1794 Charleston City Directory, South Carolina Tri-County Genealogy Genealogy information for the genealogical researcher. Research centered in Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester Counties of South Carolina. Research includes census reports, cemetery reports, will abstracts, genealogy helps and more.

1794 Charleston City Directory

Berkeley County, SC
Charleston County, SC
Dorchester County, SC
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Note: * in Name Catagory mean that it was hard to read. In 1794, the letter s was written like an f.
In a lot of cases of last names, it is hard to tell whether the f is suppose to represent an s or an f.
The * in the Occupation Catagory means that I couldn't read the occupation.

Vacanna Joiner
Vale, John David Farmer
Van Ryan & Salvage Shop Keeper
Vanaffendelft, William Ship Master
Vanderhorst, Arnoldus Planter
Vansilver Physician
Vardell, Elizabeth  
Vardell, Robert Taylor
Vercnocke & Cockie Merchants
Veree, Joseph Serivener
Vesey, Joseph Merchant
Vesier, M  
Villepontoux, Jane  
Villerct, Mary  
Virgin, George Shop Keeper
Vliex, Frederick Barber
Vos & Graves Merchants
Vos, Andrew Merchant
Wagner, Christopher Dray man
Wagner, George Merchant
Wagner, John Planter
Wainwright, Richard Planter
Wall, Richard Gilbert Vintner
Wallis, Hugh Painter
Wallis, James Custom H. Boat
Wallis, Thomas Cabinet Maker
Wallis, William Cabinet Maker
Ward, John Attorney At Law
Ward, Joshua Counselior
Ward, Love  
Warham, Charles Planter
Waring, John Planter
Waring, Mary  
Waring, Thomsa Factor
Warley, Elizabeth  
Warnock, Joseph Boarding House
Warson, Thomas Carpenter
Washington, William Planter
Watley, Felix Clk the Senate
Watson, Alexander Factor
Watson, Isaac Shop Keeper
Watson, John Upholsterer
Watson, Joseph Hair Dresser
Wattes, Thomas Associate Judge
Watts, Charles Cabinet Maker
Weaver, Peter Shoemaker
Webb, John Merchant
Webster, Thomas Pilot
Welch, George Tobacconist
Welch, John Tobac. Inspector
Welch, Mary Boarding House
Welch, Thomas Baker
Wellinger, John Baker
Wells, Edgar & Son Merchants
Wells, Richard  
Werthing, John Butcher
Wesner, Philip Public House
West, Thomas Wade Comedian
Westermyer, Andrew Silver Smith
Weston, John Holybush Attorney At Law
Weston, Plowden ***hter
Weyman, Edward Surveyor Cust.
Whit*eld & Brown Merchants
White, Blake Leay Carpenter
White, James Shop Keeper
White, John Factor
White, Sims Factor
White, William & Co Merchants
Whiteman, Waldham Silver Smith
Whitey, Moses  
Whittimore, Reteen Joiner
Widsworth & Turpin Merchants
Wildseks, Jeremiah Painter
Wilkie, William Factor
Wilkins, James Carpenter
Willeman, Christopher Tanner
Williams, Elizabeth  
Williams, John Coffee House
Williams, John M. Ship Carpenter
Williams, Joseph Taylor
Williams, Jtham Ship Carpenter
Williams, Margaret  
Williman, Jacob Tanner
Wilson & McKinnon Taylors
Wilson, John Cabinet Maker
Wilson, Robert Apothecary
Wilson, Samuel Physician
Wilson, Sarah  
Winstanley, Thomas Attorney At Law
Winthrop, Joseph Merchant
Winthrop, Joseph Merchant
Wish, Benjamin Carpenter
Withers, Rebecca  
Wittick, Charles  
Wood, Thomas Physician
Wood, William Inspect Customs
Woolf, Frederick Shop Keeper
Woolf, Henry Shop Keeper
Woolf, Mathas Butcher
Wragg, John Planter
Wragg, William Planter
Wrainen, Richard Shop Keeper
Wranch, John Clk to Commis
Wright, James Baker
Wyatt, John Carpenter
Wyatt, Richard Carpenter
Y**r, G & S Shoemakers
Yates, Seth Ship Carpenter
Yates, William Shop Keeper
Yoang, George Butcher
Yoang, Sarah  
Young, Hugh Shop Keeper
Young, Susannah  
Young, William Price Painter, Book Seller & Stationer
Zealy, Mrs Shop Keeper
Zyntra, Peter Shop Keeper

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