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Last revised March 25, 2004

Formed 1832 from Creek Cession 1832
Lee formed 1866 from Chambers, Macon, Russell, Tallapoosa


1840 Russell Co. AL Census
Pg.32  Bryant Duncan      0201,1  -  0000,2000,1
            (MAD: from Jones Co. GA)

1850 Russell Co. AL Census (faint; no Robert T. Duncan or Thomas Marion Duncan found)
Beat #1
Pg.4, #59, Elizabeth DUNCAN 38 GA (blank) $500
                  Eudoxy (f) 14 GA
                  George 8 AL
                  (MAD: one Jesse Duncan mar. Elizabeth Dunn 12/8/1840)
Pg.4, #60, James PETTIS 35 GA mechanic $0
                  Susan 22 GA mar/in/yr
Beat #2
Pg.20, #289, John V. DUNN 58 GA farmer $4000
                  Malinda 48 GA wife
                  Mary A. 27 GA
                  John 24 GA m/in/yr
                  Mary 24 GA m/in/yr
                  William 22, Emiretta (f) 19 AL
                  Nancy 17, Lucinda 14 AL
                  Sarah 12, Euphratus (f) 10 AL
                  David 8, James K.P. 6 AL
                  Martha 4, Ann 2 AL
                  (MAD: "21 Southern Families" listed this as Duncan)
Beat #3
Pg.27, #375, Jessee DUNCAN 37? GA farmer $800?
                  Permelia 40 GA
                  Mary 19 GA
                  James? 18, Rebecca 16 AL
                  Susan 14, Josiah 12 AL
                  Missouri (f) 9, Permelia 6 AL
                  Margaret 3 AL
                  (MAD: Jesse Duncan mar. Permelia Hardy 1/19/1832 Jasper Co. GA)
Pg.27, #379, James DUNCAN 64 SC farmer $3000
                  Sarah 64 SC
                  Mary 25, Jeremiah 23 SC
                  John 18 AL
                  (MAD: James Duncan mar. Sarah Lumsden or Sally Sinsdel 1804-1805 Greene Co. GA; 1820-1840 Jasper Co. GA census; Sarah Dunkin 76 VA widow d. Feb. per 1860 Mortality Schedule)
Pg.27, #381, Augustus DIGBY 25 GA overseer $0
                  Sophronia (f) 25 GA
                  Alonzo (m) 10, Malisa (f) 8, Ann 6, Andrew 3 AL
Pg.47, #634, Levi DUNCAN 30 GA farmer $300
                  Martha 25 GA
                  John 8 GA
                  Mary 6, George 4 AL
                  (MAD: Levi Duncan mar. Martha Pringle 12/22/1842 by Bryant Duncan; ?? brother of Hinton Duncan of 1850 Cass Co. TX census, per query by John D. Hanes Jr.)

1860 Russell Co. AL Census
Beat #5, Ochee
Pg.1031, #393-392, Willis TYNER 50 SC farmer $12000-$4000
                  S.C. (f) 40 GA
                  Jackson TYNER 42 GA farmer 0-$2950
                  Flora MORRISON (f) 25 SC 0-$500
                  E.V. DUNCAN (f) 16 GA teaching C.school
                        (MAD: ?? Virginia E. Duncan in 1850 Jones Co. GA census age 9)
Beat #11, Salem
Pg.1058, #587-585, T.M. DUNCAN (m) 38 GA farmer 0-$300
                  Aslin (m) 30 (blank) 0-$1500 idiot
                        (MAD: Thomas Marion Duncan and Jeremiah Ausling Duncan, sons of James Duncan & Sarah Sinsdel or Lumsden who mar. 7/22/1804-1805 Greene Co. GA; Thomas M. Duncan mar. Melissa A. Digby 11/7/1865)
Beat #13, Dover
Pg.1138, #1185-1181, J.W. DUNCAN (m) 48 GA farmer $500-$350
                  P. (f) 51 GA
                  M.E. (f) 27, R. (f) 22, J. (f) 20 GA
                  J/I?. (m) 18, M. (f) 16 AL
                  P. (f) 12, M. (f) 10 AL
                  (MAD: Jesse M. Duncan & wife Permelia per PRODIGY query 7/1994; definitely "J.W." not "J.M."; Permelia Duncan, dau. of Jesse W., mar. James Duke 12/26/1865)

1870 Russell Co. AL Census
Beat #2, P.O. Columbus, GA
Pg.14, #230-258, DUNCAN, William 40 SC farmer $5000-$600
                  Susan 31 GA keeps house
                  Mary 14, James 12 AL
                  William 11 GA
                  Fanny (f) 9, John 7 AL
                  Cosintha (f) 5 GA
                  Martha 4 AL
                  (MAD: Deed N-411 gives wife as Susan and as Sarah; 1860 Autauga Co. AL census)
Beat #5, P.O. Hatchechubbee
Pg.89, #1652-1783, DINKINS, Duncan (m) 50 GA BLACK farm lab.
                  & family, not copied
Oswichee Beat, P.O. Fort Mitchell
Pg.233, #65-70, FLEMINING, G.W. (m) 52 GA farmer $6000-$500
                  Amanda 30 AL keeps house
                  DUNKIN, Juan (f) 1 AL


Russell Co. AL Deed indexes 1836-1908; cataloged as "some years missing"
      Grantors 1836-1871 (FHL film 1,845,692 item 1; did not copy Bryant Duncan Register or Bryant Duncan Admin. grantors)
      E-462: Bryant Duncan to Geo. Duncan (Book E, ca1843-1848)
      G-71: Bryant Duncan to John M.C. Reed (Book G, 1848-ca1853)
      G-84: Bryant Duncan to James Graham
      G-486: Bryant Duncan to A.B. Griffin
      G-595: Bryant Duncan to R.P?. Laney?
      G-645: Bryant Duncan to Orren L. Lenis?
      G-824: Bryant Duncan to A.B. Griffin
      I-7?: Jessie W. Duncan to D.N. Gerald (Book I, ca1853-1856)
      I-246: Bryant Duncan to Joseph J. Walten
      I-362: Sarah Duncan to William Betcher
      I-388: Bryant Duncan to Mary S. Rwefoen?
      I-701: Bryant Duncan to T.H. Biesch?
      I-741: Bryant Duncan to Johnathan Thornton
      I-748: Bryant Duncan admin. to O.H. Lancer
      J-6: Bryant Duncan to W?. Webster (Book J, 1856-ca1859)
      J-26: Bryant Duncan to Elias Hill
      J-67: Sarah Duncan to Jeremiah A. Duncan
      J-68: Sarah Duncan to Theron? (Thomas?) Ward
      K-25: Bryant Duncan per county suit to Anderson Sears
      L-19: B. Duncan to J.M. Ingersoll
      L-240: Bryant Duncan to Jno. S. Pemberton
      N-267: W.P. and S.M. Duncan mortgage 1868 to A.J. Putnam (looked at, not copied)
      N-411, 412 - quit
      Grantees 1836-1871 (FHL film 1,845,848 item 2; did not copy Bryant Duncan as trustee; copied to ca 1865)
      E-462: Bryant Duncan to Geo. Duncan
      F-472: Calhoun Sheriff to B. Duncan
      F-973: James Jeter to Jas. Duncan
      G-21: White, Sheriff, to Bryant Duncan
      G-85: Jas. Graham to Bryant Duncan, highest bidder, not copied
      G-179: R.H. Brown to Bryant Duncan
      G-370; Thos. Granberry to Bryant Duncan
      G-594: R.P. Lang? to Bryant Duncan
      G-776: Bank State of GA to Jesse W. Duncan
      H-403: R.M. Corbett to Bryant Duncan
      H-677: Niell? Kennerly to Bryant Duncan
      I-117: R.H. Brown to Bryant Duncan
      I-345: O.S. Hoerand? (MAD: Howard?) to Bryant Duncan
      I-598: Chas. Hickey to Bryant Duncan
      I-600: Anderson Sears to Bryant Duncan
      I-709: Towles & Towles to Bryant Duncan
      I-712 to 718: Bryant Duncan grantee
      J-41: B.M. Mann to J.A. Duncan -- not found in deed books
      J-67: Sarah Duncan to J.A. Duncan
      L-18: S.M. Ingersoll to Bryant Duncan
      M-471: R.J. Tiller to Jesse W. Duncan

Russell Co. AL Deeds
      E-462: Twiggs Co. GA, 24 Feb. 1844, B. Duncan to George Duncan for $275? ($2x5), negro Dinah a girl 9 years old and a girl 4 years old, mortgage; wit. Hinton Duncan. (FHL film 1,302,118)
      F-472: 22 Sept. 1845, Sheriff John L. Calhoun to Bryant Duncan as highest bidder, lot #58 for $10.10, lot #61 for $10.25; Duncan as trustee for Mary Pride; more not copied. (FHL film 1,302,118)
      F-973: 8 July 1844, James (X) Jeter and wife Nancy (X) of Russell Co. AL to James Duncan of same, $3,200, E 1/2 Sec.14 Twp.18 R28; wit. Harey? Mangham, Tho?. White. (FHL film 1,302,118
      G-21: 17 Jan. 1848, White, Sheriff, to Bryant Duncan, highest bidder, $10, lot 78 in town of Crawford. (FHL film 1,302,119; very brief extract only)
      G-71: Russell Co. AL, 7 March 1848, Bryant Duncan to John M.C. Reed for $65, lots 58 and 61 in town of Crawford, as trustee for Mary Pride. (FHL film 1,302,119)
      G-776: Chatham Co. GA, 1 Jan. 1850, Bank of GA to Jesse W. Duncan of Russell Co. AL, $120, N 1/2 SE 1/4 Sec.12 Twp.18 R28, 80 acres. (FHL film 1,302,119)
      I-7: Russell Co. AL, 17 Dec. 1850, Isaac W. Duncan and wife Permelia to Daniel Newnan Gerald, all of afsd, $170, SW 1/4 SE 1/4 Sec.7 Twp.18 R29; no wit. (FHL film 1,302,120)
      I-741: 1? Aug. 1853, Bryant Duncan and wife Mary B. of Russell Co. AL to Johnson Thornton, $1,400, E 1/2 SW 1/4 Sec.12 Twp.17 R29 except one acre, and NW 1/4 SE 1/4 and N 1/2 SW 1/4 SE 1/4, and NE 1/4 SW 1/4, all Sec.11 Twp.17 R28, all about 172 acres; no wit. (FHL film 1,302,120) (MAD: Bryant Duncan mar. Mary B. Lewis 9/10/1853; cannot locate on 1850-1860 census)
      J-6: Russell Co. AL, 14 Jan. 1856, Bryant Duncan as admin. of estate of James Duncan decd, per order of Probate Court, sold SE 1/4 Sec.14 Twp.18 R28 on 2 Oct. 1854 to highest bidder William Webster for $650, now paid; no wit. (FHL film 1,302,121) (MAD: William Webster mar. Rebecca Duncan 1/4/1848, by J. Duncan)
      J-26: 24 Dec. 1855, Bryant Duncan admin. of James R. Murray decd sell to highest bidder (more not copied) (FHL film 1,302,121)
      J-67: Russell Co. AL, 20 Feb. 1856, Sarah (X) Duncan to my son Jeremiah Austin Duncan, for love and $5 paid by Wm. Webster, guardian of said Jeremiah Austin Duncan, negroes; wit. William Webster, James A. Duncan, Thomas Ward. (FHL film 1,302,121)
      J-68: 20 Feb. 1856, Sarah Duncan to Thomas Ward, agent and attorney for Thomas M. Duncan, negroes; mortgage; Sarah owes Thomas M. Duncan $370.92 by notes; wit. William Webster, James A. Duncan. (FHL film 1,302,121)
      L-18: 17 May 1853, S.M. Ingersoll to Bryant Duncan, highest bidder, not copied further (FHL film 1,302,122)
      L-240: Russell Co. AL, 7 Feb. 1860, Bryant Duncan of Muscogee Co. GA to John A. Pemberton, for $1500, S 1/2 Sec.32 Twp.18 R30 except strip 100 yards wide, 295 acres; wit. Alexander M. Pranson?, J.G. Worsham. (FHL film 1,302,122)
      M-471: 22 May 1870?, R.J. Tillery and wife Martha E. to Jesse W?. Duncan, Russell Co. AL, $290, E 1/2 SE 1/4 and (too faint) Twp.29. (FHL film 1,302,123 item 1)
      N-411: 20? (30?) June 1868, William P. Duncan (/s/ W.P. Duncan) and wife Susan (/s/ S.M. Duncan) of Russell Co. AL to Joseph Bambush, $1400, 30 acres off S. corner Sec.22 Twp.17 R30 adj. Asa Bates, William H. Hughes, road from Columbia, GA, John E. Baron? and Jeptha Harris; also /s/ John Duncan; certify that Sarah Duncan ... (FHL film 1,302,123 item 2; definitely "Susan" in body of deed, Sarah released dower)


Russell Co. AL Will Records v.1-2 1838-1873 (FHL film 1,033,491 item 2-3)
      Vol.1 - not looked at
      2-38: Will of James Duncan of Russell Co. AL, being in infirm health but of sound mind and memory; to my beloved wife Sarah Duncan for life all my estate both real and personal consisting of plantation on which I now reside and the negro slaves Jack, Phillip, Queenney, the stock, plantation tools &c now belonging to my plantation; my plantation and the above named negroes to be kept together and worked for the use of my wife Sarah, at her death I desire that the estate may then be divided in equal shares to James D. Duncan, Thomas M. Duncan, Robert Duncan, John D. Duncan, Jeremiah Ausling Duncan and Jesse Duncan, my sons, the amount I owe surety? for my son Jesse to be subtracted or taken from his share unless he pays the amount of the debt which I owe surety and payable stored? F. Illges?; to my son in law John Barrett $50; appoint my sons James A. Duncan and Thomas M. Duncan execs; 23 Dec. 1851, /s/ James (X) Duncan; wit. Edgar Garlich, C? Rhods, Thoms. J? Dearing. "This will was declared invalid and ought not to have been recorded."

Russell Co. AL Orphans' court minutes 1838-1847, each vol. individually indexed (FHL film 1,295,788 item 2-3)
      Vol.1838-1842 - no Duncan
      Vol.1842-1847: Pg.43, 6 Feb. 1843, James Duncan, admin. of Leaborn Swan (not copied)

Russell Co. AL Probate Court Records
   Minutes 1846-1851 - no Duncan (FHL film 1,295,789 item 1)
   Minutes 1854-1856 (p.1-282 on FHL film 1,295,789 item 2; pg.279-end on 1,295,790 item 1)
      Pg.138: 5 Jan. 1852, James A. Duncan produced will of James Duncan; heirs to appear 14 Jan. inst.
      Pg.157: 12 Feb. 1852, in the matter of the will of James Duncan decd, application to admit to probate; that on 5 Jan. 1852 term of the probate Court, James A. and Thomas W. Duncan presented a paper purporting to be the last will & testament of said James Duncan decd and made suit to admit the will to probate and issue Letters Testamentary on the estate to them as executors, and citations were issued to the widow and next of kin requiring them to appear and show cause if any why the will should not be admitted to probate; now Jas. A. and Thomas M. Duncan by their attorney, and also William Webster in right of his wife (blank) Webster and Elizabeth Tucker heirs of said estate by their attorney appear and contest the validity of the will, and Sarah Duncan, widow, Jesse W. Duncan, Mary Ann Duncan, William Webster and Lee Swan the only heirs at law resident of this state, and also Wm. E. Barnett heretofore appointed guardian ad litum for Jeremiah Asling Duncan a lunatic, and all the said heirs above except Lee Swan, appeared in court, and also the guardian, and the jury, Thomas W. O'Neal forman and 11 others, found the will invalid.
   Minutes 1856-1857 (FHL film 1,295,790 item 2)
      Pg.7-9: 14 Jan. 1856, estate of James Duncan decd, Bryant Duncan admin.; Bryant Duncan to make final setlement of estate, notice of the time having been given at a previous term, the court examined the accounts, no one appearing to object except William E. Barnett guardian ad litum for Jeremiah Ausling Duncan a lunatic distributee; the administrator is chargeable with the sum of $1874.86 and he has produced evidence of credits of $154, there is $1720.86 for distribution, the account thus stated is passed and allowed; the distributees of said estate are Sarah Duncan a feme sole and widow of the said decd who is entitled to 1/5 the personal assets, she already having received her dower in the real estate, and Elizabeth Tucker a feme sole of full age, Jesse W. Duncan, Maria Hardy a feme covert and wife of William P. Hardy, Elmira Swan a feme covert and wife of Lee Swan, Rebecca Webster a feme covert and wife of William Webster, James A. Duncan, Pheba Barnett a feme covert and wife of John L. Barnett, Thomas W. Duncan, Mary Ann Rhodes a feme covert and wife of Charles T. Rhodes, Robert T. Duncan, Jeremiah A. Duncan a lunatic, and John L. Duncan, children of said decedent who are all of full age and each entitled to an equal share of the assets of the estate after deducting the widow's share. (1) That the said Sarah Duncan, widow as aforesaid, recover the sum of $182.68 her distributive share ...; written over: "recd. of Bryant Duncan payment in full of the ... this 11 Feb. 1856, /s/ William Webster agent for Sarah Duncan." (2) Elizabeth Tucker $128.18-1/2, receipt 21 Jan. 1856 by William Webster agent. (3) Jesse W. Duncan, receipt 21 Jan. 1856 by Jesse W. Duncan. (4) Maria Hardy, receipt 21 Jan. 1856 by William Webster agent. (5) Elvira Swan, received 10 Feb. 1857, Therwood? H. Toney atty. for Elvira Swann and Lee Swan. (6) Rebecca Webster, received 21 Jan. 1856 by William Webster. (7) James A. Duncan, recd. 21 Jan. 1856 by Jesse W. Duncan his attorney in fact. (8) Phebe Barnett, recd. 31 Jan. 1856, John L. Barnett by William Webster agent. (9) Thomas W. Duncan, received 1 Nov. 1857 by Thomas Ward, agent for T.W. Duncan. (10) Mary Ann Rhodes, 31 Jan. 1856, C.T. Rhodes by William Webster agent. (11) Robert T. Duncan, received 9 Jan. 1858, by attorney in fact William Webster. (12) Jeremiah A. Duncan a lunatic, received 31 Jan. 1856 by William Webster as guardian. (13) John L. Duncan, received 31 Jan. 1856 by William Webster his attorney in fact. Administrator Bryant Duncan be discharged from any further admin. (MAD: Charles T. Rhodes mar. Mary Ann Duncan 2/12/1852)
      Pg.216: Nov. 1856, estate of Virginia E. Duncan, Lucinda L. Duncan and Nancy Duncan, minors; Bryant Duncan their guardian; bonds for $2000, security George D. Hooper and William E. Barnett. (MAD: middle initials as given; see 1850 Jones Co. GA, 1860 Taylor Co. GA)
      Pg.64: March 1856, estate of Jeremiah A. Duncan, lunatic; guardian William Webster, annual settlement by gdn. ad litum George H. Waddell.
      Pg.83: March 1856, Bryant Duncan, General Administrator of County of Russell, resigned.
   Minutes 1858-1859 (FHL film 1,295,790 item 3)
      Pgs.368-370: May 1859, annual settlements of estates of Virginia E. Duncan, Nancy F. Duncan, Lucinda M. Duncan.
      Pgs.430-432: Sept. 1859, annual settlements of estates of Virginia E. Duncan, Nancy F. Duncan, Lucinda M. Duncan. (MAD: middle initials as given)

Russell Co. AL Probate Records
   Vol.A, Bonds, Returns and Sales, 1837-1842 (FHL film 1,295,980 item 2)
      No Duncan indexed
   Bonds of Administrators & Decd., 1843-1853 (FHL film 1,295,980 item 3)
      Pg.16: Bond of James (X) Duncan, Seborn Swann, Simeon Dearing, and Reuben Dawkins of Russell Co. AL for $500, as execs. or admin., 4 Feb. 1843; administrators of estate of Harrison Averet?, (MAD: some words seem to be missing) son of said James Duncan and Harrison Swan; approved Feb. 1843, recorded March 24, 1845.
      Pg.76: Bond of Bryant Duncan, Thomas S. Tate and Thomas H. Burch of Russell Co. AL, for $700, 2 Feb. 1846; Bryant Duncan appointed admr. of estate of Jesse Duncan, recorded 23 Feb. 1846.
      Pg.132: Bond of Bryant Duncan, George D. Hooper and William Barnett, for $10,000, 2 April 1849; Bryant Duncan appointed Administrator General for County.
   Records, Bonds and Letters, Probate Court 1850-1856 (FHL film 1,295,980 item 4)
      Pg.222: Bond of Bryant Duncan, George D. Hooper, Jesse Wilkerson, and Allen Eiland, for $50,000, 4 Sept. 1854; Bryant Duncan the guardian of estate of Cook Lewis, John L. Lewis, Caroline E. Lewis, Ellsworth Lewis and Pearce L. Lewis, minors of Pearce L. Lewis decd.
      Pg.246: Bond of William Webster and Edgar Garlick (also /s/ James M. Harris) for $400, 14 Oct. 1854; William Webster the guardian of person and estate of Jeremiah P. Duncan, minor heir of James Duncan.
      Pg.246: Indexed: Duncan, Asburn, lunatic; William Webster, Guardian.

Russell Co. AL Probate Records; Partial & Final Settlement v.B 1856-1859 (FHL film 1,845,960 item 3)
      Pg.154: Duncan indexed, looked at, not copied
      Pg.379: Annual Settlement for Wm. Webster, guardian of Jere. A. Duncan lunatic; includes amount paid in 1858 to Sarah (X) Duncan for support of ward, her receipt Jan. 1, 1858.

Russell Co. AL Inventories, Appraisements & Sales; Book 1837-1863 (p.1-380, and 380-end) (FHL film 1,845,960 item 4 and 1,845,961 item 1)
      Index: Duncan, S.A., inventory & appr., pg.346
            Duncan, Sarah, report sale of personal property, pg.408
                  Sale of land, pg.426
                  Supplemental inventory &c, pg.635
                  Report of sale of negroes, pg.667
      Pg.346: Inventory of personal property of estate of Sarah Duncan decd., admin. Thomas M. Duncan, 10 March 1860.
      Pg.408: Sale 24 Nov. 1860, estate of Sarah Duncan, to T.J. Duncan, Wm. Webster, Jesse W. Duncan, and others.
      Pg.426: Report by Thos. Duncan of lands sold, 24 Nov. 1860, to William Webster, NE 1/4 Sec.14 Twp.18 Range 28, for $1,440.40, by note due 1 Nov. 1861, security Reuben Dawkins and Thomas Duncan.
      Pg.635: Supplemental inventory; negro woman Quinny and her child Major given by deed to J.A. Duncan during his life, he having recently died, the negroes return to the estate of said Sarah Duncan; filed 13 Sept. 1860.
      Pg.667: By order of the Probate Court 23 Jan. 1863 to sell 2 negroes from estate of Sarah Duncan, Thomas M. Duncan sold Quinney and her child Major to Thomas M. Duncan for $5.00.

Russell Co. AL Inventories, Appraisements & Sales; Vol.F, 1850-1858 (FHL film 1,845,961 item 2)
      Pg.64: Heirs of James Duncan decd: Sarah Duncan widow feme sole of full age; Elizabeth Tucker feme sole of full age; Jesse W. Duncan of full age; Rebecca Webster feme covert of full age and wife of William Webster; James A. Duncan of full age; Mary Ann Rhodes a feme covert of full age and wife of Charles T. Rhodes; Jeremiah A. Duncan of full age; Jno. L/S. Duncan a minor; all of whom reside in Russell Co. AL; and Mariah Hardy feme covert of full age and wife of Wm. P. Hardy, resides in Jasper Co. GA; and Elmina Swan feme covert of full age and wife of Lee Swan, resides in Dallas Co. AL; and Phebe Barnett feme covert of full age and wife of Jno. L. Barnett, resides in Butts Co. GA; and Thomas M. Duncan of full age; and Robert T. Duncan of full age, who resides in California. /s/ Bryant Duncan, Admin. of James Duncan decd, 25 Feb. 1852. (MAD: Robert T. Duncan in 1860 El Dorado Co. CA as R.F. Duncan, 1880 Santa Clara Co. CA, never married)
      Pg.242: Petition by Sarah Duncan, mother of Jeremiah A. Duncan, age 26, not of sound mind, 9 Oct. 1854.
      Pg.481: Bryant Duncan, guardian of Virginia E. Duncan, Lucinda L. Duncan and Nancy F. Duncan, including amount collected from administrator of George Duncan Jr., Jan. 1, 1852; statement filed 25 March 1852.
      Indexed more pages for estate of James Duncan, not copied.


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"AL State Militia 1820-1865" alphabetical card file in AL State Archives, Clyde - D (FHL film 1,462,799; mostly in alphabetic order, Dunkin cards found later in file)
      Duncan, Jessee W., AL State Militia 1820-1860, 2nd Lieutenant, 65th Regt. 21st Brig. 5th Div.; Elected; Commission to be forwarded to Major Askew; Endorsement issued June 29, 1842. Certificate of election, June 24, 1842, Salem, Russell Co., Rufus K. Mills, Col.
      Duncan, Jesse W., 2nd Lieutenant, 5th Div. 13th Brig. 65th Regt; Com. June 29, 1842. Authority: Military State Register, 1832-1844.

AL Confederate Service Records, 1861-1865, cards in AL State Archives; Driver to Elich (FHL film 1,462,918)
      MAD: most items were small typed cards, 3x5; some items were very blurred in the filming and were double images and hard to read. Cards had name and rank in upper left corner, service unit usually in upper right corner, notation if Home Guard, details from source were given in center of card, and the "Authority" as the last line on the card. The service record from the Historical Record Roll frequently listed several engagements he served in, dates wounded, absent, present, etc., and I usually did not copy all the details.
      Duncan, J.W., Private, age 52, F. Watkins Co., Co.A, Russell Co. Reserve. Enlisted Aug. 16, 1864 at Opelika. Authority: Opelika, Russell Co., Aug. 16, 1864.
      Duncan, Joseph D., Private, Co.F was K&J, 6th AL Inf. Reg. Enlisted May 15, '61, Montgomery, AL. Authority: Payroll, Sangster's Cross Roads, VA, June 30, '61.
      Duncan, Joseph D., Private, Co.F one time Co.J, 6th AL Inf. Reg. Crawford [Russell Co.], AL, May 2, 1861. Authority: Pay roll dated Sangster's Cross Roads, VA, Sept. 1, 1861.
      Duncan, Joseph H., Corpl., Co.F, 6th AL Inf. Regt. J.W. Duncan, father, care N.S. Black, atty, Russell Co. AL. Verify des. list. Verified 2 May '64. Claim filed Dec. 24, '63. Authority: List, condition of claims, 2nd Aud., C.S. Treas.

Parents of Confederate Soldiers 1862-1864 (FHL film 1,653,242 item 1)
      Duncan, J.W., father of Joseph H. Duncan, Corporal, Co.F, 6th? AL Inf., Russell Co. AL; claim filed Dec. 24, 1863. Authority: List, Claims, 2nd Aud., C.S. Treas. 1862-64.

AL Confederate Pension Applications, in AL State Archives, Duke - Dunn (FHL film 1,502,781)
      MAD: Did not extract all pension applications for the same person if they gave no other genealogy information. Documents were extracted in order on film. Did not usually copy reason for pension request, which was frequently old age or rheumatism or feebleness; did not always copy witnesses names, which sometimes only said they knew the applicant was of good character and in need of the pension. "Cavalry" was frequently abbreviated "Calv" and spelled "Calvary." Did not usually copy the schedule of property unless it listed land. The complete pension papers should be rechecked individually, following is very brief extract of contents.
      DUNCAN, Thos. M., Russell Co. AL, Co.B, Banards Art. Bttn. AL, Private. Application 21 May 1892, Thomas M. Duncan (/s/ T.M. Duncan), Private in Co.B, Banard's Battalion of Artillery C.S.A., now 70 years old, infirm and feeble, farming when able to do anything. Appl. 10 May 1893, now 71 years old. Appl. 3 May 1894, now 72 years old.

HISTORIES before 1923

1889 "Biographical and historical memoirs : of Pulaski, Jefferson, Lonoke, Faulkner, Grant, Saline, Perry, Garland and Hot Spring counties, Arkansas, comprising a condensed history of the state, a number of biographies of distinguished citizens of the same, a brief descriptive history of each of the counties above named, and numerous biographical sketches of their prominent citizens" (Central AR) pub. by Goodspeed (FHL film 934,823 item 2 and FHL book 976.7 D3bhm; Los Angeles Public Library book; from Evelyn Sigler 8/1983 and Lorna LaFave 3/1984)
      Pg.455-6: Pulaski Co.: Dr. George W. Granberry, a prominent physician and surgeon, of Jacksonville, AR, was born in Russell Co. AL September 13, 1848, being a son of Richmond and Zilpha (Duncan) Granberry. The father a native of Jefferson Co. GA, born in 1817. His parents were Thomas and Claricy (Yarbrough) Granberry, both from the State of Georgia, who moved to Mississippi, when Richmond was in his sixth year. After a residence of a few years in Mississippi, they returned to Georgia, moving to Alabama in 1837, but during their declining years decided to again return to Georgia and pass their last days in that State. Thomas Granberry was a well-known Baptist preacher, and of Irish descent. Mrs. Zilpha Granberry was born in NC, in 1820, and was the daughter of Edmond and Nancy (White) Duncan; the father a native of NC, and of Scotch descent. Mr. Duncan was a soldier in the Revolutionary War, and fought in a regiment from his native State. He escaped the siege and capture of Charleston with his regiment, by being mounted in place of a sick trooper, and taking part in the disastrous expedition with Gen. Moultrie to Monk's Corner, where the command was surprised by Tarleton, and cut to pieces. Mr. Duncan was among the fortunate few who escaped the butchery that followed, and afterward served under Gen. Green until peace was declared in 1783. He settled in Georgia in 1812. Upon the visit of Gen. Lafayette to the United States in 1834, he was among the few old veterans left to greet that venerable patriot. Richmond and Zilpha Granberry were the parents of nine children, four of whom are yet living, the oldest son Benjamin F. Granberry, being killed in the Confederate army. The others died from natural causes. Dr. Granberry was reared in Alabama until twelve years of age, when his parents moved with him to Panola County, Miss., where he was educated in the public schools. On September 27, 1862, the Doctor enlisted in Company H, 2nd Regiment Mississippi Partisan Cavalry, .... (MAD: Richard Granberry mar. Zilpha Duncan 9/2/1841 Russell Co. AL; Edmund Dunkan mar. Nancy White 4/1/1804, bond William Dunkan, in Duplin Co. NC; see also Jones Co. GA)


The family records of James Duncan and Sarah Lumsden have been given in the following:
      "East AL Genealogical Quarterly" 1983-4, pg.137, gives burials in the now destroyed Family Cemetery in Salem, in Russell Co. before the creation of Lee Co. AL, of James Duncan 5/30/1785 - 12/29/1851 and Sarah Lumsden Duncan, 4/20/1785 - 2/11/1860 and many of their children.
      "Tap Roots" Vol.5, No.3 (January 1968) and Vol.5, No.4 (April 1868) has Bible Records pertaining to this family.
      A typed copy of the Bible Records of Augustus Jones Digby and of James Duncan and his wife Sarah Lumsden Duncan, married 7/2/1804, are also in the AL State Archives 929.3 Hobbs (from Donna Little 1982)
      "AL Bible Records" by Jeannette H. Austin, 1987 (FHL fiche 6,100,667 and FHL book 976.1 D2a)


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