.128 P2b; from Evelyn Sigler 11/1984 and Deone Penquite 4/1986)
      Mary Duncan, 29 Dec. 1825, co-witness of will of Robert Phipps proved 4 March 1826. (pg.11, "Richland Co. OH Abstract of Wills 1813-1873" by Anne Lockwood Dallas Budd, 1974, FHL book 977.128 P2b; from Evelyn Sigler 11/1984 and Deone Penquite 4/1986)
      Jane Duncan, 10 Feb. 1835, mar. Thornton Fry
      Abraham Duncan, 11 Oct. 1836, mar. Polly Watkins
      Mary Duncan, 30 Jan?. 1837, mar. Hugh Trumbel
      John Duncan, 13 Jan. 1832, of Worthington Twp. left will proved 21 June 1845 naming wife Mary, sons Samuel and Matthew plantation where testator resides; Matthew to reside with wife and help raise small children; Alexander to be kept at home until age 16, then put to trade; daus. Anne, Sarah, Rachel, Mary Jane, Catharine, and Lesinda when of age; dau. Elizabeth a colt; exec. wife Mary and son Samuel; wit. William Simmons, Samuel Boyle, Wm. Hanlin. (pg.61, "Richland Co. OH Abstract of Wills 1813-1873" by Anne Lockwood Dallas Budd, 1974, FHL book 977.128 P2b; from Evelyn Sigler 11/1984 and Deone Penquite 4/1986)
      Elizabeth Duncan, 21 Feb. 1838, mar. Ira Higgins
      Mary Duncan, 25 Aug. 1840, left will proved 26 Feb. 1841 naming son David, money due from James Fulton and Nancy Duncan of Cumberland Co. PA, land in St. Charles Co. MO, bond held with son John A. paid annually to testatrix; admin. David Duncan; wit. Margaret Woodrow, Samuel August. (pg.40, "Richland Co. OH Abstract of Wills 1813-1873" by Anne Lockwood Dallas Budd, 1974, FHL book 977.128 P2b; from Evelyn Sigler 11/1984 and Deone Penquite 4/1986)
      John A. Duncan, 1 Sept. 1840, had tavern license in 1839-1840 due to expire. (pg.27, Vol.11, 1970, "OH The Cross Road of our Nation, Records & Pioneer Families" from Evelyn Sigler 12/1983)
      John Duncan, 24 March 1842, of Worthington Twp. left will proved 28 Feb. 1844 naming wife Elizabeth, sons Samuel and Charles 40 acres where we live for support of parents, sons John and Alexander, daus. Jane wife of Thornton Fry, and other dau. (unnamed); exec. Samuel Boyle, Benj. Davis; wit. Alexander Duncan, Wm. Carson. (pg.53, "Richland Co. OH Abstract of Wills 1813-1873" by Anne Lockwood Dallas Budd, 1974, FHL book 977.128 P2b; from Evelyn Sigler 11/1984 and Deone Penquite 4/1986) (MAD: see Coshocton Co. OH; in Ireland 1825, in OH 1835)
      Margaret Duncan, 11 April 1844, mar. William Easterday
      Lucinda Duncan, 30 Nov. 1847, mar. William Fowler
      Abraham Duncan, 15 Feb. 1861, co-witness to will of Adam Frank of Sharon Twp. proved 2 April 1861. (pg.142, "Richland Co. OH Abstract of Wills 1813-1873" by Anne Lockwood Dallas Budd, 1974, FHL book 977.128 P2b; from Evelyn Sigler 11/1984 and Deone Penquite 4/1986)
      Aaron Duncan, 22 Oct. 1862, mar. Margaret A. Mutterbaugh
      Esther F. Duncan, 11 May 1862, mar. Samuel P. Thompson


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