1794 Charleston City Directory, South Carolina Tri-County Genealogy Genealogy information for the genealogical researcher. Research centered in Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester Counties of South Carolina. Research includes census reports, cemetery reports, will abstracts, genealogy helps and more.

1794 Charleston City Directory

Berkeley County, SC
Charleston County, SC
Dorchester County, SC
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Note: * in Name Catagory mean that it was hard to read. In 1794, the letter s was written like an f.
In a lot of cases of last names, it is hard to tell whether the f is suppose to represent an s or an f.
The * in the Occupation Catagory means that I couldn't read the occupation.

Jacks, James Jeweler
Jacks, Victor Boarding House
Jacobs, Jacob Vendue Master
Jacobs, Jacob Junior Vendue Master
Jacobs, Samuel Shop Keeper
Jaffray, James Merchant
Jamieson, Rebecca Boarding School
Jarman, John Shop Keeper
Javignes, Dominick Shop Keeper
Jeffey, Sarah Shop Keeper
Jeffords, John Taylor
Jenkins, Edward rev.  
Jennings & Woddrop Merchants
Jenny, Joan Baker
Jervey, Thomas  
Johnson, Elizabeth  
Johnson, Isaac Taylor
Johnson, John Store Keeper
Johnson, W. I. Watch Maker
Johnson, William Blacksmith
Johnson, William Jun. Attorney At Law
Johnston, Charles Planter
Johnston, Hester  
Johnston, James Shop Keeper
Johnston, John Clerk
Johnston, William School Master
Jones & Clarke Merchants
Jones, Abraham Shop Keeper
Jones, Alexander Grocer
Jones, Henry Carpenter
Jones, Joseph Shop Keeper
Jones, Samuel Shop Keeper
Jones, Thomas Presid't S. C. B.
Josephs, Israel Indigo Broker
K***e, John Jacob Tavern Keeper
Kalckoffin, John Shop Keeper
Kaltiesen, Michael C. Fort Johnson
Karr, James Boarding House
Kay & Cawly (McCawly) Grocers
Kay, James Bricklayer
Kay, Joseph Butcher
Keen, Thomas Ship Master
Keill, John Shop Keeper
Keith, Isaac S. rev P. Indepen. Ch.
Keith, Mrs. Boarding House
Kelly, Mary Shop Keeper
Kelly, Tarence Shop Keeper
Kelsall, John  
Kelse, John  
Kemmell, Mrs.  
Kempton, Ann Shop Keeper
Kennedy, James Planter
Kennedy, John Shop Keeper
Kennedy, William Shop Keeper
Kern, John Frederick Merchant
Kerr, Andrew Merchant
Kerr, John Hatter
Kershaw, Charles Merchant
Kershaw, Joseph Sliver Smith
Kevan, William Merchant
King, Charles Taylor
King, Eleanor Shop Keeper
Kingman, Eliab Hair Dresser
Kirk & Lukens Merchant
Knoss (Knoff), Conrad Butcher
Kohne, John Frederick Merchant
Kripps, Andrew Shop Keeper
L***, James Physician
Lackie, John Saddler
Ladson, ***** Boarding House
Ladson, Anthony Music Master
Ladson, James Lieut. Governor
Lafaver, Mrs  
Lamb & Montgomery Merchants
Lamonte, James Factor
Lamotte & Cantoan Factors
Lampe, John Watch Maker
Lance, Ann  
Lance, Lambert Attorney At Lay
Lanchester, Henry Grocer
Lane, Samuel Carpenter
Lang, J. H. Merchant
Lang****, John Merchant
Langford, Ann  
Lanneau, Bazill Tanner
Lanogue, Feret  
Larabert, Frederick Tallow Chandler
Larry, Robert Carpenter
Lasar, Joseph Dancing Master
Latham, Daniel Distiller
Lathauson & Co Shop Keepers
Laughton, Winborn Planter
Lavel, Jacint F. Teacher
Layton, William Store Keeper
Lazarus, Mark Shop Keepers
Leblanc, Henry Shoemaker
Lee & Miles Factors
Lee, John & William Merchants
Lee, Stephen Factor
Lee, Thomas Attorney At Lay
Lee, William Watch Maker
Legare, Elizabeth  
Legare, Frances  
Legare, Samuel Merchant
Legare, Solomon Factor
Legare, Theus & Prioleau Merchants
Legare, Thomas Planter
Legge, Edward Vendue Master
Legge, James Shop Keepers
Lehre, Thomas Planter
Lehre, William Physician
Lenox, William & Co Merchants
Lesesne, Mrs.  
Lesesne, Mrs.  
Leslie & Compbell Shop Keepers
Levoux, John Carpenter
Levy, Hart Shop Keeper
Levy, Lyon Shop Keeper
Levy, Moses C. Shop Keeper
Levy, Nathan Shop Keeper
Levy, Samuel Shop Keeper
Levy, Solomon Shop Keeper
Lewers, Thomas Shop Keeper
Lewis, Henry Taylor
Ley, Francis Shop Keeper
Libby, Nathaniel Block Maker
Liddle, John Shop Keeper
Liedenhall, Johannas  
Lightwood, Edward Planter
Limehouse, Robert Shop Keeper
Lindsay, Robert Merchant
Linguard, Mary  
Linning, Charles Ordinary
Little, Robert Carpenter
Littlejohn, Duncan Merchant
Livingston, Eleanor  
Lloyd & Paterson Merchants
Lloyd, John Planter
Lloyd, Jospeh Shop Keeper
Lockwood, Joshua  
Logan, George Mrs.  
Logan, William Planter
Loocock, Aaron Mrs.  
Lopez, David & Aaron Vendue Masters
Lord, Andrew Mrs.  
Lord, Richard Clk. S. C. Bank
Lothrop, Seth & Co Merchants
Love, John Fruit Shop
Loveday, John Factor
Lowndes, Rawlins Planter
Lunt, Mary Tallow Chandler
Lynah, James  
Lyon, Mordecai Shop Keeper
Lyon, Moses Shop Keeper

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