1794 Charleston City Directory, South Carolina Tri-County Genealogy Genealogy information for the genealogical researcher. Research centered in Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester Counties of South Carolina. Research includes census reports, cemetery reports, will abstracts, genealogy helps and more.

1794 Charleston City Directory

Berkeley County, SC
Charleston County, SC
Dorchester County, SC
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Note: * in Name Catagory mean that it was hard to read. In 1794, the letter s was written like an f.
In a lot of cases of last names, it is hard to tell whether the f is suppose to represent an s or an f.
The * in the Occupation Catagory means that I couldn't read the occupation.

M*nlen, James Shop Keeper
Ma***n, Patrick Watchmaker
Mac*eod, Willima Merchant
Macauley, George Merchant
Mackey, Crafts Watchmaker
Mackie & Williams Coachmakers
Macomb, James Vendue-Master
Maden & Woodworth Hatters
Maine, William Grocer
Makkay, John Carpenter
Managault, Joseph Planter
Mann & Foitz Merchant
Mann, Margaret  
Manning, Hugh Carpenter
Manson, John Merchant
Markland, McIvers & Co Printers
Markley, Abraham Merchant
Marks, Humphry Shop Keeper
Marr, Ann  
Marshall, Barbary Shop Keeper
Marshall, John Cabinet Maker
Marshall, Mrs.  
Marshall, William Factor
Marshall, William Attorney At Law
Martin, Christian Tanner
Martin, David Lamp-lighter
Martin, Davis & Martin Merchants
Martin, Hawkins  
Martin, Jacob Tanner
Martin, John Christopher Tavern Keeper
Martin, Thomas Merchant
Mason, William Clk. C.C.P.
Mathews, Edeth  
Mathews, George Merchant
Mathews, John Chancellor
Mathews, William Planter
Mattuce, John Butcher
Mayer, John George Insuran Broker
Mazier, Francis Barber
Mazyck, Daniel Regist. Mesne C.
Mazyck, Mary  
Mazyck, Stephen Senior Planter
Mazyck, William Planter
McBeath & Rois Merchants
McBeath, Alexander Merchant
McBride & Forsyth Shop Keeper
McBride, James Shop Keeper
McCall, James Planter
McCall, John City Measurer
McCall, John Taylor
McCalla, Thomas H. Physician
McCann, Edward Porter House *
McCarty, William Constable
McClary, Jane Boarding House
McClish, Alexander Brass Founder
McClish, Mrs. Boarding House
McClure Cochran & W. Merchants
McCredie David & Co Merchants
McDonald, Patrick Shop Keeper
McDonald, William Grocer
McDowall, James Shop Keeper
McDowall, John Shop Keeper
McDowall, John Merchant
McGee, John Shop Keeper
McIntosh, Simon Attorney At Law
McIver, John Primer
McKenny, George Taylor
McKenzie & Hinson Merchants
McKenzie, Andrew Grocer
McKhugo, Anthony Inspect Customs
McKimmy, John Brick Layer
McKoy, Abraham F. Clk. St. Philips
McLaren, James Shop Keeper
McLean, Evan Taylor
McMullen, Richard Waggon Yard
McN*ale, Ralph Planter
McPherson, John Planter
McQueen, John Merchant
McWhann, William Merchant
Meiks, Joseph Shop Keeper
Merrell, Benjamin Taylor
Mey, Fionan Charles Merchant
Meyer, Philip Baker
Meyers, Thomas Shop Keeper
Michael, John Distiller
Middleton & Ramsay Taylors
Middleton, Arthur  
Miett, John Silver Smith
Miles, Robert Planter
Miller & Robinson Store Keepers
Miller, James Wine Merchant
Miller, James Merchant
Miller, John Carpenter
Miller, John Shop Keeper
Miller, John David Silver Smith
Miller, John James Carpenter
Miller, Nicholas Baker
Miller, William Taylor
Milligan, Jacob Harbour Master
Milligan, James Goaler
Milligan, John Ship Master
Milligan, John Retailer Lumber
Milligan, Joseph Tallow Chandler
Millin, John  
Mills, William Taylor
Milner, Daniel Coachmaker
Milner, George Black Smith
Minaing, Philip Black Smith
Minett, William ****
Minnick, John Merchant
Miott, Mrs.  
Mitchell, Andrew Shop Keeper
Mitchell, Andrew Shop Keeper
Mitchell, Flo**e Painter
Mitchell, James  
Mitchell, John Notary Public
Mitchell, John Hinckley Grocer
Mitchell, John Hinckley Merchant
Mitchell, William B. Attorney At Law
Moler, Philip Apothecary
Moles, Lyon Shop Keeper
Molte, Isaac Navel Officer
Montgomery, Thomas Merchant
Mood, Peter Silver Smith
Moodie, Benjamin B**th Conful
Moore, John Ship Master
Moore, John Lieut R. Cutter
Moore, John Butcher
Moore, John Shop Keeper
Moore, Joseph Dray Master
Moore, Joseph Pitt Surgeon
Moore, Philip Cabinet Maker
Mora, Isaac Shop Keeper
Morgan, Charles Ship Carpenter
Morris, George Mrs.  
Morris, Lewis Planter
Morris, Thomas Merchant
Mortimore, John Carpenter
Morton, William Butcher
Moses, Abraham & H. Shop Keepers
Moses, Henry Shop Keeper
Moses, Isaac Shop Keeper
Moses, Philip Broker
Motte, Abraham Planter
Motte, Francis Merchant
Mouat, John Mrs.  
Moultrie, Alexander Advocate
Moultrie, James Physician
Moultrie, William Governor
Muir & Boyd Merchants
Muirhead, James Book Binder
Muller, Magdalen  
Mulligan, Francis Shrub W. House
Muncrieff, John Carpenter
Muncrieff, John & Co Merchants
Muncrieff, Mary  
Munro, John Watchmaker
Murphy, James Shop Keeper
Murray, Thomas Cooper
Myers Baker
Myers, Israel Jew Butcher
Myers, Mary  
Myers, Samuel Taylor
Mylne, James Baker
Nann, Mary Shop Keeper
Naser, Henry, Mrs. Baker
Naser, Philip Baker
Nathans, Moses B. Broker
Nelson Silver Smith
Nelson, Andrew Baker
Nelson, Francis Ship Carpenter
Nelson, James  
Neusville, Edward Planter
Neusville, John Jun R. Court Equity
Neusville, John Sen Com of Loans
Neusville, William Physician
Nevil, Joshua Cabinet Maker
Newton, Downhain Ship Master
Nicks, William Butcher
Nickson, John Shop Keeper
Niel, Rebecca  
Nipper, David Book Binder
Nixon, William School Master
Nobbs, Samuel Barber
Norris, Andrew Attorney At Law
Norris, George Saddler
Norris, James Painter
Norris, Nicholas Broker
North & Vesey Ship Chandlers
North, Edward Merchant
North, Susannah  
Notherman, Harman Black Smith
Nott, Isabella Boarding House
Odin, Anthony Limner
O'Donnald, James Cooper
O'gier, Thomas Factor
O'Hara, Charles Merchant
O'Hara, Daniel Merchant
O'Hear, James Factor
Oliphant, David Limner
Osborne, Henry School Master
Osborne, Thomas Sheriff C. T. D.
Owen, John Merchant
Pagett, Thomas School Master
Pain & Bridgham Merchants
Palmer, Job Carpenter
Parker, George Brick Maker
Parker, John Planter
Parker, John Butcher
Parker, John Brick Maker
Parker, Samuel  
Parker, Sarah  
Parker, Thomas Attorney At Law
Parker, Wm. McKenzie Attorney At Law
Parkinson, John Carver
Parks, John Shoe Maker
Parris, Francis Shop Keeper
Parsons, Susannah  
Pat*or, Catharine Mid Wife
Patricks, Casimere Shop Keeper
Patterson, William Carpenter
Patton, Alexander Shop Keeper
Payne, William Merchant
Payton, Richard Henry Attorney At Law
Peace, Isaac Merchant
Peace, Joseph Attorney At Law
Pearce, Robert Mrs.  
Pearie, Brazil Merchant
Pearse, John Painter
Peebles, James Carpenter
Peignea, Lewis Hair Dresser
Peirson, James Merchant
Pelleson, Guilliam Tallow Chandler
Pelsberry, Samuel Inspect Customs
Pencill, Emanuel Tinman
Pendarvis, Josiah Planter
Penman J. & E. & Co Merchants
Pepoon, Otis & Co Merchants
Peppin, Joseph & Co Merchants
Peronneau, Mary  
Peronnrau, William Planter
Perrv, Edward Planter
Pestch, Adam Physician
Peter, Henry Shop Keeper
Petrie, Edmund Planter
Petrie, Elizabeth  
Philips, Benjamin, Jun. Shop Keeper
Philips, John C. Baker
Pickens, Ezekiel Attorney At Law
Pinckney, Charles Planter
Pinckney, Charles C. Attorney At Law
Pinckney, Frances S.  
Pinckney, Thomas Planter
Piott, Peter Dray Master
Plumb, Jacob Baker
Poilock, Solomon Horse Dealer
Pointlet, Eliha Physician
Porcher, Philip Planter
Post Office  
Postell, Susannah  
Postell, Thomas Planter
Potter, John Merchant
Poyal, Daniel Carpenter
Poyas & Foster Merchants
Poyas, John Ernest Physician
Poyas, John Lewis Carpenter
Poyas, Magdalen  
Prentice, John Coach Maker
Pressman, William Merchant
Price, John Merchant
Price, Sarah Milliner
Price, William Merchant
Prichard, William Ship Carpenter
Primrose, Nichol Inspect Customs
Prince, Ann  
Prince, Charles Pilot
Prince, Charles Tinman
Pringle, John Julius States Attorney
Prioleau, Edith  
Prioleau, John Factor
Prioleau, Samuel Factor
Purce, William Watch Maker
Purcell, Henry Rev. R. St. Michael
Purcell, Joseph Surveyor
Quash, Robert Planter
Quin, James Painter
Quinby, Henry Carpenter
Quinby, Joseph Carpenter
Quince, Susannah  

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