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Some Obituaries Related to Pedigo & Allied Lines
2nd Edition - 15 July 1999 | Updated 6 June 2001

BARTA, Mrs. Nellie (GRIFFEE)

Marshall Co., Kansas

1829-1912 Warren Co., Illinois
LAIR, William Mathias Webster
Monmouth Review Atlas (Monmouth, Warren Co., IL) 18 Jan. 1921
1853-1921 Warren Co., Illlinois
PEDIGO, Edward
Garfield Enterprises (Garfield, Whitman Co., WA) Fri., 7 Sept. 1894
1805-1894 Whitman Co., Washington
(PEDIGO) Emily Catherine "Emma" STONE
d/o William Craig Pedigo [#136-141] & Elizabeth Milligan
Clipping collection of David Jacobi.
1864-1951 Warren Co., Illinois
PEDIGO, Henry Clay
Pratt Union (Pratt, Pratt Co., KS) Thurs., 15 Feb 1912
1856-1912 Pratt Co., Kansas
PEDIGO, James Henry
A Kiowa Co. newspaper (Greensburg, Kiowa Co., KS) Apr. 1928
1841-1928 Kiowa Co., Kansas
PEDIGO, Lassie Catherine (MEADOR)
w/o James Jefferson Pedigo [#136-143-7]
Lawton Constitution (Lawton, Comanche Co., OK) 23 Jan 1922
1857-1922 Comanche Co., Oklahoma
d/o William Craig Pedigo [#136-141] & Elizabeth Milligan 
Clipping collection of Myrtie Bickford Pedigo
1868-1891 Crawford Co., Iowa
d/o William Craig Pedigo [#136-141] & Susannah McMurry
sp/o Marshall Griffee
Warren Co. IL Genealogical Soc. Deaths & Obituaries
1846-1934 Warren Co., Illinois
d/o William Craig Pedigo [#136-141] & Elizabeth Milligan
1857-1938 Warren Co., Illinois
(PEDIGO) Susan Paradine DOVE
d/o William Craig Pedigo [#136-141] & Elizabeth Milligan
Clipping collection of Myrtie Bickford Pedigo
1856-1925 Appanoose Co., Iowa
PEDIGO, Willis Franklin
s/o William Craig Pedigo [#136-141] & Elizabeth Milligan
Uncited Turner Co., South Dakota newspaper, 1929, Myrtie Bickford Pedigo clipping collection.
1859-1929 Turner Co., South Dakota
STONE, Charles Alexander
h/o Emily Catherine "Emma" Pedigo
Clipping collection of Myrtie Bickford Pedigo.
1859-1920 Warren Co., Illinois

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