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Formed 1798 from Camden Dist.


1800 Lancaster Co. SC Census
Pg.  5  James Cochran, Will. Cochran,
        Will. Flanagan, Ashman Sims,
        Samuel Howel, Paul Howel, Richard Sessions
        Jesse Duncan         20010        - 20110
        Benjamin Tucker, Samuel Mattocks,
        Bailey Flemons, Will. Rogers, Arthur Enos,
        Widow Patterson, John Baker, John King

1810 Lancaster Co. SC Census
        No Duncan indexed

1820 Lancaster Co. SC Census (semi-alphabetic)
Pg.172  John Duncan          230011       - 10010
         (2 names)
        Presley Duncan       121201       - 40010
          (MAD: name is "Presley" written plainly)

1830 Lancaster Co. SC Census
Pg. 67  Thomas Champion, Hartwell Sims, Landy Walker,
        Charles Robertson, John Davidson, Jonathan Dunn,
        George Carlisle, Wm. Moore Esq.,
        John Duncan          1012,0100,1  - 1210,01
        E.F. Crockett, Thomas Dunlap,
    68  Elizabeth Crockett, Wm?. R. Cauthen,
        Julius Beckham, Wm. Carnathan
    78  Bartlett Hilliard    2010,01      - 1000,01
          (MAD: 1850-1860 Kershaw Co. SC census; Hart Co. GA,
            William A. Hilliard b. 1825 SC, son of Barlett
            Hilliard and Mildred Duncan; Wm. A.'s maternal
            grandparents were Jesse Duncan and Rebecca Farrell,
            natives of NC where they spent their lives.  See
            Jesse Duncan in 1800 census.  Also, one Jesse Duncan
            mar. Rebecca Riggan 10/16/1791 in Warren Co. NC.;
            one Jesse in Ashe Co. NC 1781; one Jesse mar.
            Hannah Paschell 7/14/1780 in Caswell Co. NC;
            one Jesse in Tryon Co. NC 1770-1775)

1840 Lancaster Co. SC Census
Pg.405  Haley Goodson, Littleton House,
        Juhn W. Johnson, Newell Monthrop?
        John Duncan          0010,01      - 1210,01
          (MAD: wife G. on 1850 census)
        Mrs. Fudge, Winny Fasnall?,
        Col?. James H. Witherspoon, Isaac? Alexander,
        Jno? Holliman, Sarah Gaines?, Abijah Addison
   417  John Thompson, William Gardner, Wm? Emmett,
        James Atkins, Jason ?autham,
        John Duncan          0010,001     - 0112,11
          (MAD: wife Mary, 1819)
        William ?asvill?, Eli Clark, Flemming McKey,
        Robert P. Cunningham

1850 Lancaster Co. SC Census (and from Vivian Biddle 1983; Perry and Crainshaw also from James L. Fort 12/2002)
Pg.141, #134, J. DANIELS (m) 29 SC laborer
                  Sarah 29 SC
                  E.(f) 3 SC
                  Wm. DUNCAN 21 SC laborer
                  L.L. JENNINGS (f) 6 SC
Pg.164, #482, James WILLIAMS 45 SC farmer $750
                  Jane 30 SC
                  B.F.(m) 20, J.B.(m) 18, C.D.(m) 16, J.O.(m) 11 SC
                  W.J.(m) 9, F.T.(m) 7, T.L.(f) 4, M.A.(f) 2 SC
Pg.174, #633, U. WILLIAMS (m) 47 SC farmer $1200
                  E.(f) 41 SC
                  M.(f) 19, T.(f) 16, D.E.(m,) 14, J.E.(m) 11 SC
                  U.M.(m) 6, K.(m) 5/12 SC
Pg.174, #787, John WILLIAMS 51 SC farmer $1000
                  E.(f) 45 SC
                  H.(m) 20, M.(m) 16, E.(f) 13, E.(f) 12 SC
                  F.(m) 8, A.(m) 6, M.(m) 5, L.(m) 1 SC
                  (MAD: looked for Eliza Jane (Duncan) Williams who was dau. of William Duncan d.1862 Lancaster Co. SC, she b.ca ?1800, d. bef. 1861 AL; looked for any Eliza or Jane Williams in Lancaster Co. SC 1850; husband perhaps Michael?, but no Michael Williams indexed SC 1850; 1850 Fayette Co. AL, pg.3 #36, Michael Williams 21 GA, Elizabeth 19 AL, James A. 1 AL; not 1860 Marshall Co. AL pg.799, Michael Williams 47 IRE, no family)
Pg.187, #834, William DUNCAN 71 SC farmer $1200
                  Mahala 55 SC
                  Columbus 22, Thomas 18 SC
                  Sarah CROWDER 30 SC
                  (MAD: William Duncan mar. Mahala Gooch Coil 10/1/1818)
Pg.187, #835, Henry DUNCAN 28 SC farmer
                  Susan 26 SC
                  T.M. GORE? (m) 45 SC schoolteacher
                  Allen CROXTOW 37 SC schoolteacher
                  E. CAMATHAN (f) 65 SC
Pg.189, #857, E. KING (f), #858 N. KING 45, #859, M?. CRAINSHAW 62, #860, M. CRAINSHAW 28, #861, John C. CRAINSHAW 30,
Pg.189, #862, John DUNCAN 48 SC farmer $0
                  G. (f) 40 SC
                  J. (f) 18, R. (f) 14, John 10, A. (f) 6 SC
                  (MAD: ?? see Jency Duncan in 1860 Marion Co. FL census)
Pg.189, #863 W.C. DENTON 27, #864 Mrs. M. DENTON 55, #865 W.E. JOHNSTON 23 & Mrs. CUNNINGHAM, #866 Crayton WILLIAMS 55, #867 W. REAVES 32, #868 James F. SOMMERVILLE 35, #869 John BARNES 56, #870 Mrs. A.L. WHITE 32
Pg.189, #871-871, R. PERRY (m) 29 SC laborer $0
                  M. (f) 24 SC
                  J.J. (f) 2 SC
                  (MAD: per James L. Fort 12/2002: M(ary) Perry was sister to George Duncan, Sumter Co. FL resident, deceased 1864/65; she died before June 27, 1885. On this date her husband R.S. Perry, children married and unmarried, granted a power of attorney to Hiram Crenshaw to "collect and receive whatsoever of the personal estate of the said George W. Duncan and which was allotted and set apart to Mary Perry, dec'd, and which maybe in the hands of John S. Perry, &o." Sumter Co. FL deed book Q-603.)
Pg.189, #872 John A. MONTGOMERY 40, #873 Mrs. S. MONTGOMERY 60
Pg.189, #874-874, Mrs. L. PERRY (f) 47 SC (blank) $10,000
                  W.T. (m) 21 SC farmer
                  J.J. (m) 18 SC farmer
                  L. (f) 17, V?. (O?) (f) 15 SC
                  J. (m) 12, B.C. (m) 8, R.M. (m) 6 SC
Pg.189, #875 Anna REAVES 75, #876 P. REAVES 38, #877 E. REAVES (f) 43, #878 Robt. LINN 46, #879 Jas. R. BENSON 28, #880 Robt. CUNNINGHAM 35, #881 A.D. HILLIARD 56, #882 L. PEOPLES 35, #883 Mrs. M. RUSSELL 70, #884 Jas. ADKINS 46 SC
Pg.190, #885, John DUNCAN 57 SC farmer $1800
                  M. (f) 57 SC
                  E. (f) 27, M. (f) 25 SC
                  John L. 28 (sic) SC farmer
                  J.M. (f) 14, F.J. (m) 3/12 SC
                  (MAD: ?? 1860 Franklin Co. GA census)
Pg.190+, #886 John BELL 71, #887 M. ROBERTSON 45, #888 Mrs. M. STINSON 32, #889 E. TWITTY 45, #890 L.B. HAMMOND 69, #891 L. BENNET 35, #892 Saml. BYRANT 45, #893 Geo. CAUTHEN 58
Pg.196, #973, C. BECKHAM (f) 33 SC
                  E. (f) 13, I?.E. (m) 6 SC
                  G. DUNCAN (m) 20 SC laborer
Pg.197, #988-988, Jno. S. PERRY 35 SC farmer $0
                  E. (f) 29 SC
                  E. (f) 11, J.T. (m) 9, M.C. (m) 7 SC
                  F.J. (f) 5, J.W. (m) 3, M.L.R. (f) 1 SC
                  Mrs. L. (f) 37 SC
                  J.F.C. (m) 18 SC farmer
                  R.M. (m) 15 SC
                  P.B. (m) 28 SC school teacher, mar/in/year
                  E. (f) 18 SC, mar/in/year
                  (MAD: per James L. Fort 12/2002, wife E. Perry 29 SC was Ella Louisa Crainshaw, sister of H(iram) Crainshaw 26 SC in #989; to Sumter Co. FL 1854)
Pg.197, #989-989, M. CRAINSHAW (m) 68 SC farmer $480
                  Jas. (m) 39 SC
                  M. (f) 29 SC
                  H. (m) 26 SC
                  M. (f) 15 SC
                  (MAD: Cathern family were neighbors; per James L. Fort 12/2002, Millie Crainshaw age 29 was Millie Duncan, dau. of John & Jency Duncan on pg.187, and James Crainshaw 39 SC mar. Amanda Duncan, sister of Millie; Crainshaw family to Sumter Co. FL 1852)

1860 Lancaster Co. SC Census
Pg.166, #406-409, George F. DUNCAN 34 SC farmer $4100-9815
                  Rebecca 26 SC
                  Eliza Jane 9, Mary M. 7 SC
                  William F. 5, George T. 1 SC
                  John R. LYNN 25 SC farm laborer $0-$1100
                  (MAD: George F. Duncan 8/18/1825 - 5/9/1899 and Mrs. Rebecca C. Duncan 3/24/1833 - 4/8/1886 and some of their family are buried in Attala Co. MS; from "Attala Co. MS Cemeteries" by Marymaganos McCool Fenwick, FHL book 976.2644 V3a and fiche 6,100,956)
Pg.166, #407, Unoccupied
Pg.166, #408-410, C.L. DUNCAN (m) 29 SC school teacher $1450-5860
                  Nannie E. (f) 22 SC
                  William Thomas 6, Mary H. 4 SC
                  John G. 2, James C. 7/12 SC
                  Edith HORTON 33 SC
                  (MAD: C.L. Duncan mar. Nancy Trusdell 11/21/1852)
Pg.167, #421-424, F.B. MOBLEY (m) 36 SC farmer $2000-$1180
                  Mary 26 SC
                  Nudson? (m) 7, Palmer (m) 5 SC
                  Hiram 4, Antennette (f) 1 SC
                  John D. ANDRESS 60 CT gin right 0-$1000
Pg.167, #421-425, John D.G. DUNCAN 32 SC farmer 0-$4400 (alone)
Pg.209, #1071-1082, H.H. DUNCAN (m) 37 SC farmer $1500-$8520
                  Susan 36 SC
                  Matilda 8 SC
                  Lucy ANDREWS 16 SC
Pg.214, #1139-1150, A.J. McKEY (m) 56 SC farmer $7000-$20,000
                  Eddy (f) 41 SC
                  Mary 20 SC -- 0-$800
                  Jane 14, Nancy 13 SC
                  Susana 12, Misouri (f) 11, SC
                  William 10, John 9 SC
                  Franklin 8, Matilda 6 SC
                  Columbus 1/12 SC
Pg.214, #1139-1151, T.J. DUNCAN (m) 27 SC farmer 0-$2000 (alone)
Pg.214, #1143-1156, William DUNCAN 81 SC farmer $6000-$24,000 (alone)
Pg.214, #1144-1157, George CAUTHEN 70 SC
                  Nancy 48 SC & family

1870 Lancaster Co. SC Census
Cedar Creek Twp
Pg.321, #44-45, DUNCAN, Fannie 50 SC BLACK domest servt $0-$0
                  BRACE, Louis (m) 12 SC BLACK house servt
Gills Creek Twp
Pg.389, #366-399, DUNCAN, H. (f) 42 SC BLACK farm laborer $0-$0
                  Rewben (m) 12 SC BLACK on the farm
                  Robt. 16, Sallie (f) 10 SC BLACKS work on farm
                  Laura 7, Samuel 6 SC BLACKS work on farm
Pleasant Hill Twp.
Pg.409, #34-34, DUNCAN, H.H. (m) 47 SC (white) farmer $1200-$500
                  Susan 46 SC house keeping
                  MOBLEY, J.C. (m) 22 SC (white) farm laborer $0-$150
Pg.409, #38-38, DUNCAN, Thomas J. 38 SC (white) farmer $3000-$225 (alone)
Pg.409, #40-40, DUNCAN, Martha 20 SC BLACK works on farm $0-$0
                  Thomas 2 SC BLACK at home
                  Eli 6/12 SC BLACK b.Dec.
Pg.410, #58-58, DUNCAN, G.F. (m) 46 SC (white) farmer $780-$350
                  Rebecca 36 SC house keeping
                  Jane 19, Mary 17 SC works on farm
                  Franklin 15, George 12 SC works on farm
                  Emma 10, James 8, Lula 4 SC at home
                  Henry 5/12 SC b.Jan. at home
Pg.419, #180-180, DUNCAN, Lee (m) 26 SC BLACK farmer $0-$0
                  Rebecca 25 SC BLACK house keeping
                  Fanny 3, Rebecca 1 SC BLACKS at home
                  Fanny (f) 65 SC BLACK at home
                  Amanda 18, Wyatt (m) 15 SC BLACKS works on farm
Pg.422, #224-224, DUNCAN, Daniel 35 SC BLACK laborer on farm $0-$0
                  Margaret 28 SC BLACK house keeping
                  Wiatt (m) 6, Hary (f) 2 SC BLACKS at home
                  Robert 1 SC BLACK at home
Pg.423, #233-233, DUNCAN, Ned (m) 57 SC BLACK farmer $0-$0
                  Wesley (m) 75 SC BLACK house keeping (f/m written over)
                  Mary 50 SC BLACK laborer on farm
Pg.427, #299-299, DUNCAN, C.L. (m) 39 SC (white) farmer $0-$500
                  Nancy 33 SC house keeping
                  William 16 SC works on farm
                  Nancy 5, Emma 3 SC at home
                  Robert 9/12 SC b.Dec. at home
Spring Hill Twp.
Pg.442, #210-218, DUNCAN, Levi? (Lewis?) (m) 28 SC BLACK farm laborer $0-$0
                  Aggie 28 SC BLACK keeping house
                  Mary 16, Andrew ("f") 14 SC BLACKS at home
                  Amanda 6 SC BLACK at home
                  Frank 4 SC BLACK at home
                  Sallie 6/12 SC b.Dec. BLACK at home
                  (MAD: Lemuel in 1880 census)


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Lancaster Co. SC Court of Ordinary, Wills 1865-1892 (FHL film 24,075)
      A-454: Will of Nannie E. Duncan of Pleasant Hill Twp, Lancaster Co. SC, wife of a farmer, 1 Nov. 1888; to my son Wm. T.B. Duncan, 15 acres next to his residence; balance equally between my four children Emma Jane, Robert Lee, Mary Matilda and Sallie Lillian, or the survivors; land to be divided equally; I have already deeded to my dau. Nannie E. Hunter her full share; my husband C.L. Duncan to be guardian for my minor children; exec. my son-in-law Wm. M. Hunter, a farmer; wit. J.H. Robertson, E.D. Robertson, Rob. S. Beckham; proved 26 June 1889.

Lancaster Co. SC Will of William Duncan (from Joan Raney 9/2002)
      (JR: from the Lancaster Co. SC Courthouse, copy of the original, which was probated in 1862 and then in 1865 was destroyed when Sherman's forces came through Lancaster and destroyed the courthouse. This copy was supplied by the executors, his sons H.H. & C.L. Duncan (my 2ggfather) and it was submitted 9/12/1866; the W.C. Cauthen and L.M. Cauthen listed above are probably William Columbus Cauthen and Lewis Marion Cauthen, uncles-in-law to Columbus Livingston Duncan, one of the executors. Sarah S. Gibson and Eliza J. Williams in 1850 Pickens Co. AL census)
      To K.G. Billings Commissioner in Equity for Lancaster District in the State of South Carolina.
      The undersigned Petitioners respectfully showed that William Duncan late of the State and District aforesaid departed this life, seized and possessed of a considerable Estate real and personal, having executed and left in full force his last will and Testament, bearing date the 18th day of January A.D. 1862, which was regularly admitted to probate by the Ordinary of Lancaster District soon after the death of said Wm Duncan, which occurred on or about the [10th] day of April 1862; and letters testamentary were then by the Ordinary aforesaid granted to the undersigned on said will, who were therein nominated and appointed Executors to Execute the same.
      Your Petitioners further show, that, after they had proved the said will in common form and received letters testamentary thereon from the Ordinary of Lancaster District; to wit, on or about the first day of March A.D. 1865, the said will of William Duncan was lost or destroyed as your petitioners have been informed and believe, in the destruction of the papers of the Ordinary's office aforesaid, by the United States Military forces under Maj Gen Wm T. Sherman. Your Petitioners believe that the original will of their Testator is irrecoverably lost, but they have fortunately preserved a copy of the same herewith filed marked Exhibit A, which sets forth all the particulars of the same, and which your petitioners pray may now be established, under the Act of the General Assembly of this State passed on the twenty first day of December A.D. 1865 entitled "An act to provide a mode by which to perpetrate Testimony in relation to deeds, wills, choses in Action, other papers and records destroyed or lost during the recent War," and established as containing the last Will and Testament of William Duncan deceased.
      The distributees and heirs at Law of said dec who were living at the death of said deceased, and who may have an interest in these proceedings are as follows to wit, William G. Duncan, George F. Duncan, John G. Duncan, C.L. Duncan, H.H. Duncan, Thos J. Duncan, John G. Duncan now deceased, James Duncan (Samuel A. Duncan now deceased), Sarah S. Gibson, and children of Eliza J. Williams viz. Margaret M, Henry, Sarah E, Rebecca C, Mary E, Emma D. & Samuel A. Williams. The ten last reside in the State of Alabama. And his legatees and devisees are the parties mentioned as such in Exhibit A herewith filed, and which your orators allege is a copy of his last will & testament, and should be established and recorded in the office of the Ordinary of Lancaster District, as such.
      /s/ H.H. Duncan, C.L. Duncan. Sworn & subscribed to Before me this 12th Sept 1866, /s/ D.A. Williams, Ordinary Lancaster District.
            Exhibit A.
      South Carolina, Lancaster District.
      In the name of God amen I William Duncan of the state & District aforesaid being advanced in life; having past my three score years & ten and being of a sound disposing mind & memory, do now therein make the following my last will & testament
      First. It is my will & desire that all my estate both personal & real be sold and a sufficiency of the proceeds thereof used in the payment of all my just debts.
      Secondly. I give to my son William G. Duncan seven hundred & fifty three Dollars, to my son George F. Duncan six hundred & sixty eight Dollars, to my son John G. Duncan twenty two hundred & twenty Dollars, to my son Columbus L. Duncan ninety five Dollars, to my son Thomas J. Duncan Eleven hundred and thirty two Dollars, to my son James Duncan Sixteen hundred & eighty nine Dollars, to my son Samuel A. Duncan Eleven hundred & thirty seven Dollars, to my Daughter Sarah S. Gibson five hundred Dollars, to my daughter Eliza Jane Williams one thousand Dollars, this one Thousand Dollars which I give to my daughter Eliza Jane Williams together with the negro girl Emily which I have given her, I give to her and her bodily issue, and not to be subject to the debts of my daughter Eliza Jane Williams' present or any future husband.
      Thirdly - It is my will and desire that after the hereinbefore (issued sums are paid to my hereinbefore) named children, and after paying all my just debts, that the balance of the proceeds of the sale of my estate both personal & real together with the proceeds of all notes & accounts The ready cash & whatever else of value I may die possessed of, shall be equally divided to share & share alike betwixt my sons William G. Duncan, H.H. Duncan, George F. Duncan, John G. Duncan, Columbus L. Duncan, Thomas J. Duncan, James Duncan & Samuel A. Duncan.
      Fourthly, It is my will & desire that all that I have herein given to my son Samuel A. Duncan be received by my son James Duncan in trust for the benefit of my said son Samuel A. Duncan, and if my said son Samuel A. Duncan shall die leaving no child or children, the same or the remainder thereof shall be equally divided betwixt my sons William G. Duncan, H.H. Duncan, George F. Duncan, John G. Duncan, Columbus L. Duncan, Thomas J. Duncan, and James Duncan, share and share alike.
      Fifthly - As I have in making this my last will & testament taken into consideration the tracts of land which I deeded to my sons H.H. Duncan & Columbus L. Duncan on the 16th day of January 1862 in which deeds is stated that they are to account for the said Land at twelve & eight Dollars per acre, respectively, at the final distribution of my Estate. It is my will & desire that no further account be taken thereof.
      I nominate & appoint my sons H.H. Duncan and Columbus L. Duncan Executors of this my will. I revoke all former wills, and make ordain & declare this to be my last will and testament, In witness whereof I William Duncan have hereunto set my hand & seal this 18th day of Jan A.D. 1862.
      /w/ William Duncan, L.S.
      Signed Sealed Published & declared by Wm Duncan as his last will & testament in the presence of us who in his presence & in the presence of Each other Subscribed our names as witnesses at his request, /s/ W.C. Cauthen, L.M. Cauthen, J.C. Cauthen.

Lancaster Co. SC Will (from Joan Raney 9/2002; her transcript; MAD: have modified format)
      Last Will and Testament of W.T.B. Duncan. In Probate Court. The within Last Will & testament of W T B Duncan, was admitted to Probate in Common form, on the oath of J.M. Belk, a subscribing [witness thereto], this 23rd Oct 1909, J E Stewman, P Judge. Filed Oct 23rd 1909 J E Stewman P Judge. Recorded in Will Book B. Page 341 342 343 344.
      South Carolina, Lancaster County, July 15, 1909
      In the name of God, I W.T.B. Duncan being in sound mind and judgement and knowing that I must sooner or later pass away and wishing to make provision for the disposal of my personal property and real estate that the Lord has blessed me with, I now make this my last will and testament.
      First, - I appoint my two sons, Willie M. Duncan and James C. Duncan the executors of my will.
      Second, I lease my plantation to my two sons Willie M. and Jimmie C. Duncan for ten years, beginning January 1st 1910, and they are to pay (1600) sixteen hundred pounds of good lint cotton annually for rent or use of same to be disposed of in the following way.
      My personal property is to be sold to pay my debts and in case there still be any debts against my estate the rents is to be used to pay same. Then I want my wife Alice and my daughter Sadie and my three sons, Sammie, Lovic and Shaylor to share and share alike with with all the rents till Shaylor my youngest son is of age, but in cast of either one above named should marry then his part (or her part) of the rent is to go equally to this one and the children not named above, namely H.M. Duncan, M.C. Duncan, W.M. Duncan and J.C. Duncan; and in case my wife Alice, my daughter Sadie or Sammie, Lovic or Shaylor either should die before Shaylor is of age then the rents due (this one, or his part, is to go equally to H.M. Duncan, M.C. Duncan, W.M. Duncan and J.C. Duncan, Now when the youngest child (living) becomes of age then my wife Alice and all my children are to share equally with the rent. However, when the youngest child becomes of age the executors can divide the plantation or sell it or continue the lease to first named time as they see fit and best.
      Third, After my death I want my personal property sold to pay off all my just debts, as stated befor and whatever is left after my debts are paid I want it to go to educate my three sons - Sammie, Lovic, and Shaylor.
      Fourth, It is my will that my wife Alice get a childs part of my real estate and that all my children share alike in the same (or their bodily heirs).
      Fifth, W.M. Duncan and J.C. Duncan are to pay the taxes and do all necessary repairing on the plantation during "lease".
      Sixth - For the present year my son J.C. Duncan has the plantation in charge on shares. But of my part of the crop he is to pay my part of the expences in making said crop and if any money be left over I want it to go to educate my three youngest boys.
      This being my last will I hereby sign my name in presence of these witnesses - This July 15, 1909. /s/ W T B Duncan. Witnesses: R.L. Duffie, W.P. Taylor, J.M. Belk.
            SURVEYOR (MAD: per Joan, this was the heading on the letterhead used). DIVISION OF ESTATES AND RELOCATION OF OLD AND DISPUTED LINES A SPECIALTY.
      Lancaster, S.C. July 30, 1909
      Codicile to my last will.
      At my death I will my two sons W.M. Duncan and J.C. Duncan my home place for which they are to pay thirty (30) dollars per acre (less their share of the same), And they are to pay three hundred (300) dollars annually and all interest (at 8 percent) for nine years, or until the place is paid for in full. All the interest is to go equally to my Wife Alice and my daughter Sadie and my three youngest sons - Sammie, Lovic and Shaylor until my youngest child then living is of age; but the purchase money is to be divided equally between my wife Alice and all my children My executors using the minors part in helping to educate them.
      However, if my sons above named don't comply with this part of my will in six months after my death and file a paper with the Clerk of Court stating they will take the land at this price and if this is not done within the six months after my death, then the lease as set forth in the body of my will is binding and must be carried out accordingly. But if they take the land and give notice to clerk of court to that affect, of course the lease is void and is no longer binding.
      Witness my hand and seal, /s/ W T B Duncan. Witnesses: J.M. Belk, W.P. Taylor, H.C. Steele.


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JAMES AYRES, "son of Daniel Ayers", Rev. Pension Appl. R334, SC-VA (FHL film 970,098) (MAD: see Pickens Co. SC for more)
      Declaration, Pickens Dist. SC, 6 Oct. 1834, of James Ayres, aged 73; that when he was age 20 as well as he recollects?, his father entered him in what was called the minute service called to guard the frontier of Georgia, his enlistment was as he believes for 18 months; he served out his tour of 18 months under Capt. William Ayres, Col. John Stewart and ... (in crease of page) ... most of the time on the frontier of Georgia and South Carolina against the Indians? and was discharged in Augusta Georgia in the year 1775 as well as he recollects. Soon after his arival? home to Kershaw, he turned out volunteer under Capt. William Nettler? under Col. John Marshall, was marched toward Savannah in the lower part of SC and discharged at Granby? at the end of his tour, he is positive he served at this time not less than two months. Afterwards in the year 1778 he went from Kershaw Co. SC where he then lived into Henry Co. VA where he had moved from and on Smiths River, said county, he enlisted with James Kelly and was taken to Brunswick C.H. NC, there the recruits were formed into companies. He was under Capt. James Dunkin of the 4th VA (he believes) Regiment commanded by William Drennon, from there went to headquarters at Hico where we joined the main army under the command of Gen. Nathaniel Green, marched to Petersburg and to Norfolk River? ... under General Green to the south and under Col. Drennan at the Battle at Eutaw the town of his enlistment ... he was discharged at Cheraw SC about the time of the Battle at the Cowpens by Col. Drennan and Genl. Green; he then returned home to Kershaw Co. and afterward turned out volunteer in Kershaw Co. under Capt. G?? Col. John Marshall and Gen. Marion? and was with those officers at the Battle of Orangeburg SC ... Interrogatories from War Department: He was born in Cumberland Co. VA on 6 Jan. 1761. He has a record in his Bible at home taken from his father's Family Bible. He was living in Kershaw Co. SC when he entered the service; when he was very young his father moved to Henry Co. VA; he was about 4 years old when his father moved into Kershaw Co. SC where he lived at the time he entered the service; when he enlisted in VA he was on a visit to see his friends there; he lived in Kershaw till 1792; he moved into Greenville SC, lived there 6 years, moved to Buncomb NC, lived there 6 years, moved to Greenville, lived there one year in 1805 and he moved to Pendleton now Pickens and has lived in the same district ever since; he enlisted twice in volunteer army; he recollects Gen. Green, Col. Drennan and Capt. James Dunkin; he got only two discharges, by Capt. Ayres and Col. Stewart, and one by Col. Drennan and Genl. Greene, he lost the other? discharges; he believes all who knew him would testify to his veracity ...
      Declaration 21 Feb. 1835 by Robert Ashley of Macon Co. NC, that he knew James Ayres now of Pickens Dist. SC, applicant for a pension, enlisting as a Regular Soldier under Capt. Wm. Ayres all under the command of Col. John Steward?, to guard the frontiers of Georgia in a tower (sic) of one year and six months; he personally knew the applicant was a regular soldier in Gen. Greens Army Landcaster Co. SC in another 18 month tower under Capt. Wm. Dunkin and Colo. Wm. Drennon and after his tower with Gen. Green he knew the applicant volunteered his service in the militia under Capt. Wm. Greson. (MAD: see William Duncan married Mahala (Gooch) Coil in Lancaster Co. SC.)

Case Files of Applications from Former Confederates for Presidential Pardons ("Amnesty Papers") 1865-1867; roll 1, Name Index to Pardon Application Files; Group I, Pardon Applications Submitted by Persons from the South.
      H.H. Duncan, Oct. 31, '65. Lancaster Dist. S.C., Henry H. Duncan, a citizen of the District & state afsd, he is included in the proclamation of May 29th 1865 as a civil officer, having held the Office of Assessor of the War Tax for Lancaster Dist., S.C. Age 44 years, by occupation a farmer, has never been in the military service. Oct. 7, 1865. (Roll 44, South Carolina, Ad-Du; FHL film 1,758,782; SLC 6/16/2008)


Hopewell Methodist Church Cemetery between Lancaster & Paigeland, SC, in Lancaster Co. (from personal visit by Martha Jones; from Martha 7/1995)
      (MJ: there were several other Duncan graves but the following were the oldest)
      W.T.E. Duncan, Father, 11/21/1854 - Oct. 14, 1909
            (MAD: probably William Thomas B. Duncan, wife Rebecca Elizabeth Robertson mar. 2/2/1876 per IGI, he the son of Columbus Livingston Duncan and grandson of William Duncan of Lancaster Co. SC)
      Elizabeth R. Duncan, Mother, 7/9/1858 - 7/25/1888
      J.C. Duncan, 8-6-1884 - 8-13-1918
      Ellen R. Duncan, 8-7-1887 - 12-20-1976
      Milton Columbus Duncan, 12-6-1879 - 5-19-1934
      Eugenia Riddle Duncan, 8-28-1882 - 11-7-1968


Sumter Co. FL Deeds; Indexes 1853-1926, Grantor v. A-K (FHL film 973,941); Grantee v.A-K (FHL film 973,943)
      Q-603: Lancaster Co. SC; whereas George W. Duncan of Sumter Co. FL died sometime about the year 1864 or 1865, leaving a certain real estate - lands and some personal estate - in Sumter Co. FL which was divided among the heirs at law and distributees of his estate, and a parcel of land about 24 acres and some personalty was allotted to Mary Perry, wife of Richard G. Perry of Lancaster Co. SC, one of the heirs of said George W. Duncan, and that part was taken charge of by John S. Perry of Sumter Co. FL; and since that time, sometime during the present year, the said Mary Perry who was a sister of said George W. Duncan and one of his distributees, died leaving as her heirs her husband Richard S. Perry and her children Isabella Jane Crenshaw, Emily E. Caskey, Mary Crenshaw, Sarah Ann S. Perry, George W. Perry and James F. Perry, all of Lancaster Co. SC, who want to receive and dispose of their interest; now, we the said Richard S. Perry, Isabella Jane Crenshaw, Emily E. Caskey, Mary Crenshaw, Sarah Ann S. Perry, George W. Perry and James F. Perry, all of Lancaster Co. SC, appoint Hiram Crenshaw of Sumter Co. FL our attorney to collect and receive out of the personal estate of George W. Duncan, the part allotted to Mary Perry decd, and sell it. 27 June 1885. /s/ Richard S. Perry, G.W. Perry, J.F. Perry, Sallie S. Perry, Emily Caskey, Jane (X) Crenshaw, Mary (X) Crenshaw. Wit. W.T. Vanlandingham, G.L. Cauthen. (FHL film 975,541; Richard G. Perry in the body of the deed should probably be Richard S. Perry and should be rechecked; reference from James L. Fort) (MAD: ? see George Duncan in 1860 Marion Co. FL census)

HISTORIES before 1923

1895 "Memoirs of Georgia : containing historical accounts of the state's civil, military, industrial and professional interests, and personal sketches of many of its people" pub. by Southern Hist. Assn. (FHL book 975.8 H2m and film 1,697,814 items 1&2; and from Evelyn Sigler 4/1984)
      Pg.1070: Hart Co. William A. Hilliard, farmer, Bowersville, Hart Co. GA, son of Barlett and Mildred (Duncan) Hilliard, was born in SC in 1825; his paternal grandparents, Armisted and Dorcas (Williams) Hilliard, were natives of VA, whence they migrated early in life to SC, Armisted of English lineage & in Rev. War. Mr. Hilliard's father born Lancaster Dist. SC, raised a farmer, moved to GA in 1852. His [William A.'] maternal grandparents were Jesse and Rebecca (Farrell) Duncan, natives of NC where they spent their lives. Mr. Hilliard was raised on the farm, ... in 1862 enlisted as member of Beauregard battery, Martin's battalion, Smith's brigade; married 1847 to Miss Mary, b. SC 1824, dau. of David and Mary (Smith) Lee; 7 ch. living, Rebecca Brown, David L., William B., John B., Mary Cole, Perry G. and Jersey S.; Missionary Baptist church.
      (MAD: one Jesse Duncan mar. Rebecca Riggan in 1791 in Warren Co. NC.; one Jesse in Ashe Co. NC 1781; one Jesse mar. Hannah Paschell in 1780 in Caswell Co. NC; one Jesse in Tryon Co. NC 1770-1775; 1830 Lancaster Co. SC census, pg.78, Bartlett Hilliard 2010,01 - 1000,01; 1850 & 1860 Kershaw Co. SC census)

1878 "History of Jackson County, Illinois : with illustrations descriptive of its scenery and biographical sketches of some of its prominent men and pioneers" by R. Allyn, pub. by Brink, McDonald & Co. (FHL book Q 977.3994 H2b and FHL film 962,314 item 1)
      Pg.86: William Montgomery Duncan was born in Lancaster Dist. SC, 1 Nov. 1815, 8th of 10 children of Pierson and Sarah Duncan. Family to Jackson Co. GA when William age about 8, in fall of 1827 to IL with wife and children, arriving Christmas day in Jefferson Co. Fall of 1829 to Randolph Co., about 8 miles above Kaskaskia; spring 1831 to Jackson Co. about 1/2 mile from home place of William Duncan. Father died about 1843, widow survived him 3 or 4 years. Wm. M. Duncan married June 22, 1835, to Sarah Atkins of Randolph Co.; 10 children, 5 yet living; she died 25 Nov. 1854, and he m. 8 July 1855 to Caroline Tyndall; 4 children, 3 yet living. Mrs. Duncan died 30 April 1865, he married on 5 Sept. following to Mrs. Marilla Hobbs; 4 children, two boys yet living. Mrs. D. died 6 Sept. 1875, and on 28 Jan. 1876, he m. a sister to his former wife, Mrs. N. Hobbs, who is still living. Democrat, enjoying good health, is among the old residents of his township.


According to Leonardo Andrea, SC genealogist, in his "Counties in SC" (FHL film 954,248, and from Louis Boone)
      Extinct counties after the Revolution included:
      Waxhaw Township. Was often referred to as a county. It was formed into Lancaster in 1785 and included Kershaw. It had two county seats, Camden and Lancaster. Most of the records at Lancaster were burned by Sherman. Some records scattered over Camden Dist. and a few can be found in Mecklenburg & Anson counties in N.C.

Some Lancaster Co. SC records have been abstracted and published:
      "Lancaster Co. SC Deed Abstracts, 1787-1811" by Brent H. Holcomb; includes references to Deed D-155, 1799, William Coffin to Charles Barber, witnessed by Jesse Dunkin, proved in Kershaw Co. SC; Deed B-232, 1799, Charles Barber mortgage, witnessed by Jesse Dunken; and Deed G-230, 1808, James Hoge of York Dist. to Thomas Dunlap, witnessed by Henry Duncan. (from Evelyn Sigler 3/1985; FHL book 975.745 R2h)
      "SC Magazine of Ancestral Research" Vol.2; Vol.? 1979; Vol.X 1982; Vol.XI 1983 (FHL book 975.7 B2sc; from Lucille Mehrkam and Evelyn Sigler)
      "Marriage & Death Notices from the Southern Christian Advocate" Vol.1, 1837-1860, by Brent H. Holcomb (FHL book 975 B38h; SUTRO book F208 H62? 1993, CA State Library, Sutro Branch; and from Evelyn Sigler 6/1984 and Marion H. Duncan 3/1983)
      "Marriage Notices from the Southern Christian Advocate, 1867-1878" by Brent H. Holcomb (SUTRO book F208 H63 1994, CA State Library, Sutro Branch; FHL book 975 B38h Vol.3)
      "SC Bible and Family Records" SC DAR (FHL film 855,222 item 3) and "Leonardo Andrea SC Collection" (FHL film 954,247 item 3); identical; includes on Pg.36: William Duncan Bible, Lancaster Co. SC, Owned by Mrs. J.H. Hilliard, Kershaw, S.C.; William Duncan born 13 Sept. 1778, died 10 April 1862, mar. 1 Oct. 1818 to Mrs. Mahala Coil (Coyle) nee Gooch b. 14 July 1794, died 8 Aug. 1857; the bible names children; and also lists the marriage of Michael Duncan 1 March 1812 to Eliza Jane Williams, and William G. Duncan 19 Dec. 1844 to Jane Amanda Hilliard, and two other marriages. (MAD: William G. Duncan was in 1860 Kershaw Co. SC census)
      "SC DAR Bible Records" (TN Gen. Society Library #3833 from Evelyn Sigler 1983); pg.109 lists among the family of Armistead Hilliard, his son Armistead Dandridge Hilliard mar. 1 May 1823 to Mary Duncan, and had a daughter Jane Amanda Hilliard who mar. 15 Dec. 1844 to William G. Duncan.
      "Caston and Related Families; Descendants of Glass Caston of Lancaster Co. SC" by Viola Caston Floyd, 1972; lists the ancestors of Armistead Hilliard Duncan. (Los Angeles Public Library book 929.2 C354; FHL book 929.273 C279f)
      "The Cauthen Family History, with notes on Cawthornes, Cauthorns, Cawthons, Cothrans, etc." by Maryline Cauthen Westenhaver, 1981; this book has a lot of information on the area. (FHL film 1,033,898 item 12; from Brenda Furches and from J. Leon Vanlandingham)


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