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Formed 1853 from Elbert, Franklin


1860 Hart Co. GA Census
Pg.391, #32, Oliver M. DUNCAN 39 GA farmer $1500-700
                  Sarah 39 GA Mrs. (occupation)
                  William E. 13, John A. 11, James H. 9 GA
                  Sarah E. 7, Mary A. 5, Terrissa E. 2 GA
Pg.400, #92, Asa DUNCAN 38 GA Clergyman Baptist $500-800
                  Flora Ann 39 GA Mrs.
                  John M. 14, Malcum 13, Mary C. 11, Jesse 9 GA
                  Marget E. 6, Asa C. 4, Sarah L. 2 GA
                  (MAD: Jesse F. Duncan in 1880 Banks Co. GA census)
Pg.430, #324, John DUNCAN 64 GA farmer $5000-27,000
                  Nancy 40 GA Mrs.
                  Jeptha 19 GA student, Nancy S. 16 GA domestic
                  Elizabeth E. 12, John A.V. 9 GA
                  Letty E. 7, James E. 3 GA
                  (MAD: 1870 Franklin Co. GA census; one John Duncan 2/27/1804 - 10/22/1890 and Nancy Duncan 3/24/1818 - 10/24/1866 buried Nails Creek Cemetery, Banks Co. GA; one John Duncan served in Capt. Strong's Co., GA Volunteers, in the Creek War, his widow Nancy P. Duncan filed application #7498 on 6/7/1898 for a pension, ?? perhaps the same John Duncan, wife Nancy, in 1850 Elbert Co. GA and 1860 Hart Co. GA)
Ray's Dist.
Pg.431, #335, Edmon G. BROWN 44 GA farmer $1500-600
                  Letty 43 GA Mrs.
                  William F. 20, Celia E. 19 GA
                  Jesse BARTON 11 GA
                  (MAD: Mrs. Lettie Brown d. 10/5/1891; her sister Miss Mary Duncan d. 10/9/1891 at home of their brother J.F. Duncan; Jas. F. Duncan d. 4/2/1892; from "Birth, Marriages & Death Notices from Old Copies of 'The Hartwell Sun' [Hart Co. GA]" by Satterfield, John Benson Chapter DAR, 1943; FHL film 7,132, item 5)
Pg.431, #336, Mary DUNCAN 50 GA Mrs. 0-0 (alone)
Pg.432, #340, James F. DUNCAN 36 GA farmer $1500-300
                  Martha 32 SC Mrs.
                  Sarena 11, Mary M. 8 GA
                  Henry B. 5, Letty E.A. 1 GA
Pg.493, #782, Henry DUNCAN 57 GA farmer $2000-650
                  Mary 54 GA Mrs.
                  Merrit 23 GA farm hand
                  Elizabeth 20 GA domestic
                  Oliver M. 18 GA farm hand
                  Letty 12, Benjamin T. 10 GA
                  (MAD: Merret Duncan & family in 1870 Madison Co. GA census)
Pg.493, #784, Swan H. BROWN 25 GA farmer $0-$180
                  Celia 22 GA "Mrs." (occupation)
                  (MAD: Swan H. Brown mar. Cealy Duncan 10/3/1858)
Pg.496, #---, Moses DUNCAN 35 GA farmer $0-350
                  Jane 30 GA Mrs.
                  Lucy C. 13, Mary C. 11 GA
                  Letty E. 9, John A. 6 GA
                  (MAD: Lucy C. Duncan mar. Eppy B. White 12/2/1865)
Pg.502, #852, Wm. F. BENNETT 35 SC farmer $0-$1000
                  Margaret 30 SC "Mrs."
                  (MAD: one William Bennett mar. Jane Duncan 12/13/1854)

1870 Hart Co. GA Census
Ray's District
Pg.232, #79-72, DUNCAN, Amus (m) 60 GA BLACK farmer $0-$195
                  Harriet 35 GA BLACK keeping house
                  John 19, Elbert 14 GA BLACK works on farm
                  Mildred 12 GA BLACK works on farm
                  Mary 9, Victoria 4 GA BLACK at home
Pg.234, #117-110, CAUTHERN, George T. 30 SC farmer
                  Larenia (f) 21 GA
                  Mary J. 1 GA
                  McGARRITY, Matilda 11 GA BLACK works on farm
                  (MAD: Lavena E. Duncan mar. George T. Cauthern 12/10/1867)
Pg.235, #126-120, DUNCAN, Jeptha H. 29 GA farmer $2000-$1500
                  Rachael 37 GA
                  Charlotte 4/12 GA b.Jan.
                  STRICKLAND, Alexander 14 GA works on farm
                  John L. 9 GA
                  OLBORN, Caroline 14 GA at home
                  (MAD: Jeptha A. Duncan mar. Mrs. Rachel E. Strickland 4/8/1866)
Pg.236, #143-137, DUNCAN, Solomon 65 GA BLACK blacksmith $0-$200 (alone)
Pg.239, #185-179, DUNCAN, James F. 47 GA farmer $900-$650
                  Martha 43 SC
                  Mary A. 17 GA
                  Henry B. 15 GA works on farm
                  Letty A. 11 GA
                  Mary 57 GA
Pg.239, #192-186, DUNCAN, Jane 20 GA BLACK keeping house $0-$0
                  Elizabeth 11/12 GA BLACK b.June
                  BOWERS, Elbert 15 GA BLACK works on farm
                  JOHNSON, James 16 GA BLACK works on farm
                  DOOLEY, John 13 GA BLACK works on farm
                  McCURRY, Lou (f) 14 GA BLACK domestic servant
                  BENNETT, Sarah 9 GA BLACK at home
Pg.240, #207-200, WHITE, Robert 27? (24?) GA BLACK farmer $0-$0
                  Margaret 29 GA BLACK keeping house
                  Judia (f) 10, Andrew 6 GA BLACK at home
                  Samuel 1 GA BLACK at home
                  Quillen (m) 5/12 GA BLACK b.Dec. at home
                  DUNCAN, Milly 25 GA BLACK at home
                  George 4, Rubin 1 GA BLACK at home
Pg.240, #208-201, DUNCAN, Henry 66 GA farmer $1500-$600
                  Mary 64 GA
                  Ceily 31, Elizabeth 28, Letty E. 24 GA
                  Benjamin T. 21, Arminda E. 8 GA
                  (MAD: Thornton Duncan mar. Octavia Cheek 12/15/1870, B.T. Duncan 31 GA, wife Octava 27 GA, Elbert H. 8 and Paris S. 6 GA on 1880 census pg.653B; George M. Agnes mar. Letty E. Duncan 9/22/1871)
Pg.240-241, #209-202, DUNCAN, Oliver 26 GA farmer $0-$200 (indexed age 24)
                  Sarah E. 22 GA
                  Mary E. 2, John H. 10/12 Aug. GA
Pg.241, #215-208, DUNCAN, Moses A. 45 GA farmer $300-$1000
                  Jane 40 GA
                  Mary 20, Emily 17 GA
                  Anderson (m) 15 GA works on farm
Pg.242, #222-215, George CAUTHERN Sr. 76 SC farmer $400-$400
                  Sarah A. 32 GA
                  Judain A. (m) 11/12 June GA
                  & 3 workers
Hall's District
Pg.271, #76-69, DUNCAN, John L. 44 SC farmer $100-$125
                  Syntha M. 38 GA
                  Malvin (f) 11 GA
                  CHEEK, Dorcas (f) 76 GA retired $150-$250
                  Oliver 55 GA mill builder $0-$0
                  JOHNSON, Leroy 19 GA mill builder
McCurry's District
Pg.287, #319-312, DUNCAN, Oliver M. 48 GA farmer $800-$800
                  Rachael 38 GA
                  William E. 23, John A. 21, James H. 18 GA
                  Sarah E. 16, Mary A. 15, Terressa (f) 12 GA
                  Nora (f) 1 GA
                  (MAD: O.M. Duncan mar. Rachel Skelton 2/19/1867)
Pg.291, #372-365, BROWN, Adam M. 42 GA (white) farmer $420-$250
                  Matilda 24 GA keeping house
                  Arther C. (m) 10 GA works on farm
                  Harvy M. (m) 3, Srah H. 1 GA at home
                  DUNCAN, Isham 21 GA BLACK works on farm
                  MAXWELL, Louisa 12 GA BLACK domestic servant


Hart Co. GA Court of Ordinary Minutes (FHL film 382,531)
      Vol. A, 1854-1864 - no Duncan
      Vol. B, 1864-1873 - Moses A. Duncan as admin. of Samuel F. Ridgeway is ordered to sell land, pg. 275, 290, 292; discharged pg.443
            O.M. Duncan admin. J. Brun?, pg. 543, 553 (not looked at)

Hart Co. GA Index to Record of Wills, Court Minutes, Record on (sic) estates, 1854-1945 (FHL film 382,526)
      Henry Duncan, 23 April 1881; will A-183; Minute Book D-219/220, petition, division in kind, Amanda, Asa C., Benj. F., Henry A., Mary, William T. Duncan minors, Merritt Duncan gdn, Willis E. Kellum, 17 Oct. 1885.

Hart Co. GA Wills (FHL film 382,528)
      A-183/4: 23 April 1881, will of Henry (X) Duncan (also looks like Heny) of Hart Co. GA, advanced age; to son-in-law Willis S. Caritan 50 cents; to son Moses A. Duncan 50 cents; to son Merritt Duncan his six children to wit: Amanda E., Asa C., Mary (May), Benj. F., Wm. T. and Henry (Xury?) W. Duncan, together with my five youngest children, to wit, Celia Brown, Elizabeth Scurbia (Scrinbia?), Oliver H. Duncan, Lettie Duncan and Benj. F. Duncan, all the residue of my property to be equally divided among them. Appoint son Oliver H. Duncan exec. Wit. Wm. D. Fleming?, Moses H. Duncan, Moses Duncan. Proved 6 June 1881 on oath of Moses Duncan and W.D. Fleming.

Hart Co. GA Minutes of Ordinary Court Meetings, Vol.D 1882-1897, from separate index (FHL film 382,532)
      D-219/20: 2 Nov. 1885 term of court; Petition of Willis E. Kellum, legal guardian for property of the minor children of Merrit Duncan late of Hart Co., to wit, Amanda, Asa C. Duncan, Mary Duncan, Benjamin F. Duncan, William T. Duncan, and Henry W. Duncan; that Oliver K. Duncan of said Co. is exec. of the will of Henry Duncan decd who was father to said Merrit Duncan decd, that the minors are entitled to one distributive share of the estate of said Henry Duncan decd; that more than 12 months have expired since Oliver K. Duncan became exec., that Oliver K. is due the petitioner $332.76 as guardian besides interest from June 14, 1883 which Oliver K. refuses to pay over, petition is for Oliver K. to be cited to appear on 3rd Monday in Nov. next, 1885, to settle the estate, Oct. 17, 1885, /s/ David W. Meadow, petitioner's attorney. Order issued by court Oct. 19, 1885; service by Sheriff acknowledged by O.K. Duncan, executor of Henry Duncan decd, Oct. 19, 1885.
      Pg.221: Application for settlement in the case by Willis E. Kellum guardian of Amanda E. Duncan, Asa C. Duncan, Mary Duncan, Benjamin F. Duncan, W.T. Duncan and Henry W. Duncan, that O.K. Duncan was duly notified to appear and submit a settlement, and it appearing from examining all the returns and accounts of O.K. Duncan exec. and after hearing all evidence produced by the parties, that O.K. Duncan received from proceeds of sale of personal, real &c of H. Duncan decd estate $332.76 principal and interest to June 1883, ... and it is yet due by said O.K. Duncan as exec. to Willis L. Kellum guardian the sum of $332.76 principal and $55.95 interest, ordered that Willis E. Kellum guardian recover the amount from O.K. Duncan also costs of suit; Fi fa issued Dec. 2, 1885.


Hart Co. GA Deed (from Judy Winn 5/2000 with the comment that there are other similar deeds in the records of Hart Co. GA)
      Book A, Page 111: Legatees of Daniel Johnson to John H. Johnson. Georgia Hart County. This indenture made this the twenty eighth day of January Eighteen hundred & fifty four between Daniel M. Johnson Anguish Johnson Mlcam A Johnson Lauchlin M. Johnson Sarah R Johnson Asa Duncan & Jessa Maxwell of the county of Hart and Donald McDonald of the county of Monroe and state afore said Legatees & heirs of the Estate of Daniel Johnson late of said county decased of the one hart and John H. Johnson heir & Legatee of said Decased of Hart county of the other part Witnesseth that for and in and for and in consideration of the sum of one hundred and eighty dollars being the appraise value of his Distributive share of the land belonging to the Estate of Daniel Johnson Decased Lying on both sides of Cold water Creek in Hart County to them in hand paid at and before the sealing and delivering of these presents the rights wherof is hereby acknowledged hath granted bargained sold & conveyed and so by these presents bargain grant sell and convey unto him the said John H Johnson Legatee & heir as aforesaid his heirs and assigns a certain tract or parsel of land it being a part of the land belonging to the estate of said Decased Lying on or near Cold Water Creek known and distinguished as No 7 commencing at a fine pine stump corner thence N 21 E 33.00 to a hickery corner thence No 68 W 28.00 to a popler corner thence S 22 W 23.50 to a state corner thence S68 E 5.00 To a state corner thence S 22 1/2 W 9.00 to a pine corner thence S 67 1/2 E 23.50 to the beginning pine stump corner containing ninetly & a half acres more or less to have and to hold said bargained premises together with all and singular the sights members and appurtenances there unto belonging or in any wise appertaining unto him to the said John H Johnson his heirs and assigns forever in fere? simple and we the aforesaid Daniel M Anguish Malcan A Lanchlin M Sarah R Asa Jessa & Daniel for our selves our heirs Executors & Administrators unto him the said John H Johnson his heirs and assigns the said bargained premeses will warrant and forever defend the right and title thareof against themselves and against the claimes of all other persons watsoever in witness whareof we have hereunto set our hands and affixed our seals the day and year a have written signed sealed and delivered, /s/ Daniel M. Johnson, Malcan A. Johnson, Launchlin M. Johnson, Jess Maxwell, Sarah R. Johnson, Asa Duncan, Anguish Johnson, by M.A. Johnson as Agent; in presents of Donal McDonal, William C Davis, James E Brown JP.


Confederate Pension Application of J.M. Duncan, from holdings of TX State Archives (copy from Sarah Beene 2/1986)
      #25184, J.M. Duncan of Smith Co. Co. TX, filed Dec. 3, 1913, in indigent circumstances. Application 29 Nov. 1913: Surrendered 16 May 1865 at Macon GA; aged 68 years, b. Hart Co. GA; resided TX since 1894; reside Smith Co. 19 years; janitor, bad physical condition; served in GA from Dec. 1862 to May 16, 1865, Co. M, 3rd Battalion GA, transferred to 2nd GA Mounted Cavalry about Aug. 1863. Affidavits of witnesses J.A. Mallory and W.P. Cannon regarding TX residence; affidavit of A.C. Braziel that J.M. Duncan served in Confederate Army, Braziel was in Co. A, 3rd GA Battalion and that J.M. Duncan was in Co. M of same Battalion.

"Roster of Confederate Soldiers of GA 1861-1865" by Lillian Henderson, Director of the State Division of Confederate Pensions and Records for the state of Georgia, 6 vols. (FHL book 975.8 M22h)
      4:171: 38th Regiment GA Volunteer Infantry, Army of Northern VA; Co.F, Thornton Line Volunteers, Elbert & Hart Cos. GA: Jeptha H. Duncan, Private, Oct. 20, 1861; discharged, furnished substitute, prior to Oct. 31, 1862.
            4:171: J.W. Duncan, Private, Feb. 2, 1862; wounded in finger, necessitating amputation, at Wilderness, VA, May 6, 1864; wounded at Winchester, VA, Sept. 19, 1864; roll dated Nov. 6, 1864, last on file, shows him present; no later record.

GA Confederate Soldiers Pensions; Index - Dobson, W.P. to Ellington, Allen J. (FHL film 1,493,057)
      MAD: The Pension records themselves are alphabetic within the county. The index is small 3x5 cards preprinted with "Name:" and "Service:" and "Res.:" and "Remarks"; also looked at any Dunan and Dunk.. names listed; cards include witnesses for other confederate soldiers.
      Information in FHL Catalog: Confederate soldiers received pensions for military service beginning in 1879; law changed 1891 to include widows; cards in this record for the witnesses of these soldiers & widows attesting to service of each soldier; alphabetical by name of pensioner, included on card are notations concerning county of residence, unit designation, and husband's name in the case of widow cards.
      John L. Duncan, Co.F, "? St. Troops", application in Hart Co. GA
      Malcom A. Duncan, Co.C, 5th GA Militia, application in Hart Co. GA
      Mrs. Mary E. Duncan, widow of W.E. Duncan, Co.A, Toombs Regt, application in Hart Co. GA
      O.M. Duncan, Co.B, Toombs Regt., witness for Mrs. E.H.A. Carter, Hart Co. GA
      W.E. Duncan, Co.A, Toombs Regt, application by Mrs. Mary E. Duncan, widow, Hart Co. GA

HISTORIES before 1923

1895 "Memoirs of Georgia : containing historical accounts of the state's civil, military, industrial and professional interests, and personal sketches of many of its people" or "Memoirs of Georgia, Historical and Biographical" abstracted by Georgia Genealogical Gleanings; pub. by Southern Historical Assn. (FHL book 975.8 H2m and film 1,697,814 items 1 & 2; from Evelyn Sigler 1984)
      Pg.1070: Hart Co. William A. Hilliard, farmer, Bowersville, Hart Co. GA, son of Barlett and Mildred (Duncan) Hilliard, was born in SC in 1825; his paternal grandparents, Armisted and Dorcas (Williams) Hilliard, were natives of VA, whence they migrated early in life to SC, Armisted of English lineage & in Rev. War. Mr. Hilliard's father born Lancaster Dist. SC, raised a farmer, moved to GA in 1852. His [William A.'] maternal grandparents were Jesse and Rebecca (Farrell) Duncan, natives of NC where they spent their lives. Mr. Hilliard was raised on the farm, ... in 1862 enlisted as member of Beauregard battery, Martin's battalion, Smith's brigade; married 1847 to Miss Mary, b. SC 1824, dau. of David and Mary (Smith) Lee; 7 ch. living, Rebecca Brown, David L., William B., John B., Mary Cole, Perry G. and Jersey S.; Missionary Baptist church.
      (MAD: one Jesse Duncan mar. Rebecah Riggan 10/16/1791 in Warren Co. NC.; one Jesse Duncan in Ashe Co. NC 1781; one Jesse Duncan mar. Hannah Paschell 7/14/1780 in Caswell Co. NC; one Jesse Duncan in Tryon Co. NC 1770-1775; see Bartlett Hilliard in 1830 Lancaster Co. SC and 1850-1860 Kershaw Co. SC)


Bible Records have been published in the following:
      Bible of E.H. White, son of E.H. White and Mary A. Duncan, mar. 11/27/1879 at O.M. Duncan's, of Hart Co. GA; from "GA Bible Records" by Jeannette H. Austin, 1985 (FHL book 975.8 D2a; from Evelyn Sigler 1986 and Mary Louise Craven 1990)
      Bible of Robert Henderson, which includes the marriage of Martha Henderson to James F. Duncan 1/27/1847; from "Hart Co. GA, 22 Bible Records, 5 Cemetery Records, 780 Graves" Vol.1, by Satterfield of John Benson Chapter DAR, 1939 (FHL film 7,132 items 2-4; and FHL film 6,977)
      Bible of Horatio James Goss, which includes in the explanation of the Bible a reference to Ann D. Bradley who was the dau. of Joseph Deadwyler, Rev. Soldier of Elbert Co. GA, and his wife Alice Duncan; from "Hart Co. GA, 22 Bible Records, 5 Cemetery Records, 780 Graves" Vol.1, by Satterfield of John Benson Chapter DAR, 1939 (FHL film 7,132 items 2-4); this book also contains tombstone information on Duncans in Hart Co. GA cemeteries.
      Bible of Elbert J. Brown, which includes the marriage of Joseph V. Brown and Terressi E. Duncan; from Series 1, pg.364-365, of "Family Bible Records" by GA DAR, at GA Department of Archives & History, 1938 (FHL film 6,976)

"Family Bible Records" by GA DAR, at GA Department of Archives & History, 1938; Series 2, pg.219 (FHL film 6,979)
      This book includes the bible record of Robert Duncan, born June 14, 1762, died "July 2nd, 1821" and wife Hannah Carr, born Sept. 28, 1765, died "---- 1845"; and includes dates of birth for all children and dates of death for many of them; and the further record of the children of Hannah Milescent Duncan, born July 12, 1806, died March 11, 1848, married John E. Brown Dec. 1, 1825, and the parents and siblings of John E. Brown. (MAD: see Greenville Co. SC and Hart Co. GA)


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