Duncans in Lincoln and Tryon Co. NC


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Last revised January 13, 2012

Formed 1768, discontinued 1779
Formed 1778 from Tryon
Rutherford formed 1779 from Burke, Tryon
Cleveland formed 1841 from Rutherford, Lincoln
Catawba formed 1842 from Lincoln
Gaston formed 1846 from Lincoln


1790 Lincoln Co. NC Census
Pg.111  Duncan, Peter           213xx   1st Company
   113  Duncan, Elijah          115xx   6th Company
            (MAD: Rutherford Co. NC 1800)
   114  Duncan, Abs.            121x1   9th Company
        Duncan, Jno.            125xx   9th Company

1800 Lincoln Co. NC Census (semi-alphabetic in groups)
Pg.853  John Duncan             21001         - 32101
   860  Absalom Duncan          32010         - 00010

1810 Lincoln Co. NC Census (alphabetic)
Pg.355  William Wilkinson       00010         - 30010
          (MAD: William Wilkinson mar. Susanah Duncan 9/10/1807)
   357  Absolum Duncan          21201         - 20001
   361  Joseph Brotherton       30010         - 10010
   362  David Lockman           30020         - 22010
          (MAD: David Lockman mar. Sarah Duncan 11/24/1797,
            dau. of John Duncan d. Hardeman Co. TN)
   363  John Duncan Senr        01101         - 11201
        Daniel Cronister        00100         - 10100
          (MAD: Daniel Cronister mar. Polley Duncan
   470  John King               00001         - 00210
          (MAD: John King mar. Mary Duncan 7/10/1786)

1820 Lincoln Co. NC Census (semi-alphabetic)
E.Side of S. Fork of Catawba River:
Pg.348  Leonard Fite            010010        - 30010
   358  John King               300010        - 30010
        John Little             020101        - 00100
          (MAD: one John Little mar. Elizabeth Duncan 4/7/1815,
            dau. of John Duncan d. Hardeman Co. TN)
   360  Andrew Duncan           200100        - 00010
          (MAD: Andrew Duncan mar. Nancey Earley 5/24/1816;
            1850 Monroe Co. TN census)
   362  Nathan Duncan           000100        - 10100
          (MAD: Nathan Dunkin mar. Lovina Linebarger 3/22/1819,
            bondsman William Duncan; b.1799, 1830 Parke Co. IN
            census, 1840-1850 Macoupin Co. IL census;
            ? related to ? Jesse Duncan who mar. Hannah
            Paschell in Caswell Co. NC to Russell Co. VA
            by 1819, then to Parke Co. IN?)
   364  Joseph Brotherton       320010        - 22010  3 slaves
   366  Carter Dunkin           100010        - 00100
          (MAD: Carter Duncan mar. Judy Bradshaw 8/23/1819)
        Absolum Dunkin Jr.      100100        - 10100
          (MAD: one Absalom Duncan mar. Patsy Bynum 1/30/1827)
        John Dunkin             000001        - 00101
        John Dunkin Jr.         010010        - 22010
          (MAD: one John Duncan mar. Polly James 8/20/1807;
            to Jackson Co. OH by 1820 or 1830, son of
            John Duncan d. Hardeman Co. TN; other children
            of this John Duncan also mar. Lincoln Co. NC)
          (MAD: one John Duncan mar. Youley Killon 10/1/1807,
            bond Absalom Duncan; 1826 Parke Co. IN;
            1835 to Macoupin Co. IL)
        Absolum Dunkin          010002        - 01102
        Owen Clark              100010        - 30010  2 slaves
          (MAD: one John O. or Owen Clark mar. Effey Duncan
            5/29/1813, dau. of John Duncan d. Hardeman Co. TN)
   368  David Lockman           120001        - 01000
   372  Owen Clark              100100        - 10100
        James Little            000100        - 10100
          (MAD: one James Little mar. Martha Duncan 12/17/1818,
            bond Carter Duncan, dau. of John Duncan d.
            Hardeman Co. TN)

1830 Lincoln Co. NC Census
(pg.158 also from Charles W. Hite 6/1995)
Pg.158  Francis Beaty, Levi Weir?, David McCarlen (McCarter?),
        Solomon Spain, Ezekiel Price, John Collins,
        Thompson Gladden, Henry Harmon,
        Turner Harris           1000,01       - 2100,1
        Capt. Joseph Gladden
        Elizabeth Duncan        0             - 1210,01
        George Lankford, Peter Harmon Jr, Henry Dickins,
        Robert Hardin, Saml. Collins Senr., Charlotte Wells.
   179  Owen Clark              0000,2        - 0000,0001
   193  David Lockman           0001,1000,1   - 0
   199  Anderson Turbifield, Leftwick? Turbifield, Jacob Routh,
        Absalom Duncan          2200,01       - 1010,01
        Jehu? Thompson, Peter Sewel, Jacob G. Shevel?, Sally
        Detha?, Ignius? Lineberger, James Wilkinson Jr.?,
        Martin Linebarger, John Cook, William Stiles,
        James Wilkinson,
        William Wilkinson       0111,001      - 0120,001
   203  Owen Clark              1110,001      - 0221,0011
   204  Lemuel Saunders         0011,0001     - 1012,101
            (MAD: Lemuel Saunders mar. Milley Duncan 9/1/1820;
             1840 and 1850 McNairy Co. TN census)
   205  Andrew Dan (Dare?) Esq., Nixon? Gasthew?, Bertholomew
        Thompson, Robert D?igness, A...? Shelton, John Sifford,
        Absalom Duncan Sr.      1010,0000,01  - 2002,001
          (end of page; top of next page:)
   206  Absalom Duncan Jr.      1000,1        - 0000,1
        John Hager, Eliza Hager, Allison Roby, Thomas Blalock,
        Gingi? Roby, William Nixon,
        William Duncan          0000,01       - 0100,01
        Elias Myers, Thomas Keiver?, Abram Joy, Randolph Barnet

1840 Lincoln Co. NC Census (faint)
Pg. 66  Davis? Collins, James? Collins, William Collins,
        Robert Collins, Davis? Collins, Samuel Collins,
        Elizabeth Duncan        0111          - 0021,001
        John Patterson, Simeon Langford, George Langford
   109  William Bird, George? Gibson, John? Bird,
        Absalom Dunkin          1100,01       - 2100,01
        Sarah? Parker, William Hornsby, Thomas Lein?,
        Robert Brams, Thomas Brotherton
   112  Patience Kelly, Susan Black, Martha Lowe, James Blalock,
        William Dunkin          0000,0001     - 0001,001
        Peter Smith, William Suckee (Luckee?), Robert Tucker
   131  George Brotherton, James Sampson, Gilbert Miligan?,
        James H. McCall,
        Absalom Dunkin          0001,0000,1   - 0011,101
        William Reed, Margaret Moore, ?? Moore, ?? Linebarger ...
        John Allen, Mary Hicks, Miles Hicks, James Hicks,
        Owen Clark              0030,0001     - 0001,2001
        Danl. McCenan, Drucilla? Goodson, Lawson F. Daily

1850 Lincoln Co. NC Census
Pg.193, #104, Mary P. DUNHUM 45 NC (blank) $350
Pg.218, #452, Absalom DUNCAN 48 NC farmer $250
                  Lucy 45 NC
                  Wm. 20, Frances (f) 18 NC
                  James 15, Mary 13, Martha 9 NC
                  John 7, Rachael 5 NC
                  (MAD: children were in 1870 Crawford Co. MO census)
Pg.218, #457, Wm. DUNCAN 60 NC farmer $400
                  Frances (f) 56 NC
                  (MAD: son of Absalom; see deed)
Pg.218, #461, Absalom DUNCAN 90 NC farmer $400
                  Susan DALY 30 NC
                  Violet DUNCAN 23
                  Mary 50 NC
                  (MAD: will dated 1845; Mary 50 second wife?)
Pg.218, #464, Turner DUNCAN 26 NC farmer
                  Rebecca 25 NC
                  Marcus 5, Mary 4, John 1, NC
                  (MAD: "Turner" looks a lot like "James")

1860 Lincoln Co. NC Census
(page number in parentheses is stamped page number)
Pg.170 (85), #259-244, Turner DUNCAN 37 Lincoln Co. NC carpenter $0-$100
                  Rebecca 37 NC
                  Marcus 14, Mary 13 NC
                  John 11, Eliza 6 NC
Cottage Home
Pg.210 (105), #538-513, Wm. DUNCAN 65 Lincoln Co. NC farmer $0-$100
                  Franky (f) 50 NC
Catawba Springs
Pg.218 (109), #604-581, Mary DUNCAN 68 Lincoln Co. NC farmer $500-$3900
                  Elizabeth DAILEY 45, Susan 40 NC

1870 Lincoln Co. NC Census
Catawba Springs Twp.
Pg.137, #48-48, DUNCAN, Polly 81 NC (white) keeping house $800-$100
                  Susan 43 NC (white) at home
Pg.137, #49-49, DUNCAN, Mallie (f) 36 NC BLACK daily laborer $0-$0
                  Ephriam (m) 16 NC BLACK daily laborer
                  Albert 14 NC BLACK farm laborer
                  Jacob 9, Harriet (f) 7 NC BLACK at home
                  WINGATE, Peter 28 NC MULATTO farm laborer
                  Ada 3 NC MULATTO
Ironton Twp.
Pg.182, #281-295, DUNCAN, Fronar H. (m) 48 NC (white) carpenter $0-$200
                  Rebecca 48 NC keeping house
                  Mary 22 NC at home
                  John 19 NC at home
                  Elizabeth 17 NC at home
                  (MAD: should be Turner Duncan, but plainly "Fr")


Lincoln Co. NC Inventories and Accounts of Sales (FHL film 422,257)
      1831-1844 - no index
      1844-1868 - no Duncan, no Bynum

Lincoln Co. NC Devisor Index to Estates, 1772 and later (FHL film 421,829)
      Samuel Bynum, probate 1802 (file BO; not found on microfilm)
      Arthur Bynum, will 1813 (file BO; not found on microfilm)
      Absolom Duncan, 2-365, July 1851

Lincoln Co. NC Will Books (FHL film 421,830; extract also from Louis Boone 8/1982, source not given, Tamer Dunkin listed as Turner Dunkin, co-exec. Thomas Dunkin instead of Randolph Barnet)
      Book 1 - no Duncan, Bynum
      2-365: Rec. July sessions, 1851. Absalom Dunkin's will, of Lincoln Co. NC. To wife Mary Duncan during natural life or widowhood tract of land on which I now live containing 170 acres, also my negro man Dickson, also two of my horses, her choice three cows, her choice hogs, sheep, geese and all other stock that I have, all such farming utensials (sic) as she may think necessary to carry on the farm, all my household and kitchen furniture, also for her present support and sustainance (sic) all the pork corn fodder hay oats & all other kind of grain whatever that I now have. At the death of my wife or marriage all the property that I have given her both real & personal during her life or widowhood be sold by my executors & the proceeds of such sale divided equally among my six children, viz, "Tamer" Dunkin, Andrew (sic) Dunkin, Nathan Dunkin, Elizabeth Dunkin wife of Absalom C. Dunkin, Martha Dally (sic) wife of Ephraim Daily, my daughter Violet Dunkin. I do hereby nominate & appoint Absalom Dunkin & Randolph Barnet my executors. 8 Feb. 1846, Absalom (x) Dunkin. Wit. Robert Abernathy Sen., Thos. O. Proctor.
      (MAD & CWH: See Randolph Barnett, neighbor in 1820 Spartanburg Co. SC to John Duncan on pg.261; also, Randolph Barnett a bondsman for 1813 marriage of Owen Clark to Effey Duncan, dau. of John d. 1828 Hardeman Co. TN)
      (MAD: Absalom b.1760; mar. (1) Patsy Bynum, dau of Samuel; mar. (2) Mary ----; children: William b.1790 NC (deed); Andrew; Nathan b.1799 to Macoupin Co. IL; Absalom b.1802 mar. 1/30/1827 Patsy Bynum (grdau.? of Samuel); Elizabeth b.1805 to Macoupin Co. IL; Martha "Patsy" mar. 1/30/1827 Ephraim Daily or Dayly; Turner b.1824?; Violet b.1827 NC. One Turner Duncan mar. Fanny Crites 4/14/1813)

Lincoln Co. NC Wills (NC Archives, Raleigh, NC, MAD's visit 10/1985)
      No Duncan will 1779; no D wills in Tryon Co. (L-W only); no Duncan in Rutherford Co. 1784-1968.
      Original will of Peter Johnston, 7 Dec. 1786 (no probate date shown nor other documents in file), of Mecklenburg Co. NC, of perfect mind and memory, calling to mind the frailty ... I will that my lawfull debts be paid. I also will and bequeath to my friend John Duncan of Orange County all my estate whither real or personal, where ever to be found. And lastly I constitute ... said John Duncan whole and sole executor of this my last will and testament. (signed) Peter Johnston.
      Original will of Absolom Duncan of Lincoln Co. NC, 8 Feb. 1845; not copied here since we have copy from will book.
      Original will of Samuel Bynum, dated (day blank) Nov. 1801 (filed in court Jan. 1802); to dear wife Elizabeth Bynum all stock ..., furniture, farming, ...., four negroes, 100 acres on both sides of Creake (unnamed) including house and plantation where Gray Bynam lives and the mill, during her life; then divided as follows; to my dauter Patsey Duncan 6 negroes; my dauter Polley Parr 3 negroes; my son Gray 100 acres on east side of Creake, adj. Hovers line, Cons line; my son Gray one negro; my dauter Elizabeth .ntler? cow & calf and no more because I gave her one negro before; my son William Bynam 100 acres on west side of Creake adj. Hovers line, Roseners branch, Cons line; my son William I also give one negro; my dauter Susaner Bynum at her mother's death one negro and her mother must give her one cow; my son Turner Bynum 1 negro boy and at his mother's death I give Turner the place lent to his mother; to my dauter Nancy Gatrey? at her mothers death one negro boy and her mother must give Nancy one cow; my dauter Disy Bynum at her mothers decease two negros and her mother must give her one cow; my dauter Charlotty at her mothers death one negro. Appoint trusty friends John Parr and William Bynum executors. Wit. John Duncan? Snr, Jesse? ???, John (+) Duncan. (MAD: Pittsylvania Co. VA deed 9-335, 1790-1792 Samuel Bynum of Lincoln Co. NC deeded 200 acres of land in Pittsylvania Co. VA to Thomas Fearn, witnesses included Absalom Duncan; from pg.37, "Pittsylvania Co. VA Deed Book 9, 1791-94" by T.L.C.; FHL book 975.5665 R2pi)

Lincoln/Tryon Co. NC Wills (FHL film 18,678)
      Original Tryon Co. wills filed in Craven Co. court 1765-1779; Lanham to Wilson names only; no "D" names.

Lincoln Co. NC Original Wills BR-E (FHL film 1,572,063)
      No Duncan
      State of NC, Lincoln Co. Joseph McHaffey, Henry Hoffman and Any Mehalffy make oath that a certain James Russell (forge carpenter & mill wright) was on his way from Burke Co. to Grahams Furnace and was taken with sickness at the house of the said Joseph Mehalffy on Friday the 22nd day of March last which sickness continued from that time until the Sunday evening following, viz, the 24 day of March. about sunset he died. a short time previous to his death the said James Russell appearing to be of sound mind & memory did in the hearing of these deponents make the following nuncupative will, viz, that he said Russell said "In the name of God Amen I will my negroe wench to James Gorman and my negroe boy to Patrick Doran and my land to Patrick Duncan the young man who served his time with me & lives in South Carolina the horse I ride I will to Patrick Duncan as to money I have not any worth willing" and that the said James Russell made no other or further disposition of his property in the hearing of these deponents. Committed to writing the within nuncupative will of James Russell deceased this 2nd day of April 1805 and was signed & sworn to before me, Benjn. Dorsay? JP?, /s/ Joseph Mehaffey jurat, Henry Huffman Jurat, Anne Mehaffey jurat. The foregoing will was proved in open court by the oaths of Joseph Mehaffy, Henry Huffman & Anne Mehaffy and admitted to Record. April session, 1805.


Land records, North Carolina and Tennessee; indexes, 1600-1959; by NC Secretary of State, Land Grant Office (Placerville FHC on loan 1/4-5/2012)
      Land warrants are documents issued at local land offices to purchasers of public lands. When these warrants are surrendered, the buyers are issued conveyances (deeds). The land warrants (and other miscellaneous records) are organized by file numbers in alphabetical sequences of counties. Some of the counties are now Tennessee counties. These records are in packets. On each packet cover are spaces for the following information: file number, county, purchaser's name(s), number of acres, grant number, date issued, entry number, date entered, book number, page number & location. ... The key to finding the related packets are the file numbers.
      Index cards to land records of the extinct counties of Bath, Bute, Dobbs, Glasgow & Tryon; cards are in alphabetical order within each county, dates issued: ca. 1708-1792 (FHL Film 1,942,644)
            Duncan, Peter, File No.626, Tryon county, 300 acres, Grant No.389 issued 25 January 1773, Entry No.---- entered 16 August 1772, Book No.22, page No.211, Location: Both sides of Second Broad River.
      Land grant index cards, 1693-1959, George Dail (Burke) - Robert Deveney (Rutherford) (FHL Film 1,942,615)
            Duncan, Elijah, File No.627, Lincoln Co., 200 acres, Grant No.562 issued 20 Dec. 1791, Entry No.66 entered 30 March 1789, Book No.75, page no.314, Location: On waters of Indian Creek
            Duncan, John, File No.2819, Lincoln Co., 20-1/4 acres, Grant No.2446 issued 7 Dec. 1814, Entry No.293 entered 3 Feb. 1812, Book No.128, page no.481, Location: Joining lands of Abraham Forney
            Dunkin, Absalom, File No.1688, Lincoln Co., 100 acres, Grant No.1294 issued 17 Dec. 1798, Entry No.---- entered 27 June 1794, Book No.99, page no.117, Location: On the waters of Mountain Creek
            Dunkan, John, File No.1948, Lincoln Co., 30 acres, Grant No.1554 issued 14 July 1800, Entry No.453 entered 3 Sept. 1796, Book No.109, page no.79, Location: On the waters of Gays Creek

Lincoln Co. NC Index to Grants 1763-1923, pg.37 (FHL film 1,760,457)
      1791, Elijah Duncan, 3-82
      1798, Absolom Duncan, 4-146 (Vol.1)
      1800, John Duncan, 5-250 (Vol.I)

Lincoln Co. NC Grants
      3-82: 20 Dec. 1791, Grant #562 to Elijah Duncan, for £10 every 100 acres, 200 acres in Lincoln Co. NC on waters of Indian Creek corner Adam Carruths, banks of Mauneys Hill Creek, refer to plat annexed. (FHL film 19,243, Land Grants 1794-1802, Vol.3)
      1-146: 17 Dec. 1798, Grant #1294 to Absalom Duncan, for 30 sh. per 100 acres, 100 acres in Lincoln Co. NC on waters of Mountain Creek adj. his own land, branch of flat rock creek, by plat annexed. (FHL film 422,237 item 1, Land Grants 1763-1813, Vol.1, indexed as Vol.4)
      I-250: 14 July 1800, Grant #1554 to John Dunkan, for 50 sh. every 100 acres, 30 acres in Lincoln Co. NC on Gays Creek and S.corner Robeson's land, Haver's (Hover?'s) line, Crites line, his own corner and land, adj. line of his old survey; entered 3 Sept. 1796. (FHL film 422,238; Land Grants 1782-1807, Vol.I, indexed as Vol.5.)

Lincoln Co. NC Procession of Land, 1814-1834 (FHL film 422,238 item 2)
      No Duncan

Lincoln Co. NC Land Entrees 1783-1795 (FHL film 19,241)
      No name index; by grant number

Lincoln Co. NC Miscellaneous (FHL film 19,241)
      No index, no Duncan spotted

Lincoln Co. NC Deed Index (from Louis Boone, 8/1982)
      Deed Index:
      Peter Duncan, 1769
      Robert Duncan, 1791
      Peter Duncan, wife Mary, 1793, 1796
      Robert Duncan, 1794
      Elijah Duncan, 1800
      P. Duncan, 1806
      James Duncan, 1808
      Deed Index 1809-1839:
      Absolum Duncan, 1818, Book 30, pg.113
      John Duncan, 1820, Book 30, pg.203
      John Duncan Jr., 1822, Book 30, pg.403
      John Duncan Sr., 1825, Book 31, pg.430
      William Duncan, 1825, Book 31, pg.601

Lincoln Co. NC Deed Index (grantor on FHL film 19,245; grantee on FHL film 19,249)
      1-61: 1769 Peter Duncan to James Thomas
      1-94: 1769 John Duncan from Peter Kuykendall
      2-481: 1778 Peter Duncan from John and Martha Stroud
      Deeds extracted below
      Next grantor 1840's; next grantee 1844

Tryon-Lincoln Co. NC Deeds
      1-61: 3 Apr. 1769, Peter Duncan of Tryon Co., to Thomas Jones of same, for £80, 300 acres on second Broad River including his improvement; wit. Wm. Slack, George Ball, John Walker. (from pg.5, "Deed Abstracts of Tryon, Lincoln & Rutherford Cos. NC 1769-1786; Tryon Co. Wills & Estates" by Brent Holcomb; FHL book 975.6 R2ho and from Evelyn Sigler)
            MAD: This may be the 300 acres in Tryon Co. granted Peter Duncan on 25 Jan. 1773 (date of grant), Book 23, #4338, pg.211, from "Colony of NC, Abstracts of Land Patents 1765-1775" Vol.II, by Margaret Hofmann (from Brenda Furches 3/1986 and Gladys Johnson 2/1987)
            MAD: Peter Duncan is also mentioned in a grant in 1779 to John Drawn Tremsin or Skremsin's grant #669 for 150 acres in Lincoln Co. on waters of Leapers Creek, from pg.57, "Abstracts of Land Entrys, Tryon and Lincoln Co. NC, 1778-1780" by Albert B. Pruitt (FHL book 975.6782 R28p v.1). See also Mecklenburg Co. NC. The early grants, entries, surveys, plats, and deeds should be consulted, particularly since they have been published by various authors.
      1-94: 1 April 1769, Peter Kuykendall of Tryon Co. to John Duncan of same, for £45, 400 acres on N.side Fishing Creek adj. Humphrey's land, Beall's corner, Peter Kuykendall; witnesses James Young, John Price. (from pg.8, "Deed Abstracts of Tryon, Lincoln & Rutherford Cos. NC 1769-1786; Tryon Co. Wills & Estates" by Brent Holcomb; FHL book 975.6 R2ho and from Evelyn Sigler)
      2-481: 30 Aug. 1778, John Stroud & wife Martha of Tryon Co., to Peter Dunkin of same, for £20, 109 acres on waters of Leepers Creek, adj. Morrison, Stroud, part of a grant to said Stroud 25 Jan. 1773; wit. Miles Abernathy, Battee Abernathy. (from pg.5, "Deed Abstracts of Tryon, Lincoln & Rutherford Cos. NC 1769-1786; Tryon Co. Wills & Estates" by Brent Holcomb; FHL book 975.6 R2ho and from Evelyn Sigler)

Lincoln Co. NC Deeds from index
      16-40: 3 April 1789, John Fish Sr. and wife Mary to Peter Dunkin, £40, 300 acres on south fork of Littons Creek, the waters of the Cataba river, line of Jeremiah Daviess and Abraham Robinson. Wit. Thomas (+) Bowers, Jno. Bodene. (FHL film 19,253)
      16-130: 6 Jan. 1791, Elias Mayor Senr. to John Duncan, £100, (no acres; 80 poles x 60 poles) land on long branch of Gays Creek joining John Sime, begers land. Wit. Thomas Parker, Absolom Duncan. (FHL film 19,253)
      16-173: 10 July 1791, Robert Duncan (signed) of Orange Co. NC to Joseph Morris of Lincoln Co. NC, £43 10s, 181 acres south side of south fork of Cataba River, Abraham Havener's line, grant to Peter Johnston 8 Dec. 1787 and devised by will to John Duncan and from him by right of inheritance to Robert Duncan. Wit. Jno. Moore, Jacob Dyese?. (FHL film 19,253)
      16-321: 3 Jan. 1793, Peter Dunkin (signed) and wife Mary (M) to Aaron Foreman, £25, 25 acres both sides of Mountain Creek joining John Sniders line and John Bullings line. Wit. John Bodine, Peter Bodine. (FHL film 19,253)
      17-195: 14 June 1794, Robert Duncan of Orange Co. NC to Christian Renhart of Lincoln Co. NC, £272, on Clarks Creek & Beal Branch joining the lands of William Wilson, John Anthony, Henry Shall and others, beg. at a red oak, then ... to Anthony's corner, Henry Shell's corner, containing by estimation 560 acres more or less, being part of a tract of land granted to John Wilkins by patent 28 Dec. 1763 as by the records will more fully appear, ... Robert Duncan had ... agreed with the said Christian that he the said Robert will warrant to the said Christian ... a good sure & lawful title of inheritance ... /s/ Robert Duncan. Wit. John Ramsour, David Ramsour, John Renhart (sic). Rec. April 1795 on oath of John Rinehart. (FHL film 19,253, definitely 560 acres)
      17-209: 5 June 1794, John Brown of Wilks Co. NC, being the surviving exor of Hugh Montgomery Decd, to Robert Duncan of town of Hillsborough, Orange Co., by virtue of the power of authority given to the exors of the said Hugh Montgomery by his will for the purpose of selling and conveying his estate real and personal not devised by will, the said John conveyes to Robert Duncan a tract of land containing 640 acres more or less, for £255, which land is situate in Lincoln Co. on Clerks Creek and Betts branch known by the name of Montgomerys old field, bounded beg. post oak, white oak, etc. /s/ John Brown; wit. James Brown, Elizabeth (+) Stuart, ack. March 5, 1795 before Wallace Alexander; proved April 1795 by oath of Wallace Alexander Esq. & ordered recorded. (FHL film 19,253, definitely 640 acres) (MAD: see Rowan Co. NC. will abstract of Hugh Montgomery)
      20-473: 28 Nov. 1794, William Goodrum to Absalom Duncan, £53, 100 acres on west side of Catawba River on flat rock creek, one of the branches of Mountain Creek. Wit. John Duncan Junr, Robart Childes. (FHL film 19,255)
      22-120: 9 Jan. 1796, Peter Duncan to William Conn, £155 (£105?), 300 acres on south fork of Littens Creek the waters of Catawba River, line of Jeremiah Davis, Abraham Robinsons, William Orsborne, being patent of 300 acres to Jeremiah Davis 14 March 178-. Signed Peter Duncan, Mary (M) Duncan. Wit. James Lee, Archibald Hamilton. (FHL film 19,256)
      22-159: 28 April 1800, Elijah (A) Dunkin to Henry Livengood, £120, 200 acres on Indian Creek, corner Adan Carruthrs, Mauncey's Mill Creek. Wit. Ferney G. Norman, Christopher (B) Coone. (FHL film 19,256)
      24-461: 13 Aug. 1810, Peter Torney to Absalom Dunken, $800, 269 acres on both sides of Williams Creek, part of grant to Mathias Deck. Wit. Alexr. M. Corkle, Wm. A. McMin. (FHL film 19,256)
      25-107: 30 Jan. 1806, Patrick Duncane (signed) of York District, SC, to John Morris of Lincoln Co. NC, $180, 145 acres in Lincoln Co, corner Abernathy, Bynum, which was willed to the said Patrick Duncan by James Russell, to James Russell from Jacob Bridges 25 May 1803; and another tract 11 acres, corner Charles Williams, conveyed by James Russell to said Patrick Duncan by will, granted to Russell by deed from Jacob Bridges 25 May 1803, total 156 acres. Wit. William White, Logan Henderson. (FHL film 19,257)
      25-410: 16 March 1812, Andrew William to John Duncan, $1000, 98 acres on both sides of Middle Fork of Williams Creek, corner Andrew Williams. Wit. Abra? Farney. (FHL film 19,257)
      27-521: Deed includes extracts of will of Joseph Barnes of Cecil Co. MD, re negro Syrus & Peter, dated 5 Feb. 1806, Syrus sold by James Sims, exec., to ...; 30 May 1807 sold by William Johnson of Union Dist. SC to James Duncan; 5 Oct. 1808 sold by James Duncan to William Featherton; 11 June 1811 sold by William Featherton to ...; etc. Wit. Frederick Jackson, Z. Gibbs. (FHL film 19,258)
      29-468: 1 Jan. 1819, William Killian to John Duncan and Abraham Forney, $150, 100 acres on Siggles Creek in Lincoln Co., corner Michael Clominger's, part of grant to Nicholas Helerman. Wit. John Allen, Andrew Killian. (FHL film 19,259)
      30-113: 10 Sept. 1818, Absalom (A) Dunkin to Elisha Cook, $160, 100 acres on the west side of Catawba River on flat rock Creek, one of the branches of Mountain Creek, part of grant to Thomas Little by King George III 22 May 1772, part of tract ... from William Goodson to Absalom Duncan; and also another tract 50 acres joining first, grant to Absalom Duncan by patent 5 Dec. 1794. Wit. Miles Abernathy, Henry Barkley. (FHL film 19,259)
      30-203: 2 Feb. 1822, John Duncan and Abraham Forney to Samuel Sanders, $73, (no acres) on Seagles Creek, corner Michael Cloninger?, part of grant to Nicholas Holderman. Wit. Andw. Derr, John Saunders. (FHL film 19,259)
      30-403: 16 Oct. 1822, John Duncan Junr (signed John Duncan) to Henry Asbury, $350, 98 acres on both sides of the Middle Fork of Killiams Creek, corner Andrew Killian, Thomas James. Wit. Wm. Long, Allen Howard. (FHL film 19,259)
      31-430: 18 July 1825, John Duncan Senr. (signed John Duncan) to Thomas Lowe, $150, 50 acres on waters of Killiam Creek, mouth of John Duncans spring branch on the south side of the hill ... stake in the swamp above Bynums Meadow. Wit. Jacob Forney. (FHL film 421,012) (MAD: ? is this John who m. Youly Killam and went to Macoupin Co. IL?; see Carter Duncan mar. Judy Bradshaw, bdm. Isaac Lowe, 1819)
      31-601: 5 Nov. 1825, William (X) Duncan to Joshua Nixon, $275, 47-1/2 acres on Killiams Creek, lot #4, it being the lot laid off to Nancy Blaylock wife of Hulbert Black and by them conveyed to Andrew Dillinger and from him to William Duncan. Wit. Robert Abernathy Jr., Robert Abernathy Sr. (FHL film 421,012) (MAD: No grantor deed indexed from Andrew Dillinger to Wm. Duncan)

Lincoln Co. NC Deeds (FHL film 421,013; see neighbors of Elizabeth Duncan on 1830 Lincoln Co. NC census)
      33-111: 25 Nov. 1828, John McElivee (Elwee?) Jr. of York Dist. SC to Joseph Gladden of same, $100, estimated 95 acres on waters of Kings Creek adj. Isaac Wells, Frederick Jackson and Ramsour, being part of the land sold said McElwee by Samuel Gladden; wit. Isaac Wells, Samuel Kent.
      33-112: 6 Nov. 1828, Joseph Logan and wife Orpah, Arthur G. Gladden, Elizabeth Selina (X) Gladden, and Joseph Gladden, to Joseph Gladdin (MAD: sic), $20, 130 acres adj. Rankins corner, Samuel Gladdens line, Hambrights line, corner James Len?'s grant, belonging to the heirs of Arthur Gladden decd., and our right to all the estate etc.; wit. Isaac Wells, Jesse White.
      33-186: 16 May 1827, William Herman (X) and wife Mary (X) to Peter Herman, both Lincoln Co. NC, $1, 159 acres on waters of Meekling Creek, Bolicks and Deals corner, orig. grant to Gilbreath Falls on 14 March 1780 #263, in return for maintenance for their lives; wit. Jacob Boleh, John Yoder.
      33-290: 1 March 1828, George Bowman to Peter Herman, $600, land on both sides and W. Fork Clarks Creek.
      33-292: 10 Feb. 1826, John Miller to Peter Herman, land on waters of Naked Creek adj. Lemuel Axford.
      33-356: 16 May 1827, William Herman to Henry Herman, $1, 78 acres on waters of Lyles Creek for life of William and wife Mary for their support.
      34-278: 7 Feb. 1829, Henry Harmon Senr. to George Lankford, both Lincoln Co. NC, $25, 75 acres on waters of Beason's Creek, adj. Henry Dixons corner; wit. Perry G. Roberts, Henry A. Lankford. (MAD: Langford, Harmon and Dickens were neighbors 1830 of Elizabeth Duncan; Beason's Creek flows into Buffalo Creek just north of the NC-SC border, per map in "Abstracts of Deeds Lincoln Co. NC, Books 23, 24 & 25" by Albert B. Pruitt)

Lincoln Co. NC Deeds (index on FHL film 19,245; cross-index on FHL film 19,249)
      Next deeds 50-185, 399 (1867 & 1868); not copied
      38-550: (did not copy pg.549) Certification by clerk of Pike Co. MO that M.I. Noyes and John G. Camp, witnesses to foregoing power of attorney from James Lay and wife to David B. Carnes .... (FHL film 421,016)
      38-550/1: 1 Feb. 1841, James Lay of Hardeman Co. TN appoint friend David Parks of Mecklenburg Co. NC attorney to receive from Michael Reinhart & Benjamin Morris of Lincoln Co. NC, Exec. of William A. Scott late of said county & state now deceased, all such estate as may be devised by said Scott to the children of Nancy J. Carnes and to which I am entitled in right of my wife Rebecca A. Lay who is one of Nancy J. Carnes children alluded to in said Scotts will. Wit. David B. Carnes, Wm. Irwons?. (FHL film 421,016)
      38-552: 26 May 1840, Mary D. Duncan formerly Mary D. Scott sister and heir and legatee to William A. Scott deceased, now a resident of Red River Republic of TX appoint David Parks of Mecklenburg Co. NC attorney to receive ... whatever may be due and owing me as heir and legatee of aforesaid William Scott deceased from the executors of said Scott decd. Mary D. Duncan appeared in Republic of TX, County of Red River, 26 May 1840. Rec. Lincoln Co., June 1841. (FHL film 421,016) (MAD: see Albert D. Duncan of Hardeman Co. TN)
      38-552/3: 11 Jan. 1841, Stephen Jarman and David B. Carnes of Hardeman Co. TN, appoint David Parks of Mecklenburg Co. NC, their attorney to receive from Michael Reinhart? and Benjamin Morsis of Lincoln Co. NC, executors of William A. Scott late of said county & State, now deceased, and ... such estate devised by said Scott to my wife Eliza H. Jarmon and to the children of Nancy J. Carnes deceased, namely Robert W.S., Eliza B. & Mary A. Carnes and to which Stephen Jarman is entitled to in right of said wife and David B. Carnes in right as guardian of the said Robert W.S., Eliza B. and Mary A. Carnes. Reg. Hardeman Co. TN 11 Jan. 1841; reg. Lincoln Co. NC June 1841. (FHL film 421,016)
      40-313: 27 Jan. 1845, William Duncan to William Johnston, trust deed to secure debt Duncan owes B. Shipp; land on which said Duncan now lives, 50 acres near B. Shipps corner. Wit. Robert Abernathy. (FHL film 421,017)
            (MAD: Catawba Co. NC Will 1-13 of John D. Abernathy of Lincoln Co. NC dated 8 Jan. 1838, proved June 1844, named among other daughters Polly Duncan; from "Catawba Co. NC Will Abstracts 1842-1910" by Miles S. Philbeck, 1985; from Memphis Public Library book 929.3565 G357p.5 from Evelyn Sigler 12/1987 and FHL book 975.6785 P2p)
      40-347: 24 June 1844, Absalom Duncan Sr. to William Duncan, both Lincoln Co. NC, $5 and affection for son, land on Killiams Creek, 50 acres, one of Shipps corners. Wit. B. Shipp. (FHL film 421,017)
      40-499: 21 March 1846, Winslow F. Blalock to William Duncan, both Lincoln Co., mortgage of horse, rifle, furniture; Blalock owes Osborn Proctor. Wit. Robert Abernathy. (FHL film 421,017)
      43-44: 21 Oct. 1856, William (x) Duncan to Robt. Nixon, mortgage of 67 acres on Killiam Creek, line of John Moody, Brevan's; Duncan owes William M. Hager $107. Wit. B.H. Abernathy, D.A. Lowe. (FHL film 421,018)
      43-51: 21 Nov. 1854, Absalom Duncan of Lincoln Co. to Washington Dailey of same, $600, 50 acres corner Graham. Wit. C.W. Hammankold, Henry Keener; rec. on oath of C.W. Hammankold. (FHL film 421,018)
      46-128: 24 Feb. 1861, Parson Nayler to A.A.N.M. Taylor and Joseph Duncan, traders, of town of Charlotte, in name of Taylor & Duncan of Mecklinburg Co. NC, $1200, Lot #49 in town of Lincolnton. (FHL film 421,020)
      47-357: 1 Jan. 1874, W.J. Staten and wife Huldah V. of Edgecomb Co. NC to Turner W. Duncan, $109.30, 43-3/4 acres next to Henry Shrum, John Carpenter & others. (FHL film 421,020)
      49-42: 30 March 1857, William (x) Duncan to Bartlett Shipp, $200, 67 acres on Killiams Creek, corner Nixon. Wit. A.B. Laney; rec. on oath of wit. May 1876. (FHL film 421,021)
      49-43: 13 March 1876, Susan F. Shipp to dau. Susan L. Johnson for love, all the land in the within deed from William Duncan to Bartlett Shipp. Reg. March 25, 1876. (FHL film 421,021)


Lincoln Co. NC Court Minutes 1781-1813 (FHL film 421,869; from Louis Boone 2/1988)
      No page numbers or index; pages are hard to read
      Court of Common Pleas 1781, Hiram Duncan, an orphan age 8 years old last Oct bound to Wm. Baldridge to learn the art and mystery of a shoemaker. (pg.68, Lincoln Co. NC DAR Records, FHL film 893,722 from Louis Boone 10/1989)
      12 June 1784, John Garvan sold 200 acres to Wm. Killian (LB: Wm. Garvan was from Rowan Co. NC; John probably the one married into Patrick Dunkin family in York Co. SC; Alexander Moore may be from Washington Co. VA; VA had been written over something else; Charles Moore is related to the Dunkins in York Co. SC)
      6 April 1786, Peter Johnston sold 500 acres to John Dickinson.
      July 1786 court, Henry Duncan a juror.
      9 July 1789, The last will and testament of Peter Johnson was produced into court by John Duncan & said will was not attested & John Carruth? Esq., Joseph Mary? Esq., William McClms? Esq., John Bayless & John Simks? who being sworn did on their oaths say that they believed the same to be the handwriting of the said Peter Johnson. Ordered therefore that letters testamentary issue to the sd. John Duncan who qualified &c. (9th double page from start of 1788-1797 book)
      6 Jan. 1791, Elias Mayer sold (blank acreage) to John Duncan (53 dbl pages from beg. 1789 book)
      20 July 1791, Robert Duncan deed 181 acres to Joseph Morris proven by John Moore Esq. (60 dbl pages from beg. 1789 book)
      3 Jan. 1793, deed from Peter Dunkin to Aaron Foremer? (Foreman) for 25 acres proven by John Bordine (106 dbl pages from beg. 1789 book)
      April 1794 court, John Duncan, overseer of road from W. Slinker? to W. Canalins? for one year.
      14 June 1795, deed from Robert Duncan to Christian Renehart? for 560 acres proven by oath of John Renehart.
      24 Feb. 1796, deed of sale from Samuel Bynum, Samuel Sutton and Elizabeth Sutton to John Parr for negro boy ---? aged about 17 years old proven by John Duncan.
      Oct. 1797 court, John Duncan a juror.

Lincoln Co. NC Court Minutes 1813-1824 (FHL film 421,870; from Louis Boone 3/1988)
      LB: No page numbers
      Jan. 1814, Peter Vanaltas old place mentioned in road work (LB: possibly to Smith Co. TN)
      July 1814, John Duncan a juror.
      July 1814, Robert Johnston, executor of Samuel Johnston's estate, 2200 acres in Bedford Co. TN, also land in Williamson Co. TN granted to James Johnston.
      Quit at beginning of 1815.

Lincoln Co NC Court Records (FHL film 421,870; from Louis Boone 10/1989)
      Jan. 1813, Elizabeth Killian orphan d/o Samuel chose Jacob Cline her guardian.
            Barbara Killian orphan d/o Samuel chose Mich'l Cline her guardian.
            Polly Killian orphan d/o Samuel chose John Gross? her guardian.
            David Killian appointed guardian of Edward, Andrew and Joseph Killian orphans of Samuel.
      Jan. 1817, Absolum Duncan, juror
      Jan. 1817, John Duncan Sr., juror
      April 1817, Ordered by court that James Taywed? be overseer of the road leading from Turbyvilles Ferry to Grahams Furnace, from Andrew Killians to said furnace ... following hands, Owen Clark, John Duncan and hand John Duncan, Jr., Henry Hoover, Guy Bynum, Joseph Bradshaw, Frederick and Wm. Killian.
      July 1817, Absolum Duncan, juror
      Jan. 1818, Absolum Duncan, juror
            John Duncan, juror (LB: not stated whether Jr. or Sr.)
      April 1818, John Duncan Jr. listed among the same road hands as above (April 1817; except John Duncan who wasn't listed as Jr. or Sr.)
      Oct. 1818, John Rainey, 7 1/2 yrs old, illegemate s/o Lois Rainey, bound out to George? Wm. Fughouser? Blacksmith. (LB: Rainey name in GA with Duncans)
      Oct. 1818, Polly Killian, orphan d/o Samuel Killian, court appoints Legear? Bullinger her guardian.
            David Killian, guardian of Andrew, s/o Samuel
      Oct. 1818, John Evans formerly of Augusta GA now Lincoln Co. NC lawful attorney for Catherine Rogers, formerly of Augusta GA now Lincoln Co NC collect debts.
      Oct. 1818, Maria Hawn, widow of Conrad Hawn of Clark Co. IN, formerly of Lincoln Co NC ... power of attorney for her father, Jacob Millers estate.
      Oct. 1818, John Burns of Washington Co. KY ... Benj. Hardin and several others in Jacob Millers estate.
      Jan. 1819, Absolum Duncan, ordered by the court that he and Andrew Den? and Jos. Shufford lay off and set a part of one years maintenance for the widow and family of Abram Dayly. (Charles Hite 5/19/1994: Andrew Derr, not Den, related to George Washington Dailey, b. ca 1848, and many of the family moved to IN.)
      Jan. 1819, George Avery of Hanover Co. IN, executor of the last will and testament of David Fouts of the county and state aforesaid ... apoints Adam Seagle of Lincoln Co. NC power of attorney ... collect debts.
      April 1819, John Duncan overseer of the road from Turbyvilles Ferry to Grahams Furnace to call on following hands ... John Duncan Jr. among others (also the road from Andrew Killiams to said Furnace.)
      July 1819, John Duncan, juror.
      Ended Jan 1820


Rutherford Co. NC Deeds (FHL film 19,912)
      E/I-410: 10 April 1775, Peter Duncan (signed) of Tryon Co. NC to Samson Johnston, 75 lbs, 300 acres in Tryon Co. NC on Second Brood River, Samuel Givens line, John McNt. Alexanders line. Wit. Elias Morgin, Jesse (x) Dunkan, Polly (x) Duncan.

Iredell Co. NC Deed (FHL film 19,178)
      E-504: 19 Nov. 1804, Jackson Harwell of Lincoln Co. NC, heir at law of Frederick Harwell decd. formerly of Brunswick Co. VA, for £1000, to James Houston, two tracts devised by Samuel Harwell of Brunswick Co. VA to my father Frederick Harwell, one tract of 484 acres, the other of 61 acres in "Granville" [Greensville] Co. formerly part of Brunswick (no states), see will of Samuel Harwell decd proven in Brunswick Co. court, for $500, transfer my right to a negro wench named Hannah in possession of John Moraldy? (Broreldy?) of Chatham Co. and her increase, and authorize James Huston to do all necessary to take land and negro into his possession; wit. A. Henderson jurat; proven by Archibald Henderson, Nov. 1804.

Mecklenburg Co. NC Deeds (FHL film 484,177)
      2-79: 6 Jan. 1831, Samuel G. Barker of Charleston, SC, now of Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co. NC, to Benjamin F. Dunkin, also of City of Charleston, SC, $750, subject to the lease hereinafter mentioned, 1/4 part undivided of tract in Lincoln Co. NC on NW side Catawba River formerly known as the property of John Oliver and adj. Oliver Mines, bounded by the following lines: on the River bank, the courses of the Oliver Mines tract, to another corner of the Oliver Mines tract, passing a spring, containing 64 acres more or less, also all said Barker's undivided 1/4 interest in another tract of 15 acres more or less in the neighborhood of the last described, known as Lewin's fishery?, bounded by lines on the River bank formerly of Justice Black's ... both of which tracts are now under lease to the Chesalise? Vincent De Riverfewole? and his Lucu? S.G. Barkers, 1/4 part of the lease ... articles of agreement setting forth the terms are hereby assigned to the said Benjamin F. Dunkin. /s/ Samuel G. Barker; wit. T.H. Bessell, J.H. Darnall. Rec. 13 March 1846 on oath of E.H. Bissell to handwriting of J.H. Bissell. (MAD: these deeds should probably have been recorded in Lincoln Co. NC where the land was.)
      2-80: 6 Jan. 1831, Samuel G. Barker of Charleston, SC, now in Charlotte of Mecklenburg Co. NC, to Benjamin F. Dunkin also of City of Charleston SC, for $3,000, subject to the lease hereinafter mentioned, 1/4 part undivided of a tract in Lincoln Co. NC on northwest side of Catawba River formerly known as the property of John Oliver and by the leases of Oliver Mines, containing 95a more or less, adj. the river bank and meanders of the river, which land is now under lease to the Chisalin? Viscount? Du Rivafiwoli? and his heirs, the said Samuel G. Barker 1/4 part of the said lease and rents and of the articles of agreement setting forth the terms and conditions thereof are herewith assigned to the said Benjamin F. Dunkin .... /s/ Samuel G. Barker; wit. J.H. Bissell, J.H. Damall (Darnall?); Jan. 1846 court, recorded on oath of E.H. Bissell who proved the signature of J.H. Bissell.


Index to War of 1812 Pension Applications and Bounty Land Warrant Applications; National Archives Film (FHL film 840,458; and from index cards of Kit Smith 8/1983)
      Duncan, Absalom, widow Elizabeth; WO 29813, WC 17995; BL 29717-80-50, 44806-80-55; Private Capt. Linns Co. VA Mil., 12/31/1814 to 2/22/1815; res. of widow 1850, 1855: Macoupin Co. IL; 1878 Hornsby, Macoupin Co. IL; maiden name Elizabeth Duncan (sic) m. Dec. 26, 1816 Lincoln Co. NC; soldier d. July 31, 1849, Staunton, IL; Remarks: widow's pension ctf. & soldiers discharge ctf. in brief.

HISTORIES before 1923

1889 "History of Hickory, Polk, Cedar, Dade, and Barton counties, Missouri : from the earliest time to the present, including a department devoted to the preservation of sundry personal, business, professional, and private records; besides a valuable fund of notes, original observations, etc., etc" by Goodspeed (from Marilyn Michaels 2/1983)
      Pg.884-5, Barton County, Biographical Appendix: A.Y. Duncan, a farmer and stock-raiser residing five miles north of Golden City, Mo., has resided on his present farm since 1881, and has made ... He was born in Macoupin Co. IL, in 1837, and is a son of John and Uly Ann (Killian) Duncan, who were born, reared, and married in the "Old North State," [Lincoln Co. NC] and moved to [Parke Co.] Indiana in 1829. One year later they went to Macoupin Co. IL, of which they were among the first settlers, and there the father resided, engaged in farming, until his death, in 1851, at the age of sixty-seven years. His wife died in Montgomery Co. IL, at the age of eighty-four years. They reared a family of twelve children, eight of whom are now living: ... Andrew, residing at Litchfield, Ill.; ... Daniel, residing in Montgomery Co. IL; Absalom (deceased), and A.Y. ....

1891 "Portrait and biographical record of Macoupin County, Illinois : containing biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens, governors of the state and of the presidents of the United States" pub. by Biographical Pub. Co. (from Sue Monaghan)
      Pg.409: GEORGE W. DUNCAN, who resides on section 3, Cahokia Township, where he carries on general farming and stock raising, is a representative of one of the pioneer families of the county, his father, Dr. Nathan Duncan, having here settled at an early day. He was born in North Carolina as were the grandparents of our subject and the family is of English origin. The Doctor married a North Carolina lady, Miss E. Lavina Linebarger, whose parents, natives of Pennsylvania, were of German descent. Two children were born unto them, Mary and Absalom, but before they left North Carolina the daughter died. The Doctor with his wife and son and her parents came to the North, locating first in Indiana and after a year the Duncan family came to Illinois, locating first on the farm which is now occupied by our subject. .... Some years later Dr. and Mrs. Duncan went to Montgomery Co. IL, where the lady, who was a consistent member and active worker in the Methodist Church, died at the age of seventy-five. The Doctor survived his wife some years and passed away in Sherman, Tex. He became a prominent man in every community in which he resided ....


Many early marriages, land records, deeds, wills, and court minutes of Lincoln and Tryon Co. NC have been abstracted and published in book form. Some items have also been published in the periodical "Bulletin of the Genealogical Society of Old Tryon Co." (FHL book 975.6 D25b and other libraries) as well as other periodicals.

"Abstract of Old Lincoln Co. NC Deeds 1786-1793; Books 3, 4, and 16" by Albert B. Pruitt (FHL book 975.6782 R28pab)
      This book contains an excellent introduction to which original deed books were copied into which later deed books which were again recopied into newer deed books. It also contains abstracts of early deeds, including an index to the names of people who were neighbors and witnesses or mentioned in some other capacity in the deeds.

Many of the original land entries, plats and surveys, as well as other deeds, have been abstracted and published by various authors.

"Deed Abstracts of Tryon, Lincoln & Rutherford Cos. NC 1769-1786; Tryon Co. Wills & Estates" by Brent Holcomb (FHL book 975.6 R2ho; also Memphis Public Library book 929.356 H725d extracts from Evelyn Sigler 11/1982)
      This book contains abstracts of early deeds and other documents, as well as an index to all the names in those documents. It also includes on pg.171, under Early Land Surveys on Ward's Creek, information about Peter Duncan's grant of 16 Nov. 1764 in Mecklenburg Co., sold in 1818 in Rutherford Co. NC by his grandson Hiram Duncan, son of Mark Duncan, although Peter Duncan had sold it much earlier.


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