1794 Charleston City Directory, South Carolina Tri-County Genealogy Genealogy information for the genealogical researcher. Research centered in Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester Counties of South Carolina. Research includes census reports, cemetery reports, will abstracts, genealogy helps and more.

1794 Charleston City Directory

Berkeley County, SC
Charleston County, SC
Dorchester County, SC
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Note: * in Name Catagory mean that it was hard to read. In 1794, the letter s was written like an f.
In a lot of cases of last names, it is hard to tell whether the f is suppose to represent an s or an f.
The * in the Occupation Catagory means that I couldn't read the occupation.

Dacosta, Isaac Merchant
Dacosta, Joseph Broker
Daniel, Elizabeth  
Dapass, Ralph Vendu-Masters
Darrell, Benjamin Ship Master
Darrell, Edward Merchant
Darrell, Edward Junior Attorney At Law
Dart, Isaac Motte Attorney At Law
Dart, John Sandford Rotary Pub/Clerk H. R.
Dart, Mrs  
Dasher, Mary  
Dater, Frederick, rev  
Daverneys, Anthony P. Gun Smith
Davids, Lightfood H. Attorney At Law
Davidson, Gilbert & J. Merchant
Davie, William Money Collector
Davis, Jane Shop Keeper
Davis, John Maynard Insuran. Broker
Davis, Thomas Shop Keeper
Dawson, Christiana Boarding House
Dawson, John Planter
Dawson, John Shop Keeper
Day, George Silver Smith
Dazivido, Isaac Shop Keeper
Deady, Thomas Shop Keeper
Dearion, Martin Shop Keeper
Deas, Elizabeth  
Debow, John Silver Smith
Defell, Charles  
Delorme, Francis Upholsterer
Delyon, Isaac  
Dener, George Tanner
Dener, Peter Currier
Denny, Samuel Saddler
Denoor, David & Co Vendu-Masters
Denton, James Tavern Keeper
Desauffure & Ford Attorney At Law
Desauffure & Greaves Factor
Desauffure, Daniel Merchant
Desauffure, Henry Wm. Attorney At Law
Deveaux, Jacob & Son Factor
Dewar, Robert Planter
Dewees, William Factor
Dickenson, Francis Attorney At Law
Dickenson, Jeremiah Ship Master
Dickenson, Joseph Carpenter
Dickson, Samuel School Master
Dill, Joseph Junior Merchant
Dill, Joseph Senior Carpenter
Dodge, Joseph Ship-Carpenter
Dodsworth, Ralph Merchant
Donaldson, James Carpenter
Donaldson, Mary  
Dorrill, Robert Shop Keeper
Dougharty, Patrick Sail Maker
Doughty, Thomas Factor
Doughty, William Planter
Douglass, Nat. & John Store Keepers
Douxlaint, William Planter
Down, James Factor
Downey, Mrs.  
D'Oyley, Ann  
Drayton, Jacob Attorney At Law
Drayton, John Attorney At Law
Drayton, Thomas Planter
Drummond, Ann  
Drummond, John Shoemaker
Dubald, Frederick  
Dubuard, Peter Barber
Duffy, Andrew Shop Keeper
Duffy, James Shop Keeper
Dulles, Joseph Store Keeper
Duncan Baker
Duncan & Murdock Blacksmiths
Duncan, James Blacksmith
Dunn, Alexander Carpenter
Dunnington, William Justice of Peace
Dupre, Benjamin Taylor
Durffe, John  
Duvail, Catherine  
Ebberly, John Baker
Echlar, Christopher Taylor
Eckhart, Jacob Music Master
Edean, Joshua Turner
Edrick & Reynolds Grocers
Edwards, Alexander Attorney At Law
Edwards, James Factor
Edwards, John Auctioner
Ehny, Catherine  
Elfe, Thomas Cabinet Maker
Elliott, Thomas Planter
Elliott, Thomas Odinfell Planter
Ellis, Thomas Wood Measurer
Elmore, Jessy Taylor
Elsworth, Theophilus Guager for cust
English, Thomas Shop Keeper
Ewing, Adam Merchant
Ewing, Robert & Adain Merchants
Eyers, Thomas Taylor
Eyers, William Pilot
Fabert, Joseph Grocer
Fabre, John rev. R. Lutheran C.
Fair, William Factor
Fair, William Tanner
Fair, William Shoemaker
Fairchild, Aaron Blacksmith
Faysoux, Peter Physician
Fell, Elizabeth Milliner
Fereaud, Alexander  
Ferguson, Mrs.  
Fiddy, William Store Keeper
Fields, John Tobacconist
Fields, William Brown Tobacconist
Fife, James Cooper
Filbin, Charles Planter
Finlayson, Mrs. Cabinet Maker
Fisher, James Merchant
Flagg, George Planter
Flagg, Henry Collins Physician
Flagg, Samuel Hort Dentist
Flemming, John City Guard
Flemming, Robert Shop Keeper
Flint, Jospeh Grocer
Florin, Lucas Clerk
Fogartie, Mary School Mistress
Folker, John Casper Shoemaker
Fonspertuis, Citizen French Consul
Forbes, Elizabeth  
Ford, Timothy Attorney at Law
Fordham, Richard Ship-Carpenter
Forrest, George Merchant
Forrest, Michael  
Foster, Thomas Runner b. Bank
Fowke, Chandler Din. Attorney at Law
Fowler & Brodie Carpenters
Fowler, Richard Carpenter
Fraser, John Inspect Customs
Fraser, Widow  
Fraser, William Attorney at Law
Freeman, William Factor
Freer, Ann  
Freer, Sarah Boarding House
Freneau, Peter Sec of the State
Friend, Ulsick Baker
Frink, Thomas & Co Grocers
Fripp, William Planter
Frish, Charles Shop Keeper
Frish, John Carter
Frost, Thomas rev.  
Fry, Thomas Taylor
Fuller, Thomas Planter
Fullerton, Elizabeth Boarding House
Furman, Richard Pastor Baptist C.

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