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Original county formed 1850
Alpine formed 1864 from El Dorado, Amador, Calaveras


1850 El Dorado Co. CA Census (edges black on film, many household numbers illegible)
Placerville & vicinity
Pg.268, #--, Wesley DUNCAN 26 VA none
                  Margaret 26 VA
                  William P. 4 IL, Mary E. 1 IL
                  William DUNCAN 23 VA minor $50
                  (MAD: from Johnson Co. MO 1844)
Pg.268, #--, Greenberry HAYS 22 Georia(?) (next line to above)
                  Lavena HAYS 42 Ten?
Pg.282, #--, Joseph DUNCAN 20 OH miner for gold
                  (list of many men this age group as miners)
Pg.294, #6, William TYLER 15 (sic) KY miner for gold
                  John W. DUNKIN 12 MO miner for gold
Pg.302, #19?, James A. COX 38 KY miner for gold
                  Robert W. DUNCAN 34 KY miner for gold
Diamond Springs
Pg.350, #10, Alexander DUNCAN 55 VA miner
                  Martin DUNCAN 18 KY miner
                  (MAD: from Boone Co. MO)
Mathenia Creek (each page starts household #1)
Pg.354, #11, Wyat G. DUNCAN 22 VA miner
                  Wm. S. CRIM 27 TN
                  (MAD: from MO; 1860 Yolo Co. CA census)
Mud Springs (each page starts household #1)
Pg.365, #4, Abraham DUNCAN 23 IL miner $300
                  Elisha DUNCAN (m) 27 IL miner
                  Wiley MYATT 20 TN miner $240
                  (MAD: from Bond Co. IL)
Salmon Falls
Pg.384, #984-1102, (Hotel)
                  John DUNCAN 27 England miner
                  (other names)
                  Joseph DUNCAN (f) 18 Sandwich Isl.
S.Fork American River (each page starts household #1)
Pg.395, #8, John DUNCAN 56 KY merchant $3000
                  John W. DUNCAN 14 MO
                  Jas. McDONALD 49 VA miner
                  Daniel DUNCAN 20 MO miner
                  Jas. THOMPSON 21 MO miner
Coloma (each page starts household #1)
Pg.398, #?, Geo. E. DUNCAN 38 MAss none $3000
                  with others at hotel.
Pg.399, #1, Geo. CHADWICK 19 PA blacksmith
                  John JONES 23 MO laborer
                  Horace JAMES 28 MO laborer
                  Benj. BAKER 27 MO laborer
                  Thos. DUNCAN (DANCAN?) 22 KY miner
                  John S? PANCHIS? 25 NY miner $5000
Cincinnati & vicinity (each page starts household #1)
Pg.422, #6, Benj. F. DUNCAN 18 MO miner
                  John MORRIS 20 KY miner
                  John M. RICE 23 MO miner
                  Wm. HOPPER 20 MO miner
Granite Creek (each page starts household #1)
Pg.431, #4, John BARNARD 40 KY miner $1500
                  Alexander SMITH 40 KY miner
                  Thos. DUNCAN 30 MO miner
                  Thos. AYRES 43 VA miner
Peru & vicinity (each page starts household #1)
Pg.446, #1, Wm. DUNCAN 21 VA miner
                  David E. JONES 21 IA miner
                  Edward R. LUNT 23 MI physician
Pilot Hill (each page starts household #1)
Pg.474, #2, Duncan KENNEDY 31 Scotland miner
                  Edwin LIBRY 31 Ireland miner
                  Fred DUNCAN 31 Scotland miner
                  & two other miners

1860 El Dorado Co. CA Census
Pg.777, #139, R.F. DUNCAN (m) 32 GA miner
                  & other miners
Pg.848, #915, C.L. DUNCAN (m) 38 VA miner
                  D.M. CLAYBURN (m) 25 IL carpenter
Pg.912, #1636, Geo. DUNCAN 68 CT miner
                  Fred SMITH 21 Prussia miner
Mud Springs
Pg.970, #2258, R.H. DUNCAN (m) 36 VA merchant $1500-$4000
                  John BUCKNER 28 MO miner $1000
                  (MAD: to Amador Co. CA)
White Oak
Pg.1028, #2852, Harman DUNCAN 35 Hanover blacksmith $300-200
                  Mary 35 Hamburg
                  John 4, Matilda 3, Harman 1 CA
Pg.1137, #4011, James ANDERSON 24 IA miner $500
                  M. JOHNSON (m) 27 CT miner $400
                  A. RHODES (m) 40 NY miner $400
                  Jesse RHODES (m) 45 ME miner $400
                  B. DUNCAN (m) 40 MO miner --
                  John RICE 35 MO miner --
Pg.1175, #4399, A. MARROTTE (m) 38 CAN miner
                  Bertrum MARROTTE 50 France miner
                  Joseph DUNCAN 52 France miner

1870 El Dorado Co. CA Census
Diamond Springs Twp.
Pg.26, #177-112, DUNCUN, George E. 59 MA farmer $600-$366
                  Caroline 47 MO
                  Emma 15 CA, Ella 6 CA
                  BERRY, James H. 28 AL school teacher
                  (MAD: one George E. Duncan d. 7/12/1891, age 65y, b. New York, bur. Oak Hill Cemetery, Pleasant Valley Road, El Dorado Co. CA; b.ca 1826, perhaps ? Monroe Co. NY)
Kelsey Twp.
Pg.60, #80-61, DUNCAN, Benj. 48 VA farmer $100-$100
                  STILER, Wm. 72? (75?) PA farmer
Mud Springs Twp.
Pg.75, #82-82, DUNCAN, Richard H. 46 VA huckster $1000-$3000 (alone)
                  (MAD: 1875 Amador Co. CA voter)
Placerville Twp.
Pg.93, #35-27, DICKSON, John W.B. 41 PA farmer $4000-$6160
                  Mary J. 30 WI ("Wisconsin")
                  Frank O. 2, Alexander 11/12 Aug. CA
                  (MAD: J.W.B. Dickson mar. Jennie Duncan 1865, she the dau. of George E. Duncan)
Pg.93, #57-43, WILLIAMS, H.P. (m) 30 IN miner $0-$150
                  DUNCUN, James H. 33 England miner $0-$100, U.S. Citizen, parents of foreign birth
                  LOOMIS, Evart J. (m) 40 NY miner $0-$0
Salmon Falls Twp.
Pg.129, #15-15, DUNCAN, John G. 59 NH laborer $0-$0
                  CRAWFORD, James 40 VT carpenter
                  ALLEN, Jacob 45 MA Supt. of vinyard
                  TURNER, William 39 ME working in vinyard
                  REED, Chancey (m) 60 OH working in vinyard
                  JONES, Edwin A. 42 VT working in vinyard
                  SMITH, Lewis 17 CA working in vinyard
Salmon Falls Twp., North of River
Pg.132, #13-13, RUSSELL, Daniel 42 SCT farmer $3000-$3000, U.S. Citizen, parents of foreign birth
                  JENKINS, John 46 SCT farm laborer $100-$600, U.S. Citizen, parents of foreign birth
                  VANDERGRAF, G. (m) 42 TN farm laborer
                  MOORE, Lafayette 28 IA farm laborer $0-$1200
                  DUNCAN, James 15 CA farm laborer in school in year
Pg.132, #27-23, DARSINGTON?, Lon? (m) 27 ENG farmer $1000-$450, parents of foreign birth
                  CHUDWICK, Wm. J. 50 NY farm laborer
                  DUNCAN, John 43 RI ("R. Island") miner
                  (MAD: one John Duncan d. 4/10/1890, age 68y, native of Rhode Island, to CA 6/10/1850; death listed in El Dorado Co. Hospital Register)

1880 CA Soundex
      No James P. Dunkum

1900 El Dorado Co. CA Census (partial; from soundex)
Vol.7, ED28, pg. 177, sheet 26, line 27, Placerville Twp
#681, James P. DUNKUM 55 VA Apr. 1845 ditch agent m.20 yrs p.b. VA VA
            Carry S. DUNKUM 38 KY wife 8ch, 8ch liv, mar. 20 yrs, p.b. IN KY
            Marshall H. 18 CA Mar. 1882 son
            Addie E. 15 CA Sept. 1884 dau.
            Rowland A. 13 CA May 1887 son
            Ralph 9 CA Mar. 1891 son
            Amy 6 CA Nov. 1893 dau.
            Beulah 4 CA Feb. 1896 dau.
            Doretha 1 CA June 1899 dau.
            (MAD: 1850 Albemarle Co. VA census, Price Dunkum age 8; James Price Dunkum, d. 12/29/1926 Napa Co. CA, age 81y, old time resident of Placerville [El Dorado Co. CA], funeral to be held in Placerville; survived by widow and sons and daus.: Homer of San Francisco, Marshall and Rolan of Placerville, and Ralph of Cleveland, Ohio, and Mrs. George Dixon of Folsom, Mrs. Amy Pehherthy (sic) of Stockton, Mrs. Dorothy Isaacson of Stockton, and Mrs. C.A. Richmond of Hayward; and step-children: T.M. Ficas of Napa, Mrs. George Bolion of Richmond, and Mrs. F.W. Johnson of Stockton; from "The Napa Journal" Napa, Napa Co. CA, Thursday, Dec. 30, 1926, at CA State Library in Sacramento; widow P.E. Dunkum per CA Death index. Buried at Union Cemetery, Bee Street, Placerville, CA: James P. Dunkin, born VA, d. Jan. 2, 1927, age 81y 9mos; Marshall Dunkium, b. CA, d. 3 March 1949 age 67y; Mrs. Cami Dunkun, b. KY, d. 13 Jan. 1906 age 44y, also listed as Carrie Dunkum, wife of J.P., 15 Oct. 1861 - 11 Jan. 1906, native of KY)


Indexes to El Dorado Co. CA deeds, births, marriages, deaths and financial reports are available on the internet (8/1999 through at least 6/2001)
      Select the Recorder-Clerk Department and choose which records you want to search

Marriages to early 1880's, El Dorado Co. CA Clerk's Office
      George Duncan to Caroline Moore, married 20 January 1861 in Diamond Springs by Chas. L. Amidon. A-159. (Marriage Book A not on shelf).
      J.W.B. Dickson, age 37, to Jennie Duncan, age 27, married 1 November 1865 in Diamond Springs by Chas. C. Wallace. B-143.
      Frederick W. Glynn, age 38, to Nettie G. Duncan, age 18, married 16 July 1873 in Diamond Springs by H.B. Sheldon. B-557.
      James H. Duncan, age 39, to Martha A. Maynard, age 16, married 5 October 1878 by Caleb Chas. Peirce(sic). C-261.

CA Death Indexes, 1905-1929 and 1930-1939 (1905-1929 from CA State Library, Sacramento, and FHL microfilm 1,686,044, A to Emerson, Geo.; 1930-1939 from FHL microfilm 1,686,048, A to Hetterman)
      MAD Note: An index to California Birth Records, 1905-1995, and California Death Records, 1940-1997, has been posted at Rootsweb:
      Decedent name (8 characters maximum in first name); Spouse initials; Age, Place, Date of death; Year registered - State file number (MAD: added birth year)
      Duncan, Pearl; spouse C.; 32 years, El Dorado Co., died 4/28/35; 35-20299
      Duncan, Susan; spouse R.; 86 years, El Dorado Co., died 6/3/28; 28-29254
      Duncan, Viola; 22 years, El Dorado Co., died 7/2/14; 14-20423

Death Certificates, El Dorado Co. CA Recorder's Office, from index
      No death certificate for James P. Dunkum (ca 1929 or any time) (MAD: died Napa Co. 12/29/1926; spouse P.E. Duncan; per CA Death list)
      Vol.16, pg.17: Marshall (no middle name) Dunkum, died March 2 (sic), 1949; divorced; born March 22, 1882, California; father James P. Dunkum; mother Caroline E. Miller; in El Dorado Co. 40 years; spouse Laura E. Dunkum; informant Rolan Dunkum.
      Vol.7, pg.131: Susan Duncan, died 3 June 1928, Indian, age 86, husband Robert Duncan, father "unknown Dalton"; mother unknown; resided at place of death 60 years; born California; signed by Coroner in Amador City.
      (other Duncans, not copied).


El Dorado County, CA, Recorder's Office webpage, search for Duncan 1850-1869 (Internet 1/2/2012)
      Name, Document, date, Deed Book, page, cross reference name
*DUNCAN BENJAMIN* (grantee), *DEED*, 08/12/1869, Book M, Page 184, STILER WILLIAM
*DUNCAN CAROLINE* et al, *DEED*, 03/25/1864, Book J, Page 90, HANRAHAN MICHAEL
*DUNCAN GEORGE E* et al, *DEED*, 03/25/1864, Book J, Page 90, HANRAHAN MICHAEL
*DUNCAN LAWRENCE* (grantee), *DEED*, 07/11/1863, Book H, Page 573, SHEPARD JAMES H
*DUNCAN LAWRENCE* (grantee), *DEED*, 07/11/1863, Book H, Page 574, SHEPARD JAMES H
*DUNCAN R H* (grantee), *DEED*, 09/15/1862, Book H, Page 76, E BENNETT & BROS
*DUNCAN R H* (grantee), *DEED*, 01/22/1864, Book J, Page 485, BENNETT E, BENNETT S A
*DUNCAN R H*, *DEED*, 02/20/1865, Book J, Page 281, D O MILLS & CO
*DUNCAN R H* (grantee), *DEED*, 01/02/1866, Book K, Page 397, HARVEY JOHN
*DUNCAN R H* (grantee), *DEED*, 03/05/1868, Book L, Page 415, HARVEY ANDREW W
*DUNCAN R H*, *DEED*, 07/28/1868, Book L, Page 566, HAVILLAH MIN CO
*DUNCAN R H* (grantee), *DEED*, 12/05/1868, Book L, Page 632, HART M L, HART O P
*DUNCAN R H*, *DEED*, 01/15/1869, Book M, Page 25, HAVILAH MIN CO
*DUNCAN R H* (grantee), *DEED*, 03/12/1869, Book M, Page 215, BOYD JAMES
*DUNCAN R H* (grantee), *DEED*, 10/12/1869, Book V, Page 427, SIMPSON E M
*DUNCAN R H*, *DEED*, 12/22/1869, Book M, Page 374, HAVILAH MIN CO

Deeds, El Dorado Co. CA County Clerk's Office, from index
      H-76: 15 Sept. 1862, E. Bennett & Bros. to R. H. Duncan.
      H-573, 574: 11 July 1863, James H. Shepard to Lawrence Duncan.
      J-90: 25 March 1864, George E. Duncan and wife Caroline to Michael Hanrahan, $300, both of El Dorado Co., land in eastern portion of Village of Diamond Springs.
      (Did not copy later)

Earliest Land Patent, El Dorado Co. CA County Clerk's Office
      B-79: 20 Oct. 1875, Richard H. Duncan from United States.

Mining Locations, El Dorado Co. CA County Clerk's Office
      No Duncan until 1886


Probate Records, El Dorado Co. CA Superior Court Clerk's Office from index
      6-524: George E. Duncan, died intestate 25 July 1871 at Hanks Exchange, El Dorado Co. CA; of Diamond Springs; widow Caroline Duncan appointed administratrix 26 Oct. 1871. Heirs: "myself", Mary Jane Dickson, Albert H. Duncan, both of age; Netty Duncan age about 16 years, and Ella Duncan age about 7 years; /s/ Caroline Duncan 7 Aug. 1871. Bond by Caroline Duncan, Owen Ingersoll, J.W.B. Dickson.
      #218: George Duncan, died intestate 14 Feb. 1885; homestead east of town of Nashville; heirs: R.H. Duncan, father, aged about 60, of Plymouth, Amador Co. CA. Petition for probate signed 29 Oct. 1887 by his brother, Albert Duncan.
      #274: Albert Duncan, died intestate 21 March 1889 at Plymouth, Amador Co. CA. Petitioner Charles Duncan is his brother, age 20, of Battle Mountain, NV; heirs were Charles Duncan and also a sister, Ella Duncan, age 28, of Plymouth, CA.
      #1506: Albert H. Duncan, died intestate 20 Dec. 1922; wife Florinda over 21; heirs include nephews George Dickson of Dunsmuir, CA, Robert B. Dickson of Sacramento, CA, and Aleck Dickson of Folsom, CA, all over 21.


Powers of Attorney, El Dorado Co. CA County Clerk's Office
      None until 1884

El Dorado Co. CA County Clerk's Office, Criminal & Civil Cases
      No early Duncan plaintiff
      #494, L.L. Landrecker vs. J.H. Duncan, promissory note dated 5 Feb. 1884 for $464.40 due in 30 days; attachment for $582.85 due.
      (MAD: one James H. Duncan mar. Martha A. Maynard 10/5/1878 at Webber Hill, El Dorado Co. CA)

"Reports of Cases Determined in The Supreme Court of the State of California" by W.W. Cope, Reporter, Vol.68; pgs.611 to 618 (El Dorado Co. CA Law Library 12/2003; MAD's extract)
      HIRAM PEASLEY, Respondent, v. JAMES McFADDEN et al., Appellants; No. 11014, Supreme Court of California; 68 Cal. 611; 10 P. 179; February 25, 1886.
      Appeal from a judgment of the Superior Court of El Dorado County, and from an order refusing a new trial.
      This is an action of ejectment to recover the possession of a small lot of land in El Dorado County. The lot is parcel of about fourteen acres of land known as the Nashville Placer Claim, which one John C. Ensey sold and conveyed to the plaintiff on the twenty-fifth day of October, 1882. At that time the lot was covered by a building known as the Gem Saloon, which had been erected thereon by the defendant Duncan, and was occupied by the defendants McFadden and Heald as his tenants. The Nashville Placer Claim was patented to Ensey by the government of the United States on the fifteenth day of September, 1882, under an application made therefor by him at some time prior to the eighteenth day of March, 1878. When the application was made, and for several years before that, Duncan had been in possession of and had claimed to own a part of the land embraced in the application, including the lot in question. As early as 1866 he erected a building on the land adjoining this lot on the north, in which he carried on the business of merchandising until 1874. He also erected a barn and other buildings which he used in connection with his store. The store, barn, and other buildings were inclosed by a fence. The lot in question was not within the inclosure, but he used it to pile wood upon and boxes from his store, and also kept there some barrels of water for use in case of fire. In 1874 he leased the store and other buildings to defendant Heald, who has continued ever since to occupy them as his tenant. Up to the time the Gem Saloon was built, Heald used the land on which it stands for the same purposes that Duncan had used it. On the 18th of March, 1878, Duncan wrote and read to Ensey, and Ensey then signed, a contract by which, after reciting that he had made application for a patent for the Nashville mine, he agreed and bound himself "for and in consideration of the sum of one dollar to me in hand paid, that as soon as I obtain a patent of said described land I will make out a good and sufficient deed to R.H. Duncan of said land he, said Duncan, has inclosed, and upon which his store, barn, dwelling, and warehouse stand." As soon as the contract was signed it was placed in Heald's safe, and was kept there, and not seen by Duncan, until some time in 1882, after Ensey sold to plaintiff, when hearing that Ensey had received his patent, he got it out and read it. Then for the first time he discovered that in writing the agreement he had omitted from the description of the land he had intended to describe the land and premises sued for in this action. When the contract was made, and for a long time prior thereto, Duncan claimed to own the premises in dispute here, and he intended to have included the same in the written agreement, but unintentionally and by mistake omitted to do so. Ensey knew of the claim made to the said premises by Duncan, and knew from what had been said between them, prior to the date of the agreement, that Duncan intended to require of him a conveyance of the same as a part of the premises which he, Duncan, claimed within the lines of the Nashville Placer Claim. Ensey also had reason to know and suspect, at the time he signed the agreement, that Duncan had made a mistake in drawing it, and through such mistake had omitted the premises in dispute. The complaint is an ordinary complaint in ejectment. The defendants answered, denying the plaintiff's ownership of the premises sued for, and the defendant Duncan, by way of cross-complaint, set out the contract for a deed, herein before referred to, and then alleged "that by mistake said agreement does not correctly describe the premises so to be conveyed." . . . "That at the time said agreement was executed, the said parties thereto intended, and it was by them understood, that the premises therein described and agreed to be conveyed as above set forth should include the whole of the land and premises described in plaintiff's complaint, but that the same was omitted by mistake, and in order that the said agreement may conform to the intention of the said parties thereto at the time of its execution, it is necessary that the same be reformed and made to read as follows." The plaintiff answered the cross-complaint by denying fully that there was any mistake made in the drawing or execution of the agreement referred to, or that it was understood or agreed by the parties thereto that it should or did include the whole or any part of the premises described in plaintiff's complaint. ... The judgment is reversed and cause remanded.

HISTORIES before 1923

1882 "History of Boone County, Missouri ... : including a history of its townships, towns and villages, together with a condensed history of Missouri, the city of St. Louis ... biographical sketches and portraits" (FHL book 977.829 H2h and film 1,000,282 item 2, and from Marilyn Michaels 3/1982)
      Pg.361-362: California Emigrants. The following list, alphabetically arranged, embraces the names, as far as known to us, of all the Boone County emigrants to California in 1850. No doubt there were others whose names we were unable to obtain: Alex. Duncan, Martin Duncan

1883 "Historical souvenir of El Dorado County, California : with illustrations and biographical sketches of its prominent men and pioneers" by Paoli Sioli (Placerville Library; also FHL film 468,733 item 1)
      No Duncan biography indexed

1898 "Portrait and Biographical Record of Denver and Vicinity, CO" by Chapman Publishing Co. (from Bruce Chapin Duncan 3/1993; also CA State Library, Sutro Branch)
      Pg.461: ELISHA DUNCAN, decd, one of representative pioneers of CO, was very closely identified with founding of Weld and Boulder Cos. ... The founder of this branch of the Duncan family in America was Col. James Duncan, who was a native of Scotland. Early in the 17th century he resigned his commission in the army and settled in VA. His son, John Duncan, was born in Scotland and with his parents took up his permanent residence in the Old Dominion. John married Miss Sarah Anderson, and their son Robert, born in 1795, was the father of the subject of this article. He became one of the first settlers in IL, his home being in Shelby Co. Besides cultivating a farm, he was interested in the Galena lead mines, in the northern part of the state and in Wisconsin. During the Black Hawk war he was one of the settlers who fought against the Indians, finally subduing them. He died Oct. 19, 1868, near Greenville, Bond Co. IL. His wife, Nancy, born in VA Jan. 26, 1805, was a dau. of Abraham and Mary (Whitley) Bateman and granddau. of Col. William Whitley, a native of England. Mrs. Nancy Duncan died Oct. 1, 1851, in IL. One of her sons, John, now of CA, came to CO in 1860. Another son, James, fought in the Mexican war. Elisha Duncan, the eldest of his father's family, was born near Greenville, Bond Co. IL, Sept. 13, 1822. ... started farming, later went to Clinton Co. IL. In 1850 he started for CA across the plains by ox teams and was nearly six months on the journey ... two years at Mud Springs [El Dorado Co. CA], then returned home by way of Isthmus of Panama and New York CIty, resumed agricultural pursuits in Prairie state. In 1860, to CO, where he and Alfred Tucker an old schoolmate engaged in constructing Golden Gate toll-road in Jefferson and Gilpin Cos. ... For part of the time he was also interested in mining in Boulder Co. at Gold Hill. In winter following, Mr. Duncan returned home, and the next spring his family accompanied him ... June 9, 1861, he arrived in Golden Gate with his family. ... Mrs. Mary Duncan, widow of our subject, became his wife Aug. 9, 1849, in Bond Co. IL; she bore the girlhood name of Mary W. Myatt, born in Pocohontas, Bond Co. IL, March 27, 1832. Her father, Judge Alexander Myatt, born in TN Feb. 9, 1802, of Welsh extraction; settled in IL at early date, county judge of Bond Co. for years; he died Sept. 4, 1861 at his home in Prairie state; his wife who was Miss Mary W. Chisenhall d. March 27, 1832; two of their sons, Edward Wesley and Wiley, fought in the Mexican War and of their entire family of 4 girls and 2 boys, only three survive. Since the death of her husband, Mrs. Duncan has lived in Boulder ...

1879 "The United States Biographical Dictionary: Kansas Volume, containing accurately compiled biographical sketches into which is woven the history of the state and its leading interests" pub. Chicago and Kansas City : S. Lewis & Co. (FHL book 978.1 D3u v.1&2; FHL film 874,388, items 1&2)
      Pg.629-630: WESLEY HARVEY DUNCAN, Lawrence [Douglas Co. KS]. Wesley H. Duncan, a pioneer business man of Lawrence, was born in Rockbridge county, Virginia, April 18, 1817. His father, Willis Duncan, was a Virginia planter, rather extensively engaged in tobacco-producing, a leading man in his neighborhood, a soldier in the war of 1812, and the son of a Revolutionary soldier. The family were Baptists and four of the uncles of Wesley H. Duncan were Baptist ministers, the one for whom he was named being in the Baptist ministry for over fifty years. His mother's name was Jane (Bailey) Duncan, and her father was a large stockraiser in Kentucky, where they were married. She was an active, useful member of the Baptist church.
            Wesley H. Duncan was educated in the country school houses of Lincoln county, Kentucky, to which place his father removed when he was only nine years old, embracing only about thirteen months schooling. Being of an adventurous spirit, he started out for himself at an early period, spending about nine years in the lead mines of Galena, Illinois, and a short time in Missouri, where he was married.
            In 1850 he immigrated with his family, a wife and one child, to California, crossing the plains with ox teams, being about four and a half months on the road. He opened a miners store at Cold Spring, Eldorado county, and was quite successful, mining only enough to say that he dug some gold. In the spring of 1853 he returned from California to Monroe county Missouri, and in the spring of 1855 came to Kansas, locating at Lawrence, and at once opened out a large store of general merchandise, in company with Charles Duncan, his brother-in-law and second cousin. In Lawrence he carried on that business until 1860, when the partnership of W.H. & C. Duncan was dissolved by mutual consent, and he entered into the dry goods and grocery business with Columbus Hornsby, since deceased, until 1862. He then entered into the same business with Duncan Allison and continued with him until he [MAD: Allison] was murdered in the Lawrence massacre of August 21, 1863. In this massacre he lost twenty-five thousand dollars in money and goods, eight thousand dollars being in cash.
            Immediately after the massacre he entered into business with Robert Morrow, in a dry-goods house in Lawrence, continuing in that occupation for about three years. Selling out, he devoted himself to the settlement of his business and collection of accounts until 1868, when he removed to California and resided at San Jose for a year. He then returned and entered into the hardware and agricultural implement trade with Charles Duncan and G.W.E. Griffith, as Griffith, Duncan & Co. With some changes in the firm he has continued to carry on that business until the present time.
            He has been a Mason for about twenty-one years. Mr. Duncan is a believer in the Christian religion, generally attending the Methodist church with his family, but never having associated himself with any church organization, but has been a liberal contributor to the erection of churches and religious enterprises. To Wesley H. and Charles Duncan is to be credited the largest portion in the erection of the first Methodist Episcopal church in Lawrence.
            Mr. Duncan was originally a Whig, casting his first presidential vote for General Harrison in 1840, and, since the organization of the Republican party, has been a Republican. He was an early free-state man, contributing liberally to the cause, and still retains some of the old free-state script as mementos of the sacrifices of the free-state struggles.
            Mr. Duncan has been twice married. He was married to Miss Margaret Duncan, in Johnson county, Missouri. She died in California, leaving one son, William T. Duncan, now a promising young business man. In May, 1854, he was married in Johnson county, Missouri, to Miss Elizabeth Watts, by whom he has had five children, only two of whom survive -- Lucetta, fourteen years old, and Wesley Harvey, five years old.
            Mr. Duncan is an energetic, upright business man, who has had many ups and downs in the world, retaining a character for the highest integrity. He has never failed to contribute to any worthy cause as far as he felt able.


Russell Co. AL Inventories, Appraisements & Sales; Vol.F, 1850-1858 (FHL film 1,845,961 item 2)
      Pg.64: Heirs of James Duncan decd: Sarah Duncan widow feme sole of full age; Elizabeth Tucker feme sole of full age; Jesse W. Duncan of full age; Rebecca Webster feme covert of full age and wife of William Webster; James A. Duncan of full age; Mary Ann Rhodes a feme covert of full age and wife of Charles T. Rhodes; Jeremiah A. Duncan of full age; Jno. L/S. Duncan a minor; all of whom reside in Russell Co. AL; and Mariah Hardy feme covert of full age and wife of Wm. P. Hardy, resides in Jasper Co. GA; and Elmina Swan feme covert of full age and wife of Lee Swan, resides in Dallas Co. AL; and Phebe Barnett feme covert of full age and wife of Jno. L. Barnett, resides in Butts Co. GA; and Thomas M. Duncan of full age; and Robert T. Duncan of full age, who resides in California. /s/ Bryant Duncan, Admin. of James Duncan decd, 25 Feb. 1852. (MAD: Robert T. Duncan in 1860 El Dorado Co. CA as R.F. Duncan, 1880 Santa Clara Co. CA, never married)

Jo Daviess Co. IL Deeds (SLC 12/11/2013)
      T-56/57: 26 Jan. 1854, Charles Duncan "(now being in California)" by his attorney in fact Adeline Duncan, and the said Adaline his wife in her own name of Johnson Co. MO, to Henson Foster of Jo Daviess Co. IL, for $465 paid, sell lots or parcels of land in Jo Daviess co. IL, portion of Sec.24 Twp.27N Range 2E of 4th P.M., to wit, lots No.6 and 7 per plat of survey of SE 1/4 Sec.24 Twp.27 Range 2E afsd, caused to be made by the trustees of schools in said Twp.29 and filed in the office of the School Commissioner of Jo Davies Co. IL, said lot 6 being NW 1/4 of said SE 1/4 Sec.24 and said lot 7 being SW 1/4 of said SE 1/4 of said Sec.24, and containing together 80 acres more or less, with appurtenances, warrant title. /s/ Charles Duncan by his attorney in fact Adeline Duncan, Adeline Duncan. Wit. Wesley H. Duncan, Francis W? (M?) Green. Ack. by Adeline Duncan, attorney in fact of Charles Duncan, 13 Feb. 1854, before Dennis Denham, J.P., Johnson Co. MO. Certification by James McConn, Clerk of Johnson Co. MO Court, for Dennis Denham, 14 Feb. 1854. Recorded March 25, 1854. (FHL film 1,601,859)
      T-59/60: Charles Duncan of Eldorado Co. CA appoint Adeline Duncan "(my wife)" of Jo Daviess Co. IL my attorney to enter into and take possession of all ... lands, ... and real estate whatsoever in IL or elsewhere whereof I am now or hereafter may be entitled or interested in, ... and also for me and in my name to grant, bargain, sell and convey the same or any part thereof for such sum and price and such terms as to her shall seem meet, and in my name to execute deeds for the same. In the mean time to lease and until the sale to let for the best rent that can be gotten, to receive rents etc., and such sums of money which shall become due to me ... and perform anything that may be necessary as I were personally present ... and I confirm all my said attorney shall do ... 26 Sept. 1853. /s/ Charles S. Duncan. Ack. 26 Sept. 1853 by Charles S. Duncan before Josiah Gordon, Clerk, El Dorado Co. CA. Recorded 25 March 1854. (FHL film 1,601,859)


Name Index, CA State Library, Sacramento, CA
      DUNKUM, Rolan - Death, legal notice (d. Stockton Nov. 6, 1950, aged 63), Sacramento Bee Nov. 9, 1950, pg. 45, col.3.
      DUNKUM, Marshall - Death, legal notice (d. Placerville March 2, 1949, age 66), Sacramento Bee March 4, 1949, pg. 11, col.2.

"California Wagon Train Lists, Vol.1, April 5, 1849 to Oct. 20, 1852" by Louis J. Rasmussen, 1994 (Placerville FHC)
      MAD: pgs.161-162 contain a list of persons who died in 1852 on the emigrant trail on the north side of the Platte River, published in the "Sacramento Union" of Sept. 14, 1852, which included Martha A. Duncan. Pgs.165-167 contained a list of overland emigrants who had arrived in Placervile, El Dorado Co. CA, during the second week of Sept. 1852, published in the "Sacramento Union" of Sept. 21, 1852, which included H.G. Duncan.
      The books in this series should be consulted for emigrants to California.

"Red Garter Gazette" Old Hangtown, CA (souvenier newspaper, items ca 1850's but primarily undated, with menu of "Red Garter" cafe on inside; may be fiction; Placerville, El Dorado Co. CA)
      Hangtown Thief is Given 39 Lashes. R.C. Fugate came to Placerville in 1850 having walked the last 200 miles of the distance from VA, his horses having been stolen by Indians enroute. He commenced work as a miner, being also well informed as to the law. In 1852, one Duncan was accused of stealing $600 from Scotch Jimmie and not desiring to be "caught with the goods" on being chased, threw the money into the river. Fugate was retained to defend him and handled the case so well that Duncan, instead of getting a severe penalty, was sentenced to the whipping post, 39 lashes to be administered by a man named Tom Stratton. After the whipping he was given a salt water bath, escorted to Coloma, across the bridge, and turned loose with a warning not to set on El Dorado county soil again. (MAD: El Dorado Co. CA Clerk does not have a criminal case vs. Duncan)

"Los Tulares" 4-page Quarterly Bulletin of the Tulare Co. (CA) Historical Society, Box 948, Lindsay, CA 93247 (CA State Library, CA History Room)
      Issue #122, March, 1979: Lewis Creek, contains three brief historical articles by William Tilden Duncan, born west of Porterville in 1866, died April 27, 1944. No genealogy is given.
      Issue #130, March 1981, and #131, June 1981: Memoirs of George W. Duncan, born in IL in 1832 of parents from VA and IN who died in 1846; George to Salt Lake City ca 1847, then to CA, lived east of Placerville [El Dorado Co.] CA, then to Tulare Co. CA, died in 1911; an uncle of William Tilden Duncan. No other genealogy is given.


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