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Formed 1852 from Marion, Talbot


1860 Taylor Co. GA Census
743rd District
Pg.843, #109-102, James DUNKIN 58 "N" (NC) farmer $2500-$2625
                  Susan M. 47 "S" (SC)
                  James M. 24 GA farmer
                  Lucretia A. 18 GA
                  (MAD: 1850 Upson Co. GA census; James Duncan b.1802 Duplin Co. NC, with parents to Jones Co. GA, 1827 to Upson Co. GA, d. 11/15/1860 Taylor Co. GA; from "Marriage & Death Notices from the Southern Christian Advocate" Vol.1, 1837-1860, by Brent Holcomb, FHL book 975 B38h)
757th District
Pg.895, #460-443, James C. COX 30 GA teacher $0-$1000
                  Elizabeth F. 17 GA teacher
                  Mary W. 9/12 GA
                  Lucinda M. DUNCAN 15 GA domestic $0-$1300
                  Nancy T. DUNCAN 12 GA orphan $0-$1300
                  (MAD: 1850 Jones Co. GA census)

1870 Taylor Co. GA Census
Carsonville Dist.
Pg.295, #71-71, DUCAN?, Hilliard (m) 35 GA BLACK farm hand $0-$25
                  Matilda 35 GA BLACK keeps house
                  Sylvia (f) 20 GA BLACK farm hand
                  Hannah 17 GA BLACK farm hand
                  Henry 14 GA BLACK farm hand
                  William 11 GA BLACK farm hand
                  Wilson 10 GA BLACK farm hand
                  Harrison 8 GA BLACK at home
                  John 4 GA BLACK
                  Effie 6 GA BLACK
                  Julius (m) 3 GA BLACK
                  Nancy 1 GA BLACK
Butler Dist.
Pg.306, #22-22, DUNCAN, Violet (f) 22 GA BLACK keeps house $0-$30
                  Sama (f) 1 GA BLACK
                  Willy (m) 25 GA BLACK timber geter
Pg.310, #115-115, DUNCAN, Mary 28 GA BLACK keeps house $0-$25
                  Georgeann (f) 6 GA BLACK at home
                  Lula (f) 1 GA MULATTO at home
                  SMITH, Eliza (f) 25 GA BLACK works farm
Pg.317, #238-238, WHITLE?, James 64 GA (white) farmer $1000-$500
                  Mary 65 GA keeps house
                  William 30 GA farmer $0-$200
                  BOLAND, Robecca? (f) 24 GA (white) keeps house
                  DUNCAN, Emiline 12 GA BLACK house servant
Cedar Creek Dist.
Pg.357, #110-110, DUNCAN, Lewis 60 GA BLACK farm hand $0-$100
                  Frances (f) 50 GA BLACK keeps house
                  Monice? (Monoce?) (Monoee?) (m) 17 GA BLACK farm hand


Taylor Co. GA Wills (FHL film 321,090)
      A-20/22: James Duncan; dated 4 Sept. 1860; being of advanced age; wife Susan M. Duncan the plantation whereon I now reside containing all the lands and tennements thereto belonging, also all the farming tools ... also the following named negro slaves ... to have said property during her natural life or widowhood and at the death of my wife or upon her intermarriage all of said property to be equally divided amongst my four children to wit Thadeus F. Duncan, James M. Duncan, Martha E. Wooddy and Lucretia A. Duncan; to my son Thadeus F. Duncan a negro girl ... which negro is now loaned to my said son and which I value at $1200; to my daughter Martha E. Wooddy a negro ... now loaned to my said daughter valued at $1400; to my son James M. Duncan a negro ... now loaned to my said son valued at $1200; to my daughter Lucretia A. Duncan a negro ... valued at $800; to my children Thaddeus F. Duncan, James M. Duncan, Martha E. Wooddy and Lucretia A. Duncan all my property not heretofore disposed of by this will, to be equally divided ...; all the property given by me in this will of whatever kind to my children Thaddeus F. Duncan, James M. Duncan, Martha E. Wooddy and Lucretia A. Duncan shall not be subject to any debt or contract of my said children but that each of said children shall receive their respective shares given in this will in trust for their children said property to be used by my said children for their own support and for the support and maintenance and education of their respective children and at the respective deaths of my said children their respective share ... shall rest absolutely in their respective children; at the death of my beloved wife Susan M. Duncan that in the division of my property among my children heretofore named that Thaddeus F. Duncan shall have $200 to make him equal with my daughter Martha E. Wooddy and that James M. Duncan shall have $200 for the same purpose and that Lucretia A. Duncan shall have $600 to make her equal with the rest of my children; the balance divided between my four children; appoint wife Susan M. Duncan executrix and James M. Duncan executor. Wit. W.H. Jenkins, Jesse Stallings, James F. May; probated 4 Dec. 1860 on oaths of Wesley H. Jenkins, Jesse Stallings, James F. May. (MAD: Thaddeus Duncan died 1871 Abbeville Co. SC)

Taylor Co. GA Court of Ordinary Minutes 1852-1904 & Homestead records 1866-1911 (part indexed); Court minutes July 1852 - May 1869 (FHL film 321,092 item 1; SLC 6/2008 and 2/2009)
      Pg.118-119: Dec. term 1860. Petition of Susan M. Duncan and James M. Duncan of said county; that James Duncan of said county departed this life 15 November 1860, owner of a large valuable real and personal estate. Prior to this time he made his last will appointing petitioners his executors. Petition for probate, Dec. 3, 1860. /s/ Susan M. Duncan, James M. Duncan. Will produced by executors, witnesses Wesley H. Jenkins, Jessee Stallings and James T. May who came into court; court ordered the will be admitted to record; Letters Testamentary issue.


Taylor Co. GA Deed Indexes (SLC 6/10/2008)
      Indexes 1852-1932, typed; Direct (FHL film 321,107)
      B-88: Duncan, E. et al to Walden, J.M., 3/3/1857? (blurred), rec. 7/11/1857, lot #127 14th Dist. W.D.
      D-391: Duncan, G.W. et al to J.A. "Holllis", 4/21/1897, rec. (blank), lot #209 12th Dist., Admin. deed.
      G-48: (C-48?): Duncan, Eva et al by M?.E. Woody, Guar[dian], to Shirah, A., 1/25/1884, rec. 5/6/1905?, Lot #210, 211, 207, 2nd Dist., W.D.
      Later deeds 1900, not copied
      Indexes 1852-1932, typed; Reverse (FHL film 321,108) - only copied early
      B-87: Duncan, E. from Jennings, R.M., 10/29/1856, rec. 7/11/1857, lot #127 14th Dist., W.D.
      G-317-8: Duncan, Anna, from Montfort, R, 5/11/1883, rec. 5/19/1883, lot #1 14th Dist., W.D.
      Later deeds 1899, not copied

Taylor Co. GA Deeds (SLC 6/10/2008)
      B-87: 29 Oct. 1856, Robert M. Jennings of Troup Co. GA to Edmund Duncan trustee &c of Heard Co. GA, for $250, lot 127 in 14th Dist. originally Muscogee but now Taylor Co., 202 acres, to Edmund Duncan and his wife Annie for their lives, not subject to their debts, and to Annie if she survives her husband, then to be inherited by their children Joseph and Mary Jane, making a trustee of Edmund for the land, in exchange for a lot of land of 40 acres where Duncan now lives in Heard Co., where the title is the same. Edmund as trustee for his children. Wit. Thomas Buttrill, M.L. Culberson JP. (FHL film 321,110)
      B-88: 3 March 1857, Edmund Duncan and wife Anny Duncan and "their" son Joseph Duncan and "his" daughter Mary Jane Duncan, all Taylor Co. GA, to John M. Walden of Houston Co. GA, for $125, lot 127 in 14th Dist. originally Muscogee now Taylor Co., 202-1/2 acres, in fee simple. /s/ Edmund Duncan, Annie (X) Duncan, Joseph (X) Duncan, Mary J. (X) Duncan. Wit. A.M. Calhoun, John H. Wallace JP. Rec. 11 July 1857. (FHL film 321,110)
      D(2nd D)-391: Bibb Co. GA. 21 April 1897, George W. Duncan and W.H. Felton, administrators of will of Wm. B. Johnston late of said Co., decd, to James A. Hollis of Taylor Co. GA, $200, lot 209 in 12th Dist. originally Muscogee now Taylor, 202-1/2 acres. Wit. V.A. Menard, Robt. A. Nisbet, Clerk Supr. Court, Bibb Co. GA. (FHL film 321,116)


"Roster of Confederate Soldiers of GA 1861-1865" by Lillian Henderson, Director of the State Division of Confederate Pensions and Records for the state of Georgia, 6 vols. (FHL book 975.8 M22h)
      1:802: 6th Regiment GA Volunteer Infantry, Army of Tennessee; Co.G, Butler Van Guards, Taylor Co. GA: Thomas J. Duncan, Private, May 27, 1861; died at Richmond, VA, Aug. 5, 1862. (MAD: 1860 Macon Co. GA census)


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