1794 Charleston City Directory, South Carolina Tri-County Genealogy Genealogy information for the genealogical researcher. Research centered in Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester Counties of South Carolina. Research includes census reports, cemetery reports, will abstracts, genealogy helps and more.

1794 Charleston City Directory

Berkeley County, SC
Charleston County, SC
Dorchester County, SC
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Note: * in Name Catagory mean that it was hard to read. In 1794, the letter s was written like an f.
In a lot of cases of last names, it is hard to tell whether the f is suppose to represent an s or an f.
The * in the Occupation Catagory means that I couldn't read the occupation.

Gabeau, Anthony Taylor
Gadsden, Christopher Planter
Gadsden, Mrs. Thomas  
Gadsden, Philip Factor
Gaillard, John Attorney At Law
Gaillard, Theodore Planter
Gaillard, Theodore Attorney At Law
Gaillard, Theodore Factor
Galloway, John Tavern Keeper
Gamble, John Inn Keeper
Garden, Alexander Planter
Gardner, William Carver & Gilder
Gare, Rebecca  
Gates, Thomas rev.  
Gaultier, Joseph Vendue-Cryer
Gaultner, Isabella  
Geddis, Henry Shop Keeper
Geddis, Robert & Co. Store Keepers
Gefken, Henry Cabinet Maker
Genfell or Genfelt, John Marine Hospital
Gennerick, John Fred. Shop Keeper
George, James Ship Wright
George, Mary Shop Keeper
Gerley, John Taylor
Gervais, John Lewis Com'r P. Acc's
Geyer, John Factor
Gibbes, John Planter
Gibbes, Mary  
Gibbes, William Hasell Master in Chan.
Gibbs, George Baker
Gibson, Ann Maria School Mistress
Gibson, Robert Saddler
Gift, Mrs. (Widow of Gen. Gift)  
Gift, William Shop Keeper
Gilchrist, Adam Merchant
Gitsenger, George Shoemaker
Given, Robert Stone Cutter
Glover, Ann  
Goddard & Struges Suveyor
Godfrey, Thomas House Carpenter
Gomez, Elias  
Gondeville Shop Keeper
Good, Sarah Boarding House
Gordon, Andrew Bricklayer
Gordon, James Merchant
Gordon, James Bricklayer
Gordon, James Shoemaker
Gordon, John Factor
Gordon, Thomas Grocer
Gordon, Thomas clk. S C Society
Gould, John Shoemaker
Gourlay, John Shoemaker
Graefer(ser), Conrad Jacob Merchant
Graff, Seibels & Co Merchants
Graham, Mary Midwife
Graham, Samuel Blacksmith
Graham, Samuel Merchant
Graham, William Clerk B Bank.
Grainger, James Chair Maker
Grant, Alexander Baker
Grant, Hary Agent to C. M.
Granville, James Hair Dresser
Grasfell, George Carpenter
Grattan, Daniel  
Gravanstine, Frederick Taylor
Graves, Charles Factor
Gray, Benjamin Planter
Green, William Shop Keeper
Greenland, George Factor
Greenwood, Robert Shop Keeper
Greenwood, William Junior Merchant
Greenwood, William Senior Merchant
Greerly, Joseph Carpenter
Gregorie, James & Son Merchants
Grierson, James Shop Keeper
Grimbal, Mary M.  
Grimke, John F. Associate Judge
Grimke, Mary  
Groftman, Francis  
Gruber, Charles Junior  
Gruber, Charles Senior Cooper
Gruber, Samuel Cooper
Guerand, Mary Ann  
Guillard, Claudius Baker
Guirey, Elizabeth Shop Keeper
Gunn, William Gun Smith
Gury, Charles F.  
Guy, James Taylor
(*)Hawler, Elias Shop Keeper
Hadden, Gardner Taylor
Haig & Dunn Carpenters
Haig & Murray Coopers
Haig, David Cooper
Haig, Mrs.  
Hainsdorf, Henry Carver
Hair, Edward  
Hall, Daniel Factor
Hall, Dominick A. Attorney At Law
Hall, Mary Ann  
Hall, Thomas Clerk F. Court
Hall, Walter Justice of Peace
Hall, William Ship Master
Ham, Mrs. Boarding House
Hambord, Godfrey Carpenter
Hamilton, David Ship Wright
Hamilton, James Merchant
Hamlin & Cleffey (Clessey) Saddlers
Hammett, William rev P. Trinity Ch.
Hammilon, James Shop Keeper
Handy, Thomas Constable
Hanmett, Charlotte  
Hargreaves, Joshua & J. Merchants
Harleston, Elizabeth  
Harleston, Mrs. John  
Harley, William Butcher
Harman, John Carter
Harper, Robert G. Attorney At Law
Harris, Andrew Broker
Harris, John Hartley Hotel
Harris, Thomas Boarding House
Harris, Tucker Physician
Harrison, Isaac  
Hart, Christian Store Keeper
Hart, Daniel Store Keeper
Hart, Philip Flock-Jobber
Harth, John Shop Keeper
Harvey, Benjamin Bricklayer
Harvey, Elizabeth  
Harvey, Elizabeth School Mistress
Harvey, Robert Merchant
Harvey, Thomas Boarding House
Hatt*l, Elizabeth  
Haunbaum, Christian Physician
Haunbaum, George Physician
Hawkins, James Cabinet Maker
Hayes, James Constable
Hazard & Robinson Merchants
Hazard, Rowland Merchant
Hazelwood Painter
Hazlehurst, Robert Merchant
Henrichsen, Betye Carpenter
Henry, George Shoemaker
Henry, Jacob Shop Keeper
Heyneman, Valentine Watch man
Heyward, Hannah  
Heyward, Nathaniel Planter
Heyward, Thomas Jun Planter
Heyward, Thomas Sen. Planter
Hill, Charles Serivener
Hill, Duncan Ship Master
Hill, Jonathan Baker
Hill, Paul Distiller
Hill, Thomas Grocer
Hillegas, George Shop Keeper
Hillegas, Joseph Billiard Table
Hillegas, Philip Shop Keeper
Hinds, Patrick Shoemaker
Hinds, Thomas Attorney At Law
Hinelie, John James Watch Maker
Hobart, John Taylor
Hogsden, Mary (*)mantau maker
Holinshead, William P. Independ. C.
Holmes, Isaac Collect Cu***rs
Holmes, John Bee Intendant
Holmes, Thomas Saddler
Holmes, William Vendue Master
Honeywood, Elizabeth Blacksmith
Horlbeck, John Bricklayer
Hornby, Thomas Distiller
Horry, Thomas Planter
Horsey, Thomas Serivener
Hort, William State Treasurer
Houlton, James Money *
House, Samuel Broker
Howard, Ann  
Howard, John Hair Dresser
Hoyland, Ann Maria School Mistress
Hrabowski, Ann Store Keeper
Huck, Michael Hackney Coach
Huger, Daniel Lionel Federal Marshall
Huger, Isaac Planter
Huger, John Planter
Hughes, John Carpenter
Humphreys, Benjamin  
Hunt Ship Master
Hunt, Mrs  
Hunter, Thomas Ship Master
Hunter, William Taylor
Hunter, William Shop Keeper
Hurst, Charles Taylor
Hutchings, William B. School Master
Hutchinson, John Shop Keeper
Hutson, Abel Shop Keeper
Hyams, Solomon Shop Keeper
Hyslop, Robert Shop Keeper
Ievine, Matthew Physician
Ingles, Alexander  
Inglesby, Henry Taylor
Inglesby, William Taylor
Izaard, Charlotte  
Izard, Ralph Junior Planter
Izard, Ralph Senior Senator to US

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